WWE NXT Weekly Roundup 19th May 2022

WWE NXT Weekly Roundup 19th May 2022

Pixc here back with another NXT weekly roundup. NXT Level Up will kick things off again with a brief summary of this before we dive into NXT. Be interesting to see how the matches play out. 


Sanga vs Dante Chen 

Bit of a mismatch if you ask me here, not looking forward to it. Dante Chen puts up a spirited effort against Sanga, but the big man’s strength proved too much for him. A predictable affair, Sanga dominates Dante Chen with some brutal strikes and a choke hold, ragging him about before Chen fights out and has a flurry but Sanga is soon back on top. He finishes with a chokeslam! 

I liked this match a lot more than I felt I would. Dante Chen getting more offense in than anticipated really helped the match but Sanga still remained strong. 

Winner Sanga 

Elektra Lopez vs Thea Hail 

Thea Hail’s entrance is so bizarre, she is so pumped, like a cross between Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior and her attire reminds me of Karrion Kross. Elektra Lopez having to deal with a spirited Thea Hail early on. Elektra dominant as ever though even finding time to trash talk her opponent. Elektra hits her powerbomb finisher and it’s over! 

Have to say I hope we get to see a title reign for Elektra Lopez, she is definitely someone I can see holding her own against top WWE stars down the line.  

Winner Elektra Lopez 

Javier Bernal vs Trick Williams 

Interesting to see Trick Williams in action. Bernal does shine early on but it’s Trick who seems most likely to go over. Carmelo calls for Trick to finish him but Bernal gets a quick near fall. A nice standing armbar from Trick has Bernal in trouble but he finds a way to power out. He follows up with a sequence of offense but Trick stays in it. Trick hits a big spinning kick to pick up the pinfall victory. That was not the most elegant of finishes but I suppose it gets the job done. 

I’m not into either of these wrestlers yet. Trick is a hype guy for me, decent on the mic but nothing special otherwise and Bernal hasn’t really been given enough time for me to really get behind him, it was a solid bout but nothing special.  

Winner Trick Williams 

Level Up was a solid show this week, it didn’t come across as must-see TV but I enjoyed the action and Elektra Lopez definitely stood out as someone who is going places. Thea Hail shows a lot of potential too. 


We start with a recap of the women’s breakout tournament, Cora Jade vs Natalya, where she never tapped out.  

Carmelo and Trick come out taking shots at Solo Sikoa, Carmelo claims he is the rightful A champion.  

Carmelo & Trick vs Solo Sikoa & Cameron Grimes  

Grimes and Sikoa working together in the early going, commentary planted the seed of betrayal as we go. Trick and Carmelo takeover control of the match before a picture in picture advert break for your viewing pleasure, not. Carmelo and Trick look to be coasting, dominating Solo until he manages to dodge a move and get the tag to Grimes.  

Grimes looks to take on both opponents, but Solo Sikoa tags himself in and gets double teamed by them. Grimes comes in and they turn things around. Grimes hits the Cave In on Trick leaving Solo free to splash on Carmelo, picking up the win!  

I feel this is a rematch I didn’t need but it wasn’t terrible. Bit of tension after the match as Sikoa grabs the belt before handing it to Grimes repeating “I’ve got next” and honestly all this talk of Carmelo winning at In Your House, I can only see Grimes winning myself. Speaking of In Your House, why not watch us watching it, over on our twitch, where we will be streaming our reactions to the show live!  

Winners Cameron Grimes and Solo Sikoa 

Pretty Deadly are being interviewed backstage with the news that they will defend their titles against the Creed Brothers at In Your House. They feign being scared and then breakout into fits of giggles, unable to keep up the charade. These boys are pretty funny, I agree with Barrett, but after that as I expected we get some Breakout Tournament action. A hype video for Thea Hail comes first though. 


Image courtesy of WWE

Lash Legend vs Tatum Paxley (Women's Breakout Tournament Match)

Lash takes Paxley down straight from the bell. Paxley manages to scissor her opponent down to take away that height advantage before failing to lift her up for an electric chair drop. Lash works on Paxley’s leg next, definitely playing the heel well. She attempts the electric chair again and again she fails. Lash hits a pump kick and gets a somewhat sudden victory.  

I feel like this match was just not great, I’m not a fan of Lash to start with but Paxley feels a much better competitor in the ring and this reeks of Vince wanting size over substance. It made Paxley look weak when she is trying to build respect with Ivy Nile and Lash just isn’t ready yet in my book. The match also felt a little short but that’s probably to protect Lash Legend. 

Winner Lash Legend 

Duke Hudson is talking about how he took some time away to compose himself and realised nobody can stack up to him, he is interrupted by Bron Breakker barging through, he ignores Duke and says “Hit my music.”  

Bron Breakker arrives in the ring to address Joe Gacy’s offer to join him. Obviously, the answer is no and an emphatic one at that. Gacy arrives on the podium to respond to him, Bron tries to bring him to the ring but Gacy doesn’t seem keen. Gacy manages to swindle his way into a match at In Your House but if Bron gets disqualified he loses the title. Pointless stipulation. 

Indi is looking to fly solo next, she challenges Mandy Rose and I’m all about it! Wonder what our "Thunda from Down Unda" thinks of Indi? 

Wes Lee gets told Xyon Quinn is unable to compete against him tonight. He is fed up of him ducking him and claims when he is cleared he knows where to find me. Nathan Frazer interrupts him though and offers a match against the new superstar. Wes Lee tries to warn him off but Frazer is up for the challenge. Nicely done this, way to fix the match card. 

The Creed Brothers vs The Viking Raiders 

Creed Brothers start strong but the Viking Raiders regroup. Brutus has a dominant spell in which he even lifts Ivar to the top rope. Brutus looks to miss a dive bomb on the Viking Raiders, glancing them as he hits the outside. Ivar has a good spell next but the Creed Brothers somehow turn it around. It doesn’t last as the Viking Raiders turn it on and almost have Julius beat, but he survives and the match continues.  

Ivar misses a splash and Julius rolls him up for a near fall as the action intensifies. Erik having saved the match helps Ivar to his feet and the two teams square off in a slug fest. Damon Kemp, the newest addition to the Diamond Mine distracts the referee and Roderick Strong comes in to help the Creed Brothers but Julius intercepts him and shouts “we don’t need you” which in my opinion was a stupid thing to do. The Viking Raiders take control and quickly dispatch Julius with Brutus on the outside nursing an earlier knee from Erik. The Viking Raiders tie this rivalry up with the pinfall, 1-1! 

Another solid bout but not as good as the first match between the pair. I think the interference at the end causing the victory for the more experienced team feels a bit old hat. I do wonder if it is all just a plan to get Roderick Strong split from Diamond Mine so he can leave the company. On to the title match vs Pretty Deadly now though with no momentum, great booking guys! 

Winners The Viking Raiders 

Santos Escobar is up next, hyping his match vs D’Angelo, also committing to a one on one match. He then gives his boys a hint to what they can do to help. My guess is we will get some shenanigans between the two teams.  

Grayson Waller is talking to Tiffany Stratton, he is going to take out Andre Chase and says it’s a travesty that Tiffany wasn’t in the breakout tournament. Interesting pairing these two. 

Bron Breakker is collared leaving the arena, he is asked about his match with Joe Gacy but Duke interrupts him and they arrange to face off next week.  

Andre Chase vs Grayson Waller 

We see Sarray waving the Chase U flag in the crowd, which spells a brawl on the outside to me. Chase starts off well in the match even though it’s pretty even. Waller takes control and takes a moment to drink it in. Chase comes back with a good sequence finishing off with the Chase U stomps. Waller hits with a strike before getting dropped to the outside and then as Chase checks on Bodhi, Waller is rolling in for that stunner.  

A nice win for Waller, a little fall in the card after his big feuds but it’s a nice filler to keep him going. I don’t think we need another high-profile Waller feud just yet. Solid match but nothing special. 

Winner Grayson Waller 

Toxic Attraction are backstage watching a video of Kayden Carter and Katana Chance formerly known as Kacy Catanzaro. Seems they are stepping up to try and make those titles mean more. I have to say this is what I’d like, change! Mandy Rose arrives to whinge about Indi Hartwell and decides that’s where they will start to put respect back on the name of Toxic Attraction. Honestly Mandy, try dropping the belt to someone better and earning your way back up, that might earn some respect. 

Before we get to the next match NXT thought it was good TV to shoehorn a segment in between two entrances, yes boy! Diamond Mine having a chat backstage when the Creed Brothers storm off, Strong sends Damon Kemp after them and is confronted by Pretty Deadly, they goad him into offering a match next week vs him and Damon Kemp, could be a tough challenge for the new boys. 

Roxanne Perez vs Kiana James (Women’s breakout tournament match) 

Perez looks comfortable early on, even taunting her opponent. James comes back with a submission but Perez is able to counter and eventually James gets a Boston crab locked in. Perez gets out of it and has two near falls under her belt in no time. Perez keeps her momentum going but is unable to get the win and takes a sidewalk slam before she gets a sunset bomb apparently known as poprocks!  

A solid match, where not a lot happens. Perez is definitely more deserving to go through and I love the name of the finisher, poprocks! Interesting tournament so far. Hopefully they don’t just job to Mandy Rose when they win it, whoever it is. 

Winner Roxanne Perez 

We see Malik Blade and Edris Enofe backstage cutting a parody of the faction war between Legado del Fantasma and D’Angelo and his boys, only to be interrupted by Stacks and Two Dimes. They arrange to face each other next week. As we see Nathan Frazer walking to the ring for his match he walks past Robert Stone’s girl clocking her, although it seems she was checking him out, or luring him in, either way I don’t like the idea of him getting squashed by Von Wagner because it’s just not good for business.  

Roxanne Perez is with McKenzie next, congratulations are in order and Cora Jade comes to join the party, looks like they have been friends for a while. They are interrupted by Elektra Lopez though who claims they both suck in a nutshell before declaring tonight is about Legado del Fantasma. She claims she is going to beat Alba Fyre next week. I’m a massive fan of both her and Alba Fyre but I can’t see her winning that one. Could be interesting to see her face Cora Jade soon though. 

Wes Lee vs Nathan Frazer 

A face paced start as expected for this match. They battle to a stalemate early on. Wes Lee seems to have his number however using the ropes to great effect sending Frazer to the ringside area. An unexpected reversal in the middle of a high risk move from Frazer almost gets Wes Lee the victory! Frazer then luckily adjusts on the fly as he dives from the top to find nobody home.  

That’s where it goes sour as predictable as the authority not implementing the change they promised, Von Wagner is out here to stop this match, destroying both men, Wes Lee did rally but was quickly taken down enabling Robert Stone to come in and cheer this stupid lemon on, remember guys don’t be a lemon, be a rosebud! 

No Contest through interference (one for our resident warrior, James!) 

Sanga is sat in a kitchen area when Wes Lee and Nathan Frazer walk past looking sore. He tells them they had a great match and he didn’t like what Von Wagner did to two guys of their size it wasn’t fair. Wes Lee is not happy, he thinks Sanga is taking a shot at their size, Frazer leaves not wanting to get involved but Wes Lee challenges Sanga to a match. Sanga was really composed in this segment, I really liked him here, Wes Lee though is out to prove you don’t have to be 10ft tall to be a success. 

Tony D’Angelo vs Santos Escobar 

I’d say Tony D’Angelo was getting slightly the better of the action at the beginning of the match. He has Escobar hung on the rope as he goes for his hat and does his typical Italian schtick, that the crowd love. Picture in picture breaks up this supposedly big match, making a main event feel as insignificant as a squash match, badverts at it again! 

Escobar comes back fighting even diving to the outside taking out the don. Escobar looks to take a breath, whistling, thinking he had it in the bag when D’Angelo turns things around. He looks to bring Escobar back in the ring but ends up dropping him on the apron. Escobar then hits a hurricanrana off the top rope.  

Here we go though, Tony D’Angelo goes looking for his crowbar in the ring corner. Only he doesn’t find it, Legado del Fantasma arrive with it in hand. As this is going on Santos Escobar is the opposite corner looking for something of his own. Stacks and Two Dimes come and intercept Legado del Fantasma and they brawl at ringside. Escobar clocks D’Angelo with what was likely brass knuckles, laying him out in the ring. The referee oblivious to the shenanigans counts the three! 

I loved the way this turned out, the in-ring action wasn’t quite as good as I expected but it was ok and the finish was great. Commentary adding the Eddie Guerrero touch was nice too. This faction deserves to go up to main roster in my book. 

Winner Santos Escobar 

Joe Gacy is finishing the show off by claiming Bron Breakker’s rage will get the best of him and give him full control of the NXT championship. I don’t think so matey, it’s too soon for him to drop the belt if you ask me.  

All in all a good show this week, I particularly liked the build to future matches in all corner of the card. Strong getting goaded into a tag match, Wes Lee standing up to Sanga even though he was paid a compliment, might have been backhanded but it’s still a compliment. We also have Duke Hudson trying to step up and get a piece of the NXT champion next week!  

Thanks for reading, 

Pixc Out