WWE NXT Weekly Roundup 23rd June 2022

WWE NXT Weekly Roundup 23rd June 2022

Pixc here back with another NXT weekly roundup. NXT Level Up will kick things off! Let’s see who can up their game this week.  


Thea Hail vs Arianna Grace 

Thea has some new Chase U gear, I’m all about it. Grace starts off well once again. Thea looks like the plucky underdog with just enough fight to keep the match going. Grace looks to be targeting her shoulder for a potential submission with a brutal move driving it into the mat. Thea comes back with a flurry of offense but fails to get the three count. Grace uses her strength to stop Thea in her tracks, the latter breaks the submission though and she gets a sneaky pinfall victory! 

Same old story in this match, plucky underdog shows resilience and sneaks a victory. I just feel like it’s over done personally, average match but it’s likely about the long game for these two. 

Winner Thea Hail 

Myles Borne vs Guru Raaj 

After a recent outing against a “debuting” Giovanni Vinci fka Fabian Aichner it seems Guru Raaj is back on the rotation here. Myles however looks like another generic amateur wrestler who could audition for team angle, cookie cutter much and if you look closely, you will see Elite wrote on his gear.

Myles has Raaj down on the mat, looking strong early on. He shows some technical ability and good movement looking like he has some potential making Raaj work hard here. Then its strength he displays lifting Raaj up from the floor to counter his offense. Raaj fires up and his top rope bulldog and with that his first victory on Level Up!  

Again, I feel this is the other archetype of a match we get here on NXT, a rookie looking strong against someone more experienced but ultimately falling to very little offense. Quick matches with not much about them, ironically something WWE said they were going to avoid a while back. I liked seeing Raaj get a win but Myles shows great potential if they develop a character in him, not some generic guy. 

Winner Guru Raaj 

Ivy Nile vs Elektra Lopez 

Elektra comes out to Legado’s music, with Del Toro and Wylde by her side but Stacks and Two Dimes tell them to go to the back, taking their place. Very weird start after not seeing Elektra in the family battles since the merger. If I’m not mistaken Two Dimes might already be gone too, nothing like removing a key cog in your wheel in the middle of a big rivalry. 

The commentary team sell the likely distraction of not having her boys at ringside as Ivy Nile holds her down. Elektra comes back with a nice slam. Elektra then has in an abdominal stretch, complete with leg stretch. She rolls her into a near fall but keeps it locked with Ivy looking to be in trouble. A backslide pin comes to nothing for Elektra and Ivy Nile comes back with a flurry of strikes.  

Elektra goes for a slam but Ivy reverses it locking in her dragon sleeper. No involvement from the family and Ivy continues her momentum. Is it time for her to stop playing with her food? I’ll say, give her some bigger matches, give her some NXT time. 

Winner Ivy Nile 

Distinctly average stuff this week, not bad but I have to say the main event was the best of the bunch with two of the future colliding. For me either one of these is ready to make the step up to Toxic Attraction, well it’s not really a step up but definitely a challenge. I’m just waiting for Stephanie to save this division, they deserve to go against the mountain that is unwarranted favouritism!  


We lost a legend of a referee Tim White this week and this NXT is in memory of him. So let’s celebrate one of the memorable referees with a stellar episode of NXT. We see The D’Angelo Family arriving with D’Angelo set for a title shot against Carmelo later tonight.  

Grayson Waller vs Solo Sikoa 

Waller comes out and in typical heelish fashion, takes shots at the crowd and Solo Sikoa, as he looks to tell us what he really thinks Sikoa has heard enough coming to meet him and getting the match started basically dragging him to the ring. He looks to make quick work of the Australian but Waller kicks out.  

Waller looks to hit the rear view it seems but Sikoa has it scouted stopping himself and waiting for the opportunity to clothesline his opponent. Waller has clearly taken a lot of punishment with the welts from those strikes showing on his chest but he tries some dirty tactics next stomping on the bare feet of Sikoa to gain a slight advantage. His next move is to draw Sikoa outside.  

Waller continues this spell of offense and after a near fall talks some trash, he listens to the crowd too long and Sikoa knocks him from the ropes to the outside. Sikoa takes back control of the match with some fierce strikes and when Waller weasels his way free, he reverses the rolling stunner into a Samoan drop. Waller gets a second chance at this though when an exposed turnbuckle comes into play. He misses a corner attack allowing Waller to hit that stunner and get the victory! 

Though I appreciate Waller is a big player in NXT, probably the best heel in fairness, he isn’t my cup of tea. I am a fan however, of Solo Sikoa and this loss doesn’t look great for the Samoan. Hopefully things turn around for him and this is just a blip. 

Winner Grayson Waller 

The D’Angelo Family including Legado del Fantasma are backstage next. You could cut the tension with a knife as Tony D’Angelo asks Santos Escobar to handle the business tonight. Legado vs Strong and Kemp but D’Angelo wants that title and something tells me he won’t be getting it. The reluctance of Santos Escobar is obvious! 

We get vignette signalling that JD McDonagh is coming, the Irish Ace, formerly known as Jordan Devlin. Great to see him coming back to NXT. Not so sure on the name again, but it’ll likely grow on me as it isn’t terrible. Nice drive in a classic car, interesting spin to bring someone in. 

Valentina Feroz & Yulisa Leon vs Kayden Carter & Katana Chance 

Carter starts us off with a dropkick interrupting the dancing pronto! Carter holds her own despite a tag being made and Chance comes in off a double team with a near fall. Leon falls victim to a blind tag as Carter sneaks in and sends her crashing to the mat. Feroz finally gets the tag and takes on both her opponents quickly getting Chance pinned down but it’s not enough. A beautiful double team follows but Chance is saved by Carter.  

After a couple of innovative double team moves, Chance gets back in with a splash that picks up the win! These guys are a great team, it seems silly to not have them hold the gold, hopefully it won’t be long before they get that spot. 

Winners Kayden Carter & Katana Chance 

Wes Lee comes out in a sombre mood but the crowd lift him up with typical chants and he thanks them. He reflects on his fall from grace with the tag team titles then the stuff Sanga and Xyon Quinn. He apologises for not acting himself, he was just trying to prove himself. Trick Williams interrupts him trying to twist Wes Lee into the bad guy, but Wes Lee calls him second fiddle to Carmelo. Trick isn’t interested in proving himself, claiming he works on his own time.  

Tiffany Stratton giving us her opinion on Wendy Choo. She calls her frumpy and is not impressed. She says she will have no problem “putting her to sleep for good!” 

Roderick Strong & Damon Kemp (Diamond Mine) vs Cruz Del Toro & Joaquin Wilde & Cruz Del Toro 

A sly little name change there since joining the D’Angelo Family, it’s now Wilde not Wylde, stupid pointless changes. Anyway let’s get to the match. Strong is in control until Wilde gets a tag to Del Toro. Kemp then is brought in and he shows off his grappling skills, Strong shouts at Kemp before slapping him and Kemp fires up taking on both opponents. He continues his dominance with some ground and pound. 

Strong comes back in and Wilde uses his speed to build momentum. Strong stops him in his tracks with a backbreaker and Kemp takes over the offense. Del Toro dives in as Strong also gets the tag. Strong looks in trouble with Del Toro getting a near fall. Strong fights back but Wilde breaks things up. He and Kemp end up on the outside. Del Toro gets accidentally tripped by Two Dimes and Strong picks up the win following a brutal knee!  

Winners Diamond Mine 

Giovanni Vinci is hyping himself up next, putting everyone on notice a little too early in my opinion. He comments on doing things in style which prompts Ikemen Jiro to interrupt asking him if he is style strong? Guess we will find out soon. 

Toxic Attraction are up next but Apollo has a little segment first. This one is about being fearless. Interesting build but where is it heading, seems a little strange. 

The commentary team seem surprised to see Toxic Attraction despite the previous acknowledgement. We get more of them dissing their competition trying to be something. Typical heel stuff even bringing action figures into it, which incidentally you can get at the Real Rasslin Store! Gigi and Jacy pile it on hoping the new competition will just run off and leave them to their thrones.  

Roxanne Perez & Cora Jade come out to ruin their night. Rose is still warning Perez from cashing her contract in but Perez says they got to thinking about they want a shot at the tag team titles instead. Cue Katana & Kayden claiming the line starts behind them and a nice burn from Cora Jade saying they looked done at In Your House which seemed to tickle Toxic Attraction too. The two challenging teams brawl and I am fed up of everyone fighting amongst themselves while Toxic Attraction sit pretty on their throne, yawn! 

Carmelo and Trick are with McKenzie next, getting hyped for Carmelo’s title defence but Carmelo also pretends to interview Trick about his moment with Wes Lee earlier, trying to show some solidarity and support for his lackey.  

Indi Hartwell is backstage with McKenzie when Kiana James interrupts them claiming she is bad for NXT, Indi challenges her to a match and calls her a bitch, James looks pretty pissed as the segment ends. Liked the fire from Indi here, no nonsense let’s get down to business approach. 

Cameron Grimes vs Edris Enofe 

Grimes and Enofe feel each other out at the start resulting in a sequence of pinfalls and a stalemate. Grimes sends Enofe to the outside before long, hitting the penalty kick from the apron and then a diving cross body upon Enofe’s return to the ring. Enofe taunts Grimes telling him to bring it and then fights back again to a stalemate.  

Enofe hits a running strike or two sending Grimes to the outside then dives out on top of his opponent. Enofe goes high risk again but Grimes dodges him then slams him down. Grimes finishes the match with a Cave In and it’s over! 

A solid match with Enofe and Grimes and the latter shows his opponent some respect at the end, seemed like that performance was what Grimes was looking for from him. I have to say I don’t think Grimes has much chance against Bron Breakker unless they are bringing the big lad up. Can anyone realistically see him hitting that Cave In against Bron? 

Winner Cameron Grimes 

Next up we see that earlier, Thea Hail arrives at Chase U’s famous Peters Hall. The big deal here is co-ed dorms and she is sharing with Bodhi. This is different, not sure it’s what the show needs. Thea seems quite excitable and offers for the two of them to get food after playful punching Bodhi in ribs. Interesting decision here, does this kind of scenario fit in NXT, we will find out I guess. 

Nikkita Lyons is back next week and she is not a patient woman. This is the NXT women’s divisions 7 days' notice. Interesting hopefully, she hits the ground running. 

Von Wagner vs Brooks Jensen 

Von Wagner looks to dominating his opponent with clubbing blows as Jensen looks to think fast with his jabs. Von Wagner stalks his opponent and works on his arm with precision. Jensen showing the agony in his face still tries to fight back. Von Wagner is relentless in his attack on the arm and hand of Jensen, every time his opponent gets back up Von Wagner shuts it down. A high risk move from Jensen goes wrong as Von Wagner scouted it and slams him down for the win. 

Yawn, predictable victory for Von Wagner here, I’m just not into this guy. Hopefully he improves somehow but I fear it’s more the pairing with Robert Stone and Sofia Cromwell with this whipped gimmick that I don’t like. The pretty girl’s dog if you will, might be a good squash for Bron Breakker later though, can imagine Breakker calling him out on it. 

Winner Von Wagner 

Bron Breakker sees Cameron Grimes and compliments him on the heart in the ring against Enofe, Grimes says you better hope I don’t bring that Grimes or you will be looking at the new NXT champion. Interesting, don’t see it happening personally. 

Joe Gacy is giving a pep talk to his Dyad. Claims it will all be worth it once the fruits of their labour are realized.  

Alba Fyre vs Lash Legend 

Alba Fyre seems focused and determined to make Lash pay as she starts off hot. Lash comes back with some aggression and the match continues on this even keel. Alba Fyre hits her Gory Bomb before failing to hit the high risk move. As she comes in for the finish Lash Legend uses Alba’s bat to attack her causing the disqualification. 

This felt a bit cheap, a bit pointless and not the result anyone was expecting. Lash looks weak here, Alba Fyre finishing this match then might have seemed a little early against an opponent of this size so the match just feels a bit rushed for me. 

Winner Alba Fyre 

Couple of interesting matches for next week, a number one contender's match for the tag titles between Katana Chance & Kayden Carter and Roxanne Perez & Cora Jade 

Tony D’Angelo vs Carmelo Hayes ( c ) (North American Championship Match) 

Feels more about the hierarchy than the title with D’Angelo calling to his boys after every sequence. Trick appears on the apron so all of the family get up on the apron to counter it and he backs down. D’Angelo ends up on the outside and he throws Carmelo into the steel steps. D’Angelo works on Carmelo during the picture in picture break.  

Carmelo comes back springing into action to build some momentum but only gets a near fall to show for his efforts. D’Angelo gets back in control as Trick looks on concerned. Carmelo dodges and weaves into the double knees, like a codebreaker but it only gets him a near fall. D’Angelo looks for support but gets dragged back into the ring where he shows some power with a release suplex any big guy would be proud of.  

The plan is revealed next as D’Angelo crawls over to Santos Escobar, Two Dimes or Stacks distracts the referee with the other egging Escobar on to pass the brass knucks to D’Angelo but he slides them past D’Angelo to the ‘A’ champion. Carmelo smashes D’Angelo with them hides them in his trunks and picks up the win via pinfall!  

This match dragged for me but the ending was great and just what I expected, Escobar costing D'Angelo the title was beautiful story telling. I wonder where they will go next. It also protects Carmelo who after just winning the title would have looked pathetic if he lost it to D’Angelo in my opinion, especially considering Grimes didn’t have a long run either. I liked the ending with D'Angelo screaming for Escobar to get in the ring.

Winner AND STILL champion Carmelo Hayes 

Some good moments this week but again I just feel it was distinctly average, I’m not feeling that anything stands out and makes me say you have to watch this weeks NXT. The comedy stuff is always there but is it Gargano Gold Standard of old, nope. I think it is clear that what NXT brought to the table is being slowly sucked out of it by a tired and old creative, however Triple H was apparently back this week so maybe after a while there might be some new life back in NXT 2.0? What do you think? Let us know on our socials. 

Thanks for reading, 

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