WWE referee has been released

WWE referee has been released
Credit: WWE

There have been several reports from many wrestling news outlets stating that referee Drake Wuertz has been released by WWE. This news has been confirmed by PW insider among several other sources that Drake is no longer with the company 

The reason for this may be The fact that Wuertz was not at NXT last week because he was attending a Seminole County Public Schools meeting arguing that COVID-19 masks should not be worn in Florida schools.

Stating that the risks of wearing a mask outweigh the dangers of COVID-19, and saying that the superintendent of the school is going against The wishes of God by and making the pupils wear masks in schools in the state of Florida

He had also mentioned by making mask-wearing mandatory could help ‘ assist‘ predators to prey on young children as teachers won’t be able to ‘easily’ identify the pupils attending the schools.

This comes on a day where several cuts were made from the NXT roster, but is unsurprising due to the heat Drake had backstage due to his controversial beliefs.