WWE Referee Drake Wuertz suspended earlier this year, With his Responsibilities Reduced According to Report.

WWE Referee Drake Wuertz suspended earlier this year, With his Responsibilities Reduced According to Report.
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Drake Wuertz, who is a WWE NXT referee, has been suspended and has reportedly been barred from the Performance Centre. This follows his duties being reduced, which could be due to his recent conduct within the company. 

A video showing Wuertz at a Seminole County Board of County Commissioners meeting had been posted online on Wednesday, in which he had spoken out against wearing masks and made the statement that it was easier for sex traffickers to target young children, also putting children who are vulnerable at risk. He would go on to say that non verbal languages are the first sign of of unnease. 

Here is a portion of what Wuertz had said in the video: 

My name is Drake Wuertz, I’m a resident of Altamont Springs. I’m a husband, I’m a father of three, I’m a volunteer in our community and I’m a leader committed to the find the evil of human trafficking and child exploitation. Thank you commissioner (Amy) Lockhart for bringing this issue to a vote, you have a backbone, you have common sense, and your courage will be rewarded. I’m proud to live in Seminole County, I’m proud of the values that our county stands on. However, the draconian measures, the micro-tyranny, and overall harm to our children that this commission has allowed by continuing this mask mandate is inexcusable. When the science has come out suggesting that masks are harmful and ineffective than originally thought you chose to continue forcing citizens to wear them. My family and many others, we simply do not comply. We recognize tyranny and we know when to push back against it. We know our rights do not come from the local government; our rights come from Almighty God. God gave we the people inalienable rights and we entrust you as our elected commissions and our elected officials to protect those rights. I’d also like to remind you all that all five of you’re are Republicans. Real Republicans defend liberty at all levels, you receive the vote to serve the people of Seminole County because you had an “R” next to your name on the ballot. Make no mistake, if you don’t end this nonsense and start trusting your constituents to take personal responsibility by making their own informed decisions you will not get re-elected.

While there's no official reason on why he was suspended, in an article written by David Bixenspan entitled "WWE appears to have a Drake Wuertz problem" back in 2020, it would seem that the company have had problems with Wuertz in the past. 

As always any new information surrounding this story, we will be sure to keep you updated. 

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