WWE Plan To Return To Saudi Arabia In 2021

WWE are reportedly already planninng on making an appearance from Saudi Arabia before 2021 is over.

WWE  Plan To Return To Saudi Arabia In 2021
Image Credit: CBASSports

All current WWE Programming is currently coming out of WWE's 'Thunderdome' in Tampa’s Yuengling Center for what will more than likely be the foreseeable future, however word now comes that WWE are planning to head back over to Saudi Arabia for their sixth PPV since 2018.

According to @WrestleVotes two sources have told them that a Saudi Arabia show in 2021 "is very much possible."

WWE has a deal in place for two events per year to happen in Saudi Arabia, so you can understand why Vince McMahon is eager to take the WWE back over to the kingdom as soon as it is a possibility.

The first PPV to happen in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia was 'The Greatest Royal Rumble' back in April 2018, where the main event of the show was a 50 man Royal Rumble, in which Braun Strowman was victourious.

The last PPV to happen was 'Super Showdown' in Ferbruary 2020, where Goldberg defeated 'The Fiend' in the main event to capture the WWE Universal Championship.

It will be interesting to see how the WWE talent respond to returning to Saudi Arabia, given how when they travelled over for the 'Crown Jewel' PPV in 2019 there was some drama with the talent and crew being unable to return home, as the superstars were left 'stranded', due to several aircraft problems including mechanical issues. All passengers sat on the tarmac for more than six hours.

I for one have always enjoyed the shows coming from Saudi Arabia, so definitely looking forward to another one going ahead!

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