WWE NXT Weekly Roundup 13th May 2022

WWE NXT Weekly Roundup 13th May 2022

Pixc here back with another NXT weekly round up. NXT Level Up will kick things off again with a brief summary of this before the NXT goings on. Wonder what will happen this week on Level Up! 


Tatum Paxley & Ivy Nile vs Erica Yan & Sarray 

Have to say Ivy Nile still does not look impressed with her tag team partner. Sarray and Erica Yan could be a good team, more for Sarray to do at least. Tatum Paxley didn’t look great in the early going and Ivy Nile didn’t look impressed when she tagged out. Nille looking good but it is a slow methodical match. Paxley gets better as things go on, maybe in response to Ivy Nile’s dominance.  

Ivy Nile tags herself in, both legal competitors unaware. She then makes Yen tap out as Paxley holds Sarray back, Ivy isn’t impressed but to be fair I think she did well, suppose it’s something that might build over time. 

Winners Ivy Nile & Tatum Paxley 

Sloane Jacobs vs Thea Hail 

Sloane Jacobs looked strong, avoiding a lot of Hail’s offense or just soaking it up it seemed. Hail gets a nice flurry though and Jacobs blocks her to finish it off with a Samoan drop looking slam. Nice build to her momentum going into the breakout tournament. 

This was a solid bout but there was nothing worth talking about really. A lot of talk about them being two of the youngest on the roster.  

Winner Sloane Jacobs 

Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo & Troy “Two Dimes” Donovan vs Dante Chen & Javier Bernal 

Good to give Tony D’Angelo’s henchmen some action as a tag time. D’Angelo chats with commentary, interesting stuff but distracts from the in-ring action. Dante Chen looks good and has control as D’Angelo shouts at his boys. Stacks eventually gets the tag. The match looks like it turns in their favour then but Chen comes back in and again looks in control, Stacks fights out of it and tags Two Dimes in, he hits a boot and they manage a double team before Two Dimes gets a pinfall victory. 

Still got a good chunk of work to be done to make these guys credible as a tag team if you ask me. I just think the match was a bit boring, all about D’Angelo and building his character to be fair. 

Winners Stacks & Two Dimes 


It’s time for another weekly round of NXT with yours truly, Pixc. After Springbreakin we will get started with the women’s breakout tournament I believe. We get a recap of Springbreakin’ and a vignette with Joe Gacy to kick off with a weird bang! 

Toxic Attraction ( c ) vs Wendy Choo & Roxanne Perez (NXT Women’s Tag Title Match) 

Wendy Choo enters the ring from behind Toxic Attraction diving on Toxic Attraction, including Mandy Rose. Brilliant start to the match. Toxic Attraction take control with an excellent double team. Wendy Choo has a great spell and opens the ropes for a diving Perez and the champs are laid out. Gigi takes over as I squint at picture in picture wrestling yet again.  

Wendy Choo fights out to get the tag even foiling a blind tag. As Perez builds momentum the crowd chant Rok-C as commentary try to remind everyone who it is, had to stop and rant about greedy corporate. Anyway Gigi is in trouble, Perez looking to dive on her is surprised to see Mandy Rose in the ring checking on her buddy. The referee has lost all control and Wendy Choo comes over to take Mandy out. In the chaos, Jacy Jayne sneaks in unnoticed super kicking Perez mid move, Gigi stacks her in a quick cover and it’s over. Wendy Choo is not done though attacking them after the match, of course she gets beat down. 

Another defence for Toxic Attraction, more time at the top for the Toxic trio. Not impressed but it was ok as a match and the finish was interesting, I guess. A little sloppy but different, just give me the fall of Toxic Attraction now, I’m kind of bored of them. Mandy definitely needs to lose the title. Feels like they need to build contenders if they even care about the women’s tag titles. 

Winners Toxic Attraction 

Grayson Waller is taken out on a shopping trip by Tiffany Stratton, seems an excellent combo really they suit each other. Which is followed by a segment with Diamond Mine, Roderick Strong has a chat with the Creed Brothers, still pissed about their win they announce their intentions to face the Viking Raiders again and beat them fairly. Strong has other plans afoot though introducing them to the newest member of Diamond Mine, Damon Kemp. Julius is not impressed, saying they will talk about this later. Bit of handbags in the Diamond Mine, oo er! 

Joe Gacy arrives next talking about change and two hooded figures who have stepped up to join him. He invites Bron Breakker to join them, bit anticlimactic this one, expected a reveal or a beat down by Bron, just a slow build to nothing so far. 

Sarray is with Andre Chase and Bodhi next, she manages with a little help from Bodhi to convince Chase to go ask that his match be made a mixed tag, going against Grayson Waller and Tiffany Stratton, interesting segment. 

We get the inaugural Ivy Nile challenge. Ivy making everyone do push ups. If they can’t keep up they gotta go. Next up is our Women’s breakout tournament. 

Sloane Jacobs vs Fallon Henley (breakout tournament match) 

Jacobs looks to get more of the offense early on but Briggs and Jensen come out to throw her off her game and support their team mate. Fallon turns things around following this. We get a double knockdown in the middle of the ring, both women had the same idea. Henley looks in trouble again but she manages to reverse things, put Jacobs down before finishing her off with a shining wizard! 

This was ok, nothing special but predictable and we get a show of sportsmanship from Fallon and her buddies at the end. Nice to see. 

Winner Fallon Henley 

Interesting segment next as Santos Escobar is talking to McKenzie with Legado del Fantasma. Talking about the disrespect from Tony D’Angelo and the demise of AJ Galante. I like this rivalry but I'm not convinced it will end well for Santos and his crew. His team haven’t been given the gold or the winning streaks you would expect from a well-oiled faction. He tells Cruz go start the car, seems like a setup for Cruz to get attacked if you ask me. 

Would you look at that I was right, Tony D’Angelo, Two Dimes and Stacks are lying in wait, they beat him up and put him in the boot of their car. I wonder how Legado will respond? 

Amari Miller vs Alba Fyre (Formerly Kay Lee Ray) 

Wow, Alba Fyre’s entrance is well, fire! This makes me think she is going places, but we will have to wait and see. We get a picture in picture of Ivy Nile’s challenge going on which to me stinks of a lack of respect for the competitors in the ring. Miller isn’t getting squashed in this one which I’m surprised at. You can see Alba Fyre is talking Miller through it and giving her chance to shine.  

She hits the Fyre Bomb, then dives from the top to pick the win up as expected. I have to say this was a solid match but again nothing special, Miller is a likeable character I feel and she doesn’t look bad in the ring either so hopefully she gets her time down the line. Alba Fyre needs to be pushed now though, we need a new women’s champ and this should be who gets it for me, build on her success in the UK and push her! 

Winner Alba Fyre 

Carmelo and Trick arrive to the arena, Solo Sikoa locks them out, saying “not today boys!” Cora is then backstage talking about her main event match vs Natalya, she’s ready. That should be a belter! 

Solo Sikoa comes to the ring next, the crowd are fully behind him. He talks about the North American Championship match, he wants next. Grimes comes out and gives him his word. As Sikoa leaves Carmelo and Trick sneak in behind Grimes and lay him out. They look to end him with a chair but Sikoa finally sees it and runs down taking them both out! Good segment, if a little repetitive. 

We get another development with the mafia style war. Legado find out Cruz is gone and Escobar rings D’Angelo. They have a typical war of words, agreeing to meet next week. Escobar finishes by telling him “Hey Tony, Fuck You!” Great segment, as I said the rivalry is good and hopefully this is it heating up, picking up the pace so to speak. 

Before we get to the mixed tag Nathan Frazer is with McKenzie, as he chats with her Xyon Quinn shows up to offer some advice, not sure what it meant Frazer tries to clarify but Quinn takes offense and Wes Lee shows up to help Frazer out redirecting Quinn’s attention to him, it felt a bit overloaded and not making much sense, I don’t get why they are doing this with Quinn he was a Samoan badass face before now he comes across a bit of a twat, not in a good heel way either. 

Grayson Waller & Tiffany Stratton vs Sarray & Andre Chase 

Weird shenanigans with Sarray’s smoke before we start, Bodhi gets changed into a crop top and has Sarray like hair style, while Chase ends up in a blue jumper. Andre Chase looking good earlier on even steals some moves from Waller, taunting his opponent. Sarray chases Statton round the ring, getting knocked down when they enter the ring again. Sarray gets a submission but Stratton fights back. Chase and Sarray hit the Chase U stomps and the crowd are loving it!  

Stratton tags in but knocks Sarray from the apron, hits an assisted moonsault on Chase before tagging back out. Sarray comes back in, a few dropkicks to Stratton and she scarpers to the outside. Sarray then delivers her dropkick finisher to Waller with an assist from Chase. Stratton comes back and looks to end it, dragging Sarray to the corner, Bodhi gives a blast on his airhorn to distract the referee from counting the three, but Stratton gets so irate she dives on him claiming “that’s a teachable moment!” That was a great moment. 

Sarray rolls her up on her return to the ring, it’s over finally Sarray gets a victory against Stratton! A really entertaining match, we got two nice spots where Waller and Chase took some offense from the ladies and it was nice to see Sarray get the win for once! 

Winners Sarray and Andre Chase 

Ivy Nile is back with more of her challenge, it's lunges next and though I think it’s a cool idea it falls flat with me maybe I’ve seen too much of Ivy Nile in one show, maybe it just doesn’t have enough purpose to mean anything, maybe it misses Malcolm Bivens in the background screaming at them? 

Von Wagner is with McKenzie and Robert Stone, Stone explaining why he did what he did or rather just saying anyone who steps to Von Wagner gets destroyed, boring fluff and then Ikemen Jiro attacks him, just bored of this obsession with little guys facing big guys in a david vs goliath scenario, plus we all know Von Wagner isn’t losing that rematch. 

Next we see Mandy Rose and Toxic Attraction talking to Indi it seems genuine at first but when Indi replies they shoot her down clearly just here to gloat. I hope this means we get Indi taking on Mandy Rose, I’d like to see that, then again not like she’d be given the torch and beat her so maybe she should stay away. Just fed up of Mandy Rose as champion. 

Nikkita Lyons vs Arianna Grace (breakout tournament match) 

Grace shows no respect with a cheap shot to start. Grace doing well seems equipped to challenge Lyons even if latter is the favourite to win this tournament. Grace has Lyons down in the ring but Lyons manages to power up to her feet. Lyons fires up after this and seems to suddenly demolish her opponent in a few moves.  

Grace had a good showing but it doesn’t look great when you go from competing well to getting smashed in a couple of moves. She should definitely win it.  

Winner Nikkita Lyons 

We get more Ivy Nile as she is down to a one-on-one training battle if you will. He loses and she carries on like it’s nothing. Just felt flat and pointless. Good idea but something was missing. 

The Viking Raiders then tells us they respect the Creed Brothers. Hyping up the next battle with them, they don’t intend on losing. 

Natalya vs Cora Jade 

 Cora Jade held her own against her idol Natalya. It was a pretty even match. Jade counters a submission rolling through into a dropkick. A nice DDT using the ropes for leverage. Natalya stops her at the top. Natalya has a spell of dominance next sending Cora into the turnbuckle, hurting her leg ready for that sharpshooter. She then uses the ring post to add to this. Natlaya tries for the leglock on the ring post but Cora kicks out of it. Cora fights back then with a step-up enziguiri.  

After a sequence of pinfall attempts Cora uses the sharpshooter, her knee buckles though and Natalya is saved the embarrassment. Natalya soon returns the favour, even pulling Cora away from the ropes just before she reached them, not once but twice. It’s over though as with nowhere to go Cora seems to signal, she is done and the referee calls for the bell. 

This was a great match but the finish just ruined it a bit for me, it might be saved if we get a rematch that Cora wins. Cora does seem to be playing the same old tunes of injured underdog all the time, makes me think she is filling Tegan Nox’s role.  

Winner Natalya 

This was a half decent show, I don’t think my heart was in it this week and some of the matches felt a little boring, but the main event was worth a watch and hopefully both myself and NXT can pick things up next week.  

Pixc Out