WWE NXT Weekly Roundup 10th March 2022

Pixc is back to give you your weekly NXT round up. Roadblock special this week, check out what happened!

WWE NXT Weekly Roundup 10th March 2022

Welcome to another weekly dose of NXT from me, your NXT correspondent, Pixc. NXT Level Up will kick off my weekly roundup again with a brief summary of this before the NXT goings on, let’s see who makes some progress this week! 


They seem to be mentioning the WWE and their main programmes more, really pushing the road to Wrestlemania, which we are indeed on!  

Dante Chen vs Javier Bernal 

Chen debuts on NXT Level Up and Bernal is still looking for that win. A fairly even match this one, with Chen picking up the win via a sneaky pinfall. There was nothing of note in this match but a show of respect at the end with the handshake. 

Winner Dante Chen 

Tiffany Stratton vs Erica Yan 

Erica Yan looking like a mix of Dakota Kai and Kairi Sane in her entrance. Some strange sequences early on, Yan dragging Stratton by her leg. Stratton showing aggression and disrespect, foot on the hair and pulling her up.  

A standing moonsault then a top rope corkscrew splash to the legs of Yan gets Stratton the win here. She has potential but this is just filler.   

Winner Tiffany Stratton  

Legado del Fantasma vs Malik Blade & Edris Enofe 

Firstly I want to say this feels weird having Legado del Fantasma, the tag team on this show, when the rest of the brand seems very “in training.” Even Blade and Enofe are becoming an established team after the Dusty Classic.  

Mendoza and Blade kick us off and they go back and forth but nothing of particular note happens. Enofe is tagged in and although he has him in a headlock, Mendoza manages to tag Wylde in. Wylde turns up the aggression, Blade isolated as his opponents take it in turns to smash him. Enjoying this spell of dominance by Legado del Fantasma, submission locked in, Blade reaching for the tag but he’s nowhere near. Some weird shenanigans that cause Mendoza to go flying over the top rope then Blade crawls to make the tag. Enofe comes in and quickly has Mendoza in submission. Wylde comes in to break the hold, commentary screaming about rules, bit bizarre.  

Enofe is heading up high but Elektra is on hand with a distraction. Wylde takes advantage, pinfall victory. Great match, good storytelling and use of Elektra, not too heavy handed.  

Winners Legado del Fantasma 

Probably the weakest Level Up so far, just nothing special overall but the main event was a solid bout. Interesting how they seem to be putting two filler matches then a solid main event, highlights for me are how it is likely not much different to 205 live or say Velocity or Heat back in the day. 


Another week in NXT and we have a big triple threat match in our main event for the NXT Title. A little worried about this one. This one is being billed as a special Roadblock edition of NXT but it feels like it was shoehorned in for another ratings ploy.  

We start with some hype for the main event, with voiceover and rapping. Semi-finals of Women’s Dusty Classic on a special not the final? Weird or what? 

Cora Jade & Raquel Gonzalez vs Wendy Choo & Dakota Kai (Dusty Classic Semi-Final) 

Cora and Wendy have a little sequence before Wendy takes a nap on the floor and she creeps over for the tag, Gonzalez comes in looking to sneak drop an elbow but Wendy was playing sleepy possum and dodges it. Gonzalez gets a reversal and spins Wendy around before dropping her to the mat, near fall follows.  

Good double team from Gonzalez and Cora but Dakota manages to finally get in the match. We look at the Toxic Lounge again with Gigi and Jacy Jayne conspicuous in their absence. Cora is getting pummelled in the wrong part of town. Wendy and Dakota working really well as a team, showing great chemistry.  

As Gonzalez comes to stop Dakota getting involved on the outside, Toxic Attraction appear from behind and attack Gonzalez with a weapon. Cora still hanging in there in the ring. She is in control but you can tell she is running on steam somewhat. Wendy plants her into the mat then tags in Dakota. Cora looks for the tag and Gonzalez is in, looking to be struggling on one leg. Dakota hits her signature and looks for the finishing kick but has a moment, hesitating it allows Gonzalez to block it.  

Wendy and Dakota hit a nice double team quick tag double dive, Cora is nowhere to be seen and Dakota Kai and Wendy Choo pick up the win. Honestly I love this team but I am shocked, I don't know what to say, is it a good move, i'm not sure, only way I can see it working is if Cora Jade takes the NXT women's title from Mandy Rose.

Winners Wendy Choo & Dakota Kai 

Tommaso Ciampa is up next claiming he is going to be a 3-time NXT champion. Tonight it feels different, maybe it’s Dolph Ziggler trying to takeover the brand or his new found respect from Bron Breakker, he seems pretty pumped up! 

A backstage segment as the Creed Brothers seem to have been attacked by Imperium no doubt. We see them getting attended to in med bay as Gonzalez arrives with Cora Jade clearly angry, smashing the filing cabinet before we cut back to the ring. 

Tiffany Stratton vs Fallon Henley 

Stratton and Henley go back and forth to start, Stratton seems the aggressor early on with Henley firing back. Stratton catches her and performs a nice samoan drop. Smoke appears at the top of the ramp. Distracting everyone, this left an opening for Sarray to attack Stratton from behind. Henley hits a shining wizard looking move and it’s over.  

This was a great build for the rivalry between Sarray and Tiffany Stratton. It also gives Henley a win, which for someone who has been featuring prominently as a jobbe is a step in the right direction. Looks like it might move things for her too as Jensen & Briggs come to celebrate, lifting her up on their shoulders.  

Winner Fallon Henley 

Andre Chase is up next, he disses his students, pinning the blame on them for his loss last weekend. He commends Bodhi for taking one for the team and someone criticises him, asking if he oughta get his eye checked out. Chase berates him and throws a basketball at him! Loving the rage from Andre Chase. 

Next, Trick gives us the run down as they see all Carmelo’s opponents, who they all missed. Then Carmelo says he has the gold so he sets the rules. Looks like it’s going to be 5-man ladder match, for his North American Title at Stand and Deliver. They have to qualify first though. 

Lash Legend is welcoming her guest Nikkita Lyons. I like the building of this rivalry but I did think it was a bit over produced, not the right angle for what was said, bit too short. Look forward to the match when it inevitably happens.  

McKenzie is with Barthel and Aichner, who are denying any involvement with the attack on the Creed Brothers, MSK interrupt them and say they will step up and challenge, then give the Creed Brothers the shot Imperium denied them once they are ready.  

Before we get started with the next match, let’s mid-entrance flip backstage as Jensen and Briggs congratulate Fallon on her win some more before they interrogate Legado del Fantasma about them potentially attacking the Creed Brothers. The typical who dunnit?  

LA Knight vs Grayson Waller 

Expecting some serious shenanigans in the last man standing match. LA Knight wastes no time running straight at Waller as he arrives at the top of the ramp. No Sanga accompanying him, wonder if he will make an appearance? Waller blocks the trash can hit but shortly is sent into the steel steps. Before long he stomps a mudhole in Waller. 

Waller manages to hit his rolling stunner but LA Knight doesn’t look like staying down, so Waller grabs him to inflict more punishment. LA Knight cuts Waller off on the top rope hitting a superplex, leaving Waller down, he rolls out of the ring making it an easy stand up. The action continues in picture in picture, descending into a brawl that goes backstage. They head up some scaffolding to the podium. Waller takes a big fall but here we go surprise surprise, it is Sanga. He caught Waller meaning the match continues, LA Knight has had enough, he swings for Sanga with a chair but it only fires up the big man!  

Sanga takes him down but LA Knight is not done yet, he gets handcuffs and ties Sanga round the ring post then heads back to the ring to face Waller. LA Knight is doing some serious damage measuring him for the BFT but Waller escapes. He runs back in for his rolling stunner again but LA Knight catches him and dumps him over the side through a table. Waller just makes it up. 

LA Knight then fires up, battering Waller with a chair whilst he is under a trash can. He then gives Sanga a couple of shots for good measure. As he sets up to put Waller through the announce table, Waller has something up his sleeve and turns the match on its head. He goes to the top and dives putting them both through the table. Waller wins using Sanga to help him up, what a joke! 

So, this was a great match, but I don’t like Waller at all so I'm never going to be a fan of the result. Very predictable, Sanga had a part to play and builds on Waller’s character but LA Knight deserved better and it sucks he didn’t get the win. 

Winner Grayson Waller 

Bron Breakker is backstage hyping up his main event title defence. Comments on his drive and determination to run through this last roadblock to Stand and Deliver.  

Before we get into our last Semi-final of the Women’s Dusty Classic, we have a little segment with Tony D’Angelo, out at a restaurant. More hype for Stand & Deliver, no context or meat to it though, come on Tony give me a clue.  

Io Shirai & Kay Lee Ray vs Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter (Dusty Classic Semi-final) 

Before the match really gets going, commentary get into some saucy discussion about Mandy Rose who has new waiters in Malik Blade and Edris Enofe. Slyly dropping in the innuendo for those adult fans among us. This I feel should have been the final in my eyes. Kayden holds her own against Kay Lee Ray and then tags Kacy in for a bit of double team action.  

Io manages to get tagged in. Kacy and Io bounce off each other well, their styles meshing. Then we get double dives to the outside as Kacy & Kayden look to be on the rise. We return to the ring but Io looks in control. Kayden reverses though and Kacy is back in. Kacy plants Io in the ring but only gets a near fall. A nice sequence leaves Io in trouble. Kayden looks to follow it up but Io drops her into the ropes, allowing her to hit the feint kick. A missile drop kick follows but Kayden kicks out. Kay Lee Ray gets the tag in. She plants Kacy but Kayden retaliates with move of her own.  

Kayden calls for the tag but Io intercepts the double team before we get a big spot. Io is dispatched to the outside and Kacy, “the human highlight reel” hits a poisonrana off the top of Kayden on Kay Lee Ray. Io saves the match by shoving Kayden into the pinfall, that was epic!  

Kay Lee Ray then gets her chance hits a KLR Bomb and Io hits a moonsault after the tag, it’s over Io and Kay Lee Ray advance. I have to say even though I expected this to be full of twists and turns, I kind of feel let down that it seems more focused on makeshift tag teams winning than established ones, I can accept it’s harder with the women’s side of things, but three legit teams have gone out, even if one was a recent pairing. I also think the prospect of them facing Toxic Attraction makes for zero fucks given who wins because why would they have Toxic Attraction lose to a makeshift team even if it is Io and Kay Lee Ray or Dakota Kai and Wendy Choo. Curious to see where it goes but considering this is a special but the final isn’t on here, a little disappointed. 

Winners Io Shirai and Kay Lee Ray 

McKenzie is with Tiffany Stratton, they are building to her having a match with Sarray, typical highschool bully girl, works well and can imagine it will be going down well with a lot of fans. Sarray got a little revenge earlier but this should be interesting. Sarray didn’t have a good run first time round and if she lost here it might hurt her a bit too much. Plus, doesn’t really tie in with WWE’s be a star programme, does it? 

MSK vs Imperium 

Nash and Barthel get us started. Standard stuff from MSK and Imperium evenly matched, back and forth. Commentary is more focused on the attack on the Creed Brothers. Wes Lee comes in and we get a striking double team combo before Wes Lee follows up with more kicks. 

Aichner comes in and his aggression is much needed for Imperium. Wes Lee manages to weather the storm and drag Aichner over for a tag. Imperium get control back next, Barthel back in. Nash manges to get a knee in which creates an opening, it almost doesn’t happen but the tag is still made, more predictable tag team wrestling from MSK. Aichner drops Wes Lee in the middle of the ring.  

Shenanigans incoming, the Creed Brothers descend on the action disrupting the match and throwing it out. This one was for you James, or is it Simon now. It’s a no contest! 

Do we get a triple threat at Stand & Deliver? I think so. 

No Contest 

Backstage Draco Anthony is interrupted by Joe Gacy and Harland. They seem to be hankering for him to join them, Xyon Quinn arrives and advises him against it, claiming the two don’t have his best interests at heart. I’d really love to see Xyon Quinn go up against Harland but not yet, I’d rather have Xyon Quinn be the one to beat him, not lose to him. 

Ziggler is up next saying he is about to screw the whole weekend up.  

Before our main event we get a hype video for A-Kid who is heading to NXT 2.0. Then we get a strange Kai-En-Tai esque segment from Ikemen Jiro and Kushida commenting on A-Kid's arrival. Kushida is not impressed and Jiro is so excited, wonder if his debut will be against Kushida. Interestingly, I feel this could tie with the WWE My Rise career where I know our very own JP has his first scheduled match against Kushida, interesting. 

Dolph Ziggler vs Tommaso Ciampa vs Bron Breakker ( c ) (NXT Championship Match) 

Oh no, danger signs already, Ziggler’s comment, Ciampa’s entrance, possibly even Bron Breakker’s outfit. I feel this could be a rush for Bron Breakker to either Smackdown or Raw.  

Ziggler instantly slides out of the ring, Bron looks to forge an alliance and strike a pincer movement but Ciampa attacks him. The two challengers seem to have the better of him, he even dives over Ciampa looking for a shoulder block. Eventually he hits a double suplex on them both, clumsy as it looked, I’m not sure who was at fault, could easily have been Ciampa.  

Ciampa gets in the drivers seat next, taking both opponents out before giving himself his traditional pat on the back! Love that taunt. He follows up with some running corner attacks for both, before taking a poorly timed dropkick from Ziggler that it seems commentary try covering up as a knee or something. Breakker clotheslines Ziggler down and picture in picture interrupts your main event. Yes Vince, because what we really want with our wrestling is a big old side of adverts right in the middle of a main event match, you don’t need the money so stop it off, record profits, first you start releasing talented superstars and bringing back old timers, then you force adverts into every match, get a grip!  

As we come back Ziggler is suplexed by Bron and Ciampa then takes some punishment, he locks in the Steiner Recliner. Ziggler then joins in with a sleeper. Ciampa survives, Bron soon does the same, just. Just to say I told you so, Kushida vs A-Kid confirmed, predictable but makes sense. Ciampa sends Bron to the outside but Ziggler sneaks a roll up, so close! Ziggler then hits a Famouser and a ZigZag but still Ciampa kicks out.  

Bron returns to the ring but Ciampa hits him with a knee. Ciampa looks for the Fairy-tale Ending but Bron Breakker looks to dive to break it up, missing by a mile and looking worse than Shawn Stasiak. Ciampa hits the move and Ziggler kicks out. Bron comes back on Ciampa’s second attempt this time connecting with a spear.  

Ziggler tries to capitalize but Bron dodges and then takes him out with a brutal spear. He goes to finish things, powerslam, cover but Robert Roode has arrived to pull the referee from the ring. Bron drops him with a punch and then goes to get back in the ring, Ciampa is waiting and hits Willow’s Bell, then the Fairy-tale Ending, but Ziggler pathetically shoves him out of the way. Luckily Bron kicks out as this was such a stupid move, throw him out of the ring or hit a super kick anything but that.  

Then it gets a bit chaotic, Ciampa throws Ziggler out, Roode pulls Breakker out of the ring. Ziggler sneaks in the back and hits a super kick, falling into the cover, it’s over! NEW NXT Champion Dolph Ziggler …....... what? So what was NXT 2.0 for? Why is this happening? I feel a rant coming on. 

First of all, let me put the result to one side, we know that isn’t what we would have expected. The match itself was pretty damn good. I liked that the interference from Roode was minimal and near the end providing maximum impact. There were some obvious errors which I hadn’t spotted in any of these guys work before but I still enjoyed the match and the ending was chaotic, which is often a crowd pleaser. 


This show was in short, a bit of not so special, special. The only big matches were the main event and last man standing matches, which would be fine but we could have had the Women’s Dusty Classic final here and it would have been better. The wrestling wasn’t poor aside from a few surprising botches in the main event I believe but it just reeks of more TV ratings ploys. Considering how I was feeling having had the main event spoiled by my silly social media scouring self, I was glad I still enjoyed the show. 

Pixc Out.