WWE NXT Weekly Roundup 3rd June 2022

WWE NXT Weekly Roundup 3rd June 2022

Pixc here back with another NXT weekly roundup. NXT Level Up will kick things off again with a brief summary of this before we dive into the go home episode of NXT before In Your House. Which reminds me, come join us on twitch as we watch along on Saturday night. Right then, let’s get to it! 


Bodhi Hayward & Andre Chase vs Damaris Griffin & Bryson Montana 

Interesting to see a new pairing, will this team fair better or be split up before they can get going?

A fairly even contest, we do get to see the traditional Chase U stomps once Chase is in the ring. Bodhi is brought back in and dominates briefly. A double team move and Chase gets the pin. Nothing special here but a solid match, momentum building for the Chase U team.  

Winners Bodhi Hayward & Andre Chase 

Arianna Grace vs Amari Miller 

Amari just has a lot of fun babyface energy on her entrance but I’m not sure the taunting she does early on is the right move. Grace mocks her and takes control in the match. Grace keeps Amari down, stopping her from using her speed. Amari fights back and gets a lucky pinfall victory. Personally, I feel like they need to give Amari Miller more time to shine. She probably needs to work on things outside the ring but her energy is something the women’s division seems to be missing at the moment, A solid fun babyface singles wise. 

Winner Amari Miller 

Dante Chen vs Trick Williams 

Chen starts off aggressive keen to get back on track, it’s all in his favour early on but Trick fights back and quickly gets a near fall. Trick then grounds Chen, locking in a standing armbar. Chen comes back into it getting his own near fall. Trick then hits his signature spinning kick to fell his opponent and it’s over. Trick seems to be unstoppable on level up, picking up lots of momentum. I’m just waiting for that inevitable split of this deadly duo. 

Winner Trick Williams 

A solid show from NXT Level Up this week, nothing special but if you have the time and want a little wrestling in your life, with no promo segments just fluff about WWE breaking up the matches I feel it is worth half an hour of your time. 


This is the go home episode of NXT before In Your House, premium live event be damned, it is a takeover. We start with Roderick Strong telling Ivy Nile and the Creed Brothers they have the night off as he gets set for tag team action with Damon Kemp. 

Pretty Deadly vs Roderick Strong and Damon Kemp (Diamond Mine) 

Barrett in bad taste claiming Pretty Deadly were on facetime with the royal family before the Jubilee celebrations as we get started, not a fan of that unnecessary drivel. Strong takes some punishment before getting control of the match and tagging Kemp in. Strong wakes up Kemp with a slap and he goes all fired up on the blonde one. Strong comes back in and Pretty Deadly takeover control of the match.  

Kemp comes back in and immediately dominates the brunette one. Blondie comes in and Strong evens the odds as the tag team champs look to be struggling! Pretty Deadly doing a great job as the heel team during picture in picture double teaming Kemp to finally stop his momentum in the match. When we return to full screen action Kemp is grounded by the brunette, trying to fight his way out. Kemp tries to drag him to their corner but has to dodge and dive through blondie’s legs to get the tag. Strong comes in with the backbreaking offense, destroying both of Pretty Deadly on his own, even using one as a battering ram into the other!  

Blondie takes Kemp out on the outside then brunette is given one of the tag titles. They do a bait and switch double belt distraction but Julius arrives to warn Roderick Strong. The chaos that follows though is apparently too much for a veteran like Roderick Strong and he falls victim to Spilt Milk as Pretty Deadly pick up the win!  

This was a great match, I just feel like the Diamond Mine drama is ruining the Creed Brothers chance of becoming tag team champions and progressing. Plus, we might see Roderick Strong follow in his Undisputed Era brothers footsteps as I don’t think he is happy in WWE from what I’ve read online. 

Winners Pretty Deadly 

Cameron Grimes is in the locker room when Solo Sikoa comes by, he wants him to handle his business at In Your House as he got next! Duke Hudson interrupts them, claiming he is next for an NXT title shot after his DQ win vs Bron Breakker. He takes a shot at Solo Sikoa’s inexperience, who challenges him to a match, let’s go! 

I’m all about Solo Sikoa going on a dominant run, I might be bored of the Bloodline but this guy is the one in NXT!  

Grayson Waller is backstage in the kitchen, cooking up some scathing remarks about Roxanne Perez and the country crew of Briggs, Fallon and Jensen. He takes shots even at his audience of rookies, including Quincy Elliott a personal favourite of mine. Briggs arrives behind him having heard enough and challenges him to take a “country ass beating!” Grayson is a great heel, plays his part well, one you just love to see get beat ya know? 

We get our sit down with the families of NXT next. On a yacht? Wow this is interesting, eventually we get to the point. Tony D’Angelo suggests a six-man tag match with the losers joining the others under the direction of their respective leader. I can’t see either faction joining with the other, it doesn’t fit! 

Cora Jade vs Elektra Lopez 

Barrett finally seeing Elektra as a potential contender for the title before we start this interesting matchup. Elektra is taking liberties with Cora early on, showing a forceful aggression against the plucky skater girl. Elektra continues to dominate her opponent, overpowering her but she makes it to the ropes and send Elektra to the outside for a breather. Cora hits springboard double stomp and is too close to the ropes when Elektra goes for the pin, the match continues. 

Cora hits the diving senton from top rope and gets the win seemingly out of nowhere. This feels a bit of an odd match, Elektra looked dominant and just like that Cora Jade hits a move and it’s over. Solid match but a bit of an iffy finish! 

Winner Cora Jade 

Wes Lee is with McKenzie before his match against Xyon Quinn, he wanted to make sure he got this in before Xyon goes off injured again and he is aware things haven’t gone his way but he wants this match. Sanga arrives to provide some motivation, saying he has a big heart and to fight with that, a very nice moment and I’m really liking Sanga as a face. 

Roxanne Perez gets a little video package hyping her up for the final of the women’s breakout. There was a nice segment from when she was a kid talking to Natalya. She then comments on her friendship with Cora Jade and taking her shot at Tiffany Stratton. 

Wes Lee vs Xyon Quinn 

Wes Lee flies at Xyon from the get go, he shows no let-up but Xyon is soon in control with his strength advantage. Xyon looks to do some serious damage trying to work on Wes Lee’s shoulder but even after all this punishment he will not stay down. Wes Lee gets lawn darted into the turnbuckle as Xyon Quinn looks to finish it. Wes Lee out of nowhere though rolls up Xyon and manages to pick up a cheeky win!  

That was a real feel-good moment, Wes Lee deserves it after all he has been through. It would have felt weird to have Xyon come back and pick up the win, but the cheeky roll up keeps him looking strong and gives Wes Lee the much-needed victory.  

Winner Wes Lee 

Roderick Strong is telling off the Creed Brothers backstage and Ivy steps in to help them explain, Strong seems to ignore it though claiming if they don’t win those tag titles they are out of Diamond Mine. What is this bullshit? Well I think that settles it Diamond Mine is either done or Creed Brothers are going to be your new tag team champions, what do you think will happen?  

Wendy Choo, Chance and Carter are backstage next getting ready for the championship summit hosted by Wade Barrett next. We see Toxic Attraction also making their way to the ring together for this segment.  

Joe Gacy is up next hyping his rivalry with Bron Breakker, talking about the fire cultivated in Bron Breakker. He takes shots at his father’s parenting choices and focusing in on the anger fuelling the champion, this is Gacy trying to goad Bron into making a mistake at In Your House. Then Bron tells McKenzie he is not going to lose the title, Gacy then winds him up with a little maniacal laughter Bron lifting a TV as if to dispel the anger, he stops himself and I have to say this is another great rivalry in NXT right now. 

Finally, we get the championship summit, Wendy Choo with Katana Chance and Kayden Carter on one side and Toxic Attraction on the other. The challengers are sick of hearing from them and Katana cuts Gigi off. Have to agree with her we’re sick of seeing them with all the gold. Jacy Jayne takes shots at them for taking so long to get to the top and challenge. Kayden reminds them that they beat them before. Wendy interrupts repeatedly saying “just sign the contract” and the crowd join in. Mandy calls her a child and hypes up her title reign like she has done anything with it, demanding respect. Wendy hits her with a spit ball and a brawl ensues, Kayden and Katana doing most of the work, dispatching the tag champs then taking out Mandy Rose. They put Mandy on a table and Wendy Choo hits a diving elbow to your NXT champion. I can’t see Wendy Choo winning, but I hope they all do, enough is enough it’s time for a change! 

Kiana James approaches Ivy Nile, saying that the Creed Brothers will lose and Ivy Nile pins her up against the locker and I expect it will lead to a match between the two.  

Duke Hudson vs Solo Sikoa 

Duke looks hesitant to lock up with Sikoa as we get started. Sikoa looks in good form as Duke ends up sat in the corner, he escapes out of the ring before Sikoa can rush him though. He suckers Sikoa in taking control of the match as he springboards back in with a German suplex. You can see all the ones up in the crowd as Sikoa is getting beat down.  

Sikoa fights back, dodging offense and getting in some of his own. Duke ends up down in the corner and Sikoa doesn’t miss this time, he follows up with a splash and it’s over!  

This was a solid match if a little short, Sikoa is building momentum and whoever comes out on top at In Your House will have a tough challenge waiting from them afterwards. 

Winner Solo Sikoa 

Tiffany Stratton gets her chance to hype herself up following her interjection in the breakout tournament. She replaced an injured Nikkita Lyons, though I am suspicious that they needed a heel to make it to the final to face Roxanne Perez, as Lash Legend was not going to cut it really. Lash is great on the mic but she is not ready and even after that Mandy Rose vs Roxanne Perez is gold, Wendy Choo vs Tiffany Stratton is also not a bad matchup. She hypes herself up talking accomplishments, taking the obvious shots at Roxanne Perez. That match is next week! 

For some reason we get a look at Thea Hail announcing her next steps in education. She has three hats in front of her, trying them on she says they don’t feel right and pulls out, yes you guessed it a Chase U hat! I couldn’t help but giggle at the hilarious move to include her in Chase U. She seems genuinely excited too. 

Grayson Waller vs Josh Briggs 

Briggs comes out with this country family but Waller asks they go to the back and they oblige. Briggs takes the first advantage but Waller uses the referee to keep him away and sucker punches him taking control. He rides Briggs like a bull and after a little comeback shot, Waller continues his offense. Briggs comes back with some heavy offense but we see Robert Stone and Sofia Cromwell arrive, Von Wagner ends up on the apron so Briggs swats him off. This allows Waller to hit a cutter on him for the victory!  

Von Wagner beats down Briggs next, smashing his arm into the ring post. Jensen comes to save his friend and Sofia holds Von Wagner back from attacking him, lord knows why, this is just the most pathetic boring powerplay I’ve ever seen, grab the biggest, most boring wrestler and put him with the pretty girl and doofus manager then have him go on a rampage with no repercussions and nobody ganging up on him, so believable! 

Winner Grayson Waller 

Ivy Nile vs Kiana James 

Ivy Nile is not impressed with her opponent, retaliating with force after a cheap shove. Ivy Nile takes a lot of offense from James but it seems she weathers the storm before picking up the pace. Again James comes back into it. Ivy fails to lock in the dragon sleeper, James is the first to break it commentary mention and Nile continues, finding herself another way she picks up the win. 

This felt like filler and although the build was short and sweet, you can tell it is all furthering the Diamond Mine, Creed Brothers and Pretty Deadly rivalry. They come out to congratulate Ivy Nile and the Creed Brothers step up to them, they try to high tail it away from the ring but the Creed Brothers manage to grab the belts holding them aloft!  

Winner Ivy Nile 

Carmelo and Trick join us on commentary for Cameron Grimes vs Nathan Frazer next. 

Nathan Frazer vs Cameron Grimes  

Grimes and Frazer seem evenly match with the first major sequence reaching a stand off. Frazer then seems to have his number, using his speed to great effect. Grimes gets wise to it and cuts him off though as we enter picture in picture. Grimes was in control as we return to full screen but Frazer drops him into the turnbuckle, hitting him with a reverse DDT to stop that momentum.  

Grimes gets his knees up for the standing moonsault. He follows up with a slam then we get a slugfest between the two. Frazer is not backing down but as he runs gets clotheslined down, weirdly though he ends up reversing a powerbomb into a hurricanrana with a pinfall after. Grimes kicks out though and the match continues. Grimes manages to get back on top and hit the Cave In for the victory though!  

Trick runs in on the champ but their plan fails as Grimes maintains the high ground in the ring. Interesting match, good test for Grimes and Frazer looked great, definitely one to watch. I just felt this maybe should have been earlier on the card. Then again with the NXT champion not featuring it seems only fitting to have this as the main event.  

Winner Cameron Grimes 

Once again, I don’t feel particularly hyped after the go home show. I am looking forward to it but this episode didn’t thrill me. I enjoyed Waller’s segment backstage, great heel work and it was a great performance from Nathan Frazer but I think it just feels like all the titles are in a holding pen at the moment, waiting for that big rivalry. The best on-going for me is Legado del Fantasma vs Tony D’Angelo and his boys but it feels like it is going to fall flat at In Your House. Hopefully I am wrong! Tune in on Saturday with us live watching along on twitch to see my live reactions.  

What are you thinking about In Your House, let us know on our socials. 

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