WWE NXT Weekly Roundup 5th August 2022

WWE NXT Weekly Roundup 5th August 2022

Pixc here back with another NXT weekly roundup. NXT Level Up will kick things off as usual! Then we can see what NXT will bring this time.  


Javier Bernal vs Myles Borne 

Former tag team partners going at it then. They shake hands to start so looks like no hard feelings from their miscommunication. It was almost over as Bernal hit a dropkick, commentary claiming it was a little retribution for the miscommunication. Borne comes back with some excellent amateur wrestling ability on show. Bernal sneaks behind and pushes him into the turnbuckle, using the ropes for a little leverage in a schoolboy and he manages to steal the win. 

An average match with a cheeky little rivalry brewing I suspect following that dirty pin.  

Winner Javier Bernal 

Quincy Elliott is backstage ready for tag team action but no partner stands with him, when asked he hypes his partner up and as the interview concludes Ikemen Jiro arrives to reveal himself as Quincy’s partner. They share a moment and the lady interviewing them looks so happily confused! 

Sol Ruca vs Fallon Henley 

Sol Ruca comes in with all the fancy moves on her entrance and Fallon seems impressed. Sol Ruca definitely getting a lot of great offense in and showing her ability. Fallon showing great resilience to keep kicking out, although the offense is pretty basic stuff. Fallon then turns the ruthless aggression on and she drives her opponent into the mat, finishing her off with hoe down!  

Sol Ruca looked great in the match and should hold her head high after that performance. I’m not liking her character yet so hopefully they work on refining that.  

Winner Fallon Henley 

Edris Enofe & Malik Blade vs Quincy Elliott & Ikemen Jiro 

Quincy with the entertaining entrance and Jiro can’t stop smiling, he is infectious! Enofe can’t lift Quincy and gets frustrated. Jiro mocks him upon entering the match and this is where Enofe and Blade take control. Jiro is in trouble and the crowd chant “we want Quincy” which Jiro tries to oblige. Quincy eventually gets in the match and squashes Blade but Enofe saves the match.  

Jiro is knocked from the apron and Quincy is double teamed by Blade and Enofe, experience triumphs over sheer style. This was completely expected but it still hurts, Quincy should not have lost that.  

Winners Edris Enofe & Malik Blade 

A solid show from Level Up, a little surprised to see Quincy lose especially to a team that would not be hurt by losing to them but maybe they are heading for a better run over on NXT? Somehow, I doubt it. I just don’t see them featuring well against The Dyad, Pretty Deadly, Jensen & Briggs, D’Angelo Family or The Creed Brothers. 


This week we crown new women’s tag team champions, I think the money has to be on Toxic Attraction regaining them but I hope we end up with new champions personally. Let’s see what else NXT has in store though.  

Katana Chance & Kayden Carter vs Yulisa Leon & Valentina Feroz vs Tatum Paxley & Ivy Nile vs Toxic Attraction (NXT Women’s Tag Team Title Elimination Match) 

It doesn’t take long before the action breaks down into chaos, Toxic Attraction getting knocked from the apron and the other three brawling on the opposite side of the ring with some dives to the outside! Yulisa Leon and Valentina Feroz are the first team eliminated off a nice double team by Paxley and Ivy Nile. Toxic Attraction were unable to get the quick second elimination though and the match continues. Paxley continues some strong offense holding off an attempted reversal and making the tag to Ivy Nile. Toxic Attraction get a blind tag and eliminate Ivy Nile and Tatum Paxley. The two remaining teams square off in the ring. A nice double team by Toxic Attraction only gets Gigi a near fall and Kayden returns the favour after swift kick to Gigi, still we are looking for the winner.  

Kayden saves the match next coming in to break up a pinfall. All four women are down as we pan to a birds eye view. Chance and Carter looked for the double team but keep getting foiled by Toxic Attraction but eventually they get the pinfall and it’s a great win and we have finally our new tag team champions, my favourite team for ages finally wins the gold and I’m so glad it wasn’t Toxic Attraction!  

We get a segment with the NXT UK tag team champions next, Briggs and Jensen, Joe Gacy and Schism interrupt them, Jensen is not impressed and he looks to tell Gacy where to go. Gacy then offers up a match with him to send a message to Cameron Grimes. Intrigued by the direction of this group, not sure Cameron Grimes needs to be brough in to this group and not keen on seeing a rivalry there but prove me wrong, I guess? 

Carmelo and Trick come out to set up an open challenge for the ‘A’ championship! They state the first person to get in this ring next we will have a shot at the North American Title. Giovanni Vinci looks to make his intentions known, his music plays and he comes out to the ring but Nathan Frazer runs past him and into the ring. This was hillarious and I honestly had Nathan Frazer in my mind anyway for this one.  

Carmelo Hayes ( c ) vs Nathan Frazer (North American Title Match)  

Vinci joins us on commentary and is pretty good interacting with the commentary team. Frazer looking good early on but the contest seems pretty even. After a failed attempt Carmelo finally hits the fade away, a beautiful springboard leg drop to a hanging opponent, but he only gets a near fall. Frazer comes close to winning it but he unfortunately dumps Carmelo into the announce table upsetting Vinci who with Tricks timely distraction is able to push Frazer from the top rope and allow Carmelo to pick up the win with his weak finisher from the top rope. 

A solid match and Frazer really shined. Vinci is growing and should be a forced to be reckoned with if done right. Hopefully we get to see a good match between the two and Vinci can get a shot at the title down the line too. 

Winner Carmelo Hayes 

The Heatwave Summit is up next with JD McDonagh and Bron Breakker talking each other up but still claiming they will win. JD McDonagh wants the champion to sign first. Bron happily obliges and JD decides it won’t end in violence but it will end in blood signing the contract with his own blood. Bit random, I’m here for it but let’s hope it’s a good match. 

The Creed Brothers are preparing for a title defense next when Apollo Crews arrives to offer some advice. He warns them not everything is as it seems. Julius seems to be aware of what he is referring to but doesn’t fully explain to Brutus. I think he is on about Roderick Strong not being fully supportive of the Creed Brothers but maybe it could be something else. Damon Kemp arrives to tell them Strong is running late and the plot thickens, they get focused on preparing for the match.  

Toxic Attraction are screaming and smashing into walls and Mandy arrives to help calm things down, McKenzie is told to get lost when she arrives with a microphone and Mandy is forced to leave them having a tantrum and head to the ring. Quite like the placement of picture in picture adverts among the entrances here, Sarray is her opponent it seems. 

Sarray vs Mandy Rose ( c ) 

Sarray doesn’t take long before she goes for that sunray dropkick but Rose is out of there quickly not keen to feel that pain again. Sarray looks to end it with a fisherman's buster but Rose kicks out. The champion gets a near fall with a spinebuster and immediately follows up with her brutal knee to pick up the win.  

Rose showed great intelligence in the finish there but this match did feel a bit disjointed, possibly a lack of chemistry between the two competitors? Rose looks to end Sarray with a chair and send a message to Zoey Stark but the challenger at Heatwave runs to the ring to stop her doing any more damage. Great aftermath segment.

Winner Mandy Rose 

Tiffany Stratton is hyping herself up and taking a shot Wendy Choo. She doesn’t seem phased by Wendy Choo’s remarks. Looking forward to those two facing off again.  

Axiom is backstage as McKenzie welcomes him to NXT but Duke Hudson arrives to claim this world is not for him. Axiom is not afraid but Hudson mocks him and they brawl all the way to the ringside area. Commentary use the brawl to nicely promote the falls count anywhere match. Hudson hits a spinning slam on Axiom. He grabs the mic and claims “and that ladies and gentlemen is why you never believe in your heroes” and Axiom responds saying he is wrong and he will prove it, right here and right now!  

Axiom vs Duke Hudson 

Hudson immediately kicks Axiom to the outside and Axiom looks in trouble. He fights back with some stiff kicks but Hudson uses his power to slam him down from the corner. Axiom reverses the Razor’s edge. Then rolls up Hudson for the pinfall victory!  

I was worried for a bit we wouldn’t get the feel-good moment but there it is! I really like Axiom, we all know it’s A-Kid and it will take some getting used to the name change but we all know how good he is, if you don’t look back on his NXT UK run on the WWE Network.  

Winner Axiom 

Wes Lee is smiling at that last match as McKenzie introduces him as another star who is familiar with overcoming the odds. He calls her sweet and admits over his career it’s probably true. Right now however he doesn’t feel it and is done with Trick’s insults and silly shenanigans. Wes Lee seems like he wants to do it UK Style with a rounds match. Interesting, this feels like a move to further integrate actual wrestling into the WWE product and taking some of what works on the NXT UK brand. It might even try to draw on fans who love the ROH Pure matches.  

The D’Angelo Family vs The Creed Brothers ( c ) (NXT Tag Team Title Match) 

D’Angelo and Stacks looking to dethrone the Creed Brothers here then. Julius is looking really strong as ever but taking a lot of punishment. He fights his way to ta tag but Stacks escapes to the outside briefly. Brutus pounces him right back out and the retrieval costs them their momentum. Stacks targets Brutus’s hand and D’Angelo comes in to continue this punishment. They work on him in the corner and it looks bleak for Diamond Mine. Brutus manages to get the foot up and Stacks will rue that as Julius gets back in the match.  

Julius turns the match on its head but suffers a little so looks for the tag. Brutus is toppled from the apron by Stacks and Brutus is forced then to come in illegally. As he does Elektra throws the crowbar to D’Angelo, it all seems to be coming up D’Angelo but the crowd are hyped something is happening off camera, is it Roderick Strong? No, it’s Santos Escobar thankfully! He grabs the crowbar wrestling it from D’Angelo as Elektra nods at him smiling, finally it becomes clear as I suspected she was playing her hand so well. D’Angelo is fed to Julius 

Thanks for reading, and we get the traditional Creed Brothers style strike to a downed D’Angelo and Legado hold back Stacks for the pinfall, epic finish and hopefully Legado del Fantasma are back baby! This match was solid but until the finish it felt like it was just going through the motions. I’m so pleased Santos Escobar is back, hopefully we get takeover if you pardon the pun! I expect D’Angelo might face Escobar at Heatwave too.  

Winners The Creed Brothers 

Roxanne Perez is up next, she is building their rivalry with their friendship in tatters. She is clearly livid due to the actions of Cora Jade, the title in the trash and the attacks. Challenging her at Heatwave and Cora is with McKenzie to respond. She is interrupted in her ‘no chance’ response by Mandy Rose who proposes she takes out Zoey Stark and takes her place at Heatwave instead. Cora says she will give it some thought tapping the belt with her bat and calls her a little girl. Mandy looks confused, great stuff from Cora but I hope they go with Roxanne getting some revenge unless Stark isn’t ready to compete of course.  

Before our next match we get a hype package for Von Wagner. Our main event is him vs Solo Sikoa in this falls count anywhere match. Then the new women’s tag team champions, the best team in NXT for ages have a little happy tears moment, congratulations ladies, well deserved! 

Brooks Jensen vs Joe Gacy 

Jensen is out here in his jorts, looking rather weird. Vic even comments on Barrett getting beating up a lot by someone in jorts, think Barrett missed a trick though he should’ve said he didn’t see him, right? Gacy takes control with some ruthless aggression in the ring, including a particularly impactful DDT. He can’t keep Jensen down though and screams at him to stay down.  

Shenanigans aplenty in the finish though, the Dyad stare at Fallon who squares up to them before Briggs intercepts and the referee calls for them to take it easy. Pretty Deadly storm the ring amongst this confusion and distract Jensen long enough for Gacy to pounce with his springboard lariat! Jensen finally stays down for the three count.  

For a match I had zero interest in seeing the finish made it worthwhile watching. I particularly like how the interference was done, putting that aside though it keeps Gacy’s momentum with the Dyad rolling and furthers the rivalry of Pretty Deadly vs Jensen & Briggs too. Gacy calls out to Grimes and we cut to Grimes in a room with a bunch of rookies, not sure on his response though. 

Winner Joe Gacy 

Tony D’Angelo is in the locker room with Stacks showing his frustration when Santos Escobar rings. They arrange a final meet but don’t confirm where it is. Hopefully it will be at Heatwave!  

Alba Fyre vs Lash Legend 

Once again, we get adverts in the entrances, beautiful hopefully this continues! Lash Legend looks to be doing well early on with a big boot leaving her in control. Alba Fyre goes for a high risk move but Lash goes to meet her and almost stops her. Fyre has to adjust on the fly rolling through before dodging Lash’s attempted use of her bat. She hits the swanton bomb for the pinfall victory! 

Glad to see Alba Fyre picking up the win, Lash is doing great work in fairness but I’m just not a fan. Hopefully that rivalry is done as I’d love to see Alba Fyre take down Mandy Rose or square off against Elektra in a rivlary soon.  

Winner Alba Fyre 

Trick and Carmelo are leaving the arena when a group of girls ask her for their help with a car. They oblige as the segment ends. Then we get Nikkita Lyons response to Kiana James, she claims she is an open book and has dealt with girls like her all her life, building to a match. We get confirmation of the rounds match next week between Wes Lee and Trick Williams. 

Von Wagner vs Solo Sikoa 

Von Wagner seems to be in complete control early on but keeping it in and around the ring for now. Eventually he looks to take the announce table apart setting up for something big but Solo Sikoa Samoan drops him on it. Now the match spills away from the ringside area. Solo Sikoa finds himself face to face with Carmelo so dumps him into the back of the car before continuing to brawl towards a dumpster, where Von Wagner deposits him. Robert Stone is shouting it’s done but Sikoa opens the lid and stands defiant as Von Wagner wipes the sweat from his brow.  

Sikoa throws Von Wagner into the corrugated shutter doors and Grimes appears to get caught in the middle. Von Wagner puts Sikoa through a table but Sikoa kicks out. Von Wagner looks for something to finish him but Sikoa finds a fire extinguisher to cool him off. Sikoa hits a Samoan drop in the ring and fires up, looking to do damage with a chair. He then hits a slam on the steps but somehow Von Wagner kicks out. As Sikoa looks to fly, Robert Stone intercepts him hanging on, Von Wagner is able to recover and pull him from the top rope.  

Sikoa superkicks Von Wagner a few times so he drapes over the announce table. Sikoa heads to the top and hits the splash he couldn’t get earlier. He connects and gets the pinfall victory! He celebrates in the ring with both Stone and Von Wagner down. A great finish to an otherwise very tame falls count anywhere match. I hope Sikoa moves on to something bigger, maybe a North American title victory or even a rivalry with Bron Breakker or JD McDonagh, this guy has to be in those conversations now. 

Winner Solo Sikoa 

A solid show this week, if I was being picky I’d say the matches while finishing well sometimes felt a little slow this week or lacking in some meat to the bones. Plenty of feel-good moments for the fans and some rivalry building as always. What did you think? Let me know on our social media channels. How did you feel about our new women’s tag team champions? 

Thanks for reading. 

Pixc Out