WWE NXT weekly review 14th October 2022

WWE NXT weekly review 14th October 2022

Pixc here back with another weekly dose of vitamin NXT. As usual NXT Level Up will kick things off and then we can see what NXT will bring this week.  


Indi Hartwell vs Sloane Jacobs 

I presume Indi is here ago to help the younger talent out and pick up some easy wins. Nothing special about this match just a solid contest with Indi picking up the win off of a spinebuster.  

Winner Indi Hartwell 

Arianna Grace and Kiana James are up next, telling us how amazing they are. I do like this pairing, it’s working well. They are in the main event this week against Sol Ruca and Fallon Henley. 

Myles Borne vs Guru Raaj 

These two faced off in Myles Borne’s debut match so an extra incentive for Borne to pick up the win here. Borne seemed to surprise Raaj early on but the latter seems to maintain his grip on the match until Borne hits a flatliner to pick up the win! Glad to see him picking up a win, he has been having some good matches and if they are keen for him to level up, he needs to win some matches! 

Winner Myles Borne 

Kiana James & Arianna Grace vs Sol Ruca & Fallon Henley 

Henley is on fire from the start, she then combines well with Sol Ruca to continue their momentum. Some shenanigans in the corner follow as Grace and James double team Sol Ruca, Henley drawing the referee to her by attempting to save her partner. Sol Ruca fights her way out but is immediately dragged back to no man’s land, eventually managing to get the tag to Henley with a little low-bridge assist from the latter.  

Henley picks up the win for her team with a shining wizard! A solid tag team match, Henley definitely continuing to show her potential and the other team were great as expected. 

Winners Fallon Henley & Sol Ruca 

Nothing special this week, the main event had some interest for me, seeing a new team and the heel combination of Grace and James as I see them becoming a staple in the tag team division if they are given the time to.  


Time for another weekly dose of NXT and it’s all a bit yellow here and we have a new commentary team. Booker T joins Vic Joseph to call the action. 

Bron Breakker vs Javier Bernal 

JD McDonagh cuts Bernal’s entrance short giving him a few words before joining the commentary table. Bron dominated this match, Bernal getting very little offense in. Bron stares down JD McDonagh as he hits the gorilla press powerslam for the pinfall victory. JD McDonagh enters the ring after the match and Dragunov interrupts their little face off. JD headbutts Dragunov before the latter hits his torpedo Moscow on Bron seemingly aiming for McDonagh. 

Winner Bron Breakker 

Alba Fyre continues to hype up her rivalry with Mandy Rose announcing she has her title match at Halloween Havoc. Then Axiom and Frazer’s rivalry is built up as we look to their final match and qualifier for the ladder match. 

Axiom vs Nathan Frazer 

Another great match from these two high fliers.  

What did you think of NXT this week? Let us know in the comments below or on our socials. Axiom seemed to have the better of Frazer but it’s so fast paced you feel like it could change at any moment. We get a double knock down and the fans show their appreciation! After it looking like Axiom would win though Frazer counters a pinfall into one of his own and hangs on for the three count in what I feel was a shocking twist of fate!  

I doubt Frazer is winning the title but he will be great in the North American title ladder match and they had an epic three matches to entertain us all. Your money has to be on Carmelo regaining his title or Von Wagner finally get some gold in this one but in fairness the three superstars I didn’t mention are all capable of surprising us. I fear I will be disappointed with the result of the ladder match personally but who knows, anything could happen! 

Winner Nathan Frazer (Qualifies for the ladder match) 

Dragunov is with McKenzie about to leave, he is not giving anything away on the headbutt he delivered but Waller goads him and he ends up deciding to stay. Waller blames McKenzie, stood there in his grandma’s shades because he is sensitive to light! 

Valentina Feroz asks Sanga to be in her corner tonight, which he is happy to do. Indi is her opponent it seems as she turns up to acknowledge Sanga and remind her whose ring it is. Apollo is then building his rivalry with Grayson Waller and hyping their match at Halloween Havoc. We also get confirmation of Dragunov vs Waller later, which should be a great match.  

Valentina Feroz vs Indi Hartwell 

Booker T sheds some light on Indi Hartwell who used to train at his school. Early into the match Sanga is drawn away from the ring by Veer Mahan. Indi manages to use her strength to escape a submission, now that was impressive! Feroz is doing well but realises Sanga isn’t around. She looks confused but carries on regardless. Indi quickly turns the tables on her with a superplex to finish. 

After the match Pretty Deadly congratulate Indi on her impressive win and switch the focus to the tag team match to determine their new challengers. Three teams vying for that spot, this was a bit of a quick switch but it kind of worked. They get all cheerleader like on us, hyping themselves up before Blade and Enofe interrupt them, making their way to the ring.  

Winner Indi Hartwell 

McKenzie is interviewing Cora Jade about the pick your poison matches coming next week. Cora thinks Roxanne has no friends on RAW or Smackdown but it sounds like McKenzie knows different, Cora asks for Ronda’s number but McKenzie claims she doesn’t know it before telling us she does have it, you sly fox McKenzie!  

Jensen and Briggs vs The Dyad vs Edris Enofe and Malik Blade 

A solid match though at first, I'm sure it looked like a two legal competitor match and at one point a tag occurs where an illegal competitor seems to tag his partner and it’s accepted. This confused me but it seems there are three legal men instead of two. The Dyad look to have this one won but Cameron Grimes arrives to get some revenge on Joe Gacy and drag Fowler from the ring to allow Enofe to roll Reid up for the pinfall victory.  

A chaotic match which was pretty good despite my confusion as to how it was supposed to play out. 

Winners Malik Blade & Edris Enofe 

We get a little interview with Toxic Attraction next as Jacy Jayne is out for revenge against Alba Fyre next. They claim they will walk through fire to get it and might have a surprise for her. 

Kiana James is looking to make a deal next, seemingly to buy the land Chase U is on.  

Alba Fyre vs Jacy Jayne 

Booker T is keen to hype up Alba Fyre claiming she is a game changer. Have to say she would be but we are stuck with Mandy fucking blows still so I’m not sure I agree just yet. Shenanigans aplenty as Gigi distracts Alba before eventually getting a cheap shot in with the referee’s back turned. Several near falls later and Alba dives to the outside before taking Gigi from the apron and picking up the win in the ring with a Fyre Bomb.  

Sonya Deville surprises Alba Fyre dragging her into the barrier before revealing herself and triple teaming the challenger with Toxic Attraction. I can’t deny that was a great moment but what happens next?  

Winner Alba Fyre 

Joe Gacy and The Dyad are not amused as they call out Cameron Grimes to face the full force of Schism. Claiming he has no friends he must face them alone, three on one.  

We get a nice build up for the team of Zoey Stark and Nikkita Lyons. Even with an appearance from ‘The Game’ himself. They really need these promo’s because I’m not really convinced this is the right direction for Lyons. I think she is destined to be a star in singles competition. This is followed by Quincy, Hank Walker and security watching the segment, Hank says he has Quincy’s back before he slaps Quincy’s bum as he leaves. Quincy calls him Hanky and seems to be into it as he leaves. Security coin the phrase “now that’s chemistry” as the segment ends. I am intrigued to see how they develop this as WWE have always been a little cringe with romance angles, if this is what they are intending to do. 

Wes Lee vs Stacks 

Stacks targets the left knee in this match, seems like an eye for an eye is in play following D’Angelo being side-lined by an injury. Wes Lee gets fired up but is struggling with his left knee. Wes Lee gingerly looks for a top rope dive but he gets enough of the move to make the pinfall, it’s over! 

Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes come down to attack Wes Lee next. They are stopped in the end by Oro Mensah who is also in the ladder match at Halloween Havoc. He sends them to the outside allowing Wes Lee to dive out for a small piece of revenge! 

Winner Wes Lee 

Sonya and Toxic Attraction are backstage explaining her arrival, playing into her best friend being Mandy Rose and she claims she is going to beat Alba Fyre so bad next week she doesn’t make it to Halloween Havoc. 

Kiana James vs Thea Hail 

Mr Stone interrupts the match complaining Thea Hail ruined his time, he should be celebrating Von Wagner going to Halloween Havoc but he is a laughing stock. He attacks her but she sends him out of the ring with ease and Kiana James is waiting to hit one move and finish her off quickly. 

This was a fun spot but to me the wrong way to go about it, Thea Hail has been a roll and I’m not sure stopping her momentum was a great idea. Kiana James is in a good tag team so doesn’t need to pick up singles wins especially without her tag team partner at ringside. Interesting development though as we look to the ladder match, could Andre Chase get involved or Bodhi, costing Von Wagner the title? 

Winner Kiana James 

Stacks is backstage lamenting his loss when Tony D’Angelo arrives to give him some tough love. He has a match next week but is unable to get his opponent’s name from the Don of NXT. 

Mr Stone is backstage and people walking past him laugh, setting him off on a tirade! Von Wagner collars him and tells him it’s time to be serious and this seems to calm him down a bit. He says it’s time for Von Wagner to be champion. 

Cameron Grimes hints at getting some assistance from RAW or Smackdown when he faces The Schism. Then Cora Jade interrupts McKenzie claiming she will go to RAW to find her opponent for Roxanne Perez. Predictions on this are tough but I’m thinking the most likely candidates are Bayley or Ronda and Rhea or Bayley. Surely it has to be a big name, maybe Liv is an outside bet. Who do you think they will pick? 

Ilja Dragunov vs Grayson Waller  

In a competitive match with both looking to build momentum going into Halloween Havoc, Waller decides to take a little shot, taunting Booker T. Waller seems to have the better of Dragunov throughout this match but after a ghostly wheel spin, Dragunov rallies and hits his Torpedo Moscow to pick up a cheeky win. It was beautifully done finish but Waller had a great match. 

After the match Bron hits a brutal spear on Dragunov as a slice of revenge for the earlier altercation. A reminder that at Halloween Havoc it is every man for himself! 

Winner Ilja Dragunov 

I really feel like there was a lot more emotional outbursts or reaction from me this week while watching NXT. I particularly feel they are building well towards Halloween Havoc with all the moving parts and I’m even looking forward to the guest appearances from RAW and Smackdown stars. What do you think to the build? Are you looking forward to any particular matches in the coming weeks and on Halloween Havoc? Let us know in the comments below or on our socials? 

Thanks for reading. 

Pixc Out