WWE NXT weekly review 7th October 2022

WWE NXT weekly review 7th October 2022

Pixc here back with another weekly dose of vitamin NXT. As usual NXT Level Up will kick things off and then we can see what NXT will bring this week.  


Javier Bernal vs Ru Feng 

Feng had a good showing in this match. He looked set to win but after a mistake Javier Bernal picks up the win with the “Big Body Javi drop” and it’s over.  

Winner Javier Bernal 

Ikemen Jiro and are Guru Raaj are being asked about how they will coexist as they speak different languages and they do a little spot where they speak their own languages and the other looks inquisitive before they join to say the same together displaying their unity. A well put together segment, let’s see if they actually stick with this. 

Thea Hail vs Valentina Feroz 

Another singles match for Feroz, they are giving her a lot of screen time recently. In a competitve match Feroz once again looks great in singles action. In a surprising twist for Thea Hail it seemed, she rolled into a pinfall from a sleeper and got the pinfall victory. She genuinely looked surprised which suggests she might have been tapping or out amongst all that.  

Winner Thea Hail 

Edris Enofe & Malik Blade vs Guru Raaj & Ikemen Jiro 

This match was a solid match but a little strange. Enofe and Blade were trying to one up each other throughout and it almost cost them the match. They hit a double team to pick up the win but I feel having them lose due to their shenanigans might have made something better out of it. 

Winners Edris Enofe & Malik Blade 

A decent week on Level Up this week, Thea Hail’s strange victory and Enofe and Blade trying one up each other make me feel this is where they try things out to see how the crowd reacts before going to the bigger stage with it. 


Another weekly dose of NXT and finally the art attack vibes are somewhat gone. With a somewhat, dare I say it fiery vibe about the place now. Barrett is pleased to announce Vic Joseph is stuck in immigration and would like to thank the staff there for giving him a week off from working with him! Byron Saxton is joining Sudu Shah and Wade Barrett on commentary this week. 

We kick off with Pretty Deadly decked out in pompous tacky attire, claiming themselves to have no challengers and declaring themselves tag team champions forever, the segment was great except for the terrible attire they wore. They get interrupted unexpectedly by The Brawling Brutes, Ridge Holland and The Bruiser possibly dropping the “Butch” name it seems. The two ask that they prove how good they and they brawl.  

Before we get started with the next match we saw a clip of Toxic Attraction arriving and getting attacked by Alba Fyre who then jumps in after Mandy Rose and the car drives off. 

Carmelo Hayes vs Oro Mensah 

Looks like it is going to be a competitive match but Trick again looks to get involved just doing enough to give Carmelo the opening. Mensah ends up taking a springboard DDT on the apron, hardest part of the ring ya know guys!  

Mensah comes back, continuing to have a good showing before Trick once again provides a distraction and Carmelo hits his leg drop from the top to pick up the win! He motions that he is going to reclaim his North American title as he celebrates. Carmelo stays out at ringside to see who qualifies from this next match. 

Winner Carmelo Hayes 

We cut to a recap of Damon Kemp destroying Brutus Creed. Then we see Brutus with Ivy and Julius getting medical attention, his back looks badly bruised that’s for sure. Duke walks by and goads them, causing Julius to warn him and a match is suggested. This was a great segment to set up Julius fighting but it gives Damon Kemp a chance to build it by interfering maybe? Can see them saving that match for Halloween Havoc if it isn’t Damon Kemp vs Roderick Strong. 

Andre Chase vs Von Wagner 

We start with Chase showing his intelligence by going for the legs of Von Wagner. Chase even gets the stomps in with the crowd chanting along! He gets distracted by Robert Stone and we get a fun little section where Thea Hail picks him up on her shoulders to pull him away from the ring. She then ends up hitting him with a scoop slam as Bodhi cheers her on. I almost forgot Stone destroys the flag amongst this I was so pleased.  

Von Wagner looks to finish things but needs two attempts to finally put Andre Chase down, predictably Von Wagner advances to the ladder match. In the aftermath Wes Lee comes from out of nowhere to take out Carmelo. They brawl a little with the crowd chanting “let them fight!”  

Winner Von Wagner 

Backstage Sanga is a little annoyed Von Wagner is going to the ladder match, he is talking to Nathan Frazer who has a chance to qualify against Axiom next week. Thought that was meant to be this week, suspicious. He hopes Frazer wins and the latter leaves feeling great. Sanga however is joined by Veer, they look great in their suits but isn’t Veer like a massive heel and Sanga is clearly a face, what is going on JP? 

We get Lash Legend telling us she is out to take Wendy Choo out a second time. Then Grayson Waller is taking precautions for his talk show later, hoping Apollo doesn’t come to get him. 

Wendy Choo vs Lash Legend 

In this hard-fought contest, Choo managed to pull off the victory. Lash seemed to make a lot of mistakes letting her in and ultimately costing her the match. This match felt short but that works for me as I’m not a fan of Lash Legend in the ring.  

Winner Wendy Choo 

Wes Lee is backstage explaining his actions, that was not a warning it was a receipt! Stacks interrupts him claiming he injured D’Angelo on purpose and Wes Lee looks frustrated, claiming he didn’t want to win that way. Interesting development but I’m with Wes Lee accidents happen. 

We recap Gallus taking out the NXT security. They are suspended but don’t worry they will be back soon. They call out Pretty Deadly, Jensen & Briggs and Bron Breakker for when they get back.  

Before we find out their new number one contenders, we get a segment with best friends and tag team champions, Kacy & Kayden. I’m not crying you are, what a sentimental moment. 

Toxic Attraction vs Nikkita Lyons & Zoey Stark 

The match seems mainly in Toxic Attraction’s favour but their opponents do rally after a double knock down. Eventually Toxic look to be in complete control and about to finish the match. Jayne ends up down on the outside with Gigi all alone. She takes a go to sleep variant from Stark who then makes sure Jayne stays on the outside allowing Lyons to roar and hit her split-legged pinfall for the victory! I’m still not convinced Lyons should be in tag team action. Glad Toxic Attraction didn’t win and I did spot that Bayley has asked if they want a shot at their tag titles instead.  

Winners Zoe Stark & Nikkita Lyons 

Ilja Dragunov has a great promo next. He recaps losing the UK title and seems keen to return to glory, hoping the crowd will soon be chanting long live the czar again! 

Grayson Waller is up next with his show the Grayson Waller Effect. He introduces Cora Jade as NXT’s Tony Hawk and then Roxanne Perez. Scathing words between the two and Grayson Waller is the quietest he’s been on screen, thank you ladies!  

Waller gets irate they keep talking or in his eyes interrupting him, pure gold! His two announcements are in two weeks we get pick your poison matches, where they pick their opponents matches for a week, the whole WWE roster is open to them for it. Then the second announcement is predictably they will face each other in a spin the wheel, make a deal match. Waller then decides he is going to spin the wheel right now leaving security to watch Cora and Roxanne. He seems to have forgotten about Apollo.  

He finally shows signs of concern looking at the hooded figure stood by the wheel, he shows their bare white skin and relaxes claiming he knew all along. He spins the wheel and it lands on a ‘weapons wild’ match which is a little underwhelming but it works, I guess. Back in the ring Cora and Roxanne start their brawl, security breaking it up while Waller Instagram's it. He spot Apollo on his camera, who pulls him out of the ring and under it. When he emerges, Waller is bloodshot with blood coming from his eyes just like Apollo’s vision.  

Julius if given a pep talk by Ivy Nile as he is set to compete next. First though Joe Gacy and The Dyad are berating a hooded figure for not doing more. Barrett is asking who he is and I agree, I am so curious!  

Julius Creed vs Duke Hudson 

In a really quick match, Julius destroys Duke Hudson. Wow that was a surprise. Brutus comes down to the ring to get him some of Duke with Ivy running to try stop him. Brutus gets his pound of flesh chasing Duke into the ring when Damon Kemp calls them from the podium. He has a cunning plan for Halloween Havoc, he wants to face Julius but if he beats him Brutus is gone from NXT. Brutus answers for Julius accepting the challenge but Julius adds the stipulation of an ambulance match. Wow this one should be interesting, maybe Roderick Strong will return for some payback? 

Winner Julius Creed 

JD McDonagh is up next hyping up the triple threat for the NXT championship. He is claiming the smartest comeptitor will win and after Halloween Havoc you can call him NXT champion!  

Hank Walker is now officially signed to an NXT contract and is set to face Xyon Quinn, security are hyping him up when Quincy arrives to warn Hank about Quinn, whom he has seemingly pissed off. Security and Hank don’t get who could not like Quincy and the latter leads them in sending Hank off in style, chanting away!  

We get another reminder that they changed the time of Axiom vs Frazer III, it’s now scheduled for next week. With a place in the ladder match at Halloween Havoc on the line, this is going to be one to watch!  

Hank Walker vs Xyon Quinn 

A good effort from Hank Walker but the victory goes to Xyon Quinn as out of nowhere he hits one strike and pins his opponent. Not a fan of the finish but the match until that point was pretty good. As Quinn looks to beat down Walker, Quincy arrives to save him. Weirdly Quincy slaps Hank on the bum after he thanked him for the save with a fist bump. You got to love Quincy he is such a character and I just love the mystery surrounding him. 

Winner Xyon Quinn 

Backstage the hooded figure is getting talked to by Cameron Grimes, Joe Gacy and The Dyad come by and beat him up pretty bad. Then acknowledge the hooded figure’s efforts as he is welcomed into The Schism. Intrigued who it is to be honest. 

We get a segment backstage with the Brawling Brutes next. They are getting ready for their title match when Briggs and Jensen approach them claiming they will win the tag titles and they want first shot at the new champs. Blade and Enofe arrive to stake their claim too and Butch smashes a chair to call order. They then ask them both to step up their game before leaving the two teams squabbling.  

Bron Breakker is weighing in on the two earlier promos from his challengers. He gets interrupted by ‘big body Javi’ who might have made a big mistake bringing up his previous NXT title loss in a triple threat. Bron says his stupidity might have earned himself a match with Bron next week! 

Brawling Brutes vs Pretty Deadly 

Shenanigans early on as Pretty Deadly try an illegal tag in order to get an advantage, the tag doesn’t but it somehow distracts Butch enough to get the legal tag. The match seemed to flow well and it’s no surprise it was a competitive contest. Ridge manages to carry his opponent to the corner at one point whilst being locked in a sleeper.

Pretty Deadly keep hanging in there despite the dominance of the Brawling Brutes. Shenanigans continue as Imperium show up distract their opponents at Extreme Rules while Spilt Milk is hit in the ring for the win! A great match and you knew they weren’t losing the titles but it further the feud with Imperium. The aftermath with Malik Blade & Edris Enofe and Jensen & Briggs coming out to stake their claim to be the next challengers. 

Winners Pretty Deadly 

A pretty solid show again this week with the surprise of Brawling Brutes a highlight for me, the crowd loved having the bruiserweight back on NXT. I wasn’t too impressed with Von Wagner winning but hopefully he won’t win the ladder match. 

What did you think of NXT this week? Let us know in the comments below or on our socials.  

Thanks for reading. 

Pixc Out