WWE NXT Weekly Roundup 28th April 2022

WWE NXT Weekly Roundup 28th April 2022

Pixc here back with another NXT weekly round up. NXT Level Up will kick things off again with a brief summary of this before the NXT goings on, I wonder who will make some progress this week! 


Edris Enofe & Malik Blade vs Quincy Elliott & Damaris Griffin 

A debut then here for Damaris Griffin. Quincy giving it party vibes on the way to the ring. Quincy not quite gelling in the ring with Blade, potential is there but he seemed a bit off. Griffin comes in and is double teamed promptly by Blade and Enofe, but Griffin powers out quickly when the pinfall is initiated. Griffin throws Enofe into corners which looked pretty brutal. Quincy comes in and hits a pounce which fires both him and the crowd up! Malik Blade gets a hot tag and comes in on fire, taking Quincy down and knocking Griffin too. Quincy manages to turn things around briefly but Enofe saves the match for his team. Enofe and Blade hit the double team and after a little confusion about the legal man they pick up the win via pinfall.  

Winners Edris Enofe & Malik Blade 

Fallon Henley vs Thea Hail 

Thea looking good and the match builds evenly. Henley incorporates a bit of Jensen and Briggs in her repertoire as she slides to the outside with a nod to the NXT universe. Henley fights her way out of a submission, getting the best of Thea with some strikes before finishing her opponent off with a shining wizard of sorts.  

A decent match, nothing special, liking the integration of a more Jensen and Briggs character, both in looks and in the ring, it works well for Henley. She definitely looks more confident.  

Winner Fallon Henley 

Dante Chen vs Bodhi Hayward 

A rematch from a few weeks ago here. Dante Chen out to get a clean victory after interference in their last meeting. Bodhi looked to have it sewn up with a roll up but Chen kicks out and takes back control of the match. Andre Chase is coaching his student from ringside. Bodhi manages to avoid Chen’s attempt to finish things and slams him down to pick up the win with a sit out spinebuster. 

This match again, nothing special, made sense for Bodhi to pick up the win I suppose.  

Winner Bodhi Hayward 

Nothing seemed to excite me on level up this week. Everything was ok, nothing special and the potential while there just didn’t sing. 


Welcome back guys to another roundup of NXT, the show starts with Nikkita Lyons. Wade Barrett makes me chuckle with his “thirsty on main” remarks as if you haven’t seen this lady gets a lot of nicknames online, while I can appreciate her beauty, I won’t be stooping to that level here. If I’m not mistaken this is her match with Lash Legend and she will be looking to move on to Natalya then. 

Lash Legend vs Nikkita Lyons 

Lash Legend barely makes it down the ramp before she breaks out into a sprint and we start this match hot! Poor kid filming it must’ve been gutted, bet she was a blur running into ring. These two are both aggressive but it stays mostly even early on. Lash dumps Lyons out of the ring and knocks her off the apron when she gets on the apron, following her to the outside and chucking her into the steps before posing on the ring apron. Seems this is her time as she builds momentum with a tilt-a-whirl sidewalk slam.  

They seem to have a bit of back and forth then Lyons hit some sort of kick out of nowhere and Lash Legend is pinned for the win. I was left disappointed with that ending it just felt like Lash had the majority of the offense so she didn’t look weak and it worked but for me it makes me Lyons look weak because she didn’t finish well. The fun begins anew though, Natalya runs down to the ring, attacking Lyons while Lash joins in. Cora Jade comes in for the save with her skateboard in hand sending Lash packing before turning to see Natalya waiting. They face off and she swings but misses, Natalya takes her down but Lyons returns the favour saving Cora Jade as they stand together in the ring. Expect a tag team match going forward. Exciting start to NXT. 

Winner Nikkita Lyons 

Tony D’Angelo comments that Xyon Quinn is not able to compete so he will face Von Wagner instead, interesting booking choice can’t be good for either competitor surely? 

Roderick Strong is giving his faction a pep talk next. He is not a happy bunny. Brutus makes excuses about their shortcomings then Strong tells them they have a tag team against former World Champions, they ask who it is and Strong calls them over, Erik and Ivar! Big match for the Creed Brothers, tough test though. 

A recap and build for Joe Gacy vs Bron Breakker showing the leap of faith Bron made. 

Von Wagner vs Tony D’Angelo 

Von Wagner starts off goading D’Angelo beating him seemingly with ease. D’Angelo is clearly not impressed and returns the favour briefly before succumbing to Von Wagner’s power once again. Von Wagner continues this dominant display and D’Angelo looks to be struggling to get a move in. He goes for a suplex which is immediately squashed and he gets taken to the ropes where the count gives him a breather while Von Wagner argues with the referee.  

Von Wagner takes the action to the outside next dropping D’Angelo on the apron, hardest part of the ring ya know guys! Picture in picture interrupts what has so far been a bit of a one sided match. D’Angelo is again trying to fight back against Von Wagner as we get back to full screen action. Von Wagner gets another near fall and D’Angelo gets a couple of moves in, seemingly opening a little window of an opportunity for himself.  

Chaos ensues next as Legado del Fantasma appear at ringside, they distract the referee and Santos Escobar attacks D’Angelo at ringside with a steel pipe of sorts. Robert Stone who is supporting his client Von Wagner warns D’Angelo not to get back in the ring. He makes it in before the 10 count and is clobbered to the ground for the win. Von Wagner looked absolutely dominant in this and I strongly feel this hurts D’Angelo. I do think with the interference it was just build for Santos Escobar vs Tony D’Angelo though. 

Winner Von Wagner 

Roxanne Perez is backstage with Indi and Persia next. They are impressed with her and as she is taking it all in Toxic Attraction arrive to call it a fluke. Mandy Rose talks about her fluke and it looks like they arrange a match for her against “the measuring stick” tonight. Honestly you are never going to get me to believe Mandy Rose is a measuring stick for a women's division as stacked as NXT.  

Nathan Frazer hype time next. But first some more segments, Jensen, Briggs and Fallon Henley are getting hyped for a showdown with Legado del Fantasma when Robert Stone’s mysterious girl walks past and Jensen has a simptastic moment as Barrett points out. We then get confirmation of the tag match I predicted earlier, for NXT Spring Breakin’ and while I don’t think either team fits well together it furthers both rivalries so we shall see what happens next. 

Nathan Frazer was due to debut but Grayson Waller takes out his opponent and grabs the mic. He takes shots at Frazer and then sees Andre Chase in the crowd and drags him into this due to the interruption on a previous NXT. Chase walks down to the ring looking to sort this out stopping just shy of getting in the ring. This prompts Frazer to take out Waller from the top rope. Chase announces that this is a teachable moment as Waller is out on the floor at ringside. Frazer shakes hands with Bodhi and Chase. Strange as this segment was, it was funny and it sets up a showdown between Frazer or Chase and Waller, potentially giving Waller the chance to show his strength against three guys too.  

Well after that interesting development here comes another. In two weeks we are getting an NXT women's breakout tournament. Ariana Grace is ready to kick some ass! This is exciting stuff, I feel the women’s division has always been a big selling point. 

We get more Grayson Waller next as he revisits his ladies' man traits, interrupting and schmoozing Tiffany Stratton. She seems to be into it sharing in her dislike of Nathan Frazer and they walk off chatting together. Waller looks to be shoehorning his way into Frazer’s debut next week so look forward to that. 

Yulisa Leon & Valentina Feroz vs Katana Chance & Kayden Carter 

Early on we get some one-upmanship and dance moves from the four competitors. Chance then takes control of the match and brings in Carter. Always a pleasure watching this team. Carter ties Feroz up in a hold then Chance comes back in. Feroz fights her way out of the danger zone and Leon comes in and hits a nice missile dropkick from the top. A nice gorilla press slam double team as Feroz is dropped on Carter for a near fall. Chance is taken from the apron mysteriously and Leon misses a moonsault. Somehow Chance appears back on the apron out of nowhere they hit a big double team move to pick up the win.  

Nothing special in this one, they always put on a good show but I feel the disappearing act on the apron from Chance was a little confusing and the finish again seemed to lack punch. Run of the mill, filler tag team match for me this one. 

Winners Katana Chance & Kayden Carter 

We jump backstage next as it seems there has been an attack! Jensen is down with medical staff around him, Briggs and Fallon Henley are there as he is told he cannot compete, Briggs is convinced it is Legado’s doing. It will be interesting to see what this brings. 

Kay Lee Ray gets some time next and she hypes herself up, giving herself a new name. Nice try Vince, learn from this bullshit and change the name before they debut. You can’t have your cake and eat it, Alba Fyre, it’s a cool name to be fair, meaning Scotland in gaelic it suits her well. She definitely is full of fire. Incidentally I first learned of the name Alba in Destruction All-Stars a PS5 game kind of like Destruction Derby.  

Fallon Henley & Briggs vs Elektra Lopez, Mendoza & Wylde  

Briggs and Henley fired up despite the odds being against them. Legado do take control after a brief double team by Henley and Briggs as they slid to the outside to get their strikes in, in tandem. Briggs looked to fight against both Legado del Fantasma members and as he does Robert Stone comes to fill us in on what happened backstage. 

Stone says Brooks Jensen had wandering eyes, so did Ikemen Jiro. Conclusion drawn Von Wagner is taking out anyone who looks at Robert Stone’s mysterious woman Sophia Cromwell apparently. She is bait to get Von Wagner some new opponents, just seems a little in poor taste to me. Then again this is WWE and now Vince has a tighter grasp on NXT we are sure to get some terrible storylines. Back to the action though. 

Henley comes back in with an assist from Briggs she bounds into action taking down Lopez. Lopez tags out though forcing Briggs to get back in, he does well to get a pinfall forcing Lopez to break it up, this draws Henley in and they brawl to the outside. Briggs struggles to deal with numbers disadvantage and falls victim to Legado del Fantasma, who pick up the pinfall victory.  

Looks like Mendoza has a new name, I did some research and found out it is Cruz Del Toro. All these name changes are doing my head in if I’m honest. Not a massive fan of the handicap situation in this one and definitely feel it was done for no reason with Von Wagner being involved, if you can’t tell I’m not a huge fan of his either.  

Winners Legado del Fantasma 

Natalya is with Lash Legend next backstage with McKenzie, building up their match vs Nikkita Lyons and Cora Jade. Once again Natalya is thrown into a non-descript tag team that makes zero sense. Why would she notice Lash Legend, makes no sense not over anyone else anyway. Sometimes bringing a veteran down to NXT doesn’t quite work out, this has potential to make Cora Jade, Nikkita Lyons and Lash Legend stars but I’m not convinced they needed Natalya to do it. Just feels like they had nothing for Natalya so shoved her in to this for now. 

Another breakout woman gets the stage next with a hype video. Kiana James is bringing some sophistication and she’s worked out all the odds it seems. 

Solo Sikoa vs Trick Williams 

Cameron Grimes is on commentary as we get to see Solo Sikoa in action before the triple threat next week. Carmelo being the other competitor in that North American title match.  

The match seems fairly even early on but Trick is having a better time of it than I expected. He gets Solo down in the ring and seems content to trash talk as he waits for his moment. The commentary is very distracting focusing mainly on the Spring Breakin’ event next week. Sikoa fires up after a strike from Trick. He then blocks all incoming offense and builds momentum at a steady pace. After a Samoan drop, he looks to go to the top, hitting the big splash for the win!  

Something just isn’t hitting right, the finish just felt sudden. The three competitors for the match next week face off and it ends with Sikoa super kicking Grimes inadvertently. Should be a good match next week, but this one wasn’t quite right somehow. 

Winner Solo Sikoa 

Edris Enofe is trying to hype up his partner Malik Blade for their match against the Viking Raiders next. Before that Legado del Fantasma are celebrating their win and an eye for an eye with Tony D’Angelo. These guys always look strong, best faction in WWE if you ask me. 

Edris Enofe & Malik Blade vs The Viking Raiders 

Interesting thought I was hoping for them to have their old entrance music, it’s much better, some might say it hits better. Erik forces Enofe into the corner where he screams into his face. They somehow manage to get the tag quickly though and double team him. Enofe comes off the top rope into a really nice roll but is immediately clotheslined down. Ivar smashes Enofe with some elbows in the corner.  

Erik hits Enofe with a big knee and he looks out of it, but Enofe somehow kicks out. Blade gets the tag and comes in hot, firing on all cylinders, a blind tag is made and the two dive on Ivar to get a near fall. Ivar fights out of another double team attempt before they hit one of their own for the victory. 

This was a good solid match I felt, Blade and Enofe did well and looked good but Viking Raiders were a class above in experience. They shake hands in a show of respect and we see the Creed Brothers at the top of the ramp, ready for their showdown next week.  

Winners The Viking Raiders  

Wes Lee is up next in a video package lamenting the loss of the tag team titles, having them taking without actually losing them and firing up for his future. Then Tony D’Angelo is with McKenzie he hasn’t got time for an interview as he calls out Santos Escobar for a sit-down next week, he’s introducing his crew, Troy Donovan and Channing Lorenzo. That name ouch, what did he do wrong to get that name, not my cup of tea at all. Not sure they suit the Italian mafia gimmick but maybe they didn’t think that was important.  

Roxanne Perez vs Mandy Rose  

Mandy Rose getting control of the match but not leaving out the trash talking. Perez gets to show off her skill for a bit even get a couple of near falls. Perez ends up biting Rose’s finger in reaction to the trash talk. Perez is like, oh no, oh dear, sucks to be you. While Rose is shouting about it making it a big deal, great work from both here. Picture in picture then next though and I’m just waiting for it to return to full screen. 

Once it does it looks like Rose has recovered from the biting. Rose is stretching Perez in the ring but she manages to break out of it. Rose continues her pursuit of Perez catapulting her into the ropes and onto her knees before trying a pinfall. It doesn’t get her the win and she looks to beat down her opponent, trying to squash all the fight out of Perez. Perez comes back fighting though diving off the top then hitting a twisting senton, not as well this time round though. Perez doesn’t give up getting another two near falls before out of nowhere Rose hits one move and it’s over, another ‘convincing’ win for our NXT Women’s champ, not! 

Winner Mandy Rose 

Sloane Jacobs announces she is also competing in the Women’s Breakout Tournament. She’s only 19 guys, I’ve seen her wrestle on Level Up a couple of times and I wasn’t that sure about her but at her age she has plenty of time to grow on me, she is out to be the youngest NXT Women’s champion, so good luck to her! 

Joe Gacy is out to change the world next. He talks about making great strides against discrimination and he says it’s time to step up and commit to the future. He claims Bron Breakker is injured and won’t be able to defend the title next week. He is interrupted by Rick Steiner, he refutes these claims. Gacy insinuates that he picked the worst time to come back and Bron Breakker’s music hits, he comes down to the ring and decimates the hooded figures surrounding the ring. Gacy stops him in his tracks and the hooded figures pass the title down from the ramp to Gacy who holds it aloft. 

Well that was a distinctly average NXT, yeah some rivalries were progressed and we got to find out some matches for next week’s not so special special. The ending was a little eerie and weird but I liked it. Von Wagner thrusted himself back into relevancy but will anyone care? I am intrigued to know your thoughts, feel free to drop in our socials, including our Facebook group or the comments below. For now that is me done. 

Pixc Out.