Pixc's NXT Stand And Deliver Review - 2nd April 2022

Its Wrestlemania weekend and once again NXT attempts to steal the show. Pixc is here with all the action

Pixc's NXT Stand And Deliver Review - 2nd April 2022

Here we are another big NXT event, a takeover if you will. Pixc here, running down what happened at Stand and Deliver. This looks a pretty solid card so let’s see what went down. 

Raquel Gonzalez & Dakota Kai vs Toxic Attraction ( c ) 

(NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships Match) 

Jacy Jayne attacks Gonzalez as their opponents had turned their backs and Gonzalez has to fight back before Gigi comes in to start the match. Dakota and Gigi trade a couple of near falls before a tag is made. The match goes back and forth with nothing much of particular note. A double knockdown between Dakota and Jacy looked pretty unique but the double team from Toxic Attraction that followed only resulted in a near fall.  

Wendy Choo comes to ringside, smacking Gigi with a pillow before chucking her orange soda in her face. Who loves orange soda? Well clearly, it’s Wendy Choo! Gonzalez smashes Gigi down with the big boot and gets the tag in from Dakota. She hits the Chingona Bomb and the pinfall victory!  

NEW Tag Team Champions Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai, it still feels bizarre that they are all happy, like they both forgot they were at each other’s throats in a bitter rivalry only weeks ago. I think it a good move to have Toxic Attraction to lose the titles but maybe they will just win them back considering Gonzalez and Dakota Kai could easily move to Smackdown or Raw. 

Carmelo Hayes ( c ) vs Solo Sikoa vs Grayson Waller vs Santos Escobar vs Cameron Grimes 

(NXT North American Championship Ladder Match) 

Carmelo takes the first shots and Trick drags him out the ring, smart move to be fair let everyone else fight it out for a bit. Trick And Carmelo pull Solo Sikoa out of the ring and Cameron Grimes fights it out with Santos Escobar in the ring. Carmelo ends up in a face-off with Solo Sikoa, the latter getting the best of the former before Escobar comes in and clotheslines him to the outside. Escobar then dropkicks Carmelo claiming the high ground before Grimes pulls him out of the ring. Sikoa and Grimes double team Carmelo in the ring then we get two ladders put in the ring, with Waller and Escobar backing into each other. They both drop their respective ladders and Waller ends up taking the advantage. Sanga retaliates on Sikoa, throwing him back into the ring. He tastes Grimes boot, who then lowers the ropes for both Sikoa and Escobar to dive to the outside. The dives don’t stop there though as Carmelo takes his shot at Grimes and guess what? He didn’t miss!  

Waller looks to climb the ladder quickly but Sikoa cuts him off. The chaos returns following their battle. Carmelo joining the fray before Escobar drives a ladder into the corner, Solo Sikoa avoids contact and as a result almost had a clear run to the title. Cameron Grimes cutting him off, Carmelo is on hand though to stop his ascent to the moon. The pendulum of momentum swings in the favour of Escobar next. He has to fend off Waller who comes back with an impressive cutter! 

Waller is not the smartest tool in the box it seems as he allows Carmelo to keep coming back to stop him ascending the ladder, including a brilliant springboard takedown that I rather enjoyed. Escobar and Sikoa battle on top of the ladder next and Escobar sunset flips Sikoa from one ladder into another, a brutal bounce for Sikoa! We get a who’s who of support teams next. Trick sets a ladder up motioning for Carmelo to get in and ascend it, Sanga enters the ring throwing Trick out of the way before destroying the ladder with his bare hands! You might think that was enough but Elektra comes in to square off with Sanga, leaving most watching at home perplexed until Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wylde dive at him from behind. It doesn’t end there though because as if suspecting probably correctly that we might want a little more from Elektra, she gets a hand to ascend to the top rope and dive to the outside taking out Grayson Waller, beautiful stuff! Sanga is squashed between ladders by Legado del Fantasma.  

Sikoa ends up lifting both Legado del Fantasma up but he is clearly spent as this falls a bit short of the impact expected. Trick Williams looks to win it for his boy but Grimes tips the ladder and Trick squashes a number of people on the outside. Grimes looks to ascend the ladder but Carmelo intercepts him and Waller intercepts him. Basically we end up with everyone up on multiple ladders, they gradually get taken down from the ladders before Waller is all alone, his hesitation seems to cost him as Escobar gets a hold of him before he grabs the title. A hurricanrana off the ladder from Escobar wasn’t enough to give him the advantage as Solo Sikoa comes in with a splash. Cameron Grimes gets the next chance to shine, hitting a Cave In on a ladder, on the apron to Solo Sikoa, brutal stuff! 

Waller then ascends a ladder on the outside, looking to dive on Carmelo, who is prone on another ladder. Carmelo escapes just in time and Waller is screaming in agony! Grimes hits a quick Cave In on Escobar in the ring and bounces off the ropes with momentum, ascending the ladder to victory! YES! What a result, you deserve it, Cameron Grimes!  

This match was a typical multiple person ladder match, a spot fest. It was a good one though and I think it was booked well, the inclusion of support for a few competitors. The right person won in my mind and I am sure lots of people will agree. Grimes has been given the payoff he has deserved for a while, finally winning some gold! 

We get some hype and hear from the next two competitors Tony D’Angelo and Tommaso Ciampa. 

Tommaso Ciampa vs Tony D’Angelo 

D’Angelo backs Ciampa into the corner where we don’t get a clean break. Ciampa gets his own back and sort of bows in the ring. D’Angelo gets back in control but then loses it when he taunts the crowd, allowing Ciampa to recover and bring out his aggressive side. He then does he traditional taunt sat on the apron before ripping up the ringside protection. As he goes to fetch D’Angelo though it looks like he will have to wait. D’Angelo takes hold of the match and gets a near fall.  

Ciampa eventually comes back fighting, hitting some running strikes clearly fired up. He lowers his kneepad looking for some damage with the knee but D’Angelo dodges it. Ciampa looks for the fairytale ending but D’Angelo blocks it. There is a turning point where the match could’ve gone either way as D’Angelo dives and Ciampa meets him with a knee from the ring. With both men down the referee begins the count. A slugfest ensues as they return to their feet. D’Angelo fends off a hungry Ciampa then finds his trusty crowbar. Ciampa sees it coming and avoids it, the referee distracted disposing of the crowbar doesn’t see the lowblow by D’Angelo. Ciampa however is not done yet, kicking out of the pinfall!  

D’Angelo grabs the crowbar again but is met with Willows Bell and the Fairytale Ending, no idea how but D’Angelo kicks out! Ciampa tries for the submission but D’Angelo gets to the ropes and bails out of the ring. D’Angelo blocks the attempt to put him down on the exposed concrete. The makes Ciampa taste his own medicine with the DDT on the exposed concrete. D’Angelo follows up with a boot to the head. It’s over he picks up the win via pinfall. 

Well, that was a bit of a weak finish. Why would a simple boot to the head finish Ciampa off? Maybe it’s just me but I’d have preferred a finisher or some sort of final big move, even a pinfall straight after the DDT on the concrete. Otherwise, this was a solid match and I do enjoy Tony D’Angelo’s character. As expected, the crowd go wild for Ciampa and I am not ashamed to say I shed a tear. End of an Era, signalled by the unexpected appearance by Triple H. A well deserved nod of respect to the last of his favourites if you will! 

Winner Tony D’Angelo 

The Creed Brothers vs MSK vs Imperium ( c ) (NXT Tag Team Championship Match) 

One from each team in the ring so I expect this will be chaotic. MSK hit Barthel with a nice double team in their corner before Brutus comes to interrupt things. It goes back and forth with each team member getting some offense in, standard fair for these teams, solid action.  

Julius finally comes in but gets double teamed by MSK. They then turn their attention to Barthel with another double team. Barthel catches Wes Lee’s boot, giving us his signature “Nein!” Imperium then take control with a nice double team. Aichner shows off his strength by squatting with Julius on his shoulders before driving him into the mat. Wes Lee takes both Imperium out with a n acrobatic dive to the outside. They hit a double team move on Aichner but he kicks out! 

Julius looks for a high risk move on the top, but it ends in total carnage as one each of Imperium and MSK manages to topple Julius colliding with the others in the ring. We get an unexpected oh my god moment, as Brutus cannonballs into MSK and Barthel, brilliant! Julius comes in and they double team Nash Carter but Imperium break it up. They look to finish Nash Carter off but he reverses it and Wes Lee comes in to hit another double team for explosive and abrupt end to the match. Out of nowhere MSK regain the tag titles!  

I’m not convinced this was the right move. MSK didn’t need this win. It does make me think they attacked the Creed Brothers though. They should have won not MSK. What do you think? 

Cameron Grimes is with McKenzie holding his title, he is beside himself with joy, to the moon guys! This is followed by some hype for the women’s title match. 

Mandy Rose ( c ) vs Cora Jade vs Kay Lee Ray vs Io Shirai (NXT Women’s Championship Match) 

They all square up to Mandy Rose who takes a shot at Kay Lee Ray, then sort of half with a bit of help makes her way to the outside. Io and Kay Lee Ray then take turns at beating up Cora Jade before the action spills to the ringside area. We then get a showdown between Kay Lee Ray and Io Shirai, they even shake hands before they battle it out. Mandy ends up grabbing Io and pulling her to the outside. 

Mandy takes control of Cora Jade building some momentum even swatting Io away when she attempts to interrupt. We get some dives from Kay Lee Ray and Io Shirai with both looking a little risky as they were close to the announce table. Io has Kay Lee Ray down for the pinfall but Mandy Rose comes in to steal it. Then we get double submissions from Kay Lee Ray and Io Shirai, it looks bleak and only a matter of time before Mandy or Cora would tap but Cora somehow manages to kick free and we end up with Cora Jade and Mandy Rose battling it out. Cora fires up and appears to be blocking out the pain as she builds momentum.  

Cora Jade gets a big moment as she hits a Canadian Destroyer on the hardest part of the ring, you guessed it, the apron to Kay Lee Ray! Io Shirai gets a beautiful bridged pin on the champ but Mandy Rose kicks out. Io comes back with a Spanish fly from the top. Cora Jade saves the match this time, breaking the pinfall up. Cora Jade looks to finish Mandy off pulling her with urgency in for a DDT. The cover is broken up by Kay Lee Ray. The latter then hits her with a KLR Bomb but doesn’t go for the cover, wanting to make sure she heads to the top and unluckily is cut off by Io Shirai.  

Shirai looks for the moonsault and gets it. Mandy Rose comes in like a wrecking ball with her knee, smashing Io down and bundles her into a pin for the win! Typical brilliant heel tactics from Mandy Rose to pick up the win, no interference from Toxic Attraction giving her chance to build her own credibility. I still think it should have been Kay Lee Ray especially with Toxic Attraction losing their titles earlier on. All the talk though has gotta be about that new look title. I kind of like it, but I get why people wouldn't the splash of colour is not a traditional look I feel for a title.

We get the In-Dex vs Du-Sia segment next or as I like to call them Puke because shoehorning more romance stuff into NXT just doesn’t feel right for me. They are having a Texas fashion show of sorts I guess, cowboys and cowgirls at the ready. We see a few costume changes and the ladies get excited about the outfits of their men. Then we cut to McKenzie who is with the two couples. The votes are in and In-Dex obviously wins! Duke flips Dexter’s hat off his head and things get heated but referees come to break it up, looks like this rivalry isn’t over yet, sigh. 

LA Knight vs Walter (Gunther if you have to) 

They lock up to start and LA Knight gets a light slap, a taster if you will from Walter. This fires LA Knight up who forces Walter into the corner and the big man ends up escaping to the outside. This seems more even than I expected it to be.  

LA Knight seems to get flurries of offense but Walter isn’t fazed and just keeps wearing down his opponent. We do see some traditional chops from Walter and LA Knight gets his “yeah” stomps in. He tries to lift Walter up for a slam but the big man fights out, moments later though he lifts him up and scoop slams him like he is a feather. Walter ends up on the top rope and LA Knight dashes up there to suplex him. LA Knight continues to impress as he hits a reverse Death Valley driver on Walter. This looks like his last moment though as Walter stops him on the top ropes. Then dives from the top rope with a splash, he follows up with a powerbomb and it’s over.  

That was a lot more competitive than I expected. Walter as expected comes away with the win. I look forward to seeing what this means for LA Knight and Walter going forward.  

Winner Walter 

Bron Breakker vs Dolph Ziggler ( c ) (NXT Championship Match) 

Bron comes out with a chainsaw, destroying the X in the NXT logo laid out on the stage. This made zero sense to me, especially considering he already did this to the black and gold NXT logo, that made sense.  

Bron comes out firing on all cylinders. Suplex city eat your heart out! Roode grabs Bron as he looks to finish Dolph off. The referee throws him out and Bron chases him from the ring just to make sure. Dolph looks for a superkick on his return to the ring but Bron is wise to it.  

Dolph buys himself sometime by pulling Bron down onto the turnbuckle, ouch that’s gotta hurt! Dolph only gets a near fall and Bron keeps hanging in there. Bron fights back to his feet and looks to be rallying but Dolph pulls him from corner smacking the back of his head on the turnbuckle. Typical desperate and dirty style from the veteran.  

Bron comes back into it slamming Dolph in the middle of the ring, another near fall. He looks for a big move from the top and hits the Frankensteiner, still Dolph kicks out! Bron looks for the finish with a spear but Dolph saw it coming and counters it with a knee to the face. Bron goes for it again, Dolph jumps over him then is hit with a crushing spear! Dolph still kicks out, Bron has got to be wondering what is it going to take? Dolph takes another spear from Bron and he goes for that powerslam, Roode is back though pulling the challenger off the champion. The referee uses discretion allowing the match to continue. Bron dives on the pair then throws Roode into the steps before heading back to the ring. Dolph sees an opportunity hitting the Famouser and a Zig Zag but Bron is still in it, he kicks out!  

Dolph hits a diving elbow from the top rope, it’s still not enough. Dolph looks for Sweet Chin Music it seems but Bron is ready and looks to finish him. Dolph gets a thumb to the eye and Bron bounces off the turnbuckle into a superkick, it’s over Dolph retains.  

Great match, seems a little odd to have Dolph retain, I loved the fight in Bron Breakker and felt Dolph definitely put him over even without the victory. He had to pull out all the stops and only squeaked the victory in reality. 

Stand and Deliver was a great PPV, I think the only thing I would have changed would have been Bron Breakker should have won the title back. I wasn’t on board with Toxic Attraction losing the tag titles at this point either but I can understand they booked themselves into a bad situation and time will tell if it actually brings something to the table going forward. Vince never likes tag team stuff so chances are he messed with it and we can expect a disaster of a division going forward. 

What did you think of Stand and Deliver let us know in the comments below or on our social media!  

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