WWE Superstar Xavier Wood Reportedly Receives ''Little To No Additional Money' For YouTube Channel UpUpDownDown!

WWE Superstar Xavier Wood Reportedly Receives ''Little To No Additional Money' For YouTube Channel UpUpDownDown!
image credit: 411mania.com

The team behind WWE's resident King Xavier Woods YouTube Channel have halted things with the belief that he's not getting a fair deal. 

in a report by Fightful Select, the creators of UpUp DownDown believe that Woods hasn't been working with a fair deal with the WWE. Fightful has spoken with the WWE's digitals team and the belief is, that Woods hasn't been paid enough for all the work that he's put into the successful YouTube channel. 

However, Fightful have stated that this doesn't mean the end of the channel due it's lack of new content, more that the channel has been placed on hold for the time being. This is until it gets the appropriate agreement. Fightful gave some additional information on the matter by explaining that the reason why the channel has seized activity.

in the report it says, that Woods recieved ''Little to no additional money at all'' from his YouTube channel. it was also said that his G4 and UpUpDownDown commitments are all connected to his obligations to the WWE. 
Also noting that it was infact Woods that decided to seize activity and not create anymore content until there was a new deal had been reached, this moved shocked all those involved. 

Whilst not seeing the additional income for hosting, sources within the WWE say there's no bad blood between them and Woods during talks to get a new deal, whilst noting that he did win the annual King Of The Ring tournement recently at the Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia. since winning he's been involved in a feud with current Universal Champion Roman Reigns. 
Another thing noted in the report is that the team at UpUpDownDown are behind Woods out of respect and loyalty to Woods and how he's elevated the platform to where they are today. 

Almost everyone that Fightful has spoken to within the WWE had sided with Woods throught the whole debacle. 
Now, we must note that the WWE does in fact own the YouTube channel and always have, but it is a fair assumption that Woods should be paid adequetly and has benefited from since he has grown the channel and helped gain over 2 million veiws worldwide. 

What do you make of this? Do you think that Woods should be paid for his work on UUDD? Let us know in the comments below!