WWE NXT Weekly Roundup 28th July 2022

WWE NXT Weekly Roundup 28th July 2022

Pixc here back with another NXT weekly roundup. NXT Level Up will kick things off as usual! Then we can see what chaos resumes on NXT after last week's strange creative waves.  


Thea Hail vs Brooklyn Barlow 

A rolling pin sequence early on has everyone wondering which way this one was going to go and the match seems evenly balanced. Brooklyn has the slight power and size advantage and it shows. Thea in a great show of strength though hoists her opponent up and slams her down, turning the match in her favour. She hits a standing moonsault but is unable to cover. She then drives her into the mat with a running DDT. Great finish to an otherwise predictable and average match. 

Winner Thea Hail 

A segment again, like it. Hank Walker is backstage claiming to be ready for Duke Hudson in tonight’s main event. He has learned from his experience last time, he calls Hudson Arrogant and has some inspiration from his grandad to spur him on!  

Ru Feng vs Bryson Montana 

Montana is out here in a new smart attire, always intrigued when people change their gear up. Ru Feng has him down pretty quickly in a headlock. He uses his speed to keep his momentum going. Feng even manages a slam against the bigger Montana. Montana turns things around with a clothesline and he gets a slam of his own in. Feng hits a strike to a downed Montana, it looked like a finishing blow but it didn’t manage to keep Montana down, who gets back up and hits a modified spinebuster for the win.  

A solid bout from these two and both looked pretty good in the match. Feng honestly looked like he might pick up the win but Montana proved too much for him.  

Winner Bryson Montana 

Duke Hudson vs Hank Walker 

Hudson does not look impressed with his opponent. Hudson uses his experienced to his advantage. Walker does not want to back down and eventually has Hudson surprised with a lift, Hudson fights out of it after initial shock mind. Walker does soon get a near fall on Hudson though and the surprise returns to Hudson face. Hudson grinds down on Walker keep him grounded, Walker isn’t giving up though and he makes it back to his fight before being slammed back down. Walker has a flurry with a corner clothesline then strips off his shirt for a slam that gets him a near fall. 

Walker looks to recover from a double chop but Hudson dodges him before taking him out with a big boot. Walker is down for the three count and Hudson talks a little trash before his hand is raised.  

Winner Duke Hudson 

A steady show this week for Level Up. The middle of the card had a bit more action involved, with the bookends of it somewhat run of the mill matches. I am a little disappointed Hudson is down there squashing talent as I don’t like him much but hopefully, he can bring the best out of some of the new guys and I will eventually love to watch them beat him up! 


I hear we are now building towards NXT Heatwave on 16th August. Let’s see what NXT has in store for us this week. Interesting that we start off with the new number one contender Zoey Stark!   

Zoey is out here to tell us about her recovery and how pleased she is to back. Did we remember her? Would we be bothered to see her back? The crowd answers her with an emphatic “welcome back” and look at her now, number one contender, full circle it seems it is time for revenge.  

Cora Jade interrupts her though, coming out to the podium. The two engage in your typical trash talking before Toxic Attraction’s music hits and the trio come out to join in the fun. Mandy is not keen to fight as always but Gigi steps up to challenge Zoey Stark tonight. I am still sat here wondering why WWE don’t capitalize and have someone like Stephanie come out and book a match or something, I know we hate authority figures always been involved but sometimes I do miss them coming out and sorting this bullshit out. 

Grayson Waller is talking to us next, giving it both barrels trying to wind up the crowd or you at home. He is in action tonight. Before we get to see that though Tony D’Angelo is giving the family a little pep talk. This is all about building loyalty going into their confrontation with the Diamond Mine later, I can’t wait for that! 

Grayson Waller vs Wes Lee 

Wes Lee and Grayson Waller start off evenly matched with a little taunting from Wes Lee that has Waller wound up in the corner. Waller comes back with a brutal kick to the mid-section to down him. The action doesn’t let up and Waller is in control as we return to full screen action. Waller talks trash for a bit giving Wes Lee time to fire up and boy does he ever!  

Before long he is out on the outside, with the referee distracted Trick appears hooded in the crowd and punches Wes Lee in the back. He goes down but makes it back in the ring before the ten count. Waller excited to finish things waits for his opportunity, Waller slides to the outside so he can run back in with his signature stunner finisher, it’s over! 

I’m not sure why but I just wasn’t feeling this match as much as I feel I should have, it started off ok but it felt a bit long for some reason, maybe I’m just not feeling it tonight. Time will tell. 

Winner Grayson Waller 

Schism (the name given to Joe Gacy’s faction) are up next. Talking about their new found sense of community and inclusion under Gacy’s guidance. He is interested in having Cameron Grimes join them under the Schism’s tree. It’s all a bit spooky but I’m intrigued to follow the journey. 

Arianna Grace is backstage showing off her performance in the battle royale, she is pissed that Indi interrupted her celebrating an elimination when Indi arrives to remind her “this isn’t ballet!” she is not impressed as Indi walks off, claiming Indi has negative energy, hahaha WHAT? 

Apollo Crews vs Xyon Quinn 

Apollo starts off strong and has the most momentum early on. Quinn finally uses his size and strength to dominate Apollo for a spell. The veteran fights back and gets a near fall for his efforts. Apollo hits a nice crossbody but Quinn was ready for him when he tried to follow up, Apollo doesn’t stay down though and Quinn looks for a finishing blow. Apollo manages to block it and hits a backbreaker then a slam for the win.  

Apollo looks great every time we see him, Quinn is definitely a good prospect. A solid match and it didn’t drag. I just hope it develops into something, there is a lot of filler rivalries going on for me in NXT right now, with nobody really building to anything largely because the champions seem to be set in stone for now. 

Winner Apollo Crews 

Toxic Attraction are backstage claiming Gigi is about to put Zoey Stark back out of action when Sarray arrives to challenge Mandy Rose for her title. Jacy seems keen to put her in her place but Mandy remembers the dropkick Sarray gave her a long time ago, claiming she tried to rearrange her face. Suggesting they could meet next week. That would be interesting, shame WWE is so high on Mandy as I doubt she will lose either of these matches. 

Solo Sikoa is up next building his rivalry with Von Wagner after a brutal assault back on Smackdown 11 days ago. He challenges Von Wagner to a street fight after seeing he clearly doesn’t want to play by the rules! Hope Solo Sikoa destroys him, Von Wagner is one of the most boring wrestlers going at the moment.  

Gigi Dolin vs Zoey Stark 

Zoey Stark looks a little unsteady on her feet and is distracted easily early on by Toxic Attraction at ringside. Things settle down with Zoey in control and she gives Mandy Rose a look before finishing Gigi off with a modified go to sleep sort of move. Game over! Jacy gets a super kick as she tries to attack her and Mandy Rose has second thought on her attempt to attack, escaping with her title in hand just in time, Zoey standing tall. 

Have to say I’m a little disappointed this one didn’t last a little longer but I figure it’s because Zoey isn’t fully fit yet. Kind of annoying as I’m a fan of Gigi Dolin and she didn’t get much chance to shine here either. It didn’t end there though as Cora Jade attacks Zoey Stark with a kendo stick from behind and this prompts Roxanne Perez to come out for the save. Cora Jade runs from the ring in typical heel fashion and Perez consoles Zoey Stark in the ring. Nice build to a hopeful face off between the former best friends at this Heatwave show I keep hearing about! 

Winner Zoey Stark 

We see JD McDonagh arriving. Apparently, he is a member of the paying public tonight. Weird. Then Wendy Choo is in a dream sequence again, she is frustrated and grumpy, what a way to fire up our sleepy friend!  

Ah the plot thickens, JD McDonagh is out here to introduce himself to the NXT Universe. He gives advice to a guy about eating popcorn, he talks to the timekeeper next telling him to be careful with his hammer. He then talks up the ring announcer Alicia Taylor, complimenting her voice before moving on to Wade Barrett, claiming he’s a huge fan but commenting on his joints in his hand. Vic Joseph is next and he is not happy with his comments last week, he looks to break his collar bone. That was an amazing segment, the tension was unreal. He isn’t done though inviting Bron Breakker to come out and meet him.  

McDonagh headbutts him after he explains they will face each other at Heatwave, making it official next week. McDonagh goes for the “devlin side” but Bron shoulder tackles him down and McDonagh apparently ends up bleeding, he smiles at the realization and we end the segment. I say again amazing segment JD McDonagh owned the arena and even looked in good at the end in “defeat” so to speak.  

Chase U are up next, Andre Chase is set to face Giovanni Vinci, so the trio reflect on the interaction with his opponent last week. Thea is great getting all hyped wanting to take him on herself and Bodhi is here dropping knowledge like a good student should.  This show has turned around at this point and I’m enjoying it a lot more now. Frazer arrives chanting “chase u, chase u” and offers to be their honorary flag bearer.  

We get a recap of Axiom’s debut and then Roxanne Perez is backstage pissed with Cora throwing away their friendship. She introduces Alundra Blayze who brings a trashcan and gives Roxanne the honours of fishing the belt back out. Alundra then announces a fatal four-way elimination tag team match to crown new tag team champions. I actually shook hands with Alundra at For the Love of Wrestling, she seemed so down to earth. Good to see her in this segment, curious who the challenging teams will be? Feroz & Leon, Kayden & Katana, Ivy & Tatum and one other team maybe Toxic Attraction, I suppose they have to be right? 

Giovanni Vinci vs Andre Chase 

An even contest early on, Giovanni Vinci seems to be the aggressor while Chase uses his technical and mat wrestling skills. Vinci gets frustrated with the flag waving behind him, he grabs it and snaps it but immediately pays for this as he states the ring post, shoulder first! Vinci shows some strength catching Chase off the top rope but he only gets a near fall. Chase sneaks a cheeky pinfall but only a near fall and gets another shortly after and we see Frazer in the Chase U section looking on in disbelief.  

Vinci hoists Chase up for a sit out powerbomb and gets the win. The Italian's momentum continues, but Andre Chase has no reason be dismayed after that performance, a solid effort from the Dean. Frazer chases Vinci off when he beats down Andre Chase, likely setting up Vinci’s next opponent. 

Winner Giovanni Vinci 

Diamond Mine are getting fired up and seem to be all on the same page. Ivy Nile seems to rally them in a huddle and the intensity is something Kurt Angle would be proud of! 

Three teams announced in quick succession, the only one not announced yet is Toxic Attraction, wow pleased to be on target with my predictions guess they don’t call me the NXT correspondent for nothing here ey! 

Indi Hartwell vs Arianna Grace 

Indi seems focused in this match and Arianna Grace is constantly posing for the crowd doing her little wave allowing this to continue. She starts to show some aggression eventually but only gets a near fall. Indi almost loses the match when Arianna puts her feet up on the rope but the referee catches it and Indi smashes her with a big boot to pick up the win! 

I didn’t really care for this match, Indi isn’t over with me enough as a singles star since Lumis left and The Way disbanded so I’m a little frustrated she just seems to be floundering around in the midcard. Hopefully some new direction is coming with this win.  

Winner Indi Hartwell 

We go backstage next to Robert Stone and Von Wagner, my version of Goldberg so excuse me while I fetch some toothpicks for my eyes. Robert Stone wanted to decline the challenge but Von Wagner cuts him off and says bring it on, next week! Hope he gets decimated, did I say that already? 

Kiana James is educating is what is “wrong” with the women's division next, pointing to Nikkita Lyons. She comments on her parentage, her language and dress sense. She has more so stay tuned folks, riveting stuff, not! 

Alba Fyre and Lash Legend hype next. Nothing special just building for a fight between the two next week. Then confirmation of all four teams competing the women’s title and as expected it is a clean sweep for me, how predictable. A shame they didn’t make it a surprise. A face-to-face Heatwave Summit between Bron Breakker and his challenger JD McDonagh is announced for next week too. 

Diamond Mine vs D’Angelo Family  

Diamond Mine took the early advantage in the hotly anticipated faction war. Tony D’Angelo comes in and ends up escaping to the outside. He is chased back in to the ring and we have chaos as all four men on each side stand in the ring. He finds himself in trouble once again but the family pull him out. Brutus is not having it though as he cannonballs into the faction like a mafia swimming pool, making waves!  

During the picture in picture break the family take control. On return to full screen action Damon Kemp is on a roll though, until a chop block takes him down. Kemp is taking to the wrong part of town where quick tags and stomps keep wear him down. Commentary get into an ice cream analogy that made me chuckle while we watch Kemp struggle to escape the reach of the family. Kemp doesn’t make it yet though as Del Toro comes over to stop him. After a taunt though the opening arrives and Julius gets the tag. Julius comes in taking everyone on, even squeezing in a quick superplex!  

Julius has D’Angelo locked in an ankle lock but Stacks disrupts it and then Brutus pounces him and it descends into the fast-paced finish we all know from NXT tag team action. Roderick Strong mistimes his knee strike taking out Julius rather than D’Angelo and he is dispatched by the family. D’Angelo capitalizes with a fisherman buster and gets the pinfall victory!  

A solid multi person match in fairness, largely helped by the fact it was between two great factions, if you forget that the family are relatively patchwork. The tag team experience in the match is pretty high so it wasn’t a surprise but I would kind of like the pay off within Diamond Mine now. I am getting tired of Roderick Strong looking like a dick or screwing things up and just want some final showdown to decide if he leaves or the faction disbands. 

Winners The D’Angelo Family 

We get a final segment with hall of famer Alundra Blayze as Gigi and Jacy demand she hands over the titles, she looks like she might just give in for a second then tells them they have to fight for them, yes!  

This was a pretty good show this week. A highlight for me was JD McDonagh owning the arena and making it so tense you could cut it with a knife. Always a pleasure to see a legend like Alundra too, particularly to tie in with the iconic trashcan segment. We are officially on the road to Heatwave and I guess this means we no longer have a Summerslam weekend NXT “premium live event” or Takeover this year. Are you excited to crown new NXT Women’s tag team champions? Let us know on our socials. 

Thanks for reading, 

Pixc Out