WWE NXT Weekly Roundup 25th March 2022

WWE NXT Weekly Roundup 25th March 2022

Welcome to another weekly dose of NXT from me, your NXT correspondent, Pixc. NXT Level Up will kick off my weekly roundup again with a brief summary of this before the NXT goings on, let’s see who makes some progress this week! 


Xyon Quinn vs Damon Kemp 

Interesting matchup I think here, nice to see them both in action again. A show of sportsmanship from Quinn and they lock up. Early on in the match it seems even, strength against strength. Somehow Quinn ends up bleeding and Kemp takes control of the match. Quinn comes back before long with a nice sequence and slams Kemp to the ground signalling for the end.  

A running strike from Quinn knocks Kemp down and it’s over. That felt like a weak finish but possibly this was done because of the presumably unexpected blood from Quinn. Think it’s the right result though as I haven’t seen Kemp in ages and Quinn has been given a lot of time and build. 

Winner Xyon Quinn 

Lash Legend vs Valentina Feroz 

Interesting that these met in tag team action a while ago. Commentary hyping up the size difference and Feroz seeing Rey Mysterio as her idol. She starts off ok but Lash catches her and takes control of the match. We get a nice delayed suplex from Lash Legend, then a nice kip-up. Feroz takes a big elbow but is able to kick out. She then looks for a submission on her much bigger opponent.  

Feroz showing great spunk, not giving up, giving Lash all she’s got. She dives from the top but gets caught but wait another submission from Feroz. Lash survives it though and hits a pump kick for the win! Feroz put on a great display here. I was quite surprised they didn’t book a squash. 

Lash Legend grabs a microphone and hypes up her win before taking a shot at her current rival Nikkita Lyons. This is an intriguing rivalry but I still prefer Lash Legend running a talk show segment. 

Winner Lash Legend 

Dante Chen vs Bodhi Hayward 

This match doesn’t seem like a good fit personally but let’s see what happens. Bodhi seems in control early on but nothing exciting happening. He is using his size to great effect until Chen counters with a slam before locking in a hold. Bodhi gets back on top before long and as he has Chen down, Robert Stone appears at ringside.  

Image courtesy of WWE

Chen gets fired up next taking down Bodhi as the crowd rally behind Bodhi. He is unable to lift him for the suplex and Bodhi is in control. He gets distracted by Robert Stone, Andre Chase tells him to focus on Chen but Chen has him in a crucifix pin and it’s over.  

I am not sure why Robert Stone was out there. My guess is he was scouting Bodhi as a potential tag team partner for Von Wagner but I could be wrong. Either way this match was boring and didn’t make much sense. Definitely a disappointing on the myGM scale if you are playing the new WWE 2k22. If you’re unsure whether to pick it up, JP has done a first impressions article on it, so you could check that out here. 

Winner Dante Chen 

Not much else to say on this week’s episode. Nothing special, weak main event in comparison to previous weeks. Nice to see Quinn and Kemp in action and I suppose the women put a good show on.  


Welcome back guys, for another round of NXT. We kick off the show with Carmelo and Trick arriving. Carmelo tells us we have two qualifying matches for the Stand and Deliver ladder match. 

Roderick Strong vs Solo Sikoa 

Big money match right here! Immediately Strong retreats to the ropes delaying the start of the match. As the feeling out process begins, Carmelo join us on commentary. Strong lured Sikoa into the corner and hits out with a knee but Sikoa comes back into it. Strong manages to break his momentum by hanging him on the second ropes. Strong then looks to grind down Sikoa. Sikoa hangs in there though kicking out quickly.  

Sikoa once again tries to fight out from underneath Strong but gets an Olympic slam for his trouble. Santos Escobar comes to watch the fight having already qualified for the match. Sikoa goes up top and Strong stops him, Sikoa then kicks him from the top and hits the splash from the top. Sikoa picks up the win and join Escobar in the ladder match. 

Good back and forth match but I did find myself just wanting to get through it, maybe I’m just not in the mood this week.  

Winner Solo Sikoa 

Indi and Persia are backstage bickering. They are still trying to prove who is better and Persia coins her and Duke Hudson to be Dusia, personally I was wating for Indi to be, more like Puke. It might make it sound terrible but it fits because it’s just a copycat scenario with a little tweak. I don’t mind having the odd romance angle but NXT can feel a little over saturated with them. 

Tony D’Angelo vs Dexter Lumis 

Loving the entrance of Lumis with Indi copying him. D’Angelo slams Lumis down and then retreats between the ropes. Lumis ends up in control with some mounted punches. He then pins him in the corner before whipping him across the ring and hitting a fallaway slam. Duke Hudson and Persia are at ringside watching, invited by Indi herself. D’Angelo buys himself some time catching Lumis unawares but is followed to the outside. He drops Lumis on the steps and poses with his hat on.  

Duke Hudson gets involved next going over to distract Lumis. As he does D’Angelo reaches for his crowbar but finds Indi and Persia fighting over it, he manages to wrestle it from them swinging into Lumis with it. The referee should have easily seen it but because he wasn’t meant to commentary cover it up and no repercussions occur. D’Angelo hits his fisherman’s suplex finisher and it’s over.  

D’Angelo grabs a mic after the match, calling himself the new don of NXT. Ciampa comes out attacking him from behind and saying he will write his own fairy-tale ending.  

Winner Tony D’Angelo 

Backstage McKenzie is with Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode, Roode isn’t happy about her wanting to talk about Ciampa, turning the interview towards himself. He reminisces about his days as NXT champion and claiming he paved the way for guys like Bron Breakker. Dolph fires him up. 

Grayson Waller is hyping up his chance tonight against A-Kid. 

Elektra Lopez vs Fallon Henley 

Jensen and Briggs hype up Henley but she does seem outmatched early on. Elektra in control, experience paying off it seems. Jensen and Briggs end up fighting with Legado del Fantasma at ringside, this distracts Elektra with Henley down. Henley fires herself up after both teams go backstage. Elektra hits a powerbomb though and it’s over.  

Great rivalry building with these two teams. I see Elektra as a future women’s champion so glad she picked up the win.  

Winner Elektra Lopez 

Draco Anthony is in the locker room and gets a call, he doesn’t answer it, leaving me to believe it is from Joe Gacy. Xyon Quinn comes in and it is revealed it is Gacy trying to get him to join him. Draco throws his phone in frustration and Xyon Quinn reminds him to handle business like a man. 

Robert Roode vs Bron Breakker 

Roode does a few star jumps after building so momentum and Bron then takes over. It’s a slow pace to start, Bron seemingly wary of the experience of the former NXT champion. The action spills to the outside where Ziggler holds his hands up, as Bron takes Roode back to the ring. Ziggler goads Bron from ringside.  

Bron gets straight back up after a slam by Roode. Ziggler then drags Roode away from a collision with Bron. The referee has seen enough, ejecting Ziggler from ringside. No consistency in WWE, a slight thing here and he is ejected but in other matches people can get involved several times before anything happens. Bron recovering from hitting the corner, Roode comes over with his big boot. Roode continues his momentum with a dive from the top but only gets a near fall.  

As we return to full screen Bron looks to building some momentum but Roode fights back. Another near fall, Bron hanging in there. Roode hits a show off elbow to a downed Bron Breakker and when he goes for the cover he stops for some push ups. Bron meets Roode who is on the top turnbuckle, he looks for a frankensteiner and then follows up with some clotheslines. Roode hits back with a spinebuster and again Bron kicks out. 

Bron explodes into a spear and crawls into a cover, Roode just kicks out! They slug it out before Roode blocks him in the corner then Bron catches him off the middle rope, hitting a powerslam and boom it’s over!  

That was a sudden finish from an average match, it honestly felt like they were just going through the motions, especially after Ziggler was kicked from ringside. Ziggler appears behind Bron as he walks from the ring, the super kick from Ziggler is swift and he talks some trash before the segment is cut off early, making it look unprofessional. 

Winner Bron Breakker 

We drop into a scene with Indi and Dexter. Lamenting his loss they are interrupted by Duke and Persia. Persia ends up volunteering Duke to beat anyone on the roster, so Dexter draws Gunther and when it is revealed Duke looks nervous but tells Persia he can beat him. 

Before we get into the next match, Andre Chase introduces and Bodhi who is talking about Von Wagner, he is interrupted by a student and goes full ‘Andre Chase’ rage on him. Chase asks him where he learnt to react like that initially sounding concerned, then he praises his protégé and they hype up to match vs Von Wagner. Chase tells him to save his aggression for the ring. 

Grayson Waller vs A-Kid 

Waller is dancing away from A-Kid who seems to have his number at the first exchange. Waller tries to come back into it but scarpers to the outside, leaving A-Kid face to face with Sanga. A-Kid looks for a sneaky pin but it’s too early. He doesn’t let up though even countering Waller’s rolling stunner into a sleeper and then transitioning into a gullotine, amazing technique shown off by A-Kid. Waller goes for the rolling stunner again and this time A-Kid allows him to hit it, pinfall victory for Waller. I say he allows him to hit it because he was waiting for it to come.  

After the match Carmelo and Trick enter the ring informing A-Kid and the world that next week there would be a triple threat featuring the losers from the qualifying matches. Cameron Grimes, Roderick Strong and A-Kid would compete for the final spot in the Stand and Deliver ladder match for the North American Championship! Carmelo goads A-Kid claiming he might be A-Kid but he will never be the A Champion. Trick makes a comment and gets a taste of A-Kid as he kicks him before sliding out of the ring. Great ending to a decent match, A-Kid looked great and anyone who is competing next week would be a great addition to the match, no complaints from me! 

Winner Grayson Waller 

Robert Stone is talking to Von Wagner next, seems he is not impressed with Ikemen Jiro interrupting him with a potential client. Von Wagner reminds him one thing at a time, Bodhi next week then they move on. That potential client turns up and Robert Stone says “after you.” 

The Creed Brothers vs Grizzled Young Veterans (GYV) 

GYV start off by explaining they didn’t attack them from behind and attack them mid-sentence to prove a point. Brutus is fired up after that attack, he isolates Drake and I takes a distraction from Gibson to bring GYV back in to the match. Julius turns things around quickly but Gibson makes it to the ropes in order to break the hold. A blind tag and they flip things back in their favour but once again Julius comes in fired up!  

Gibson in control, he trash talks Julius but it gives him time to recover. Brutus comes in off the tag and quickly finishes off, a strike to a downed Drake and it’s over. Great momentum builder for the Creed Brothers. A video plays in front of them showing the Diamond Mine gym being destroyed. Someone is spraying paint and the text on screen gives it a strange anonymous feel. Bivens is beside himself in the ring, screaming at the titantron! 

Winners The Creed Brothers 

Walter (Gunther) vs Duke Hudson 

Walter in complete control from the start, this just feels like a beat down. Some brutal chops leave Duke laying, Walter picks him up into a sleeper but Duke finally manages to string a little offense together. Once again, the chops turn the tide before Duke sneaks in a springboard German suplex but once again Walter comes back with the strikes. He lifts him up with a powerful slam and it’s over.  

Duke is said to have drawn blood on his chest. Indi gives Dexter the thumbs up across ringside. Walter takes a mic and claims he has been overlooked, he is not happy with LA Knight getting a title shot. Cue that music and lemme talk to ya! LA Knight looks to talk himself into a match at Stand and Deliver but Walter interrupts him and he isn’t happy. So, he uses his fists instead. MSK come out to even the odds when Imperium start the retaliation, building the Tag Team title match up. 

Winner Walter 

We get a clip of the North American championship ladder match qualifier Cameron Grimes lost. Cameron Grimes says he is out to set things straight and wants that final spot in the match. Confirmation of the LA Knight vs Walter match for Stand and Deliver is then presented us, that should be a great match! 

Wendy Choo & Dakota Kai vs Kay Lee Ray & Io Shirai (Women’s Dusty Classic Final) 

Toxic Attraction at ringside for this one as the winners will face them for the tag titles. As Io looks to dismantle Wendy Choo, I can’t help but chuckle as Barrett is defending himself on commentary, “I’m pimpin not simpin” what a line. Kay Lee Ray comes in and they double team Wendy. A strange sleepy pinfall from Wendy but it’s too early. This buys her a little space so she can tag Dakota in though.  

As Io looks to strike Dakota by the ropes Wendy puts the pillow in the way to soften the blow for her, innovative stuff, reminds me of Drake and Gibson when one gets in the way in the corner. A picture in picture break in a Dusty Classic final is not a good move. As we return Wendy is looking to turn things around for her team. She gets a near fall but Kay Lee Ray kicks out. The latter then looks for the KLR bomb but it is blocked. Wendy brings her over for the tag and as they setup a double team Io attempts to interfere. Wendy dispatches her and then suplexes Kay Lee Ray from the top. Dakota gets a near fall.  

Io is tagged in, hitting the feint kick before tagging in Kay Lee Ray who dives on Dakota, another near fall though as Wendy breaks up the pinfall. Dakota downs Kay Lee Ray then the double team Wendy is in for the cover. Io like a missile dropkicks Dakota into it though and the match continues. Wendy takes control but is blocked by Kay Lee Ray and Io is tagged in, she hits a moonsault from the top rope and it’s over!  

As they celebrate with confetti raining down, Mandy Rose cuts the music. She congratulates them, but is clear to say they won’t be beating Gigi and Jacy. Kay Lee Ray informs her that they intend on cashing in their win to make the title match at Stand and Deliver a fatal four way! Erm what? That's not how that works surely? I am pretty confused with that, it’s not money in the bank, it’s a great idea but only if someone claims they can’t do it and they still compete for the tag team titles. There is lots of opportunity here to develop something here. Zoey Stark could even be involved. A brawl ensues and Cora Jade comes down to even the odds. She is set to fight Mandy for the title but is she alone?

Winners Io Shirai and Kay Lee Ray (Dusty Classic 2022 Winners)

This week's episode was felt ok, the Dusty Classic final fell a bit flat for me, maybe it is because it wasn’t finished on a PPV and the special jarred the tournament as it wasn’t planned to fit with that. They are constantly building rivalries in NXT and that’s a good thing. I definitely feel like I was just going through the motions this week, there were good moments but after last week it was a definite drop in energy on the show I think. What did you think of NXT this week? Let me know in the comments or on social media. 

Pixc Out.