WWE NXT Weekly 1st December 2022

WWE NXT Weekly 1st December 2022

Pixc here back after a little break with another weekly dose of vitamin NXT. As usual NXT Level Up will kick things off and then we can see what NXT will bring this week. It seems we are starting with Xyon Quinn in action! 


Xyon Quinn vs Tank Ledger 

In a solid match Tank Ledger shows great promise, having fun and putting up a good fight against the arrogant Samoan. Quinn gets the win after his finishing blow. Not the best finish but he builds momentum after his recent loss in tag team action.  

Winner Xyon Quinn 

We get an interesting promo from Amari Miller who is trying to get serious, she finishes by complimenting the interviewer. I like Amari she has potential but at the moment she is a fun babyface so it’ll be interesting to see if she can bring more depth following this. 

Segment Grade : B -

Amari Miller vs Elektra Lopez 

Amari shows a lot of promise in this match finding a more aggressive streak. Elektra is clever though using all her dirty tricks to pick up the impressive victory, hitting her finisher The Electric Shock to seal the win!  

Winner Elektra Lopez 

Dante Chen vs Damon Kemp 

Kemp has the lion's share of the momentum in this match. Chen shows some fight but ultimately Kemp proves to be too much for him and the latter finishes his opponent with a back breaking slam!  

Winner Damon Kemp 

Level up was a solid show this week, nothing particularly special but everyone showed promise and although I wasn’t gripped, I’m looking forward to see where they go with Amari Miller and Tank Ledger to be fair.  


NXT kicks off with Roxanne Perez in action. The build for Deadline set to begin, let’s see where they go with these survivor matches. 

Indi Hartwell vs Roxanne Perez 

I have to say Perez is really fluid in the ring despite the size disadvantage. Indi sends her to the outside and Perez almost gets counted out. Indi continues to punish Perez but somehow the underdog prevails, after a little extra effort she manages to hit Poprocks for the win!  

A solid match but I can’t help but be a little annoyed they faced off here as two likeable up and comers on the NXT brand. Commentary make the suggestion she might have punched her ticket to NXT Deadline, hopefully Indi can still make it too.  

Winner Roxanne Perez 

Duke Hudson is telling Andre Chase he deserves to be a contender in the survivor match at Deadline, he has been collecting signatures. Grayson Waller interrupts them and goads Andre Chase. Thea Hail is incensed trying to get at Waller but is held back by Duke. Funny seeing Thea go off like that and a solid segment from Chase U and Grayson Waller.  

Segment Grade : B+

Dijak vs Dante Chen 

Having returned to the brand and discarded his mask, Dijak is looking to build momentum on his quest for justice and gold!  

Dijak is dominant throughout and to be honest I feel like this match could have been shorter. Chen gets very little offense in and it sometimes looked like it was going to be a knockout or pass out victory. Dijak hits what looks like a modified ‘go to sleep’ for the finish. I am confused at why he isn’t using his old finisher it suited him better.  

Dijak gets on the mic after his match. He basically claims he is going to take everyone out with his own brand of justice. 

Winner Dijak 

Another promo next as JD McDonagh is chatting with Ivy Nile, they are talking about the ‘stupidity’ of the Creed Brothers facing Indus Sher. Brutus and Julius arrive to interrupt them. They argue with him sending him packing from the gym. A solid segment in practice but what is the point of JD McDonagh getting involved, it doesn’t seem right to me. 

Segment Grade : C

We cut to a segment about the Iron Survivor matches, HBK is joined by X-Pac, Road Dogg, Molly Holly and Alundra Blayze. I absolutely loved this segment seeing some legends talk up the talent and try whittling them down to the ones competing in the challenge!  

Segment Grade : A+

Grayson Waller vs Duke Hudson 

Following the segment earlier Duke Hudson steps up to fight for the honour of his mentor, Andre Chase. 

Duke is stopped by Chase when he looks set to cheat in his match, it is intriguing seeing him fight his own dirty instincts in this match. He eventually “hulks up” Chase U style which is hilarious. He nearly takes out Thea with a big boot but stops himself. Then gets hit with the rolling Stunner by Waller on his return to the ring. Same old finish for Waller, distracted opponent walks right into his trap again! 

Waller finishes saying “you know I’m right” clearly insinuating Duke is still a bad guy, to be fair you have to agree, I wonder if we will get a payoff to do with Bodhi? 

Winner Grayson Waller 

McKenzie is on fire in the next segment, loving the sarcasm about having to interview Javier Bernal and I think the audience will sympathise. He is out to bury the hatchet with her in the run up to Christmas but ends up on an egotistical merchandise selling spree. He sends her running for cover with his Big Body Cologne and I can imagine it smelt horrific. Axiom then shows up saying he is cleared to wrestle, so she comes back to remind him that is what he wanted. Hilarious segment and nice set up for a match, even built on the Iron Survivor conversation about Axiom not being cleared. 

Segment Grade : A

Fallon Henley vs Kiana James 

This match obviously builds upon James attempting to buy Henley’s family bar and the latter refusing to sell. The intensity is dialled up to 11 from the bell.  

James eventually gets her opening and targets the arm of Henley. We get a double knock down before long and a chance for the momentum to shift. James distracts Henley with her bag and is able to sneak the victory after sending Henley shoulder first into the ring post.  

Winner Kiana James 

The legends return next with discussion focused on the women’s Iron Survivor match. We get some jokes at the expense of X-Pac. Alundra Blayze gets a trash can comment when discussing Cora Jade. It’s all in good fun.  

Segment Grade : B+

We get a short clip of Cora Jade mocking Wendy Choo as we see a clip play of her taking some juice to the face. Bit strange having such a short segment shoehorned in here it, even if it got a chuckle from me. 

Segment Grade : C-

Kayden Carter, Katana Chance and Nikkita Lyons vs Toxic Attraction 

This match is built for the stand against Toxic Attraction and the fall out of Zoey Stark and Nikkita Lyons. Speaking of which Lyons never makes it to the ring, she is taken out by a vengeful Zoey Stark and helped to the back by her would be tag team partners.  

The fact this just got thrown out is a little disappointing but I know our quiz master P-Nut would appreciate one less multi person tag match on the show and James gets his No Contest for good measure. 

No Contest due to pre-match attack 

We get an announcement that Lyra Valkyria (formerly known as Aoife Valkyrie) is going to debut on NXT soon. I liked the video but once again WWE gives someone a new name that seems a bit pointless or stupid. Personally, I think Lyra sounds ok but going from Valkyrie to Valkyria seems stupid either change it more or don’t bother, seems really petty. What would you change her last name to, answers in the comments below? 

Segment Grade : C

Then Elektra is once again hyping herself up and warning people not to get in her way! Love Elektra she oozes confidence and easily is one of the best up and coming ladies on the roster at the moment. She deserves to take to the top of NXT someday soon. 

Segment Grade : B-

Javier Bernal vs Axiom 

An early Christmas present for Big Body Javi if you will, this is a typical be careful what you wish for scenario for the annoying heel.  

Bernal looks set to take the loss with Axiom in control but Bernal manages to target that injured knee, creating the shift in momentum he desperately needed. Axiom misses the Golden Ratio super kick and Bernal hits a beautiful DDT but decides to go high risk. Axiom cuts him off and gets that super kick for the win!  

Winner Axiom

Pretty Deadly are up next, nice to see them on screen though it is a quick reminder they exist and hopefully a hint they will have something in store for us next week. Bit weak but least we know something is coming.

Segment Grade : C+

Bron drops by at a diner to see Apollo Crews. They have a war of words to build their match at NXT Deadline. The tension is palpable, I just love this segment and the build it brings to the title match!  

Segment Grade : A

JD McDonagh vs Julius Creed 

This match came about because JD was talking to Ivy earlier and The Creed Brothers too exception to his visit to their gym. Julius starts off with some amateur techniques and early on he seems in complete control sending JD to the outside.  

JD returns the favour before long using his intelligence to great effect! Sanga and Veer turn up to watch the match but Julius seems to keep his focus on JD McDonagh. The latter looks to escape the ring but takes a clothesline on the outside. JD gets the better of the next battle on the outside, but he loses it and goes to smash Julius with a chair. Surprise, surprise though Sanga steps in though to take the shot and still the referee calls for the bell. JD costs himself the match via DQ. 

It all becomes clear as Sanga and Veer approach The Creed Brothers claiming they want them at nothing but 100%! I sense some healthy respect and no room for excuses in this battle. 

Winner Julius Creed 

Alba Fyre is up next and someone has sparked her temper it seems. She is warning Isla Dawn she has made a big mistake disrupting her plans and claims she won’t be having fun now that she has incurred the wrath of the firekeeper!  

Segment Grade : C+

Dijak is leaving the arena when Stacks calls him over, Tony D’Angelo wants a word and tries to make a deal with the man of justice. He asks if they have an understanding to which Dijak says “something like that.” To me that looked like a possible target acquired moment for Dijak, sick em! 

Segment Grade : B+

Von Wagner vs Malik Blade 

This is all about his daddy’s sweater, Malik Blade is out for blood, good luck is all I can say. He comes out swinging to give him credit and has Von Wagner on the back foot, even Mr Stone is struggling to understand how this is happening.  

You cannot praise Malik Blade enough in this match he takes it Von Wagner but the big man proves too much and gets the win with a quick slam. He looks to punish Blade after the match but Enofe and Odyssey Jones run down to stop him. I would like to see Jones vs Von Wagner actually. Can’t remember if they faced off before but it seems like a good contest. Mainly because I like Jones though.  

Winner Von Wagner 

We get the announcements next for the Iron Survivor Challenges next.  

The men will be : 

Carmelo, JD McDonagh, Grayson Waller, Joe Gacy and one to be determined in a wildcard match next week.  

The women will be :  

Zoey Stark, Cora Jade, Roxanne Perez, Kiana James and one to be determined in a wildcard match next week again.  

I thought I’d share my thoughts here, the men’s I’m quite happy with it makes sense. I feel I would have picked these guys myself. Gacy feels like the weakest but only in terms of success he hasn’t really had up to now. The women’s I feel a little less agreeable with. I understand the reason for Zoey Stark but I don’t agree, since she tagged with Io, I’ve just not been a fan. That was the last time I liked her, I just haven’t felt as into her lately. Kiana James is ok but I feel this is way too soon for her and diminishes a lot of other women who deserve her spot more in my opinion. Wendy Choo, Tiffany Stratton, Indi Hartwell and Fallon Henley all would be above her in my honest opinion. I think it doesn’t help her that she was recently in a tag team I quite liked too and as much as she is in a tag team herself how does Ivy Nile not make this match yet? 

Segment Grade : B

Before we get to the main event it seems we get to know the wildcard matches now. Andre Chase vs Axiom vs Von Wagner and Wendy Choo vs Fallon Henley vs Indi Hartwell on the women’s side. Interesting picks. 

Toxic Attraction vs Nikkita Lyons, Kayden Carter & Katana Chance  

I stand corrected we are getting our six-woman tag team match, sorry P-Nut. Kind of amusing seeing Jacy Jayne mock Lyons before the match starts though. 

Gigi jumps the gun on the 3 vs 3 brawl getting started early before it descends into chaos. I have to say these two teams are definitely bringing it and we have barely got started. We get a beautiful triple team on Kayden as the referee is distracted with a frustrated Katana. Felt like a little Elite combo if you catch my drift.  

Predictably Lyons ends up in the ring alone with the tag champs down on the outside, she struggles with her injured knee and gets double teamed for the pinfall. Not a terrible match by any standard but the injury costing the tag champs the match and giving Toxic Attraction another win just irks me a little bit. As Toxic Attraction celebrate Zoey Stark appears on the podium to gloat at her handywork, a nice touch but again I feel somehow this might end up biting Stark back in the end. 

Winners Toxic Attraction 

Personally, I thought the show was pretty good, I enjoyed the angles about the Iron Survivor matches and the build towards NXT Deadline seems to be on track. I was a little disappointed by the injury stuff with Lyons, as both her and Stark seem to be specialising in those kinds of angles. Hopefully the payoff is worth it. 

Show Grade : B

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Thanks for reading. 

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