WWE NXT weekly review 3rd November 2022

WWE NXT weekly review 3rd November 2022

Pixc here back with another weekly dose of vitamin NXT. As usual NXT Level Up will kick things off and then we can see what NXT will bring this week. Halloween Havoc sits between the two sections of this week's review so feel free to check that out too! Just a note, JP will hopefully be including Level up and NXT in his weekly update after this week’s NXT as I am away for a bit, I will be back soon so keep it locked! 


Channing ‘Stacks’ Lorenzo vs Tank Ledger 

Ledger bringing the personality in his entrance. D’Angelo provides a distraction to help Stacks shift the momentum in his favour despite Ledger having a good showing. Stacks hits a weak combo of strikes to pick up the win. Ledger looked great and hopefully we will see more of him going forward. 

Winner Stacks 

Trick Williams is being interviewed but tells Kelly to go count something while he speaks to Carmelo on the phone. He is hyping himself up, claiming he is going to pick up the win despite being all by himself!  

Thea Hail vs Jakara Jackson 

Jakara Jackson’s debut then, she honestly reminds me of B-Fab but with a more refined look and confidence about her, could just be the yellow outfit though. Wouldn’t be your NXT correspondent without a love for yellow. Duke comes out to wave the flag for Thea Hail firing her up. Hail dominates til the end from this point, finishing Jackson sending her face first into the mat! 

Interesting story developing her I believe. Duke Hudson likely driving a wedge between Chase U members and possibly having a face off with Bodhi and/or Andre Chase down the line. 

Winner Thea Hail 

Trick Williams vs Brooks Jensen 

Jensen showing some fire as a less experienced singles competitor but Trick eventually gets a little payback with some sneaky moves. Jensen looks to have scouted Trick well with a nice reversal. Trick  comes back but he hangs in there. Jensen hits a big scissors kick and picks up the win! Now can you dig that? Big win Jensen in singles action and honestly, it’s nice to see someone beat Trick on level up! 

Winner Brooks Jensen 

An interesting show this week, some stories developing with Trick losing without Carmelo by his side, Duke Hudson coming out to help Thea Hail and a debut for Jakara Jackson. You can’t deny either that Tank Ledger looked great in action too. 


Let’s see what NXT has in store for us this week, right here at Real Rasslin! I am looking forward to seeing R Truth in action and I am sure there will be plenty more to get excited about this week.  

We kick things off with Bron Breakker, the NXT champion! Pretty Deadly interrupt his celebration of Halloween Havoc and the success of the show. They whinge about wanting the spotlight. Wes Lee interrupts it but it ends up a bit silly with Bron and Wes Lee allowing them to take the spotlight even giving them an introduction! Wes Lee and Bron cut them off and claim someone always comes after their titles if they open the show, this time it’s them. Knew it! Pretty Deadly complain but seem to be reluctantly up for the challenge. They claim it can’t get any worse but R Truth arrives for the opening match, the cherry on top of the disappointment of Pretty Deadly!  

R Truth vs Grayson Waller 

A solid start with some back and forth until before the break Truth flies to the outside barely catching Waller. Looks like Truth is hurt, as the medical team are checking him out. A bit of a surprising end to what could have been a great match as Truth can no longer compete. Waller gets on the mic and claims NXT is his house and “there ain’t nobody gonna change that!” 

Winner Grayson Waller 

Schism are sat down for an interview with the debut of Ava Raine the focus. They also talk about Cameron Grimes, who claimed on Twitter “they brainwashed Ava Raine” and it’s clear she doesn’t agree. They are going to finish Cameron Grimes when Joe Gacy faces him for the final time.  

Javier Bernal is waiting outside HBK’s office with Blade and Enofe claiming he has a big match tonight. Turns out it is against Odyssey Jones, good luck is all I can say. 

We have some locker room antics next as Zoey is upset about not winning the tag titles. Indi is telling her to wise up as you don’t see her whinging about not getting a title shot and she should be grateful to have the rematch. They trade threats before the locker room breaks them up. Honestly find it weird that Zoey talked about title shots being earned when she came back from injury straight into a title opportunity, thrust back into the tag title picture but other teams haven’t had the same luck. Indi however has been on a winning streak and has nothing coming her way yet. 

Thea Hail is getting fired up for her match vs Kiana James but is concerned about the lack of a flag bearer. Duke Hudson, burst in through a paper wall to claim that responsibility.  

Kiana James vs Thea Hail 

James has the lion’s share of the momentum in the match, Thea had very little chance to shine. She gets pinned late on when Duke Hudson put her legs on the rope, the referee called it but let the match continue. Andre Chase sends Duke Hudson to the back and Thea loses the match as a result unable to turn the tide. As Thea is getting consoled in the ring by Andre Chase he is attacked by Charlie Dempsey, William Regal’s son. Duke Hudson comes out to make the save.  

Although the match showcased Kiana James well, I feel these losses are hurting Thea Hail. It was great to see Charlie Demspey back and I think I’d love to see him destroy Duke Hudson too. 

Winner Kiana James 

We see Briggs and Jensen backstage with Fallon looking forward to see Pretty Deadly lose their titles to Bron and Wes Lee but if not they expect Pretty Deadly will not be able to duck them for much longer. Fallon is served an envelope and the three read the contents as the segment cuts out.  

Before the next match gets started Bron and Wes Lee are discussing their match tonight. Mr Stone arrives to claim Bron is shirking defending his title against the one guy he can’t beat, Von Wagner. Bron seems ok with the challenge but a bit disappointed Von Wagner didn’t step up himself. 

Odyssey Jones vs Javier Bernal  

After 10 month absence Jones is back in action this week! Jones is dominant as expected with his size advantage but Bernal does go after the injury showing at least some smart. Jones finishes him off with a Bossman slam to pick up a big win on his return!  

Some high impact offense in the match but really it was forgettable filler. Nice for Jones to get the win.  

Winner Odyssey Jones 

Toxic Attraction are heading out to the ring next, for Mandy Rose’s 1 year celebration as NXT champion. They introduce a video package to celebrate her success. Mandy Rose, I will put some respect on your name, but only when you earn it and unfortunately your reign as NXT Women’s champion is not it, your storyline work with Otis was worth the respect, your time in Sexy Muscle Friends was worth some respect but they chose not to recognise it and now you are the Roman Reigns of NXT, boring in the ring and chosen to hold a title hostage because they have zero faith in anyone else. It’s just a sad state of affairs. 

Some smoke blinds the champ and Alba Fyre appears and takes Toxic Attraction out, sending Mandy Rose from the ring before putting Gigi through a table. Claiming in two weeks she is taking that title! 

Apollo is backstage next. He is talking about Bron ducking him, claiming he didn’t expect to have to chase Bron with him being a fighting champion, when Von Wagner interrupts him. Von Wagner claims he is the next NXT champion, basically telling Von Wagner to pipe down pipsqueak! 

Indi Hartwell vs Zoey Stark 

In a competitive match Stark had a lot more offense than I expected. She seems to lose her temper a lot during the match and Lyons has to plead with her to keep her cool. Indi shows her power on numerous occasions but didn’t really look like winning. She goes to put Indi through the announce table, but Lyons convinces her not to. She takes her time making her way to the ring. This allows Indi to lie in wait with a big boot and an elbow to the back of the head. Indi picks up a big win here.  

This was a great win for Indi and I’m glad she picked it up as she has been on a roll. This keeps her momentum going on and leaves us all wondering about Lyons and Stark’s title opportunity coming up next week. 

Winner Indi Hartwell 

A vignette runs with the superstar formerly known as T-Bar telling us he has unfinished business in NXT with lots of footage of the title. Then Sanga is once again asked to accompany Valentina Feroz to the ring. She gets her answer, an apologetic no, before Veer arrives to make it all clear. He thinks in NXT they mistake Sanga’s kindness for weakness, cue that reggae number! Sorry but Sanga is amazing as a face and this bullshit from Veer is just him trying to make himself relevant again. Wendy Choo is looking on at this, which puzzles me, maybe we will find out more someday. 

Stark and Lyons are backstage with Stark frustrated she lost. Kayden and Katana arrive claiming she needs to be much better next week, goading them but Lyons holds Stark back from attacking them. We then get a promo for Deadline, the next NXT ‘premium live event’ Dec 10th which should be interesting, I’m liking the graphics at least. 

Cora Jade vs Valentina Feroz 

Feroz looks out of her depth without some support. Cora goads her claiming she doesn’t deserve to be in the ring with her. Cora seems to hold her momentum despite talking trash throughout. Feroz does put up a fight. After a running senton and a DDT though it’s over for Feroz!  

It’s the aftermath that really gets me though, I was wondering if this would happen. Wendy Choo storms the ring to save Feroz from a beatdown with the bat. She takes the initial shot from Cora before hitting a combo of strikes and sending Cora running from the ring with wild swings of the bat!  

Winner Cora Jade 

Stacks is with Ton D’Angelo backstage next, they are talking business with Stacks set to take on Hank Walker next week. Elektra Lopez arrives and they have a moment, she claims she is even more dangerous now. Stacks isn’t convinced but Tony D’Angelo is. Intriguing could we see D’Angelo try to recruit her again?  

Bron Breakker & Wes Lee vs Pretty Deadly ( c ) (NXT Tag Team Title match) 

Wes Lee and Bron Breakker take it to the tag champs but Pretty Deadly are slippery devils and keeps escaping. A blind tag has them turning the match in their favour though, doing some damage to Wes Lee on the outside. Wilson is mocking Bron a lot while he punishes Wes Lee in the ring. Wes Lee dodges both and makes it for the tag. Bron comes in hitting a double suplex on both of Pretty Deadly and the crowd go wild, he sends Wes Lee flying onto them both before Carmelo sneaks in pushing Wes Lee from the top into a roll up. I knew it, it was all a setup for a cheap interference loss for the two champions, why?  

Afterwards Wes Lee is incensed diving onto Carmelo and brawling with him out of sight. Bron is in the ring for some reason about to raise his title in some weird consolation fan service when Von Wagner arrives behind him with a big boot. Excellently done to setup their match. We aren’t quite done as Apollo is seen looking at the action, JD McDonagh comes by to claim that vision Apollo has is going to be pretty tough to make come true, “see you around!”  

Winners AND STILL champions, Pretty Deadly 

Honestly this week I wasn’t expecting much, the R Truth match was a disappointment though. I like the ending how it could set up for another multi person title defence for Bron in the near future or maybe a number one contendership match setting up something at Deadline? I am looking forward to seeing what happens next week but unfortunately I may have to wait a while. Keep it locked though as I believe the wonderful JP will be sinking into the black and yellow void to bring you the rundown while I am away!  

Let us know what you thought in the comments below or on our socials? 

Thanks for reading. 

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