WWE NXT Weekly Roundup 5th May 2022

WWE NXT Weekly Roundup 5th May 2022

Pixc here back with another NXT weekly round up. NXT Level Up will kick things off again with a brief summary of this before the NXT goings on, I hope to see something a bit better this week! 


Dante Chen vs Damon Kemp 

Dante Chen is hyped as wanting to level up with the cheesiest of hype. His opponent Damon Kemp is off to NXT UK it seems, with Von Wagner already making an appearance. Keep tabs on James’ reviews to see what happened there. 

A technical face off to start with, Kemp looking great but Chen doesn’t seem out of place either. Chen looks to take out his leg so Kemp goes for a quick pin to no avail. As Chen continues to target the leg, Kemp manages to avoid it and get another near fall. Kemp manages to hit a big move but is clearly in pain, he slams Chen down a second time, fighting through the pain to pick up the win! 

Great result for Kemp, still feel bad for Chen seems he is doomed to be a jobber then, now and forever!  

Winner Damon Kemp 

Amari Miller vs Ariana Grace 

A returning lady vs a debutant, something has got to give, let the bodies hit the floor! Miller using her speed well but Grace although looking a little unsure in the ring manages to take control of the match after the initial feeling out period. Grace grounds Miller who has to use all she has to fight back up, getting forced back down multiple times. Miller comes back whipping her opponent round by the arm before hitting a penalty kick.  

She looks for the finish but Ariana Grace manages to reverse it into a roll up pinfall. Grace picks up the win! A show of sportsmanship by Miller shaking her hand after the match. I see potential here as the basics were pretty solid, I wasn’t excited or engaged with the match as a whole but I think Level Up feels more about giving the talent a chance to walk the walk so to speak and it was a solid show. Gives Grace momentum going into the breakout tournament too. 

Winner Ariana Grace 

Andre Chase vs Quincy Elliott 

Chase is accompanied by Bodhi Hayward. Quincy comes to the ring alone it seems with a lot of flashy moves and personality, reminds me of Velveteen Dream. Quincy overpowers chase early on forcing him into corners, having a little fun with a dance. Chase returns the dance off next, Quincy releasing him disgusted. Chase struggles to lift Quincy and the latter follows up by standing on his opponent by the ropes. Quincy keeps going for the cover but it’s not quite time for the finish yet it seems. 

A bear hug from Quincy has Chase in trouble but he fights out of it, even dodging strikes before failing to Irish whip the big man into the corner. Chase looks to be in control at this point even getting his traditional Chase U stomps in. He hits a running strike in the corner and trips his opponent before finally slamming Quincy for the victory! 

Wow that was unexpected. The comparison is drawn between Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant and I can see it, a pretty good match, it had me engaged at least which for Level Up has been a rarity of late. Solid main event match this week. 

Winner Andre Chase 

This week Level Up was definitely a better show. I think the highlight has to be the main event. The charisma Quincy Elliott brought was top notch and Chase gave him a good match, it was much more engaging than most matches I’ve seen recently on Level Up and I suppose the idea of a parallel between it and the Hulk vs Andre match added a little flavour or hype to it at the end! 

NXT – Springbreakin' 

It’s time for another not so special, special! This week NXT is putting on a Springbreakin’ and Pretty Deadly are here to introduce the show. Interesting start, I kind of like it, yes boy! 

Carmelo Hayes vs Cameron Grimes ( c ) vs Solo Sikoa (North American Title Match) 

This one is tough to call, so I’m just going to enjoy it! Carmelo starts by slapping Sikoa and then goading Grimes with his back to Sikoa. Not a good move as Sikoa drops him. A fast-paced start with Carmelo kept somewhat out of the match after this first shot. Some interesting intelligent sequences from Carmelo follow this, they make him seem very aware of what is going on after struggling to start.  

As Carmelo looked to finish things Grimes seems to reverse it only to have Sikoa kick him and the move carry out in Carmelo’s favour. All three men end up down after a battle in the corner. As they rise a slug fest ensues. With Carmelo sat in the corner and Grimes in a tree of woe, Sikoa hits a running attack. He then smashes Carmelo into Grimes and looks to finish Carmelo. Grimes breaks up the pinfall though and he decides it’s time to go to the top.  

Cameron Grimes looks to dive himself but has to adjust. He then gets both of his opponents with a hurricanrana and looks for the Cave In, Carmelo reverses it but is unable to pick up the win. Sikoa then interjects himself and it was so close but Carmelo saves the match. Sikoa and Carmelo fall victim to a Cave In mid move and Sikoa gets pinned, Grimes retains! 

This was a really solid triple threat. I expected them to put the belt on one of the other two but I’m glad they didn’t. Grimes deserves a good run and this was a solid start for him. 

Winner Cameron Grimes 

We see Mandy Rose next at a tanning salon. She is visited mid-session by Wendy Choo who sneaks in and turns up the heat somewhat, when Gigi and Jacy arrive to meet her, she looks as they put it “like a strawberry” and she is ditched for the time being, nice prank segment but is Wendy Choo heading for a title shot?  

Nathan Frazer is with McKenzie, excited for his debut. H doesn’t care about social media right now, nice little dig at Waller’s obsession with social media. 

Roderick Strong is giving it Johnny big bollocks in the Diamond Mine gym next, keen to make sure the Creed Brothers are ready, he calls Ivy Nile over and nothing further is said to her, seemed pointless, after rumours Strong is leaving WWE this feels like his exit strategy wind his team up so they drop him and he can leave without much fuss. 

Think the writers have been watching the twitter verse and are trolling the fans next as we get a scene with Duke and Indi, they look like they might kiss and both back off claiming “you wish” and “hell no” respectively. Honestly, I hope WWE just gives them a break and comes up with something good for them, once again they booked themselves into a corner by releasing talent mid-story. 

Nathan Frazer vs Grayson Waller 

Waller is goading Frazer who shoves him to get the match going. Frazer seems to like a fast-paced match exploding into Waller early on. Waller exits the ring and goes to grab a deck chair to take a break, drawing Frazer out of the ring to gain the advantage. Frazer continues to look great but a little overly flashy for me. Waller stops Frazer before he springboards into the ring and then clotheslines him on the outside. 

As we return to full screen action Frazer is fighting back sending Waller to the outside but Waller cuts him down and gets a near fall. Frazer then does get to fly as he leaves the ring like a missile taking out Waller before having a big moment as he avoids Waller’s finisher hitting him with two kicks to the face. Waller fires back with an innovative move that leads to a near fall. Frazer looks for a top rope move but Waller pushes him onto the ropes but a siren sounds from the crowd and Waller topples theatrically into the ring. Frazer hits a phoenix splash for the win!  

This was a great match, loved the comedic element of Andre Chase hitting that airhorn to help out the debuting Frazer. In fairness that gives Waller a good excuse to protect him and let’s Frazer have his debut win! 

Winner Nathan Frazer 

Escobar arrives with Legado del Fantasma and Tony D’Angelo too with his boys! Then we get a clip of Bron Breakker getting ready for his match later.  

The two factions meet for a chat now. The tensions rise in this gangster showdown, with some sort of peace agreement seemingly being reached. I’m not buying it but it is a rather interesting development that I will be keeping a close eye on. 

McKenzie is with the Viking Raiders next. They show respect to the Creed Brothers but are not sweating the competition as they start their “raid” chant Pretty Deadly arrive to offer some encouragement. They call their opponents “damaged goods” and the Viking Raiders are not impressed with their interruption, saying they can always change who is damaged goods if they don’t watch it basically. Great segment, fear it is another tease to try draw fans back to NXT though. 

Joe Gacy is up next, addressing that change can be difficult but we are on the precipice of a new beginning, we should fear what happens if he doesn’t win the title. Eerie stuff from Joe Gacy again. 

Nikkita Lyons & Cora Jade vs Natalya & Lash Legend 

This pairing doesn’t suit Nikkita Lyons at all, but it is funny. Cora held things down early on, holding her own against a bigger Lash and a more experienced Natalya before tagging Lyons in. Natalya manages to get control of the match and tags in Lash. Both her an Nikkita spill to the outside and the two teams are gathering their senses at ringside as we enter picture in picture. 

As we return to full screen Lyons is jumping on the apron looking on as Cora is stuck in the wrong part of town. Natalya and Lash working well together, Cora almost breaks free though when Natalya a little pose. Quick tags didn’t work out for them though as Cora makes her break and gets the tag fending off an attempt at the sharpshooter. Lyons can’t quite put Natalya away and the match continues. Lash comes in and takes control but a reversal has it all falling apart as Natalya accidentally boots Lash and Cora comes in to pick up the win with a diving senton from the top! 

Solid tag team match and showcased all three women well, with Natalya in there as a steadying hand I feel it gave Lash a better chance of impressing and Lyons and Cora Jade although not a great team worked well together and both got chance to shine. 

Winners Nikkita Lyons & Cora Jade 

Tatum Paxley is adding her name into the women’s breakout tournament, I believe I saw Fallon Henley do the same earlier and I’m mentioning it now because I’m wondering how many women are in this, I was sure there weren’t this many in the men’s equivalent. It begins next week! 

Before we get into the next match, we get a scene with Toxic Attraction at the beach. Wendy Choo and Roxanne Perez are at the beach to cause some mayhem. They steal their car keys and sandals leading them hot-footing it after them. 

The Viking Raiders vs The Creed Brothers 

Ivar comes out of the gate strong, taking both opponents down then bringing Erik in. Quick tags seem to have the Creed Brothers lost and almost done in quick fashion but Julius kicks out. Brutus comes in and seems to gain momentum taking both opponents on himself in similar fashion. Great double team action from the Creed Brothers before Erik turns things around.  

The Viking Raiders have a spell of dominance during picture in picture but Brutus manages to make the tag and Julius looks to turn things around as we return to full screen. They get a near fall then suffer one too before Brutus is left all alone against the raid. Brutus kicks out though, showing great resilience. Erik and Ivar destroy Brutus with a combo ending in an Ivar splash but still Brutus kicks out. Somehow Julius is back on the apron but he can’t overpower Ivar and when he heads to the top Julius races to meet him, Ivar dodges the finishing blow and they look to add one of their own but Brutus somehow manages to bulldoze his way in to save the match! 

The final chaotic scenes begin as Brutus takes Ivar to the outside, Julius gets knocked down by Erik with a knee and a sneaky Roderick Strong, runs past the Erik with a knee to the face. Julius gets to hit the finishing blow and that’s it the Creed Brothers win! 

That was an amazing match, such a great showdown. However I feel the involvement of Roderick Strong just tainted it a little. This win could have made them but instead it looks like they needed help to pick the win up. I wonder how it will progress? Looks like we won’t have to wait long as the replay is shown and the Creed Brothers are not happy with Strong’s involvement. 

Winners The Creed Brothers 

We get a scene in a parking lot next, as Santos Escobar has a chat with AJ Galante before hitting him with a low blow and packing him in the back of his car. Interesting peace agreement. 

Another promo from Alba Fyre next. She is in action next week. Then Briggs and Jensen are seen getting the good news from the doctor that Jensen’s hand will need less time for recovery. We also have a match for next week announced, Roxanne Perez & Wendy Choo vs Toxic Attraction. 

Joe Gacy vs Bron Breakker ( c ) (NXT Title Match) 

The entrances adding a little intrigue here as Gacy’s turns it black and white but Bron flicks the switch to bring back the colour. If anything says Bron Breakker is the poster boy of NXT 2.0 then that was it! 

Bron is intense from the start with commentary stating he needs to calm down and keep it together. Gacy looks to exploit his weaknesses by tapping in to his emotions. Gacy manages to knocked Bron down on the outside with a clothesline as we enter another picture in picture. Finally we return to full screen action as Gacy pulls Bron from the top rope and does a Bray Wyatt in the corner turning himself upside down. Even commentary seem oblivious to the obvious plagiarism going on with Gacy’s character. A hooded figure arrives in the crowd, Bron fires up with some shoulder tackles and a clothesline, this is a weird match. 

Gacy gets hit with a Frankensteiner but manages to kick out. Gacy dodges a corner attack, he then looks to finish things with a powerbomb but it’s not time yet, the match goes on. Gacy looks to end things but Bron dodges his springboard attack and finishes him off with a spear, Bron retains! 

Weird hooded figures appear at the end on the ring apron. This match was weird, it wasn’t a bad match just weird. Gacy is growing as a character and I feel they were going in a good direction with him but now I feel they are just picking bits of other characters and sticking them together in him, trying to make something new like a weird Frankenstein jigsaw puzzle. His blatant Bray parodying doesn’t impress me but I liked the idea of him being a cult leader, so we shall see where this goes, thoughts anyone? 

Winner Bron Breakker 

Finally, a good special, I can say this still isn’t special but it was a really enjoyable show and that’s what matters. I think the wrestling was better this week and my main low light is directly aimed at the constant picture in picture breaks during matches. It is frustrating to say the least. 

Feel free to let us know what you thought on our socials, thanks for reading. 

Pixc Out