WWE NXT Weekly Roundup 7th July 2022

WWE NXT Weekly Roundup 7th July 2022

Pixc here back with another NXT weekly roundup. NXT Level Up will kick things off! With the Great American Bash special NXT up this week, let’s see who can up their game this week.  


Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo vs Hank Walker 

This guy looks different. Not exactly what I’d expect him to wrestle in. Walker seems very relaxed as he blocks Stacks keeping him at a distance. He has his arm held as he lifts him up and slams him, pretty impressive start from this debutant. Stacks comes back, taking the wind out of Walker’s sails. Walker sneaks a backslide pinfall attempt but Stacks remains in the fight getting his own near fall shortly after.  

Walker strips his top off and gets fired up but Stacks somehow hits him with a strike that ends an otherwise heavily Walker centric match. This felt like a clear reparation of the bad luck suffered by the D’Angelo family, possibly even a little fear from the writers of D’Angelo losing steam after losing Two Dimes. I really like the look of Walker though I’m not sure his attire works. Look forward to seeing more and would have preferred him to win. 

Winner Stacks 

Amari Miller vs Sloane Jacobs 

I have to say I love Amari Miller’s energy. I hope she doesn’t get lost in the shuffle down the line. Early on a sequence ensues where both go for pointless covers but it’s fast paced and the crowd seem to appreciate. They show of sportsmanship comes into play as the two nod and sort of touch hands. Jacobs hits a beautiful crossbody in another fast paced sequence.  

Miller comes back reversing a hold sending Jacobs into the ropes and out of the ring. Jacobs's response is swift and aggressive big boot. Miller gets some strikes in, finishing with a brutal kick in the corner. She gets surprised with a cheeky pinfall attempt but kicks out. She then hits the Kansas City Knock Out for the win!  

Glad to see Amari Miller win but also Sloane Jacobs looked pretty good. Both hopefully have a bright future ahead of them and I am keen to see where both go. Just need some more character definition for me especially in a WWE world. 

Winner Amari Miller 

Javier Bernal vs Duke Hudson 

I’m not overly keen on Duke Hudson making his Level Up debut here. Seems a backwards step for a guy who has been involved in a couple of rivalries on NXT already. Duke is up to his heelish antics before we start trying to rattle Bernal and posing getting some boos from the crowd.  

Hudson continues his heelish arrogant antics as Bernal struggles to gain any momentum. He overpowers him at every turn. Bernal begins to chop him down to size with strikes but gets caught in the corner with an STO. Bernal manages a cheeky roll up which gets him a near fall but Hudson is straight back on the offense, rinse and repeat though as Bernal tries it again and on his third attempt he digs deep taking Hudson down, he continues to build and he had the 2nd STO in the corner scouted before getting a near fall with a crossbody.

Hudson gets back up, taking Bernal off the top rope into a Razor’s Edge. Hudson claps to the crowd mocking their support of Bernal. A lot better match than I expected but I have to say I’m not convinced it is a smart move for Hudson going forward. 

Winner Duke Hudson 

This was definitely one of the better episodes of Level Up. I haven’t enjoyed the matches as much as these three in a while. We had a new rookie, a debuting experienced wrestler and a solid contest in the middle. Definitely some potential stars in the making if done right, providing as always, they don’t get lost in the shuffle. 


It’s time for the Great American Bash! Toxic Attraction have a tough test from the plucky underdogs of Roxanne Perez and Cora Jade, then Bron Breakker might not be 100% but he will need to give it his all against a hungry astronaut in Cameron Grimes, who looks to take himself to the moon! 

We kick off with Briggs and Jensen holding a Great American BBQ! They seem to be predicting the results at the party. Quincy Elliott tells Indi that Roxanne Perez and Cora Jade aren't winning those titles and Sanga looks to start a new rivalry with Duke Hudson as he cannonballs into the pool. The BBQ gets extra fiery but we don’t see it because you know if you imply it that’s ok but on a PG show can you really have all that fire? On with the show then! 

Roxanne Perez & Cora Jade vs Toxic Attraction ( c ) (NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship Match) 

Wade is really pushing Toxic Attraction hard, trying to big them up as intelligent wrestlers with great skills besides their looks and I think if you just think heelish tactics, they got it but otherwise, no chance!  

Before long Toxic Attraction get Roxanne in no man’s land and Mandy comes over for some trash talk, screaming in her face. We get a picture in picture break early on and as I squint, I can see Toxic Attraction in control. As we return to full screen action Roxanne gets a near fall roll up but it looks to be a small blip in the momentum of the toxic ones. A double knockdown allows tags to be made on both sides. Cora getting the better of Gigi before Jayne is tagged back in. A double team has the challengers getting a near fall before Mandy Rose pulls the referee out of the ring. He sends Mandy Rose to the back and rushes back in to count another near fall for the challengers! 

Perez looks to be in trouble as Toxic Attraction look for the double team. Cora comes in to stop it and Perez hits the poprocks on Gigi to pick up the win. New champions! I have to say I’m glad they won but that felt a bit of a lacklustre ending to the match. In fact, I wasn’t really on the edge of my seat at all during it. The highlight had to be Mandy getting sent to the back and it wasn’t fully shown. 

Tony D’Angelo is up next and he is not a happy bunny. He talks about dealing with Santos Escobar, showing picture of him in hospital. He claims Elektra has increased business at the port and she still looks against him, clearly playing her game well. She pushes for one of Legado to check in on Santos after D’Angelo and Stacks leave. Interesting development, I feel with Two Dimes gone either we need D’Angelo to bring someone new in or they should have this merger implode and bring back Legado del Fantasma! 

Before we get to the next match Pretty Deadly build their rivalry with Briggs and Jensen, taking cheap shots and trying to portray Essex as a classy place comparing it to Paris. Top drawer stuff from the British duo once again, can’t wait to see them get beat up! 

Wes Lee vs Trick Williams 

Trick coming out looking like he is trying to rip off Grayson Waller with the boxing style. Dangerous game wrestling in white tights though. Trick starts off well but talks trash and pays for it as Wes Lee drops him. An evenly matched contest until Trick looks to put something on his hands, he throws the evidence at commentary then rubs his hands all over Wes Lee.  

He hits his traditional big boot and Wes Lee is unable to kick out, cheap tricks from Trick Williams for the victory. I really like Wes Lee and to a lesser extent Trick Williams but this doesn’t feel like a Great American Bash kind of match, it is one of the main reasons I feel these “special” midweek episodes of NXT fall a bit flat. The name they get should be put to a big event or a special card at minimum. 

Winner Trick Williams 

We get a backstage segment next as Tiffany Stratton is getting her make up done. Wendy Choo arrives as her eyes are closed, shushing the make-up artist and attacking Stratton which starts the brawl. This goes into a picture in picture break so it has a we don’t care vibe about this from production. Another reason why these midweek specials kind of suck.  

Fuck the chuffing adverts, what a joke. WWE don’t need money from advertising let alone in the middle of rivalry building segments or matches, put them in the entrances ya fools!  

No clue what happened with that match it started but I just got a chunk of adverts and now Apollo Crews is heading to the ring, what a joke production is on NXT these days. 

Apollo talks about his kids inspiring the new excitement in his career. He praises the talent coming up through NXT and pushes for matches against a few favourites before getting interrupted by Giovanni Vinci. Apollo tells him to step in the ring and Vinci is not dressed to compete but he is up for it next week, apparently giving Apollo time to think of a good excuse to tell his kids, ouch. Should be a great match.  

Ivy Nile is being asked backstage about Diamond Mine potentially imploding with the tag team title match later. An argument is breaking out off camera though and Ivy cuts it short to interject, Tatum Paxley was arguing with Katana & Kayden, so Ivy Nile calls for calm and tells Tatum to be in the dojo 8am sharp. I hope this is the start of a new number one contenders battle for the tag titles and a new team in Tatum and Ivy, but we shall see. 

Grayson Waller is laughing backstage at autograph stealing ways, claiming he will steal the title next. Carmelo responds with claims he has played himself and Trick is backing him to pick up the win. 

Next up JD McDonagh is selling himself in a great hype promo. He arrives next week it seems. Bron Breakker is getting a final check-up, he seems good but refuses to be taped up. 

Grayson Waller vs Carmelo Hayes ( c ) (NXT North American Championship Match) 

Carmelo gets a special entrance with Trick announcing his arrival and red white and blue attire. I’m really torn now, could he be moving up to the NXT title after this? Is he going to have a big win or lose it to move on to better things? 

We have an evenly matched start with the two competitors trading blows, dodging and both getting quick pins. Waller comes sliding out of the ring to clothesline Carmelo on the outside as Trick looks on and we enter another picture in picture break. Another big deal minimized by adverts, show some god damn respect to your talent. Looks like Waller is having a good time building momentum if I squint into the corner though.  

As we return to full screen action Waller is trash talking Carmelo who comes back with a reversal and a near fall. Carmelo gets a crossface locked in but Waller fights out of it with a roll up and smashes Carmelo to the mat with a kick. Carmelo builds momentum with a springboard attack but Waller quickly answers this and gets a near fall. Out of nowhere Waller hits his rolling stunner but Carmelo rolls out of the ring, showing great ring awareness. Waller goes for the second stunner from the outside but Trick stops him buying Carmelo time, Wes Lee jumps in beating up Trick allowing Waller to try for the stunner again. Carmelo was ready and counters it into codebreaker style knees to the face which he follows up with his boring leg drop for the win!  

Surprised they didn’t swerve us with this one. Glad it isn’t a hot potato title with Carmelo retaining as I think Waller isn’t the right person to hold it. Pretty good match up especially the interjection from Trick and Wes Lee attacking Trick. Hopefully they don’t have Waller and Wes Lee team up as that doesn’t seem good at all.  

Xyon Quinn is up next trying to claim he is the one Apollo should be focused on, making out he is a star etc etc. They dropped the ball with this guy, was really good when they had him working with Legado del Fantasma but switched him to heel too soon and I’m not interested in him anymore. Hopefully they find something that works again soon. 

Interesting segment, Diamond Mine all five of them having a moment, Julius and Brutus fist bump with Damon Kemp but it didn’t look like Roderick Strong was keen on that part, bit strange possibly a split maybe leading to Roderick Strong leaving Diamond Mine?  

Mandy Rose is looking to set things straight next, claiming Toxic Attraction will get their tag titles back and Roxanne Perez will realise she made a big mistake in cashing in her contract for an NXT Women’s title match against Mandy Rose next week. This reeks of another attempt at a ratings grab, two belts for Roxanne, surely not? This if it is the cashing in of the contract a complete waste of that contract and everyone’s time, the breakout tournament is supposed to make someone. Then you have her get a tag title shot without using it, plus she uses her contract the following week, what you smoking stupid? 

Andre Chase is welcoming new students in a segment next, bodhi is falling asleep apparently kept awake all night watching Money in the Bank on repeat with Thea Hail. Chase just appreciates the memories the two are making. Chad interrupts him to drop a little nugget of information claiming John Adams thinks they should celebrate Independence Day on the 2nd of July instead and Andre Chase gets angry and tells him to get out of his class! Didn't seem right with a little Bodhi and Thea Hail build to it, just a bit off for me. They announce a trip to London, ha tag title match vs Jensen and Briggs? 

The Creed Brothers ( c ) vs Roderick Strong and Damon Kemp (NXT Tag Team Championship Match) 

Brutus looking good early on against Roderick Strong sending him looking for the tag. Julius is in with Kemp when he talks some trash to Strong allowing the match to swerve in the favour of Strong and Kemp. The Creed Brothers double team Kemp for a while after which Kemp escapes to the outside, weirdly Strong throws him back in but he goes straight out the other side.  

Strong and Kemp look to have more look in the break, Julius is in a bit of trouble. He eventually gets the tag even after Brutus was winded by Kemp on the apron. It gets a bit messy next as Julius and Brutus have some miscommunication initiated by Strong with a slap and Brutus takes a few brutal knees from Strong. Kemp hits a slingshot spear but it’s nowhere near as good as Johnny Gargano’s.  

We get Strong vs Julius again now and Julius is fired up, taking to his mentor before Kemp makes the tag. Kemp gets taken down then hit with a clubbing blow before the pinfall comes. Strong tagging out ruined that finish for me, Strong doesn’t seem happy but the Creed Brothers hold Kemp’s head up high, it’s all still a bit tense.  

We get a hype promo for Axiom, the new name for A-Kid, I'm not a fan but might grow on me. Then Robert Stone is with Von Wagner backstage, upset he is not on the show but Solo Sikoa arrives to ask him why he is whining. Von Wagner steps up to answer him and they look set to brawl before the referees come to break it up. Could be a competitive match for Von Wagner, there’s a first! I hope he gets destroyed by Solo Sikoa. 

Cameron Grimes vs Bron Breakker ( c ) (NXT Championship Match) 

Bron out here in red white and blue gear, like Carmelo. Grimes looks to target the injury but Bron is protecting it well, shoving him away. Grimes keeps going back to it but Bron is always able to fight him off. Grimes gets some offense going after the picture in break, hitting a penalty kick and diving into the shoulder. Grimes continues to grind down Bron Breakker but the resilience is clear to see on the champ's face.  

Breaker hits a spinebuster and drops the straps indicating he has had enough and is out to finish things. Grimes hits a Spanish Fly though and Bron has to rally once again. The frankensteiner doesn’t get him the win so he gets ready for the spear. Grimes dodges him and ends up locking in a submission but doesn’t get the tap he was after, Bron powers out but Grimes hits the cave in which gets him a near fall. Grimes dives from the top and Bron spears him as he dives for the pinfall victory!  

That match was alright I do think my opinion is slightly clouded by having the match spoiled by WWE on their facebook page before I got chance to watch but that’s I guess on me in this day and age. Woah but here’s the surprise I needed, JD McDonagh attacks Bron as he stands at the top of the ramp, while I am excited for it I'm worried WWE will mess this up. 

Once again, I feel left with a bitter taste in my mouth as another not so “special” special midweek NXT feels 50/50 on the worth a watch front, there were some good moments but I think most of them are marred by poor finishes or confusing production decision. I want to apologise if I missed something this week, the show I watched repeated some sections and I’m sure Tiffany Stratton vs Wendy Choo was cut from my version. Thems the breaks when WWE refuses to stop pandering to TV deals for a developmental show that should be available on the network once it has aired!  

As always feel free to send your thoughts in to us on our socials, I’d love to hear from you! 

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