WWE NXT Weekly Roundup 30th June 2022

WWE NXT Weekly Roundup 30th June 2022

Pixc here back with another NXT weekly roundup. NXT Level Up will kick things off! Let’s see who can up their game this week.  


Quincy Elliott vs Bryson Montana 

Quincy gives us a little tease on the way to the ring grinding against the announcer, you got to laugh at that. The match starts off fairly even going back and forth between the two. Montana shows great strength but on his second lift of Quincy is squashed and this is where Quincy rallies. 

Quincy stops a comeback before squashing Montana with a splash from the second rope. It’s over and he dances to celebrate! I quite like Quincy lots of charisma and not your typical build for a wrestler but he does well in the ring and it’s nice to see him building momentum. 

Winner Quincy Elliott 

Kiana James vs Brookyln Barlow 

James seems in control early on. Brooklyn sneaks a roll up but James kicks out and continues her offense like it never happened. Brooklyn has a little spell of offense but is immediately pinned back and hit with an interesting looking gut buster for the pinfall. Easy win here for Kiana James. 

Nothing special with this match, nothing wrong with it but that move to finish things was pretty cool to see.  

Winner Kiana James 

Ikemen Jiro vs Ru Feng 

Ru Feng’s first match back from injury and it’s maybe an advantage for him to face someone he is familiar with. He starts of well but Jiro keeps a headlock on multiple times before being taken down. Jiro gets on top with a springboard into the ring, landing on the bottom of Feng’s spine. Somehow Feng immediately gets back in control though.  

A strange counter from Jiro where he sort of stands up into the monkey flip position and using his momentum sends Feng to the mat. Out of nowhere Jiro hit’s the Ikemen Slash, which looks like an enziguiri. He falls into the cover for the win! 

I quite enjoyed that match, it was a solid bout and a good showing for Feng despite the loss. 

Winner Ikemen Jiro 

The main event was pretty good but otherwise not much to talk about this week on level up besides Quincy Elliott dancing away. 


It’s time for another look at NXT and this will be the final NXT before Great American Bash next week I believe. The final pieces should come together for that card. Let’s see what went down. 

Kayden Carter & Katana Chance vs Roxanne Perez & Cora Jade (Number One Contenders Match) 

We kick off with a high stakes tag team match, the winners facing Toxic Attraction for the tag titles. The toxic lounge is back as the champs watch on. Kayden and Cora battle first with Kayden getting the upper hand before tagging in Katana. She continues her team’s positive momentum until Cora manages to tag in Roxanne. We cut to Toxic Attraction who don’t look impressed.  

Katana ends up on the ropes by her corner and Kayden initiates the traditional switcheroo with a tag behind her back., the double team and quick tags here get a near fall. We get a reversal of fortunes and Cora and Roxanne hit their own double team move. The two teams then face off in the ring with Roxanne and Cora gaining the high ground. Katana and Kayden turn things around and we get our picture in picture break.  

We return to full screen with Katana and Kayden in control, hitting a beautiful double team in their corner. As Kayden has a submission locked in Jacy Jayne taunts her from the toxic lounge. Roxanne is in trouble as she looks to make the tag. Cora comes in and takes both opponents down. Kayden has nobody to tag as Roxanne comes back in but she holds it down and Katana arrives. It doesn’t end well for them though as Roxanne survives thanks to some help from Cora and hits poprocks for the win!  

All in all, I’d say this was an average match with some highlights. Kayden and Katana are always good with their innovative offense and I like Roxanne and Cora but not quite sold on them as a team yet. I do think the women’s division needs more tag teams though.  

Winners Cora Jade & Roxanne Perez 

Joe Gacy and the Dyad approach the Creed Brothers and Ivy Nile trying to poach them from Roderick Strong due to the tension in the group. The Creed Brothers show Diamond Mine is forever not giving in to his demands. Roderick Strong arrives with Damon Kemp commending them on their stance and the group stand united against Gacy. He offers for them to prove their family spirit tonight and they accept, we get a weird family hug session which seems still to have tension at the end as Strong and Kemp are left bumping fists, this felt like an inside plot to me. Good segment, intriguing stuff. 

Before the next match Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolin are backstage not impressed with their challengers in that last match. Nikkita Lyons approaches to confront Mandy Rose and it seems we are getting that match later. Interesting development, wonder if this is why she was pulled from the breakout tournament, push imminent? 

Giovanni Vinci vs Ikemen Jiro 

Jiro looks to tie his opponent up in knots early on but Vinci reverses things and makes it seem like he was letting him think he was doing well. Vinci hits a beautiful springboard DDT from the apron and takes a moment to tell the camera how good he is. He hits a sit-out powerbomb for the win!  

This felt short but we got a solid match considering. Jiro looked good in defeat and Vinci continues his dominance. Hopefully we something more credible from him soon as we already know from his time in Imperium that he can go. 

Winner Giovanni Vinci 

We get a recap from NXT UK, Jensen and Briggs became the new NXT UK tag team champions.  

Backstage Carmelo and Trick are with McKenzie celebrating his win, Grayson Waller comes to congratulate him, schmoozing up to him and asks for Carmelo to sign some stuff. Carmelo reluctantly obliges. 

Jensen and Briggs are in the ring to celebrate winning the NXT UK Tag titles. Jensen takes us down memory lane thanking his partner for picking him back in the day. Pretty Deadly come out when they say it’s time to drink some beer. They talk trash and eventually Briggs tells them to shut up! They claim they will be fighting champions, they make the choice to fight for them and even Fallon gets a slap in before they are sent out of the ring, yes boy! 

 Next up Bron Breakker gets a bit of hype. We see him face to face with Cameron Grimes later and before the next match we have a segment with Kayden and Katana arriving in the locker room pissed at their loss. Kayden ends up getting in the face of someone, potentially Arianna Grace but I wasn’t sure. Katana says they will all see soon. Looking like a sinister heel turn could be coming for these two, shame really as they are pretty amazing as a face team. 

Indi Hartwell vs Kiana James 

It’s smarts versus strength in this contest with James saying she is smarter, seemingly showing it with a few moves in particular early on. James showing her intelligence again hangs Indi in the ropes. Indi comes back strong though building momentum. Indi spies an opportunity for her finish pretty savage but James avoids it, James then puts Indi straight into a cover using the ropes for the leverage, dirty tactics from the intelligent statistician Kiana James! 

This was a great showing for Kiana James and with Indi somewhat having lost her way, pun intended I can see why the match went down like this. James clearly has a lot of potential and this gimmick works for her. I can see her doing well providing they don’t mess things up by changing things. 

Winner Kiana James 

Next, we look into the problems surrounding the D’Angelo Family. They explain the released superstar well I thought claiming he tried to take a shot at leadership and then throwing the brass knuckles into the river. Santos Escobar calls Tony D’Angelo goading him, saying he was the new North American champion, what a wind-up merchant, love it!  

Before the next match Wes Lee is out for revenge against Trick Williams for ruining his moment last week, find out what happens at the Great American Bash next week.  

Diamond Mine vs Joe Gacy and The Dyad 

Gacy and Strong starts us off. Strong ends up in trouble but quickly fights his way out and Brutus is in to face one of the Dyad. The Creed Brothers getting some double team action going, complete dominance from them. Their opponent rolls to the outside where Gacy gives him a pep talk. He gains momentum against Julius in the ring. The Dyad having weakened Julius tag Gacy in and he continues to build momentum but tags out pretty quick. Julius has one of them up in the air so his team mates come to rescue him but Diamond Mine responds and they all get suplexed and sent from the ring. 

As we return to full screen action Brutus is in control of Gacy but tries to take on the Dyad resulting in Gacy taking him out from behind. A member of the Dyad is brought back in and Brutus has to try and fight his way out. They make frequent tags to keep him in their corner and seem a well-oiled machine at this point. Diamond Mine have a communication break down with Roderick Strong making no sense in his argumentative nature. The Dyad exchange a tag, maybe even an illegal switcheroo and they hit the double team for the win!  

I feel like I was just fed up of this match by the time the actual meat of it came to be. The purpose is clear to split Strong from Diamond Mine eventually and give the Dyad a tag title shot down the line through this win. I just felt there was little too much dawdling in this one, maybe it is because other matches are so quick and I would prefer if they had more time to tell a story? 

Winners The Dyad and Joe Gacy 

Carmelo and Trick are backstage with McKenzie asking about the Great American Bash, it seems she is keener to talk to Carmelo who has been duped into signing for a title match against Grayson Waller next week. That sneaky little Australian has gone low with those tactics! 

We get a recap of Lash Legend smashing Alba Fyre with her own bat last week. We were supposed to get an update but Lash Legend interrupts it and tells everyone Alba Fyre is out permanently and tells the rest of the women’s roster to stay out of her way. I really don’t see the hype of this woman, she was good on the talk show originally but now I’m not convinced, I think I will put it down to the writers unfortunately that is often the case, stupid ideas from stupid creative, plus Vince’s obsession with all talent being big. After a lot more experience or a prominent run maybe she could come in and put a division on notice but she hasn’t done much yet, I’d compare her to B-Fab back in her time, one decent feud and she thinks she should be dominating, no way. 

image courtesy of WWE

Sanga makes his way to the ring but Xyon Quinn attacks him from behind and the two brawl until officials come to split them up. Nothing more is said on this straight away as we dive into a tense segment with Diamond Mine. The Creed Brothers are pissed and Roderick Strong is telling them they should have listened and he sets up a match between the Creed Brothers vs Roderick Strong and Damon Kemp next week for the tag titles. This is getting a bit silly if you ask me. 

Sanga vs Xyon Quinn 

Finally, we get back to the scheduled match. Quinn ducks out of the ring to gather himself as the bell rings. Sanga looks dominant and sends Quinn back to the outside again. Quinn catches him returning to the ring seizing this opening before Sanga takes control again. Two snake eyes and a few clubbing blows to the back. Sanga scoop slams Quinn before missing an elbow drop.  

Quinn comes back with clubbing blows to the chest before Sanga fights back up, backing Quinn into the corner. Sanga signals for the end and hits a choke slam for the pinfall victory!  

Not the greatest match but Sanga looks great in the ring, just ended a bit sudden and I don’t feel the match flowed naturally at times. 

Winner Sanga 

Hype for Cameron Grimes is next as he looks to face Bron Breakker for the title at the Great American Bash next week. Coming up before that though is our main event Mandy Rose vs Nikkita Lyons and a little promo video with Wendy Choo as the focus. This was clearly to further her rivalry with Tiffany Stratton as she is dreaming about all the negative stuff said by her rival. It then turns positive with all the pranks she played and the song lyrics insinuating to let your dreams lift you up or something. Interesting way to go about this and it suits her character. She finishes the promo brushing her teeth and the phrase getting under your skin and then I get the pin is gold! 

Nikkita Lyons vs Mandy Rose 

Nikkita looks like she is having a lot of fun in her entrance and glad to be back. With Toxic Attraction at ringside, I smell shenanigans and a rematch or something next week.  

Nikkita seems to overpower Mandy early on and it’s only through a shot to the previously injured knee that gives her a tiny opening, she blows it though and Nikkita takes back control. After a quick toss across the ring, Mandy escapes the ring to regroup. Commentary make it out like Mandy has been dominating for the few minutes in the break. We see her take advantage of a distraction from her stablemates, again targeting the previous injury. Mandy goads Nikkita which just fires her up.  

Mandy comes back with a dropkick from the top and then as Nikkita looks to finish things Toxic Attraction come in to help Mandy out. The bell is rung and the match thrown out. As Mandy is dragged from the ring Nikkita stomps.  

Winner Nikkita Lyons disqualification through interference 

Apollo is backstage with Solo Sikoa, who is frustrated with his loss to Grayson Waller last week. He offers him some advice but Xyon Quinn arrives to stick his oar in. Apollo tells Solo he got this and Apollo takes Xyon down a peg by saying his future don’t look too good the way he sees it. Intriguing development. Not feeling Xyon Quinn’s run at the moment but a match with Apollo sounds good to me.  

Another reminder that JD McDonagh fka Jordan Devlin is on his way to NXT. Another nice plug for the Irish Ace!  

Cameron Grimes and Bron Breakker have face off to finish the show. Bron tells Wade to leave them to it and Grimes brings Bron’s father into things, they talk about this being Bron’s back up plan but Grimes’ only option. Grimes talks about having a heart unlike Bron and then it descends into a brawl, Grimes manages to avoid the offense and sends Bron into the turnbuckles a few time and it looks like it causes an injury to Bron, great work by both guys to close the show. 

A solid final show before the Great American Bash. I just think some of their plans are a bit lacklustre, Lash Legend is just not interesting me and Roderick Strong’s character is not working, I put these down to creative decisions rather than ability. Lash is new to this and clearly has potential but Strong is a beast in the ring but being made to do things that don’t really make him look great. What do you guys think of creative in NXT right now? 

Thanks for reading, 

Pixc Out