WWE NXT Weekly Roundup 21st April 2022

WWE NXT Weekly Roundup 21st April 2022

Pixc here back with another NXT weekly round up. NXT Level Up will kick things off again with a brief summary of this before the NXT goings on, I expect we may see some new faces since we have had another Wrestlemania and I’m keen to see who makes some progress this week! 


We kick off the show with who I believe to be someone formerly known as Rok-C from Ring of Honor. I don’t mind the name. Commentary seem to have forgotten Sloane Jacobs already wrestled on the show but it could just be them trying to hype both of them up as new to the brand. 

Roxanne Perez vs Sloane Jacobs 

Perez showing more character in my opinion. Jacobs seems more aggressive and in control for most of the match. Perez gets a cheeky roll up which catches her opponent unawares but not quite enough as she kicks out.  

Perez showing some skill hitting a methodical standing twisting senton before getting the pinfall after a code red. It was a solid match but nothing special, you can see potential in both superstars but I felt they focused too much on Jacobs being in control for me to believe Perez deserved the win. 

Winner Roxanne Perez 

Troy Donovan vs Damon Kemp 

As I didn’t see this guy last week on level up, I'm curious to see how he does against Damon Kemp. They lock up and eventually Kemp locks his arms and builds momentum, after a second sequence in his favour Donovan’s run-in buddy distracts Kemp allowing him to take control of the match.  

Donovan attempts a cover, Kemp kicking out with ease but he stays on him which I thought was pretty smart considering how dangerous Kemp looked early on. Kemp knocks his opponent down with a couple of tackles and Donovan is lucky to kick out. He carries Donovan but seems to take too long as Donovan gets out of it and then looks to fly from the top rope. Kemp rolls away from the landing zone, again Donovan’s run-in buddy gets on the apron but Kemp sends him flying.  

Kemp doesn’t miss a beat as he returns to Donovan hit a technically proficient sequence slamming him down in the ring for the pinfall victory. Kemp looks very good, technically sound, with strong skills in the ring. Gives me Kurt Angle or Chad Gable vibes. 

Winner Damon Kemp 

Tatum Paxley vs Kiana James 

Excellent transitions early on and as the two soak it in Ivy Nile appears to watch the match. This distracts Tatum Paxley but she seems determined to prove herself. James takes control of the match then seemingly out to prove a point against this prospect for Diamond Mine.  

Paxley comes back dodging a corner attack, getting a near fall before building some momentum. Once again, she gets distracted by Ivy Nile and James gets a roll up but not the win. Paxley then hits a twisting senton landing well and the victory is hers. 

With that said this was a good match, a little odd that Paxley did very little of note in a match where she was trying to impress Ivy Nile. 

Winner Tatum Paxley 

I think another average NXT Level Up, nothing special but good to see the new talent doing their thing. I see potential and all I’ll add is I preferred the twisting senton from Roxanne Perez, it needed work but the style of it felt better to me. Paxley was tighter on the landing but after seeing one already I think it did her no favours doing such a similar move. Let’s move on to NXT! 


Welcome back guys, for another round of NXT, what’s in store this week. It’s been crazy since Wrestlemania, especially while I was taking a break. I did keep tabs and I’m ready to give you my thoughts this week. 

We start with a recap of the tag team gauntlet and the crowning of our new tag team champions. Joe Gacy also appears with his demented pursuit of Bron Breakker and the NXT title. All I have to say, too early for Pretty Deadly. They kick us off but Bron Breakker is seen arriving as they make their way to the ring.  

They big themselves up but music to my ears as the one team I felt was left out, Grizzled Young Veterans arrive to shut this poncey parade of Pretty Deadly. Just as they challenge them Elektra Lopez leads her boys to the ring, Legado del Fantasma again, really? As the brawl ensues between the two teams Bron Breakker arrives to the ring. He calls out Gacy who tells him to come find him, with more sinister sounding laughter. That was pretty chaotic! 

Before we get into the singles match coming up, we see Santos Escobar goading Carmelo about his loss and reminding him it’s the back of the line for him. Carmelo responds, he is happy to put Santos Escobar back in his place before ending the Cinderella story of Cameron Grimes, interesting. 

Tiffany Stratton vs Sarray 

So not a tag team match to follow the brawl or Bron Breakker in a match but a singles match totally unrelated then. I get so frustrated with this chaotic organisation of the segments, it’s like they dumb down the product and try jazz it up by being overly messy with the order, gah. 

Back to the match then, Sarray seems to be out for blood early on. She is in complete control, with a submission on Stratton but the barbie bully makes it to the ropes. She manages to turn things around and gets a near fall. Stratton follows up with a hold, trying to wear Sarray down. Sarray hits a German suplex and then a double stomp from the top. She has to fight to get her leg free of Stratton next with the latter paying the price, taking a drop kick to the outside.  

Stratton manages to fend Sarray off in the corner and hit’s a splash from the top to pick up the win. Not going to lie, that finish left me feeling a little deflated, really thought Sarray was getting a win for a bit. This match definitely had me engaged throughout, after a chaotic start it was a solid bout to kick things off. 

Winner Tiffany Stratton 

Backstage we have Bron Breakker on the warpath looking for Joe Gacy. He barges past Grizzled Young Veterans who were lamenting the new tag team champions early success here on NXT. Then Pretty Deadly are walking down a corridor pointing at legends with their “yes boy!” They then find Indi and Persia and seem enamoured with the two ladies. Indi and Persia attempt to get a match with them but Pretty Deadly seem set on avoiding the request once they realise it was for Duke Hudson and Dexter Lumis. Seems that is not the way they want their tag team title reign to go! 

I got excited for a minute as I thought Jordan Devlin popped up on screen but nope it’s Grayson Waller. McKenzie let’s us in on something I was at least unaware of, Waller fired Sanga and is going to face him tonight. Wow, he really is stupid. All that time goading AJ Styles about being beaten by Omos and he is going the same way, fun times! Andre Chase and Bodhi arrive for some comic relief next because you know this is “a teachable moment” haha! Sanga arrives and chases Waller to the ring.  

Grayson Waller vs Sanga 

First of all finally something that flows. Sanga takes a few shots before tossing Waller around the ring. Even felt Barrett channelled his northern twang “just keep doing it Sanga” in such a northern accent you couldn’t mistake it.  

Waller tries to fight back with some strikes but Sanga just shrugs them off. Sanga has Waller down for another pinfall but it’s too close to the ropes as Waller grabs the ropes. Waller then manages to push him into the barricade outside before somehow rolling in with his stunner from the outside. Wow about as much believability as a special military operation. How is Sanga able to smash him around all match then clearly agree to take a stunner from Waller out of nowhere. Terrible idea, Sanga now looks like he can beat by anyone easily and his menacing destruction looks pointless. 

Winner Grayson “can we have some more please” Waller 

We get Cora Jade building the rivalry with her former hero, tearing a photo in half and standing on the half with Natalya on it, claiming she wants to beat her legendary ass! Then we see Legado del Fantasma come out for the next match before another vignette interrupts their entrance. We get a promo next from Roxanne Perez, her debut is next week. In fact, hold that thought she is right here with McKenzie and again thanks to Toxic Attraction let the chaos commence as they move her debut to tonight! 

Grizzled Young Veterans (GYV) vs Legado del Fantasma 

Low key feel this is a number one contender's match for the tag team titles, a bit of fodder if you will for the new champions because Legado have lost more tag title opportunities than I can remember and Grizzled Young Veterans have been overlooked or perpetually left as ‘Soon to be’ for as long as I’ve been aware of them. It suits the latter though so I’m not complaining. 

We have a chaotic start and Wylde is holding his own against both opponents. Drake gets a tag and this is where GYV look to flip the match on its head. Gibson tries to stop Wylde from making the tag but Mendoza comes in with a much-needed burst of energy. GYV look for a double team next but Legado work together to stop it. They hit a double team of their own to pick up the win.  

Please let this be their time, I have been a fan of Legado del Fantasma for a while and as much as I never expect them to win the big one. Santos is great and Elektra adds another dimension to the group but they need gold again. I fear however they will be just the first successful defence for the new champs.  

Escobar is keen to big himself and his faction up, even taking a shot at Tony D’Angelo. Telling the Don to watch him handle his business vs Carmelo. 

Winners Legado Del Fantasma 

Then Wes Lee is with McKenzie, it feels like a therapy session for his chaotic time, losing his tag team partner, Nash Carter who was future endeavoured. Xyon Quinn offers his advice but decides it might be better if he beats it into him, Wes Lee confirms he is more at home in the ring, maybe that is the clarity he needs.  

Carmelo vs Santos Escobar 

Carmelo seems to be frustrating Escobar early on, using the referee to build this story. Escobar getting some nice strikes in that rock Carmelo. Trick provides a distraction to open the door for Carmelo to come back in to the match. A nice neck breaker from Carmelo and we enter a picture in picture break, lovely. 

As we return to full screen action, Escobar starts to fight back. Escobar catches Carmelo slamming him down in the ring, but he only gets a two count and the match continues. Carmelo looks for a submission with a single leg crab. Escobar crawls to the ropes to escape the hold but it’s held on for as long as possible and Carmelo keeps hold of Escobar following it. Escobar gets a near fall out of nowhere with a roll up but the pace has slowed right down. 

Escobar with an impressive delayed vertical suplex has both men down and out. They get to their knees and start the slugfest. Escobar pushes Carmelo into the corner but is able to sneak out after a few punches and drop Escobar. The latter comes right back sending Carmelo to the outside before diving on to him.  

Escobar is stood taunting when mafia looking blokes appear at ringside. One nods his hat to Escobar before the other smashes him in the back of the leg with a crowbar. No prizes for guessing who sent these two. Escobar is rolled back in to the ring and Carmelo hits his underwhelming diving finisher that looks kind of like a scissors kick that Booker T did so much better without coming off the top rope. Carmelo picks up the win. 

I’m not impressed Carmelo needed the win I guess but I can’t get behind his finisher. He gets on the mic after the match and seems confident about becoming a two time North American champ. Grimes comes down to answer the challenge but Solo Sikoa drops Trick and Carmelo before saying he got next! I expect the winner of Grimes vs Carmelo will have a tough match coming up. 

Winner Carmelo 

We catch up with Bron Breakker next, getting Bray Wyatt vibes from Joe Gacy. A house of mirrors it seems with Bron losing it and smashing a mirror. Then Roderick Strong is out to make an example of people who don’t believe in his vision for Diamond Mine. 

Natalya vs Tatum Paxley 

Natalya and Paxley go back and forth trying to one up each other sort of, with Natalya conducting the crowd well. Paxley seems keen to prove herself, trying to meet Natalya at every turn, this costs her as she falls victim to a spinning clothesline on the outside after a bit of cat and mouse. Natalya ties Paxley up and looks in complete control, even talking trash as she goes.  

Paxley almost has Natalya beat as she gets a near fall. Natalya comes back and locks in the sharpshooter to get the win, honestly Paxley was made to look great but I’ll never be excited to see Natalya beat NXT women.  

Winner Natalya 

Tony D’Angelo is collared in the parking lot. He is asked if he had anything to do with the attack on Santos Escobar, he denies it but it’s clear he orchestrated it. He then asks if the car behind them is Legado del Fantasma’s, declaring them nice wheels. I sense another dastardly deed coming from the Don of NXT! 

We get some hype for Nathan Fraser, another from NXT UK heading to NXT next week. Then Indi is trying to help Dexter Lumis and Duke Hudson communicate, Duke storms off in frustration as Persia arrives wondering what the hell is going on, you and me both Persia, you and me both! 

Xyon Quinn vs Wes Lee 

Wes Lee explodes out of the gates, sending Quinn to the outside before diving after him. Quinn brings his strength into play dropping Wes Lee on the ring apron before the action returns to the ring. He looks dominant but Wes Lee again manages to get a reversal, but Quinn kicks out. Then Xyon Quinn looks to finish him but Wes Lee manages a superkick and little flurry of offense before Xyon Quinn manages to get his signature strike in, finishing with the pinfall! 

Bit of filler, wasn’t expecting to see Wes Lee so soon, Xyon Quinn looks good, hopefully they do something memorable with him before long, he’s definitely been on the bench for a while.  

Winner Xyon Quinn 

We have Natalya next getting congratulated on her victory and asked about Cora Jade, she claims to be down here to get her shots in before the rookies come and get her. Nikkita Lyons steps up though and claims she is gunning for her once she has dealt with Lash Legend. Barrett seems to have got confused amongst the excitement though and thinks they will face off next week, so who knows? 

Roxanne Perez vs Jacy Jayne 

What a week for Roxanne Perez. Perez seems to be having fun and goes for a roll up before a sequence of these pinfalls breaks out in the ring. Perez hits a couple of nice arm drags before Jacy Jayne leaves her hanging.  

Wendy Choo arrives on the titantron calling for Jacy Jayne. She shows them the Toxic locker room, only she has done some ‘remodelling’ and the distraction is enough for Roxanne Perez to hit a quick sunset flip powerbomb and score the pinfall victory.  

Roxanne looked better in this match, like she was given more scope to show off. It worked better, she was more likeable here and even though it was a cheap win with a distraction it allows her to build momentum without hurting Toxic Attraction, although I wouldn’t be averse to that and let’s be honest the woman formerly known as Rok-C is probably better in the ring than Mandy Rose and maybe even Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolin. 

Winner Roxanne Perez 

Escobar and Legado del Fantasma are in the parking lot lamenting his loss. They get to their car to find it clamped with a dead fish in a wrapper on the bonnet. No prizes for guessing who did that then!  

We get a clip of Joe Gacy watching Bron Breakker looking for him. He says it’s time to end this.  

Dexter Lumis & Duke Hudson vs Pretty Deadly 

Lumis starts the match and Pretty Deadly seem to dominate him early on. Lumis turns on the stare though, seemingly catching them unawares. Hudson gets the tag and the communication is a little off and the second double team move falls apart when Pretty Deadly manage to escape it. They follow up by sliding out of the ring to put their arms round their opponents women. Indi and Persia promptly show their disgust at finding out it was them and Lumis and Hudson grab them to hoist them back into the ring.  

Lumis hits a thesz press and they finally hit that double team suplex. They do the thumbs up, even if Hudson was a little reluctant. Lumis comes in off the tag stalking his opponent out of the ring and we break for picture in picture. As we return Lumis and Hudson seemingly in control, finally building that chemistry. Wilson pulls Prince out of harms way in the corner, what god awful names.  

Lumis is down needing the tag badly and has to fend off both opponents to make it, but he gets there. Hudson takes them both on then looks to finish things from the second rope. A distraction from Pretty Deadly allows foils him and he is left fending for that tag. Lots of shenanigans making Lumis work for the tag, before Hudson again showing his strength to fend them both off. The numbers seem too much though as he suffers a big boot and loses via pinfall. 

This was a great tag team match, seems like filler and predictable too but the match was good and the chemistry grew between Hudson and Lumis allowing it to remain entertaining, or at least more so than I expected. 

Winners Pretty Deadly 

Joe Gacy appears after a blackout next. With the crowd likely expecting something better, the boos rang out in the arena and I was confused to why we needed it. Gacy calls Bron Breakker out to the podium and as he arrives gives him the ring under one condition, he wants a title match at the next special event, Spring Break-in. Naturally Bron accepts, but Gacy says he has to take a leap of faith and pushes him from the podium. Bron sells being hurt and some hooded figures surround him as he screams for them to get off! 

Well, what a chaotic, fast paced episode of NXT. It was mostly good in my opinion, the Waller match and the constant shoehorning segments in between match entrances was a bit frustrating and I didn’t feel like the card felt to be in the right order but I like the build with Gacy and Roxanne going over on Jacy Jayne in particular. What did you guys think of it? Feel free to sound off on our socials. 

I’m Pixc and I’m out!