WWE NXT weekly review 27th October 2022

WWE NXT weekly review 27th October 2022

Pixc here back with another weekly dose of vitamin NXT. As usual NXT Level Up will kick things off and then we can see what NXT will bring this week. Halloween Havoc sits between the two sections of this week's review so feel free to check that out too! 


Ikemen Jiro vs Myles Borne 

Interesting match up here, it seems Borne is on a revenge tour.  

A solid week this time around for Level Up. Two superstar I’m not a fan of got beat and I’m a fan to some extent of all the winners, Tank Ledger looks like a good addition to the NXT Roster too. Borne during a routine sequence looks to get injured, holding his knee. He once again falls holding it but still he says he can continue. Jiro locks in a single leg crab and even though he looked like he had the match sewn up, Borne almost pins him for the win. Borne eventually dodges the Ikemen slash and rolls Jiro up for the victory!  

I have to give credit to Borne here, it was a solid match even though it did seem odd the referee didn’t call the match when he was clearly struggling, in other matches it would have definitely ended on stoppage I feel. 

Winner Myles Borne 

Javier Bernal is backstage next hyping his match vs Andre Chase, he thinks he is going to teach him he is all business in the ring.  

Duke Hudson vs Bryson Montana 

Montana is not happy with Duke Hudson, shouting at him as he enters the ring. Montana was definitely in good form, holding his own against the more experienced Hudson. The big boot finishes any chance he had in this match though, Hudson is victorious again. Not a fan of this result but Hudson does show a lot of great heel tactics in this match. 

Winner Duke Hudson 

Javier Bernal vs Andre Chase 

Bernal seems to be a little overwhelmed early on, taking a breather on the outside whilst getting berated by an energetic Thea Hail to return to the ring. Bernal gets his opening and takes control of the match but the crowd and Thea Hail rally around Andre Chase. Bernal gets distracted shouting at the Chase U section. We get the traditional Chase U stomps and a crossbody completes the victory for Andre Chase! A solid match though there was nothing particular exciting about it. 

Winner Andre Chase 

Another decent week of action but a little disappointing not to see any women’s matches if I’m honest. Always a pleasure to see Thea Hail with her energy out there supporting Andre Chase! 


It’s time for the fallout from Halloween Havoc and I for one am excited having seen a few clips accidentally on purpose. I know we may see at least one unexpected guest and one debut tonight, read on to find out more and let’s see what NXT has in store! 

The traditional after a big event recap runs to slowly ease us in. We open on the women’s tag team title match, no entrances.  

Nikkita Lyons & Zoey Stark vs Kayden Carter & Katana Chance ( c ) (NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship Match) 

Shortly into the match we get a great double team from Kayden & Katana but in fairness this was against the momentum of the match early on. Kayden & Katana push their momentum though after Lyons seems in control. As the match develops it feels pretty even. Kayden and Katana turn up the pace once we come back from our picture in picture break. Stark though manages to overpower Kayden and break the pinfall! 

Stark gets her chance to shine but Katana rolls into a pin but doesn’t get it. Stark shows great athleticism to bounce back into the ring and rolls up Katana for the win. Oh wait, bullshit shenanigans the referee calls that he missed a tag and therefore the match restarts. Kayden and Katana obviously get back in control of this match and after a couple of near falls hit a double team while Stark is kept on the outside and pin Lyons in a predictable turn of events! 

I am fed up of this bullshit, pick a way to be and stick to it, stop messing with the rules to create bullshit controversy. Kayden and Katana are an amazing team, they shouldn’t need a silly referee decision mess up to beat a makeshift relatively new team. They wouldn’t suit being heels so don’t give them unnecessary heat! I can’t be bothered with this terrible booking, all of them deserved better than that pointless fiasco! 

At this point I noticed Booker T is on brand, appreciate that Booker T, pay Vic some more money so he can get some yellow in his gear, he deserves it!  

Dragunov is out to save the NXT universe from JD McDonagh, saying tonight he will take him out! 

We get a video package hyping the second coming of someone, Dominik Dijakovic formerly known as T-Bar, let’s go! 

Wes Lee makes his way to the ring, let’s see what he has got for us, our new North American Champion. He talks about not expecting this success especially not on his own, it’s a touching speech that you have to love. You can sense the passion and respect oozing out of him. Grayson Waller interrupts him, gold as ever with his trash talking but R-Truth arrives for some reason ….. Wassup? 

He thinks he is at Halloween Havoc, bit late Truth. Truth says Waller has a British accent and gets the crowd chanting it, hilarious. Wes Lee helps him realise how wrong he is and he celebrates Wes Lee’s title win before asking Waller how he did, Truth is gold throughout and it reminds me of all the excellent comedy segments of NXT before 2.0 and during it. Waller challenges him to a match next week but tries a cheap shot. Wes Lee and R Truth send him packing and R Truth says “see you next week!” This was a real uplift after the bullshit opening match, Truth always puts a smile on my face! 

Blade and Enofe are backstage warming up. Enofe quotes Eminem lyrics to try and hype Blade up.  

Quincy is out in the ring to introduce Shotzi for her match tonight. Before that match though Apollo is putting Grayson Waller in his rear-view mirror. He will be watching as Bron Breakker is expected to be here next week. 

Shotzi vs Lash Legend 

Shotzi looks to chop Lash down to size going for them long legs but then ends up using her own to choke Lash over the ropes for a few seconds. Shotzi weirdly takes ages to get back into the ring allowing Lash to boot her to the outside where Quincy distracts Lash a little.  

Shotzi keeps fighting against Lash’s strength eventually hitting a modified DDT for the victory, pretty solid match. I wasn’t bored like I usually am watching Lash. Shotzi looked great in her Halloween themed attire too!  

Winner Shotzi 

The Creed Brothers are talking with Ivy Nile who sends them out to the ring next. Brutus is heading for a 5 minute match vs Damon Kemp.  

Damon Kemp appears on the titantron, claiming he isn’t medically cleared to compete. Brutus gets hyped up claiming every day he waits the beating he is going to give will get worse. Sanga and Veer have other ideas though attacking the Creed Brothers from behind. I think Sanga hesitates when attacking an injured Julius but Veer snaps him out of it by hitting a lariat on Julius. They stand over the brothers in their suits before leaving the ring. Ivy Nile arrives and is asking why? Vic Joseph is asking why? I am sat here thinking, they are reuniting as a tag team and want to make an impact, by taking out the best team on the roster? Seems obvious really. 

Pretty Deadly are getting hyped and seem to be showing respect for their opponents but in a twist, they reveal they were talking about themselves as usual. Got to love Pretty Deadly, even throwing in a side plate check, I'm getting heel Edge and Christian vibes here.

We get a nice little segment from Toxic Attraction, reminiscent of the Inner Circle stuff from AEW, like a conference call with Mandy Rose stating they will be celebrating her one-year anniversary as champion next week. I can’t wait to see who crashes the party! 

Edris Enofe & Malik Blade vs Pretty Deadly ( c ) (NXT Tag Team Championship Match) 

Booker T comments on Prince and Wilson calling them stars despite their strange fashion choices, also claiming Blade looked like a librarian with his sweater on, funny stuff. For me Pretty Deadly out here looking like Seth Rollins picked out some Beetlejuice looking pinstripe trousers and a lime green net curtain for them, stand out I say though, yes boy!  

We get an early close call as Enofe almost has the victory after an elbow drop. Wilson looks shocked at how much their opponents are bringing it. The match feels to be running at a quick pace with both teams making plenty of tags and it just flows really well. A nice double team from Enofe and Blade really has the crowd pumped! So, you can understand my absolute frustration and going into a picture in picture break at this time.  

As we return, we have a slugfest between Enofe and Prince. Pretty Deadly hang on to their momentum with a couple of quick tags. Blade comes in off the tag and turns things up a notch! The challengers eventually hit a double team move but it isn’t quite enough, Wilson just won’t stay down. Pretty Deadly manage to turn things around and go for Spilt Milk, they almost lose it all but manage to escape the cheeky reversal and hit Spilt Milk for a hard-fought victory!  

That was one of the best tag team matches I’ve seen in a long time, a great competitive match. You have to give credit to both teams as they put on a clinic here!  

JD McDonagh is building to his match vs Dragunov claiming his opponent is a cancerous growth lingering in the back of his mind. I love the sinister character JD McDonagh is building to be fair. He claims he is going to use his ‘necessary evil’ to eliminate Dragunov incapacitating his opponent. Strong words from the Irishman. 

Zoey Stark is frustrated and dare I say a little angry at their loss tonight, Lyons arrives all apologetic but Stark is clearly not upset with her, just the situation. She offers encouragement to Lyons as they have a rematch coming, surely they have to earn it? Bit strange but guess we will see how it plays out.  

Schism are up next. Joe Gacy introduces their mission statement, “remove your mask …... or be torn down” and Fowler continues this speech even taking a shot at the fans. Gacy finishes off by asking his final member to reveal herself. She takes her hood off and her mask before telling us who she is, Ava Raine! If you didn’t know, that ladies and gentlemen is The Rock’s daughter making her debut!  

Sol Ruca is being interviewed before her match but Indi who is her opponent interrupts her and offers some advice, “It’s all about winning!”  

Before the match begins we get a weird voicemail to the performance centre from a mysterious guy called Scrypts. Spooky stuff, different and definitely has me intrigued. 

Indi Hartwell vs Sol Ruca 

In a very quick squash match essentially Indi Hartwell pulls out the victory. There wasn’t much to the match but we soon find out why. Elektra Lopez is back! She attacks both of them, laying them both out, she’s back! Oh yes boy, please do something with Elektra Lopez she deserves a good run and hopefully with a title too. Was a little gutted she was pulled away from Legado del Fantasma but if it means she gets solid singles run I can forgive them for it. 

Winner Indi Hartwell 

We get a very intriguing segment with Duke Hudson and Chase U. Bodhi doesn’t turn up for class and Thea’s pen isn’t working so Duke helps her out, drawing the ire of Andre Chase, who thinks it a sign of disrespect that Duke is not going to take notes. Duke slyly steals a pen from the student next to him who looks all around in panic, unrealistically oblivious to the previous few moments clearly. Something about these segments just draws you in, I can see how most wrestling fans might not be keen on this stuff though. 

Before our main event, Blade and Enofe are lamenting their loss as they leave NXT when, is that Odyssey Jones? It looked like him, is driving by in a truck, he offers them a party with the ladies screaming from in his truck, Enofe is straight jumping in the back. Blade however is hesitant but gets dragged in by a woman sat in the back seat, what a wild segment this was. I’m getting Godfather vibes here without the attitude if you will.  

JD McDonagh vs Ilja Dragunov  

Dragunov is not waiting for the bell pulling JD into the ring as he makes his way to the ring. Early on Dragunov seems to be pretty hurt catching himself in the ropes before getting dashed into the announce table by an aggressive JD. Medical staff check on Dragunov but he doesn’t want to quit. JD continues to punish Dragunov once he returns to the ring. Dragunov still seems to have fight left in him though, seemingly able to block out most of the pain he builds momentum until the knees are up and he falters. 

Is history about to repeat itself, Dragunov collapses but his rage is pushing him on. JD to catches him in a submission, Dragunov fades and the referee is very slow to react calling the stoppage long after Dragunov went limp. JD hanging on with the hold still before wiping Dragunov’s blood on his chest as he rises. What a rivalry, what a match!  

Winner JD McDonagh  

Well, I have to say I was thoroughly entertained by this week's NXT, there was a little rage filled section at the beginning but aside from that this was a great show. I particularly enjoyed the reveal of Ava Raine who got a great pop despite I think the general thoughts I’ve seen online being that she shouldn’t have been a part of this group. It could do wonders for her character development in my book. Even though it feels a bit old hat having Dragunov taken out by JD McDonagh, I’m really enjoying the sinister character he has going on. I was left wanting more and isn’t that the key to all of this? 

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Thanks for reading. 

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