WWE NXT Weekly Roundup 26th May 2022

WWE NXT Weekly Roundup 26th May 2022

Pixc here back with another NXT weekly roundup. NXT Level Up will kick things off again with a brief summary of this before we dive into NXT. Be interesting to see how the matches play out.  


Bryson Montana vs Javier Bernal 

A debut for Bryson, who was the last man standing in Ivy Nile’s challenge recently. Bryson looked good early on showing great strength. Bryson gets Bernal up in a backbreaking submission, commentary directing our attention away to RAW again, bit frustrating. Bernal hits a code breaker style move and it’s over.  

This ending made zero sense, Bryson was in charge most of the match and Bernal never looked like winning. Solid match but a bit confused with this one. 

Winner Javier Bernal 

Yulisa Leon vs Ivy Nile 

Glad to see Ivy Nile in action again. Commentary hinting Mandy Rose better be concerned, hopefully she might get closer to that title shot soon. Ivy not impressed with the dancing of her opponent. Ivy seems in control despite a spirited performance from Leon. She even sneaks a near fall with a nice transition. Leon has Ivy on the ropes, where she looks dazed, totally unexpected. Leon did really well to come back into this one. We get a double cravat hold, which results in a double knock down! 

A couple of strikes in the corner and Ivy is once again in trouble. She reverses her fortunes out of nowhere though locking in that dragon sleeper she is known for, game over! That was a great match, Leon showed great fight and made it so much more entertaining. 

Winner Ivy Nile 

Quincy Elliott vs Josh Briggs 

Quincy is giving me Velveteen Dream, Big Daddy V and Rikishi vibes to be fair. He’s making Briggs uncomfortable in the corner to start with his gyrating, funny stuff. Quincy eventually seems to get serious, hitting a big splash, squashing the life out of Briggs. Quincy pulling Briggs from the corner, shoulder tackling him a few times to soften him up. He then misses the banzai drop in the corner, giving Briggs an opening. 

Briggs doesn’t seem able to bring the fight, but he explodes with a boot and slams Quincy down, finishing with a quick splash. A running lariat from Briggs and this one is over, a lucky victory for Briggs then, didn’t seem he had a chance in winning this one, another strange booking if you ask me. 

Winner Josh Briggs 

This was definitely one of the best episodes of Level Up. Ivy Nile and Yulisa Leon put on a great match and the main event was a solid match. The booking was a little questionable for me, particularly with the finishes but you can’t complain at that show for what it is, solid stuff! 


It’s time for another weekly round of NXT with yours truly, Pixc. We are getting ever closer to In Your House, so let’s see what this week brings. 

We kick off with Tony D’Angelo asking Two Dimes and Stacks if they are ready to sort things tonight. As they leave for their match vs Malik Blade and Edris Enofe, Santos Escobar arrives. He had been watching from behind them, wonder what he has planned? 

Edris Enofe & Malik Blade vs Two Dimes & Stacks 

Tony’s boys start off well before their opponents come back into it. D’Angelo is on hand to distract Enofe though and they regain control of the match, Stacks on top. We see Legado del Fantasma plotting backstage, they are heading to the ring. The action continues with a slugfest, Enofe hitting a big knee and making the tag. Blade takes both of them on, he gets a near fall after a crossbody. Stacks continues to hang in there for two more near falls but Two Dimes takes out Enofe on the outside. D’Angelo is trying to rally the troops but spies Legado del Fantasma at the top of the ramp, they finish the match quickly. 

Tony D’Angelo grabs a mic and calls them to the ring and they brawl. Officials naturally run down to break it up. A good start to the show, focusing on a big rivalry. Just felt it being broken up so quickly left it feeling a tad rushed. 

Winners Two Dimes & Stacks 

Wes Lee is backstage all bandaged up, talking to McKenzie. He stands by his challenge to Sanga, with a keen thirst to prove himself or as many might think as he got a death wish? 

Sanga vs Wes Lee 

Sanga throws Wes Lee across the ring and Wes Lee looks like he might have just had some second thoughts. He takes more damage to his seemingly injured ribs, getting very little offense in. He manages to send Sanga to the outside with running strike then dives on him with more strikes, even the dropkick only has Sanga down to one knee though. Wes Lee continues to fight back but gets turned inside out with a big clothesline. Sanga chokeslams him for the pinfall victory. 

A pointless endeavour for Wes Lee in this one, Sanga gaining some momentum. Xyon Quinn arrives and claps Sanga before advancing on Wes Lee in the ring, Sanga is not having it though and steps between the two, showing some respect for his opponent. Nice development there, just feels wrong for Xyon Quinn at moment. 

Winner Sanga 

Cora Jade is backstage hyping up Roxanne Perez for her match later vs Lash Legend and they discuss the disrespect from Elektra Lopez who is in action next, Cora Jade decides she wants to watch from ringside. Bron Breakker is warned that two hooded guys went into his locker room, when he enters though nobody is there, just a picture from 20 years ago. Weird, wonder where this is heading? 

Alba Fyre vs Elektra Lopez 

Alba Fyre looking good early on against Elektra Lopez. Elektra targets her arm and Elektra then has a word or two for Cora Jade before continuing her offense on Alba Fyre. Alba Fyre fights back though, hitting a senton from the top to finish the match with a pinfall victory.  

Well that was rather short, strange booking in my opinion but the aftermath sort of rescues it. A pissed Elektra goes to Cora claiming her being there cost her the match, smashing her popcorn out of her hand and storming off. Cora is acting all amused and oblivious, great stuff. I repeat though give Alba Fyre that women’s title! 

Winner Alba Fyre 

Damon Kemp is on the phone in the diamond mine gym next. It seems Roderick Strong is injured and can’t compete tonight, another promised match derailed, was it terrible booking decisions or bad luck? I know what my money is on. Kemp goes off to sort things while Brutus bemoans that Pretty Deadly got another stroke of luck tonight. 

The chaotic booking continues as Nikkita Lyons is also injured and pulling out of the breakout tournament. Shut the front door, really another injury to create chaotic unpredictability in the booking, just stop it! 

Roxanne Perez vs Lash Legend (Women’s Breakout Tournament Semi-Final) 

As we get started confirmation that Tiffany Stratton replacing Nikkita Lyons. Lash Legend starting off well, using her strength and size as commentary play her up as the new favourite. Perez has a sleeper locked in but Legend gets herself free by using the corner. Perez looking to beat her opponent against the odds but Legend again cuts her down. Out of nowhere though Legend takes too long and Perez hits her poprocks finisher! It’s over. 

That was a bit short again, not impressed with how this tournament has been booked, I feel this is more evidence for my thoughts on Vince sending us back to the diva’s era, but masking it by doing it in developmental so he can use the excuse of them learning their craft. 

Winner Roxanne Perez 

Mandy Rose and Toxic Attraction are back to bore us with their constant drivel claiming to be the best and that Indi has no right to step to Mandy. Great heel work but honestly the Mandy Rose era on NXT should be classed as the ‘green era’ because with so much talent on the roster the green has definitely ‘rose’ to the top! Kayden and Katana, ambush them and take the two henchwomen out of the situation.  

Indi Hartwell vs Mandy Rose 

Indi looking good with her strength but it isn’t long before Mandy comes back taking control of the match. Indi comes back with a weak snake eyes and sidewalk slam before a near fall. Rose heads to the outside to take a breather and we get some picture in picture. Mandy Rose dominated in the break; we get a replay of some classic heelish hair pulling.  

Rose goads Indi who fires up and fights back. She seems to be nursing her arm but her back gives way as she has Rose up on her shoulders. Indi kicks out of a roll up by Rose before getting her own near fall off a spinebuster. Kayden and Katana are chasing Toxic Attraction to the ring then and Jacy Jayne enters the ring to hide. She tastes a big boot from Indi and then Rose capitalizes striking her down and picking up the win!  

Toxic Attraction brawl after the match with Rose heading to the ramp for an escape. Wendy Choo appears behind her smashing her with a massive pillow, which appears to be filled with balls of varying sizes. Commentary brings the filth with the phrase “emptying the contents of a ball bag on to Mandy Rose” and I’m done, this reminds me of when cartoons threw in dirty jokes for the adults, maybe that’s the thinking but it does not feel right here, funny though! 

Winner Mandy Rose 

Bron Breakker is with McKenzie asking about the photo. Gacy then seems to play a clip of an old American football game, that his dad missed because he was in Japan. Bron looks like he might have a little cry but composes himself and confirms it is not going to work.  

Before our next match, Pretty Deadly take shots at Diamond Mine and Roderick Strong’s ‘lamo’ injury. They big themselves up in another top segment by the new kids on the block, yes boy! 

Tiffany Stratton vs Fallon Henley (Women’s Breakout Tournament Semi-Final) 

It feels like Stratton is going to win this, my logic, she is the only heel in this tournament, so if she doesn’t win it will be face vs face in the final. As the match goes on commentary argue about who is taking the easy way to the final. Stratton homes in on Fallon’s leg, looking to weaken the country girl. Stratton claims she is going to the final but only gets a near fall. She locks in a submission with a bridge reminiscent of Charlotte Flair but Fallon somehow survives. She then fights back even with the injury but she collapses and Stratton comes over for the twisting splash to advance to the finals. 

That was a surprise, not! I think this was a bit of a weak ending for Fallon Henley. Tiffany Stratton vs Roxanne Perez will probably be a better match though. Eliminated the one credible contender they had to win it all through an injury, I smell a work then install an already over woman in Tiffany Stratton. Roxanne Perez better win this tournament because Toxic Attraction vs Tiffany Stratton doesn’t work.  

Winner Tiffany Stratton 

Katana Chance and Kayden Carter are with McKenzie hyping themselves up as the next challengers for the tag titles. Bring it on, my favourite team in the women’s division deserve a run with that gold. Then Wendy Choo arrives to stake her claim for the women’s title. I think it would be funny to have Wendy Choo as champion but I still stand by Alba Fyre to dethrone Mandy Rose, it just makes so much more sense. 

We get a video package hyping Von Wagner next. Yawn, bored. He’s facing Ikemen Jiro next it seems. Thea Hail is hyping her graduation up, she’s going to make a decision on her future college next week, what on earth is going on with this segment, less is more WWE, it was cute before but this is a step too far, I think. 

Bron Breakker is in his locker room when Duke Hudson appears, he asks him if he thinks he had anything to do with the picture, Bron says he knows he didn’t. After this Duke says hes ready for tonight and goads him, Bron walls him up against the lockers and Duke says Gacy is right, he is predictable. This felt a bit too much, maybe overbooking because someone thinks we have a short attention span?  

Von Wagner vs Ikemen Jiro 

Ikemen Jiro wasting no time going straight after Von Wagner before the bell. Von Wagner soon has control of the match though. Jiro attempts to fight back, hitting a springboard dropkick and a flurry of strikes before getting caught by Von Wagner. Jiro dives outside with a moonsault then puts Von Wagner back in the ring. He drops him with a tornado DDT but Von Wagner isn’t staying down, kicking out at two. Von Wagner then hoists him up for a slam and it’s over, a predictable win for Von Wagner.  

As he looks to finish Jiro by throwing him from the ring, Josh Briggs comes to give him a taste of his own medicine. Briggs clotheslines Von Wagner out of the ring and Sofia Cromwell holds Von Wagner back from avenging this embarrassment. I have to say I’m glad to see Briggs interjected into this scenario but honestly, I’m bored of Von Wagner so I hope he gets forgotten about soon, I’ve seen so many talented wrestlers get released or underutilized and this twonk is on my tv constantly squashing people like he is something exciting, bah!  

Winner Von Wagner  

D’Angelo is back with a proposal for a business meeting at In Your House. This time they go to Legado’s house. Interesting rivalry, his boys don’t seem too keen so he assures them he has a plan. 

Sofia Cromwell is consoling Robert Stone as he is panicking about the amount of heat Von Wagner has in the locker room. She says Von Wagner can handle anything that comes his way, in typical Robert Stone fashion he agrees that she has a point. Wonder if he can handle being future endeavoured when Vince gets bored of him? 

Toxic Attraction are back on my screen again, yawn overkill and overused, bite size chaos. Anyway, Rose and Toxic Attraction take shots at their would-be challengers. It seems Kayden and Katana get their opportunity at In Your House, it will be made official next week. Mandy Rose wasn’t 100% clear on her side of the challenge but hopefully it will be a yes. Mandy Rose sends it back to Wade Barrett who literally creams his pants on TV because she mentioned his name, comedic gold! 

Carmelo and Trick are back at the barbers. Cameron Grimes arrives to have a little chat. He has a plan to prepare for their match, he is going to face Nathan Frazer as many say he is a fast better version of Carmelo Hayes. Interesting development, should be a good match next week! 

We get a strange vignette next and someone is coming soon, Giovanni Vinci. Curious, someone new this way comes! Followed by some announcements about next week, the championship summit with Toxic Attraction, Wendy Choo, Katana Chance and Kayden Carter, Cora Jade vs Elektra Lopez and with that back to the main event. 

Duke Hudson vs Bron Breakker 

As they attempt to get started, Joe Gacy is seen on the podium watching the match. Bron Breakker is distracted but it doesn’t faze him. He seems to be manhandling Duke like he is nothing. Duke gains some momentum and goads the crowd with a few barks. Bron picks up the pace but we get a double clothesline knock down. Picture in picture kicks in and I squint to keep tabs on the action.  

As Bron looks like turning things around Joe Gacy and his hooded figures arrive at ringside. Duke continues his assault of Bron after throwing him into the steel steps but only gets a near fall. Duke tries for the Steiner Recliner but Bron escapes. He tries it himself but Duke fights out too. Bron drops the straps and clotheslines Duke out of the ring, his momentum carrying him to the outside. A chair is given to Duke and the shenanigans afoot Bron gets disqualified when Gacy appears on the apron ducking the chair shot, Bron swings it to attack Duke and the bell rings. 

Winner Duke Hudson by DQ

What a load of contrived bullshit! I honestly can't say much more about the show as a whole, it should have been a good show but the main event left a sour taste in my mouth and the constant overbooking of everyone and strange decisions made me just glad I can sign off. 

Thanks for reading, 

Pixc Out