WWE NXT Weekly Roundup 9th June 2022

WWE NXT Weekly Roundup 9th June 2022

Pixc here back with another NXT weekly roundup. NXT Level Up will kick things off! Just to confuse you it’s the Level Up before In Your House which will be followed by the NXT after In Your House. So, if you like you could go read my NXT In Your House review in between if you haven’t already! 


Fallon Henley vs Brooklyn Barlow 

I must have missed this lady debuting, she’s finally back in action. Fallon clearly the more experienced but at times Barlow holds her own well enough for this to be an even contest. She even has a good spell where Fallon looks in trouble. When she does fight out of it though it takes her very little time before she puts the rookie down!  

This match definitely helped shine a light on Brooklyn Barlow, Fallon getting back to winning matches is nice to see as I feel she was kind of screwed by the breakout tournament. 

Winner Fallon Henley 

Sloane Jacobs vs Tatum Paxley 

With Tatum Paxley looking forward to a match vs Alba Fyre this could be a key match to build momentum. Paxley shows off squatting while holding Jacobs in the middle of a scoop slam. Jacobs gets a nice sequence in, dodging Paxley who was on the floor, adjusting well. Paxley builds momentum and eventually lifts Jacobs up into an electric chair powerbomb combination to finish the match victorious!  

Paxley is pretty solid in the ring, growing as she competes in more matches. Curious to see how they book her going forward. 

Winner Tatum Paxley 

Edris Enofe & Malik Blade vs Dante Chen & Javier Bernal 

I’m not too keen on the idea of this main eventing the show, I feel Enofe and Blade are good but the makeshift team they are facing just doesn’t do it for me. There are surely enough teams that could take that spot but then I might feel it was too big of a match. They come out together though so maybe it’s the start of something? 

A very innovative double team from Enofe and Blade results in an early near fall, seriously take a look at that, beautiful stuff! They hit another double team not as impressive as the first and Bernal instantly comes back showing as much. Quick tags from the new duo show these two did not come here just for the laugh, they mean business. Eventually Enofe gets the tag and hits a nice combo of strikes with Chen hung up in the ropes. He hits a diving elbow from the top but Chen kicks out, the latter then tags out. Blade gets to tag in shortly after though and that is it, a double team move and there is the pin!  

Some great tag team offense in this one, it wasn’t a particularly special match but it surprised me. If they do continue to have Dante Chen and Javier Bernal compete as a team, I’ll be ok with this pairing. 

Winners Edris Enofe & Malik Blade 

Standard stuff from NXT Level Up, nothing spectacular just a good 30 minutes shining a light on some lesser-known talent. Worth a look if you have the time but nothing to shout about. 


In Your House was a solid show and I’m excited for some of this week’s action. I know Alba Fyre will be in action, we may find out what is next for Bron Breakker and I wonder how they will combat the mess they have booked themselves into with the North American title? Let’s find out. 

Carmelo comes down to the ring to kick the show off. More of the same tired promos from Trick and Carmelo, he disses the crowd and hypes himself up. Solo Sikoa interrupts him and reminds everyone he got next! With Solo staking his claim, Trick points out the champion has changed so that agreement no longer stands. Solo is keen to make it clear he has no fear of the champ but Grayson Waller interrupts them.  

Waller comes out and takes shots at Solo Sikoa, he’s pretty funny but Solo is not playing around. Solo starts a fight with all three of them like a dumbass and gets beat down for his troubles. No appearance from Cameron Grimes for the save just a bunch of referees, poor show Vince! 

We get an interesting look at Legado del Fantasma’s new roles as they are ordered around by Tony D’Angelo.  

Josh Briggs vs Von Wagner 

Von Wagner is going all out to punish Briggs early on, Briggs comes back with a bit of offense but Von Wagner instantly takes control because Briggs dawdled on the outside. Von Wagner attack Jensen slamming his casted arm down on the apron. Jensen signals to Fallon and she hops on the apron. He throws his cast to Briggs, who sort of throws it at Von Wagner dazing him. Briggs then hits a running clothesline to pick up a cheeky win!  

I have to say that was a real feel-good moment for Briggs and Jensen! I’m glad the match was fairly short too, the less Von Wagner I see the better, Waller can at least talk but this guy is just a boring lump with an entertaining manager and some bimbo who doesn’t like being looked at. Honestly, I'm so over this version of the Robert Stone brand. The cast use was a bit clumsy too. 

Winner Josh Briggs 

Solo Sikoa is getting a bit of ice on his bruises backstage when he basically tells McKenzie he wants a handicap match against Waller and Carmelo but if someone wants to help, they are welcome to. 

Then Thea Hail joins Chase U but as they look to take a picture, Pretty Deadly arrive to mock them. Bodhi seems to agree with them but ends up taking a shot at the former tag team champions, yes boy! 

Santos Escobar vs Nathan Frazer 

What a damn shame this epic encounter is happening with Escobar muted under the D’Angelo family banner. Escobar has Frazer down on the mat when D’Angelo demands they do something else. Frazer gets offense in with Escobar distracted. Escobar seems to fire up and explodes out of the ring taking Frazer. D’Angelo is not impressed demanding Escobar drop the move from his repertoire.  

The focus seems to be more on Tony D’Angelo not appreciating Escobar’s style than anything else even though Escobar seems in control. Frazer comes back seemingly having Escobar's number finally with both men down Frazer is quicker to the punch, he gets a near fall and looks to finish things with high risk move. Escobar dodges it then Stacks puts a crowbar in the ring for Escobar who slides it back out and this allows Frazer to pick up the win!  

Tony D’Angelo berates Escobar after the match. It was entertaining but I don’t know if I like the idea of Santos being lowered to this, he has been such a great stalwart in NXT for so long, it just feels wrong that he is getting put in this position. Frazer is looking great though so nice to see him pick up a big win, even if it was a little tainted. 

Winner Nathan Frazer 

Xyon Quinn is backstage next he takes shots at Wes Lee and Nathan Frazer, claiming they have a rabbit’s foot to pick up their lucky wins. He comments that he destroyed Wes Lee for the majority of their match and is clearly not impressed. He gets a rematch next week, JP eat your heart out! 

Bron Breakker, still your NXT champion is coming to the ring next. The question on everyone’s mind I'm sure is who's next? Well it turns out there is so much talent in NXT 2.0 that we get Apollo Crews making a return to NXT. I see one problem with this, Apollo can’t be considered a legitimate challenger who could push Bron Breakker surely? Apollo compliments Bron on his success, he is back to correct history and do things in NXT he didn’t get chance to. Apollo doesn’t seem ready yet to face Bron Breakker just sometime soon. What a mess of segment that turned out to be. 

Gacy is talking to his hooded henchmen, commending them for their decision to join with him. He calls them the Diads, they will compete next week for the first time.  

Roxanne Perez vs Tiffany Stratton (Women’s Breakout Tournament Final) 

Stratton forces Perez into the ropes and then shoves her to light the fire in Perez and get this one started. Stratton pops up on her feet from a hurricanrana to show off her agility but takes a drop kick for her prancing around. Stratton then has Perez down manipulating her digits, Perez writhing in agony, she fights out of it eventually and counters an attempted slam. Stratton then drags her down from a top rope move, hanging her out on the ropes! 

A nice sequence from Stratton with a cartwheel corner attack then a pounce to her fallen opponent, but it’s only a near fall. Perez comes back with a big dive to the outside, she then hurts her elbow landing awkwardly on it. Stratton can’t quite capitalize only getting a near fall and it is over shortly after Roxanne Perez hitting the poprocks! 

I’m so pleased for her, well deserved and Cora Jade comes running to the ring to celebrate with her. Mandy Rose leads Toxic Attraction out to the ring to goad her. Roxanne Perez has had enough so she cheap shots Mandy Rose and they brawl, Indi Hartwell joins them to even the odds. Great aftermath, worked well. 

Winner Roxanne Perez 

Backstage Bodhi has been attacked, he tells Andre Chase it was Pretty Deadly. Look to see that develop into a match, maybe he finds a partner or just has a handicap match who knows? 

Wendy Choo is backstage with McKenzie who attempts to get her thoughts on her loss to Mandy Rose at In Your House but Tiffany Stratton comes in with a right strop on. She says it’s clearly her time so after a couple of attempts to get her attention Choo chucks her drink in her face, that’s the way to do it! Bit of punch and Choody! 

Andre Chase vs Pretty Deadly 

Andre Chase starts off really well taking both his opponents out, sending one to the outside before he has much of a retort from the former tag team champions. Prince and Wilson then double team him and look in complete control of the match. Thea Hail stops Bodhi from getting involved in the match, she gets on the apron and slaps one of Pretty Deadly. Chase gets back in to his groove but Pretty Deadly squash any sign of a comeback pretty quickly, we don’t see Thea Hail get involved and the match ends with a bit of spilt milk.  

This had great potential and it was really good in the most part. I just feel like the half-assed approach of getting Bodhi to try come help and Thea Hail does nothing but stand there just seemed wrong. Either she gets a tag or someone else gets involved. I can think of so many ways to make that ending better.  

Winners Pretty Deadly 

The Don of NXT, Tony D’Angelo is backstage next telling Carmelo to fall in line with him or his title reign might end in the blink of an eye. Trick and Carmelo are having none of it and Tony D’Angelo wishes him luck in the main event. 

Alba Fyre vs Tatum Paxley 

Belated congratulations from me to Wade Barrett for 100 episodes of NXT on commentary, poor guy seemed a little put out, it’s been a pleasure but can we focus on the wrestling now dude!  

Alba goes for an early finish knocking down Paxley but it’s not quite time yet. Paxley rolls away from the dropzone as Alba Fyre looked to hit a senton. Shes shrugs and goes for it anyway hitting it from a distance, boom game over for Tatum Paxley!  

Victorious Alba Fyre heads to the back but is blindsided by Lash Legend as she reaches the top of the ramp. Great heel move for Lash but if they don’t let Alba Fyre go over, I will be a little miffed Alba Fyre is a proven draw and she needs a run with that NXT Women’s title! 

Winner Alba Fyre 

Diamond Mine time next, the Creed Brothers are celebrate with their stablemates. Roderick Strong is proud of them bigging them up, but Edris Enofe and Malik Blade want a shot at the titles, they seem a little keen to offer the shot up so Strong changes his tune. Telling them he has been champion many times and he was going to give them one mistake as champions and they just made it. A little aggressive from him considering how he has done nothing lately. 

Giovanni Vinci hype next as an Italian lady tries to sexily introduce that he will debut next week.  

Grayson Waller & Carmelo vs Solo Sikoa & Apollo Crews 

Solo announces he found a partner who wants to get him some, Apollo Crews. I’d like to point out that he was friends with the Bloodline not too long ago. They clear the ring before we get started. Waller getting a cheap shot in before Solo and Apollo double team him. Apollo then holds Waller in suplex position for the 30-count from the crowd before finishing the suplex. Carmelo manages to catch him off guard after a blind tag. Waller is back in once the match is in their control though.  

Solo meets Waller off the tag and then Apollo tags himself in to dive on both of their opponents. During a picture in picture break Apollo and Solo continue their dominance. Waller inadvertently tags Carmelo in and the smirk on Solo’s face is amazing. Waller pulls Carmelo out from the corner and Trick takes a shot from Solo allowing Carmelo to take back control with a springboard clothesline. The double team follows and the crowd are incensed with plenty boos ringing out!  

Solo fights his way to the ropes out of Waller’s crossface submission. He tries to fight out of their corner for the tag and eventually he gets it! Apollo comes in off the hot tag, taking out Waller with multiple German suplexes and saves a little for Carmelo too. He hits a standing moonsault but Carmelo breaks up the cover! Carmelo then gets taken out by Solo and with the two on the outside Waller tries to hit his rolling stunner. Apollo catches him and lifts him up into a powerbomb, it’s over. 

Winners Solo Sikoa & Apollo Crews 

All in all, a pretty decent show. I usually judge it by how quickly I feel it was to review it, if it drags I think it shows it’s a pretty poor episode. This one had its moments but I enjoyed seeing Apollo back on NXT. They rescued his lacklustre return with a great bit of in ring action. I am reluctantly giving creative the benefit of the doubt with the D’Angelo family for now, but Escobar better have something up his sleeves because he does not belong with Tony D’Angelo! What did you think of NXT this week, let me know on our socials. 

Pixc Out