WWE NXT weekly review 8th December 2022

WWE NXT weekly review 8th December 2022

Pixc here back with another weekly dose of vitamin NXT. As usual NXT Level Up will kick things off and then we can see what NXT will bring this week. It seems we are starting with  
Oro Mensah in action! 


Oro Mensah vs Myles Borne 

Borne is looking to get back to winning ways here. It seems to be a pretty even match, Mensah doesn’t shy away from some innovation delighting the fans in the ring. Mensah finishes the match with a spinning heel kick in the corner. A solid match and a show of respect at the end of the match. 

Winner Oro Mensah Match Grade: B 

New superstar Tavion Heights gets some interview time. He sells his background in Greco-Roman wrestling and claims he is going to stack Stacks! So far I'm intrigued. 

Segment Grade: C+ 

Tavion Heights vs Channing ‘Stacks’ Lorenzo Match Grade: C+ 

This match was surprisingly good. Tavion held his own against Stacks, clearly using his skillset to tie Stacks up in knots somewhat. Stacks hits a knee to Tavion out of nowhere and it proves to be enough to keep his opponent down. 

Winner Stacks 

Thea Hail vs Sol Ruca Match Grade: C+ 

Sol Ruca uses her strength to gain some advantage over the shorter Thea Hail. Even her athleticism seems to give her an answer to the experience of her opponent. The almost sneaks a win with a reversal but has to build from it. She struggles to capitalize with Sol Ruca getting several near falls before Thea Hail, counters into her own pinfall for the victory! Enjoyed this one and glad Thea Hail got the win, go Chase U! 

Winner Thea Hail 

It was good to someone new in Tavion Heights and some familiar faces kept this week’s level up interesting. Worth a watch but don’t expect anything ground-breaking. 


NXT kicks off with our first wildcard triple threat. The men will be starting the show on what should be an interesting final NXT before Deadline! 

Von Wagner vs Axiom vs Andre Chase (Wildcard for the final spot in the Iron Survivor Challenge) 

Duke and Thea hype up Andre Chase before he makes his way to the ring, you love to see it! Chase explodes on Von Wagner to start before Von Wagner finds a window to smash them both. Von Wagner asserts his dominance by throwing Axiom to the outside, straight onto Andre Chase right before everybody's favourite feature picture in picture adverts!  

When we return Andre Chase intercepts Von Wagner attempting a superplex on Axiom, with a little help from the latter he manages to bring the big guy crashing down. He manages to continue this momentum stopping Axiom in his tracks and once again, all be it clumsily taking out Von Wagner. After a nice sequence of action Andre Chase hits a beautiful sit-out powerbomb that would have been a perfect ending to the match.  

Chase takes both down with a DDT combo then dives on Von Wagner for a crossbody. He bounces off though rolling to the outside, which seemed really odd. Then Axiom hits the Golden Ratio for the victory and a place in the Iron Survivor Challenge at Deadline! Now that is a surprise, I didn’t think they would pick Axiom to go through here, but I do think he will be more entertaining in a multi-person match and credit to the creative for not bringing us another ladder match. 

Winner Axiom – Match Grade: C+ 

We get a little video package hyping Cora Jade as a contender in the Iron Survivor Challenge.  

Segment Grade: C 

Ivy Nile is out to protect her ‘brothers’ when Julius is almost cleared to compete. She has the doctor check his ribs and it means Julius has to wait to get his hands on Sanga and Veer. Both of the brothers are not happy with her.  

Segment Grade: B 

Bron Breakker is up next and he’s going fishing. He is not alone as Apollo joins him for some Deadline buildup banter! These two seem to work really well together and bounce off each other well. In fact I’d say the build to this title match is actually really solid.  

Segment Grade: A 

Bryson Montana looked to be set for a match but Sanga and Veer destroy him before Javier Bernal comes out. Bernal decides it’s not a good idea to get in the ring, walking back up the ramp. Veer and Sanga call out the Creed Brothers declining their challenge until they are 100%. The Creed Brothers come out for a staredown while being held back.  

Segment Grade: C 

Next up Andre Chase is nursing his battle scars from the triple threat with Duke by his side. Thea comes in to let them know she has a match vs Isla Dawn tonight, Duke says not to take it but Andre Chase encourages her to go for it and snaps at Duke when he questions him! 

Segment Grade: C+ 

We get a video package with the Don of NXT, Tony D’Angelo claiming it’s time NXT ran on his watch. Short and sweet from a returning Tony D’Angelo. 

Segment Grade: C 

This is followed by a tiktok segment with Amari and Sol Ruca dancing but it’s a bit pantomime as it’s whats behind them that draws the real attention! Jensen and Briggs in a confrontation with Blade and Enofe. 

Segment Grade: C+ 

Tony D’Angelo vs Xyon Quinn 

In a surprising turn of events, Tony D’Angelo pretty much squashes Xyon Quinn. Great way to re-introduce the Don of NXT but seems a little unusual to have Quinn lose so emphatically.  

Winner Tony D’Angelo Match Grade: C- 

After the match, Tony D’Angelo calls out Wes Lee claiming he is the reason he was out injured and well who would’ve guessed it, Wes Lee appears. He welcomes his rival back but says he will have to wait as he needs to deal with Dijak. Tony D’Angelo is not impressed and drags the latters name into it, prompting Dijak to appear on screen. He finishes the segment claiming nobody can stop him. Stacks attempts to attack Wes Lee who retaliates and escapes backwards out of the ring. 

Segment Grade: B 

Hank Walker is backstage in a scene from last week. He steps up to Charlie Dempsey offer to prove to him that he belongs. Naturally the roughneck superstar is keen to stretch him out. Intriguing development. Walker is relatable and I just love Charlie Dempsey, he gives me Timothy Thatcher vibes, kind of miss that guy! 

Segment Grade: B+ 

Another segment gets shoved in before the next match. A bit of vignette from Scrypts. Nothing major but it filled a gap. 

Segment Grade: C 

Hank Walker vs Charlie Dempsey 

Walker gives a little fight early on but Dempsey takes control and as he does Drew Gulak arrives to watch from ringside. Walker picks up some serious momentum taking it to the roughneck superstar but Dempsey manages to hook him into a submission and the stretches him out until he taps. 

I have to admit Walker put up a great fight and this match shows that he has a bright future, just maybe stay away from Charlie Dempsey who looks set to stretch the entire locker room out. 

Winner Charlie Dempsey Match Grade: B 

We get a vignette from Zoey Stark next; I honestly think she is sleeping on an angry Nikkita Lyons. 

Segment Grade: C- 

Grayson Waller gets some interview time to hype up his chances in the Iron Survivor Challenge. He is always gold as the annoying heel, he’s so full of himself! A little cheesy leaving it just a shy of a top segment for me. 

Segment Grade: B+   

Pretty Deadly are up next with their hilarious Christmas story. These guys are always gold and we get a big surprise when New Day turn up to challenge them for the titles at Deadline! The champs go attack the New Day but it doesn’t end well for them, what a brilliant segment, only hindered by the fact it’s a team from the main roster coming down to challenge them!  

Segment Grade: A 

Isla Dawn is cackling her way through a segment, hoping Alba Fyre is watching her match tonight! 

Segment Grade: C+ 

Javier Bernal is backstage still running from Indus Sher when McKenzie grabs him for a quick chat. He claims he needs someone more unbiased and she obliges grabbing Ikemen Jiro. The latter promptly calls him big body chicken! The banter between Bernal and McKenzie is great.  

Segment Grade: B 

Thea Hail vs Isla Dawn 

Thea does get some offense in but it is short-lived as Isla Dawn puts her down twice and pins her. A quick match which was clearly all about giving Isla Dawn her first win and building momentum into Deadline.  

Smoke billows up around the ring in the aftermath and Dawn senses it, Alba Fyre attacks and gets the best of her opponent while I referee takes the mist in the face, poor guy. 

Winner Isla Dawn Match Grade: C- 

Another video package next for Kiana James, everyone loves the smell of strategy right?  

Segment Grade: C+ 

We get another video packaging hyping Lyra Valkyria debuting next week. Interesting, something to look forward to. I kind of like a good coming soon promo. 

Segment Grade: B 

Brooks Jensen & Josh Briggs vs Malik Blade & Edris Enofe 

Jensen & Briggs don’t need long before they hit their traditional punches on the outside. Kiana James’ lovely assistant pops a little envelope into Jensen’s ring gear on the outside distracting him in the ring, allowing Blade and Enofe to take control but it seems this match is all over the place as Von Wagner and Odyssey Jones spill into the area brawling. Enofe is left high and dry against his opponents, who capitalise with a double team and pick up the win! 

Surprised to see a sign of sportsmanship despite the clear confrontation backstage at that live event we saw earlier, makes it seem a waste now. Another below average match but this time because of the mess at ringside for me.  

Winners Jensen & Briggs Match Grade: C- 

Another Iron Survivor Challenge package next with Roxanne Perez. Honestly I think she is in with a good shout this weekend.  

Segment Grade: C+ 

Before our next match another segment is shoehorned in. Fallon is getting ready to face Indi and Wendy Choo while Jensen has VIP tickets from Kiana James to Deadline. Fallon is pissed off but Jensen reckons she performs better like that!  

Segment Grade: C+  

Wendy Choo vs Indi Hartwell vs Fallon Henley (Wildcard for the final spot in the Iron Survivor Challenge) 

Indi seems to take control early on, even attempting to pin both opponents at the same time. Falllon somehow manages to take both her opponents down soon after too. Picture in picture disrupts my viewing and I forget my hatred for adverts momentarily as Twix reminds me it doesn’t matter which you choose, left or right they are both chewy and delicious, can’t help but chuckle at the bears eyeing up their supper!  

Indi once again takes control after the break but has to escape a pinfall from Fallon and withstand some heavy offense from the firecracker. Wendy comes into her own a bit more following this but gets caught with a spinebuster, Fallon saving the match on this occasion. Wendy sends both of her opponents toppling into the ring from the top and we see Toxic Attraction looking on, delighting in the carnage they see.  

Indi sneaks in when Wendy looked like she had it all sewn up. Hits her elbow to an already down Fallon and picks up a cheeky win. Not what I expected but I’ll take it, big win for Indi there! 

Winner Indi Match Grade: B 

Just to mention it we get told the order that the Iron Survivor’s will enter the match in will be drawn on the pre-show it seems. No surprise, oh wait I’m not surprised either! 

In our main event, the final spot we have the men’s Iron Survivor Challenge match competitors. Grayson Waller hypes up the match and then introduces his opponents taking a sly dig at each one. The tension is palpable and to me it’s just a question of who hits him first! 

Carmelo and JD seem to be more active in the start but everyone seems to have rivalries to build or alliances to subtly hint at. It built a lot of intrigue and had me excited to see what is going to go down at Deadline! It descends into a brawl when Waller finally wrestles control of his show, JD is the first to strike and it ends the show in chaos with referees trying to break things up! 

Segment Grade: A 

The show this week was ok, some excellent build to the Deadline event at the weekend. I don’t feel like the matches were that great though but it could be because I just wasn’t that engaged in them due to the impending Deadline!  

Show Grade: C+ 

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Thanks for reading. 

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