WWE NXT weekly review 20th October 2022

WWE NXT weekly review 20th October 2022

Pixc here back with another weekly dose of vitamin NXT. As usual NXT Level Up will kick things off and then we can see what NXT will bring this week.  


Tank Ledger & Ikemen Jiro vs Duke Hudson & Bryson Montana 

A debut for Tank Ledger in this match and Hudson has a partner now, strange booking to me. Jiro looked to be struggling so he tags out to Tank. Hudson tags Montana in who seems confident. Jiro and Tank combined in a great double team move but Hudson draws the referee and Tank allowing Montana to take control. Jiro comes in on fire, taking it to Montana and knocking Hudson off the apron before hitting the Ikemen Slash for the victory!  

Jiro and Tank were fun to watch in this one and made the match palatable, though I expected their opponents to be victorious. A solid tag team match. 

Winners Ikemen Jiro and Tank Ledger 

Myles Borne has an interview segment next. He is building a good character, thanking the fans for their support and looking to build with another win this week.  

Myles Borne vs Dante Chen 

In a competitive match Borne continues to do well picking up the win, seemingly knocking out Chen with lifting DDT, similar to Edge’s. It was a great finish to the match. I think Borne is going to do well going forward, that’s two straight wins! 

Winner Myles Borne 

Lash Legend vs Ivy Nile 

Lash Legend comes out all sassy and confident taking control from the start of the match. Niles comes back into and the match becomes more competitive. Lash still looks strong hitting a pump kick but Nile isn’t done yet, she even kicks out after a clothesline from her opponent. Lash tries to put some stink on the victory using Ivy Nile’s dragon sleeper. Nile reverses it though locking it in herself for the quick tap out! Glad to see IIvy Nile picking up the win, a little disappointed it was on Level Up. 

Winner Ivy Nile 

A solid week this time around for Level Up. Two superstar I’m not a fan of got beat and I’m a fan to some extent of all the winners, Tank Ledger looks like a good addition to the NXT Roster too. 


This is the final show before Halloween Havoc, with plenty to look forward to. Let’s not forget AEW decided to run Dynamite on a Tuesday so they go head-to-head this week. Will the show stand up to the might of Tony Khan, let’s find out! 

Rhea Ripley vs Roxanne Perez 

We kick NXT off with a bang as Cora Jade selected Rhea Ripley and the entire Judgement Day faction arrives to accompany their dare I say it, leader! In the words of the Brawling Brutes, this one is going to be a banger!  

Rhea shows her strength but Perez is not giving up. Perez has to chase Rhea down which proves to be a mistake as she gets dumped onto the apron, hardest part of the ring ya know! We suffer through picture in picture with Rhea dominating the action. The commentary are very distracted as Booker T is talking about Rey Mysterio, probably because Dominik is out here but it’s honestly a bit of a stretch.  

Perez dodges Rhea having her crash and burn to the outside. Rhea is not down for long enough though, cutting Perez off at the turnbuckle. The NXT star manages to escape the superplex though hitting a hurricanrana from the top. Dominik looks to be trying to get involved causing a distraction, that Rhea capitalizes on. She drops Perez with the Riptide finally and picks up the win. I hate to say it but this didn’t feel right, I’m hoping there is a good pay off as I think the WWE are high on Roxanne Perez.  

Winner Rhea Ripley 

This next segment was a big surprise, the OC or the Good Brothers if you will have agreed to team with Cameron Grimes, due to stacks of money if you pardon the pun and they want to go to the moon! Great stuff as ever from Grimes, they even colour co-ordinated. 

Before we find out who Stacks’ opponent is, Grayson Waller is backstage hyping up his feud with Apollo. Chucky interrupts him and spooks the Aussie.  

Stacks vs Shinsuke Nakamura 

Tony D’Angelo is about to introduce Stacks opponent swerving us with a “commercial break”. Back in the ring the lights go out and it’s Shinsuke’s music that hits, what a brilliant surprise for our NXT audience, complete in black and yellow attire just for the cherry on top!  

The crowd are singing Nakamura’s entrance as he starts to dissect Stacks in the ring, it’s beautiful! We get the traditional combo of strikes from Nakamura after he screams his usual …. “come on!” A little altercation occurs on the outside with Nakamura miming the money signal to D’Angelo before finishing Stacks out with the Kinshasa!  

While it was great to see Shinsuke back on NXT, for me this didn’t help Stacks at all. D’Angelo however is proud of him. We shall see where this leads, I personally feel The Don needs some big changes from his current trajectory!  

Winner Shinsuke Nakamura 

Axiom and Nathan Frazer are reminiscing over their 3-match series, complimenting each other when Von Wagner and Mr Stone arrive to goad them. Von Wagner claiming, he is going to win the ladder match and nobody can stop him. It is my pick that he does but I really hope he doesn’t! 

Sonya Deville vs Alba Fyre 

This match went back and forth a little before Toxic Attraction got involved. Alba dealt with them best she could but it was Sonya who accidentally finished them off, clocking Gigi with a kick and getting rolled up for the pinfall straight after.  

A solid bit of build towards the title match at Halloween Havoc. The aftermath brings more as Mandy Rose comes down to the ring hoping to get a piece of Alba. She has dispatched the three henchwomen though and holds the high ground and the women’s title as the segment ends. Naturally I had to go with Alba Fyre, why have her fight for the title again if she isn’t winning it? The longest reigning NXT UK women’s champion needs to be champion again! 

Winner Alba Fyre 

Wes Lee and Oro Mensah are backstage with some friendly banter but they are attacked by Carmelo and Trick Williams. They brawl to the ring where their match begins! 

Oro Mensah & Wes Lee vs Carmelo & Trick 

In a quick match we get plenty of shenanigans, Trick causing havoc disrupting the flow of two very fast superstars. Mensah has to deal with Trick after he turned the momentum in Carmelo’s favour and was taken out. This allowed Carmelo to hits his codebreaker like signature and his weak leg drop finisher from the top rope to score a momentous victory going into Halloween Havoc! 

Not a lot to say on this one other than I picked Von Wagner as I stated earlier but Wes Lee and Carmelo are the two others I expected to be in with a shout. Ideally, I’d like Wes Lee to walk away with the gold but I honestly think it will be Carmelo or Von Wagner. A brawl finishes off this segment with Von Wagner booting Carmelo to the ground and Frazer diving to take the latter out. 

Winner Carmelo & Trick Williams 

The Schism are backstage in another wonky promo. Gacy is trying to instil the fear or hatred into Cameron Grimes but I don’t think it is quite believable at this point, Grimes just seems too good and the way the show has gone so far just makes me think Grimes and the Good Brothers are going to tear Joe Gacy and The Dyad a new one! 

Bron Breakker is up next. He is looking forward to appearing on the KO show! Another big surprise Kevin Owens is in the house, yep Kevin Owens. He is having the triple threat competitors on his show later.  

Schism vs Cameron Grimes & The OC (the Good Brothers!) 

With the two sweet chants ringing out in the arena, Grimes gets us started against Reid. The schism show some great tag team work, then do a hug on the outside. The match soon breaks down with all competitors going out and OC holding the high ground with Grimes!  

Gacy gets his hands on Grimes and is doing a number on him but Grimes is able to hit a Spanish Fly. Fowler comes in and leaves Gallows on the apron, big mistake. The tag is soon made and Gallows comes in to dominate the trio. A great back and forth sequence happens next but The Dyad looking to finish it get cut off by Grimes. The OC hit the Magic Killer and it’s over!  

A solid six man tag match with a nice surprise to bring in The OC. Glad Grimes got some payback but is the story over, who knows? 

Winners Cameron Grimes & The OC 

Veer Mahan gets asked what he said to his brother Sanga to make him leave Valentina Feroz fighting without him in her corner. He states it was only for his brothers’ ears. Sanga arrives and claims he is ready to listen. I imagine they will reform their tag team. A great idea though Sanga definitely has a future as a singles star if needs be for me.  

Speaking of future singles stars, we get a hype package for the women’s tag title picture and I think Nikkita Lyons shouldn’t be in this tag team role. She was doing great as a singles star. This is the contract signing, with the match set for next week not Halloween Havoc. Next we find out who the host of this weekend’s show will be. 

We get an interview with Damon Kemp and Julius Creed before that though, once again WWE showing they have no clue how to order things. Julius and Damon are both confident they will close those ambulance doors. It was a pretty gritty war of words and Julius walks off leaving Damon to have the last word.  

The host of Halloween Havoc is Shotzi! A nice surprise and the crowd chant “welcome home” as she hypes up the crowd for the show. Xyon Quinn comes out to attempt to be her co-host. Quincy interrupts them though having none of his bullshit! Quincy says she needs to ride to the ring with a “super diva!” Shotzi ups the stakes for their match, putting the co-host responsibilities on the line!  

Quincy Elliott vs Xyon Quinn 

Quinn was looking good early on but Quincy lands on him in the middle of a move. He goes looking for an equalizer as Hank Walker stops him. He goes back to the ring and gets squashed with a splash then the ‘Diva Drop’ from the middle rope. He celebrates with Shotzi while Hank looks on! 

Winner Quincy Elliott 

It all goes a bit wrong with Chase U next. Thea Hail is fired up and wants a rematch against Kiana James, Andre Chase sets them homework to watch Halloween Havoc while showing off some history of the show including the famous match Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio. Chucky interrupts them and goads them, there was a lot of bleeping out of swear words here, which for me kind of killed the segment but other than that it was pretty solid. 

We get another tag team title contract signing next. Blade and Enofe vs Pretty Deadly will meet in a tag team title match on Tuesday! Double tag team title matches, both of which could realistically have been at Halloween Havoc, guess you got to save something for those TV ratings. 

Raquel Rodriguez vs Cora Jade 

A little mind games by Cora early on but Raquel reminds her who taught her. Cora grabs her bat, looking to strike with it but Raquel has it scouted, grabbing the bat she eventually decides to use it battering Cora with it causing the DQ loss. Cora exits the ring and is attacked from behind by a hungry Roxanne Perez. Cora manages to escape them but Perez is lifted aloft by Raquel!  

I enjoyed this but it was rather short and I’m not sure Raquel was a great opponent for Cora in this scenario. I’m looking forward to the match though and I’m hoping Perez gets a small measure of revenge when it’s all over. 

Winner Cora Jade via DQ 

It’s time for the KO Show, let’s go! More ‘welcome home’ chants as he makes his way to the ring. We pop backstage though as Jensen and Briggs seem to be hosting some kind of watch-along drinking game. Hilarious stuff but still sick of these scenes getting shoehorned into the flow of the show! 

Kevin Owens introduces the segment and gives us a HBK pop from the crowd before taking a shot at JD McDonagh. JD deflects things to the other two competitors. Dragunov explains the headbutt claiming it wasn’t a mistake but it was meant for JD originally. Harsh words flying all around until in the end Dragunov calls on Bron Breakker, Bran Breakfast to finish his cereal, eat his vitamins and bury him right now!  

JD McDonagh backs into a corner and Kevin Owens apologises to HBK before leaving the ring. Then they start to brawl. Can I just say how predictably boring this played out. It makes both of them look like mindless morons with zero intelligence. They could have nodded at each other, then someone attacks JD McDonagh, surely that would have been better? Eventually Dragunov does hit his ‘Torpedo Moscow’ on JD McDonagh but as Dragunov poses with the belt, Austin ‘No Chance in Hell’ Theory arrives to tease a money in the bank cash in! 

Wow, what an episode that was. Plenty of surprises, granted it does feel like a sleazy desperate plea for attention and TV ratings but I loved the cheap pops, Mick Foley would have been proud! 

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