WWE NXT Weekly Roundup 21st July 2022

WWE NXT Weekly Roundup 21st July 2022

Pixc here back with another NXT weekly roundup. Apologies for the missed episode last week I wasn’t feeling particularly great. NXT Level Up will kick things off as usual! Then we can see what chaos resumes on NXT after last week's strange creative waves.  


Ikemen Jiro vs Quincy Elliott 

Bit of a style overload in this match. The enigmatic Quincy and the style strong Jiro. Quincy mimes kisses at Jiro who catches them and crumbles them on the floor in response. Quincy is too heavy as Jiro tries to lift him, with Quincy adding in a little dab. Seems his style to do a move then a little dance or taunt. Jiro gets caught as he dives in and hit with a bop to the head. Jiro dodges a squash giving himself an opening. The springboard moonsault doesn’t get him the win though. Jiro again gets squashed trying to slam Quincy, who retaliates with a little corner action. Jiro blocks it with two feet up and rolls Quincy up for the win.  

A show of sportsmanship after the win and I must admit I see a bright future despite the loss for Quincy Elliott. 

Winner Ikemen Jiro 

Andre Chase, Thea Hail and Bodhi Hayward are backstage, they celebrate their recent field trip to London but are looking for a teachable moment with tag team action later. Good to see some segments in the Level Up show as surely all of their skills need boosting not just the in ring ones. 

Kiana James vs Sol Ruca 

Sol Ruca making her debut here, with commentary hyping her athleticism up. Sol Ruca holds her own early on surprising James with her strength. Sol Ruca gets a near fall but Kiana James is the one who comes out on top in this one, with a unique flatliner DDT.  

Definitely a filler match, just giving these two a chance to show the fans what they can do. A solid debut for Sol Ruca but it felt like it ended a bit lopsided for no reason.  

Winner Kiana James 

Myles Borne & Javier Bernal vs Chase U 

Chase U having a good time in this match with some descension in the ranks as Bernal tags himself in. A distraction from the latter minutes later and Borne is in control getting a near fall on Bodhi. Bodhi looks to turn things around but makes a meal out of making the tag so we get a double tag. Chase gets the traditional stomps in on Bernal and then Borne makes a mistake dropkicking his own partner. Chase slams him down and looks for the tag. They hit the Chase U Flatliner double team move and it’s a win for Chase U.  

Cue the celebrations in the ring. These guys deserve to have a solid run, maybe even a tag title run. I see a lot of potential in them as it plays right into the American high school or college crowd. I hope to see them to do more than beat jobbers soon. 

Winners Chase U  

All in all, this week Level Up felt a solid card. The only downside was the filler match in the middle, if WWE 2k22’s GM Mode has anything to go by that makes this show a big success. I just feel like they should be making the most of every spot, to prove everyone’s potential and sometimes the booking seems a little disjointed. 


Time for some more NXT, last week Cora shocked the world with a stupid turn on her partner fuelled by an equally stupid decision by creative to have Roxanne challenge for the title after winning the tag titles. We get a recap of this to start us off. I must say it makes for great TV but anyone following the product consistently will feel the utterly disjointed and confused direction of the women’s division. I personally don’t get what they are trying to achieve here. 

Cameron Grimes vs JD McDonagh  

Commentary have done their research on McDonagh who is a fighter and comes from noble stock in Ireland, interesting bit of backstory added there. The match starts off at a frantic pace but the two seem evenly matched. Grimes is going all in with his educated feet, McDonagh is reeling from the strikes but bring some innovative offense taking Grimes down before springboarding into the ring, landing on his opponent. Joe Gacy is looking on as the match goes into a picture in picture break. 

During the break McDonagh targets the leg of Grimes but otherwise it was still pretty even. Grimes comes back after the break with Gacy still looking on. McDonagh grabs his left leg and smashes it into the ring post, putting the pain on Grimes he ruthlessly continues this targeted assault. Grimes again somehow comes back with a lot of fight. McDonagh grabs his leg as he looks to finish things and they both end up down. Grimes gets caught in the ropes next allowing McDonagh to add to the damage on the leg before finishing him off in the ring with the “Devlin Side” which is yet to be renamed it seems. 

A really solid opening match here with two of my favourites within the NXT roster. I hope they don’t rush McDonagh to the title but equally I don’t want him floundering in nothing matches. He should be a star in NXT. Grimes feels ready to move on due to creative decisions in recent weeks. I could definitely see him doing well on RAW or Smackdown but who am I kidding unless we see some major changes very few from NXT will have success up on the big brands. 

Winner JD McDonagh 

Nikkita Lyons is hyping up the battle royale and is out to become the number one contender. She has to be one of the favourites and I do remember seeing the graphic where she is in the bottom centre four, with a comment from one fan stating they would be the final four. Who knows, maybe they were right? 

Tiffany Stratton is not impressed she has to compete rather than be handed a title shot, she is really growing in her gimmick, works well for her.  

Cora Jade is out here to explain herself. She starts with reminding us she was the face of NXT and she claims our attention went to Roxanne Perez. Tell it to Vince woman, he was the one who messed this all up for you! She continues to pile on her hatred of her former best friend and claims she attacked her just like we all knew. It is typical best friend break up shenanigans, she dumps the title in the trashcan and walks to the back. So original, not! 

McKenzie is backstage with Xyon Quinn next. He gloats about costing Apollo his match last week and next week he gets his match with him. He even calls himself the X-Factor. Indi then hypes her spot in the battle royale, acknowledging her bumpy ride as a singles star.  

Roderick Strong vs Damon Kemp 

More infighting with Diamond Mine here then. Strong seems to be outmatched in this one as Kemp wrestles well on the ground and even slams him to the mat. Strong uses the ropes for a low blow to gain some advantage. Kemp rallies with some strikes and a suplex getting a near fall in the process. A double clothesline has both men down in the ring.  

Tony D’Angelo was on the titantron next and it looks like the family has taken out the Creed Brothers. This distracts Kemp who looks to go help his stablemates out. Strong isn’t interested though remaining focused on getting the win with a brutal knee. This further develops his attitude and heelish ways which is good but it does kind of seem a little odd to bring the family in at this point. Guess they want some gold? 

Winner Roderick Strong 

Pretty Deadly are getting ready for their big title match vs Jensen & Briggs, always great stuff from these guys, yes boy! We then flip to Fallon hyping up Jensen & Briggs with Jensen really hyped to pay them back for the disrespect. Fallon is in action later with the women’s battle royale.  

Roderick Strong finally gets back to the Creed Brothers and is still in spoiled brat, he’s whinging harder than our quizmaster P-Nut! I hate how Strong is just blaming everyone else and they just get a little upset then go back to doing their thing, just want them to all be in the ring with an intervention and vote him out or something, great work by Strong but the direction is very slow for me. 

Pretty Deadly vs Jensen & Briggs (C) (NXT UK Tag Team Championship Match) 

Blondie (Prince) tries to wind Jensen up early on and eventually Brunette (Wilson) comes in with a tag, attacking Jensen from behind. Jensen & Briggs get their traditional outside strikes before Blondie is able to tag out and after a scuffle is thrown outside where he knocks Fallon over. Naturally Jensen rushes to her aid and the angle kind of falls flat there because we skip on to where the two teams are back fighting in the ring.  

Image courtesy of WWE

Jensen ends up in trouble and Pretty Deadly do a great job of keeping him in their corner. Briggs eventually gets the tag and as usual comes in all fired up! Wilson cuts him off stalling his momentum. Then we get some good old-fashioned shenanigans as Pretty Deadly double up on the tag titles to distract the referee, Fallon proves dividends though grabbing the belt from Wilson and Jensen sneaks in to help double team Wilson with the high and low. A successful defence for the country boys! 

Winners AND STILL champs Jensen & Briggs 

Joe Gacy is revealing the Dyad next. He names them Jagger Reid and Rip Fowler, formerly the Grizzled Young Veterans. This is all a bit sinister but I’m curious to see where this goes. Bron Breakker arrives and he is asking where JD McDonagh is, of course he looks pissed. 

Wes Lee is backstage with McKenzie next, he seems focused on getting back on track, next week he faces Waller then it’s back to Trick Williams and then onwards to find himself. It’s not about the goal it’s about the journey with this guy!  

Bron Breakker arrives to the ring next. He comments on his match with Cameron Grimes. He knows who JD McDonagh is and before long he appears on the titantron. He claims he is going to dissect Bron and in typical meathead fashion Bron says he will take it back and beat him over the head with it, they are really pushing the angry meathead gimmick to the moon, if you pardon the gimmick infringement there! 

Solo Sikoa is being asked about why he was on smackdown and he gets attacked by Von Wagner and laid out. Then we get a comic book intro to say Axiom is up next. Intriguing.  

Diamond Mine are talking to McKenzie next about Tony D’Angelo and his crew attacking them. Julius and Brutus are on fire, really pissed and giving it both barrels. Strong is behind them 100% but Kemp looks as if he isn’t buying it trying to cut him off. It just seems weird the Creed Brothers are somehow forgetting Strong is constantly at them and claiming to be a strong family. In fairness D’Angelo doesn’t have a tight unit either so it will be interesting to see where this goes. 

Axiom vs Dante Chen 
I am loving A-Kid's new look, not so sure on the entrance but I hear everyone is talking about him. The match itself seems pretty even. Dante Chen does eventually start to falter and Axiom builds on the momentum with a quick win.  

Honestly there was nothing special about this match, nothing happened it was just a solid match. For a talent we know can go against someone we know can also go it felt like they were holding back in this one.  

Winner Axiom 

Lash Legend is hyping up her chances in the battle royale and taking a shot at Alba Fyre. Please don’t let her be the winner, she is not ready. 

Giovanni Vinci is leaving earlier and someone asks for a picture, he takes one for her and she says she wanted one together, he is not having it claiming everyone wants a picture with him. Chase U turn up on their bus and block his exit, they offer him a seat in the Chase U section but he declines and Thea gets over excited about his car. He warns her to keep her hands off and she is spot on with her oopsie response, loved it! 

Carmelo and Trick are up next from the barber shop. They take shots at several people and I feel we might be heading for another multi person title defence for Carmelo. This time can we have the title stay away from Carmelo if he drops it? Stop hot potatoing it back to him? These guys are definitely finding their groove. 

Toxic Attraction are up next as McKenzie wants to know who Mandy thinks should win the battle royale. Tatum Paxley is the name she picks out, she didn’t have a reason as she is brought back to the interview and it’s interrupted by Ivy Nile, Kiana James and Alba Fyre. Fyre is going to burn her title reign to the ground and as her music hits she smiles and leaves. Excellent she would be the absolute best person to win the title from Mandy Rose. 

Cameron Grimes is backstage screaming “not now!” as someone tried to get a word with him before he leaves. Joe Gacy arrives to try and convince him to join him but we just get more screaming from Grimes as he leaves the arena.  

D’Angelo is up next as he accepts Diamond Mine’s challenge and claims they don’t even like each other, he tells them to bring their towels and their singlets, classic D’Angelo, zero fucks given! 

Women’s Battle Royale for Number One Contendership to the NXT Women’s Title 

Zoey Stark is back, get in! Cora looks to be all alone about to get owned so she leaves, Ivy Nile tries to get her back in but she scarpers up the ramp. Arianna Grace gets a bit too comfortable celebrating and is eliminated by Indi who gives her a royal wave to send her off. Both Lash Legend and Alba Fyre eliminated as they fall to the outside, there goes that pipe dream. Wendy Choo does a comfy Kingston using her pillow to save herself from elimination. Valentina Feroz and Yulisa Leon both eliminated by Zoey Stark. Kiana James manages to eliminate Fallon as she hangs on to the ropes. Stratton finally gets her woman as she uses a cup to eliminate Wendy Choo. Chance & Carter eliminate Elektra Lopez which was a big shock to me. They get eliminated by Nikkita Lyons. Ivy Nile who was also eliminated in this scuffle gets double teamed by Chance & Carter on the outside and Tatum Paxley decides to sacrifice herself and help Ivy Nile.  

Stratton, Kiana James, Nikkita Lyons and Zoey Stark remain in this. Stratton manages to eliminate Nikkita Lyons after James is eliminated by Lyons. Then Stratton turns to face Stark. The latter has her eliminated twice by she hangs on and then they both end up on the apron precariously risking elimination. Luckily for the fans they both get back in the ring. Stark catches Stratton and eventually is able to bundle her over the top rope punching her off the apron. The bell doesn’t ring though and we see Cora Jade enter the ring, Stark saw it coming and sends her over the top rope in no time, welcome back Zoey Stark! 

A decent battle royale. I do think the wrong people are in the title picture at the minute but that could be because they still don’t want Toxic Attraction to not be on top. Mandy Rose will likely beat Zoey Stark, which for me makes this all a bit rubbish. 

Winner Zoey Stark

A solid show this week but I did think there might have been a few too many segments and very little wrestling at times. I enjoyed the building of rivalries within the battle royale and it was good to see Zoey Stark back. I am hoping the D'Angelo family or Diamond Mine can implode fully next week allowing for at least one of them to move on in the right direction, rather than this half baked tense situation they are both in.

As always feel free to send your thoughts in to us on our socials, I’d love to hear from you! 

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