WWE NXT Weekly Roundup 16th June 2022

WWE NXT Weekly Roundup 16th June 2022

Pixc here back with another NXT weekly roundup. NXT Level Up will kick things off! Let’s see who can up their game this week. 


Valentina Feroz vs Arianna Grace 

Grace looked strong in this match overpowering Feroz. The latter fights out of a ground sleeper before trying for a cheeky roll up, no success though. Feroz comes back using her judo skills to take Grace down. She ends up picking up the win with a sneaky backslide pinfall. 

A solid match, I feel like they are trying to showcase Grace giving her a lot more time shine but Feroz should have got a little more of the offense if you ask me. The cheeky finish didn’t help her look good in my opinion. 

Winner Valentina Feroz 

Sloane Jacobs vs Sierra St Pierre 

Jacobs controls the match early on with a clearly solid grasp of the basics. Sierra fights back enjoying a good patch of offense. Jacobs hits a beautiful butterfly suplex to start a comeback. A flurry of strikes has Sierra down and she finish her off with a flapjack of sorts! 

I like the look of Sloane Jacobs she is one of the youngest on the roster and has a lot of potential. It is nice to see her getting the win. 

Winner Sloane Jacobs 

Dante Chen vs Ikemen Jiro 

Early on we get a sequence of pinfall attempts, showing off both superstars' resilience and flexibility. Jiro takes a brutal knee to the mid-section but immediately bounces back with a pinfall attempt. Chen gets Jiro grounded for a time even blocking Jiro’s attempted hip toss. Jiro hits some jacket punches. Jiro gets the win after an Ikemen slash!  

This was a good battle but I felt there were far too many pinfalls for my liking. I’m pleased to see Jiro get the win though after his pointless feud with Von Wagner. 

Winner Ikemen Jiro 

I didn’t really think much of this week's Level Up, it just didn’t grab me. The matches felt a bit basic and generally a bit of filler. Some good wins to put people back on the right track though. 


The Creed Brothers ( c ) vs Malik Blade & Edris Enofe (NXT Tag Team Championship Match) 

Big opportunity for the challengers. Blade struggles for offense against the bigger Brutus. Julius comes in and we see a flicker of hope as he builds some offense, making the tag to Enofe. Julius takes a long time to fight out of a hold Enofe has him, making the latter look a lot more credible in this match.  

Brutus and Julius put the knees to Malik Blade with some double team offense but Julius somehow ends up the wrong part of town, allowing Blade to make the tag. Blade is soon back in but instantly is sent flying by the Creeds who had just dispatched Enofe to the outside. In a somewhat clumsy looking finish Julius tags out then slams Blade down and heads to stop Enofe. Brutus hits the traditional Creed strike on the ground! 

While not a bad match this felt too early for Blade and Enofe, it was just yet more filler in the NXT world. Nice surprise to kick off NXT this week with a title defence but not the best in terms of quality. 

Winners AND still champions The Creed Brothers 

Indi is with Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez backstage. They are sharing stories and she goes a little depressive on them, lamenting times of her success claiming to be a veteran. They remind her she is not much older than them and try to inspire her to return to her one woman wrecking crew attitude. They all have a common enemy, Toxic Attraction. Have to say Indi was great but since leaving her “family” she seems to have lost her way. 

Before we get started with the next match, Apollo Is putting pen to paper in a video segment. He attacks a random customer in a diner for causing trouble for a waitress, bit weird. 

Tiffany Stratton vs Fallon Henley 

In this breakout tournament rematch, Fallon is looking for a slice of revenge while Tiffany Statton is looking to get back to winning ways. Fallon comes out of the gates aggressive as wild mare out to prove herself. Stratton gets back in control with springboard into the ring. Stratton then locks in a very unique submission hold that looked just as hard for her to keep in place as it was for Fallon to counter it into a pinfall, which the latter achieved.  

Wendy Choo hops down to the ring on a “hippity hop” space hopper popping confetti in Stratton’s face before Fallon rolls her up for a cheeky victory! I have to say both of these ladies show a lot of potential and I’m actually looking forward to Wendy Choo getting into a match with Tiffany Stratton. Shame Fallon’s win had to come from shenanigans but it’s nice to see her win anyway.  

Winner Fallon Henley 

Cameron Grimes is walking backstage when fellow superstars offer their congratulations on a great match and condolences for losing the title, even Bron Breakker offers words of encouragement. Grimes is “not looking for sympathy” he says though and Duke Hudson approaches Bron to advise him not to give Grimes any ideas. Guess the poker master is still a bit sore about that one! Bron finds he is still harping on about a DQ win so offers him a title match tonight to settle things, bold move champ! 

Lash Legend is hyping herself up next, taking a shot at Alba Fyre and listing her athletic accomplishments. She was great on her talk show but I'm not a fan otherwise.  

Wes Lee vs Xyon Quinn 

Wes Lee looked for the quick win but Quinn is not going down that easy. Quinn then takes hold of the match. He gets over confident and Wes Lee hits him with some sudden quick offense, finishing with a dive from the top, game over! 

I was quite pleased to see Wes Lee pick up the win but intrigued to see where this goes. Xyon Quinn looked a dominant and entertaining force when he was colliding with Santos Escobar and Legado del Fantasma. Now he just seems like any other big guy and wasted. 

Winner Wes Lee 

Nathan Frazer talks about his journey to the WWE next, saying he was big into football as a kid on the island of Jersey near France. Feel like WWE is on a one trick pony right now with all the new up and coming talent telling us their background or the journey in a sentimental emotional kind of way, I think for a lot of fans that will draw people in so hopefully it works out. 

The Dyad vs Dante Chen & Javier Bernal 

The crowd chanting for the hood to be taken off and Bernal is lost as to what to do. One of the Dyads launches at him and the match takes off. Chen takes some punishment and I find this bizarre and tough to write but weirdly refreshing. Bernal comes in and builds momentum but it doesn’t last.  

They hit a double team elevated DDT for the victory with Gacy maniacally pleased looking on. We get a few words from him. Preaching his place of acceptance, all I find myself thinking is reveal who they are, I want to know if they are ruining perfectly good talent, I'm intrigued but I don’t like the concept of them working hooded. 

Winners The Dyad 

Sanga is just chilling with the ladies when Xyon “can’t get a win” Quinn is walking past, he makes a comment to the Samoan which riles him up to reply. Sanga then declares he has found his next opponent! Love Sanga, just something about him, hopefully he will go far. 

Nikkita Lyons gives us an update, she is hoping to return soon! 

Tony D’Angelo arrives to the ring with the family. He promotes Two Dimes and Stacks to Soldiers of the family. Like they weren’t already. He then explains the code to Santos and Legado del Fantasma. He offers his hand to them all, they reluctantly shake them. Tony then talks about having a title to go with his ‘title’ of Don of NXT. Unfortunately, he accidentally on purpose I feel emphasises the A in that sentence. Carmelo and Trick come out to voice their displeasure and they warn him not to come after the ‘A’ champion.  

Tony isn’t fazed. He says he calls the shots and books himself in a title match next week vs Carmelo. Two Dimes offers that he and Stacks soften them up tonight as they look ready to go. D’Angelo accepts this idea, I did quite enjoy Escobar, Del Toro and Wylde giggling away in the background. Great segment I'm just not keen on the expanded family idea, hopefully Santos has a plan to ruin this merger sometime soon.  

Mandy Rose and Toxic Attraction hype their confrontation with their opponents up next. This was great with Jacy Jayne taking shots at the plucky young trio. She calls Indi desperate and I have to say it kind of fits. Hopefully we see Indi find her way back to form though. 

Bron Breakker ( c ) vs Duke Hudson (NXT Championship Match) 

Duke attacks Bron straight from the bell. This fires Bron up who dominates Duke in a quick squash. What a boring pointless waste of TV time this match was. Had a lot of potential to put on a good match here but they chose to squash Duke like bug on a car windscreen! I guess that explains why it wasn’t the main event. Wonder if we might see Duke’s name on the future endeavours list soon? 

Here we go though, Cameron Grimes is out here to prove a point. He talks about daddy’s boy and claims he’s only at the top because of his family. He then says he is tired of all the cutting the line let’s take this rocket to the moon! Great American Bash for that NXT Title. All I’m thinking is they are using him to put over Bron Breakker. The show of respect despite the obvious frustration and animosity. I’m excited but only reservedly so because I believe I know how this story plays out. 

Winner AND STILL champ, Bron Breakker 

Ivy Nile is watching Tatum Paxley who is telling someone on the phone she knows she has to do better. Ivy Nile gives her some encouragement, Roderick Strong shows up with Damon Kemp and tells her no excuses, why are you talking to her, he is pretty harsh. The Creed Brothers show up and he has another pop at them for their sportsmanship after the match. They announce they have got him and Kemp a match next week, Strong says his ankle is only 63% and Ivy Nile says “no excuses” so Strong concedes he has to compete and he leaves with Kemp! Great stuff from Diamond Mine all round here. 

McKenzie is with Robert Stone, Sofia Cromwell and Von Wagner. Robert Stone calls Jensen a cheater for helping Briggs with the cast last week and say the truth shall set you free and the truth is, nobody cares about Von Wagner! The sooner we can all move on to something more interesting the better. 

Giovanni Vinci vs Guru Raaj  

What a weird entrance, screenshots mid entrance with words displayed to hype his mantra, something different and I kind of like it. Vinci has Raaj in the palm of his hand, doesn’t even seem to be breaking a sweat. Raaj hits a dropkick but Vinci no sells it, just stands there. With a sit-out powerbomb that is all from Vinci! ‘Debut’ victory sealed.  

Really solid squash from Vinci. I’m intrigued by this new character for the man formerly known as Fabian Aichner, I can already see him joining the model agency Max Dupree has started, if it lasts long enough.  

Winner Giovanni Vinci 

Cameron Grimes sees Malik Blade & Edris Enofe leaving. He berated them for leaving early, claiming they aren’t hungry, he doesn’t want to see them waste their talent and he isn’t going to waste his. Putting a fire under a hot tag team, it’s as if Grimes knew I was gonna play down their title match! 

Carmelo & Trick vs Two Dimes & Stacks 

The Family have Trick in trouble until Carmelo tags in. He goes for a springboard and D’Angelo distracts him to let his family take back control. Stacks and Two Dimes take a play out of Legado’s book with Carmelo in the tree of woe, quick tags and stomping a mudhole in him. A double team goes wrong for them though and Trick is tagged back in. 

The family try a distraction but Del Toro mistakenly misses his mark taking out Stacks. Carmelo tags in and hits his lacklustre diving leg drop from the top, game over he didn’t miss! Hopefully that is all this rivalry is going to be, to further develop the rivalry from within the family rather than elevate Tony D’Angelo to champion when Carmelo only just won it back. 

Winners Carmelo & Trick 

Backstage Tony D’Angelo is shouting at the new recruits to the family. He is not impressed with them still looking to Santos Escobar. Conspicuous in her absence is Elektra Lopez though. Interesting though I think.  

Toxic Attraction vs Indi Hartwell, Roxanne Perez & Cora Jade 

For once I feel a little like P-Nut with this match, six-man tags can be fun but this one for me is just a little bland, toxic some might say and not in a good way. Toxic Attraction escape to the outside early on. Perez and Jayne have a nice slug fest in the ring before tagging Indi and Mandy respectively. Cora then gets a piece of Mandy but the women’s champion kicks out of the pinfall attempt.  

Both Gigi and Jacy get involved but Cora fends them both off and still blocks Mandy’s attempt to gain control. Mandy manages a spinebuster though to finally get back on top. Toxic Attraction continue to keep Cora Jade away from the tag, then we get a double knock down which allows Cora to crawl for the tag but Toxic Attraction draw the referee brilliantly away to make the tag null and void. The referee has to play dumb and he didn’t see the tag so it clearly didn’t happen if that’s what Vince requires right now at least.  

Perez builds momentum next, smashing Gigi all over the place. Jayne barely lands her Senton to break the cover and Indi steps in to clean house. Cora tags in hitting a top rope dive and Perez tags in for the pinfall, victory for the would-be challengers to throne so to speak. 

Winners Indi, Roxanne and Cora 

I wasn’t jumping excitement at this weeks NXT, it was I’d say an average episode but worth a watch. I only had one major gripe and that was the pointless NXT title match between Bron Breakker and Duke Hudson. There’s always something that intrigues me with NXT, keeping me watching. I know it’s not everybody's cup of tea but I’m curious if anyone else still keeps watching weekly. 

Thanks for reading, 

Pixc Out