WWE NXT New Year's Evil 2022

WWE NXT New Year's Evil 2022

To our old readers, welcome back! To our new readers, welcome! Pixc here with another week of NXT action, let’s hear what went down at New Year’s Evil!  

We start with a nice hype video, showing us what is coming up on the show. 

Carmelo Hayes vs Roderick Strong (North American and Cruiserweight Title Unification Match) 

Carmelo is sporting a Roderick Strong T-shirt with an expiry date, foreshadowing his loss tonight? No Creed Brothers or Ivy Nile at ringside tonight, suppose it makes it more even at ringside that it would’ve been.  

They lock up and dance around the ring a little, the rope break is clean and they go back and forth in the early going. Carmelo looking good with a fake kip up into a kick. Strong eventually looks to answer with some Strong chops, even chasing Carmelo out of the ring. Thankfully Trick backs away, not getting involved and the action returns to the ring. Carmelo manages to flip the match back in his favour with a nice combination. He then hits a nasty DDT on the ring apron as both end up on the outside. Hardest part of the ring that you know guys!  

As we come back from a picture in picture break Carmelo is once again in control. I did see Strong get some offense in as I was squinting at the small window but it seems Carmelo has his number. Strong manages to clothesline him down next and then hit a backbreaker before Carmelo comes back into it. He has Strong in a submission but Strong reverses it and again Carmelo somehow blocks, a really nice sequence by both of them. Strong gets a near fall, Malcolm Biven is beside himself! 

Strong hits his signature combo of strikes before a high angle slam but again Carmelo kicks out. Carmelo manages to roll through into a unique cutter but is unable to get the pinfall.  Strong looks for a back breaker but Carmelo flips out and Strong is left looking stunned, Carmelo goes up top but Strong meets him up there and hits an X-Plex from the top, but it’s unclear who got the worst of it, Carmelo gets a cover but the match continues. Carmelo hits a diving strike from the top rope, Strong stays down for the three count, what was that finish? Oh my, history has been made, Strong to AEW confirmed? 

This was a good match until the end, for me the finish spoiled it. It was ended by a weak diving strike from the top. Both of these guys can go and they did but to end it on a nothing move reeks of Vince rushing the finish or somebody not thinking it through properly. Right result, wrong way. 

Winner Carmelo Hayes (hopefully North American Champion not any mutated version though) 

We get a glimpse of Bron Breakker arriving but then Tommaso Ciampa has a visitor in the locker room, AJ Styles. The two exchange a few words, AJ Styles telling him to defend that title and Ciampa quietly saying “welcome back to NXT” sort of a subtle dig if you ask me that AJ Styles did in fact skip NXT and go straight to the big leagues as some would say. I think this might be foreshadowing a face-off between the two regardless of who wins tonight. 

AJ Styles is up next, Barrett comments on him losing to Omos, then calls Grayson Waller the “World’s most irritating man” and I have to say it suits him! He says he regrets not coming to NXT. Says there’s something special about NXT, damn right, well there used to be, quick to comment 1.0 or 2.0 and he will be damned if he lets anyone take that passion away from you guys, here we go cue Grayson Waller.  

Waller takes shots at a random guy in the crowd and comments on AJ’s loss. Grayson Waller stops AJ Styles from getting a referee out there. He looks set to accept but Waller postpones it for a main event match next week. Styles gets a shot in but when the two return to the ring Waller has Styles down. Styles turns things around and the little skirmish ends with Styles in the ring with the high ground. I honestly think even though this is good stuff, Vince seems a bit confused, is this developmental or a third brand, some of it feels very developmental then the rest feels very forced like the content you might have seen on RAW and Smackdown, or maybe I’m just not a fan of Grayson Waller. 

Next up Pete Dunne is laying down the law with a great bit of build to his feud with Tony D’Angelo, finishing with a great line “oh and Tony bring the crowbar, you’re gonna need it!” Best rivalry going at the moment, excellent stuff. 

Before this big six-man tag match we get a little scene with Kacy & Kayden talking to Amari Miller about wanting to be the next NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions. New year's resolutions and all that it seems Indi & Persia are after the same goal. Persia looks to let them step up in a handicap match but Indi isn’t keen on the idea at first. Persia persuades her and we get officially introduced to a sleeping Wendy Choo after a positively disgusted Tiffany Stratton isn’t keen to become their third. Little sprinkling of comedy and the good old-fashioned spirit of competition it seems! 

Imperium & Walter vs MSK & Riddle 

Didn’t expect this next. Nice entrance from Riddle & MSK. Barthel and Nash start us off with a nice technical sequence. Aichner manages to make the tag while Nash is having a good time with all that momentum. Nash manages not to drown in the strength of Aichner tagging Wes Lee in. Aichner hits a brutal clothesline but Wes Lee eventually gets a tag to Riddle, largely encouraged by the crowd. Riddle seems to be waiting and in comes Walter. Walter chops him down before tagging Aichner in. The pace of the match quickens here and eventually Walter is back involved.  

A nice triple team from Imperium, Walter tying Wes Lee up in the ropes and holding him so the other to can hit him from both sides. Aichner looks to make the most of a count after a submission hanging on to Nash until the very last second. Things get worse for Nash as Barthel has him grounded next. Nash fights out as we return to full screen but Walter gets tagged in and managed to stop him. Somehow Nash manages to escape but as he reaches for the tag Imperium pull his partners from the apron. He gets reversal in next and manages to tag Riddle though, game on! 

Riddle has a great spell next but as he gets ahead of himself looking to take both of Imperium down. Walter grabs him from behind in a sleeper. MSK come in to help and the three dive on Imperium and Walter on the outside, Riddle bringing the action back in to the ring. He German suplexes Walter but doesn’t get the pinfall. He then looks to hit an RKO psyching himself up like the viper, when Imperium take out MSK on the outside. Riddle hears it and is distracted, giving Walter time to strike.  

Aichner is legal and Imperium hitting a double team move, but the pinfall is broken up by Wes Lee. Riddle somehow fights out of the second double team attempt. He German suplexes Walter again then we do get an RKO on Marcel Barthel and Riddle picks up the win for his team. 

I enjoyed that match, it’s always a pleasure watching MSK and Imperium, the additions of Riddle and Walter just gave it a little more oomph! I think the result surprised me somewhat but after thinking about it if MSK didn’t end up on the winning side, they wouldn’t have reson for their rematch. 

Winners MSK & Riddle 

Next McKenzie is with Harland & Joe Gacy, Joe takes the question and claims Harland has been working through some issues and is doing much better. He then says they are looking to compete in the Dusty Classic announced earlier on the show. They wouldn’t any handouts and would be willing to compete to show they are a viable option for this tournament. Interesting, lot more viable than some teams that have competed and some would say even some winners. 

Mandy Rose is arriving via helicopter, whoop de doo! How does someone who is champion look like the underdog so much, the only reasons I expect her to win is the fact she hasn’t defended the belt yet and Toxic Attraction can easily interfere. Whether they will or not remains to be seen. Gonzalez and Cora Jade could easily cancel each other out without that. 

Elektra Lopez dressed to impress is almost giving McKenzie the answer we all wanted, spinning it out she says she is attracted to success and next week Santos Escobar will face Xyon Quinn and the winner leaves with her. Elektra on a pole match, bet Vince was so tempted to book it exactly like that too! Honestly this should be a good match, can’t see which way they will go with it.

Cora Jade vs Raquel Gonzalez vs Mandy Rose ( c ) (NXT Women’s Championship match) 

Wasn’t pointing to the sky and posing Zelina Vega’s thing? Early going everybody gets a chance to shine, this revolving door of momentum keeps going, Cora Jade enjoys her spotlight a little too much and Rose trips her into the steps. Gonzalez thrice saves the match by breaking the pinfall attempts. Gonzalez then stacks her opponents and drops them, both scattering to the outside.  

As we enter picture in picture Rose gets a kendo stick from under the ring, smashing Gonzalez as she comes to pull her back in the ring. Rose gets some more offense in with this before Gonzalez gives her a taste of her own medicine. Jade gets involved but Rose soon as the kendo stick back in her hands. She has Jade in a leg grip, Chaos resumes as Gonzalez comes in and Jade almost steals the win with a cheeky pinfall. Jade once again giving her all as she uses Gonzalez to hit a hurricanrana on Rose then it descends as Gonzalez ends up chucking her to the outside, looked like she landed badly. Rose dodged getting squashed by Jade and tries to high tail it out of the ring.  

Gonzalez drags her back and Rose is begging her off before almost getting the win with something that looked like a codebreaker. Gonzalez turns things around, hitting the Chingona Bomb but as Mandy Rose looks about to lose her title Cora Jade hits a senton from the top and breaks the pinfall. Gonzalez is incensed and looks to finish Jade off with a superplex but Jade sneaks out of it and topples Gonzalez to the outside. She smiles as she admires her handywork. She looks for another sneaky roll up but Rose was ready for it, she blocks it and gets a very clunky looking pin, that’s it she’s defended the title.


Have to say predictable but not a bad match. Nothing special this one people and to be fair, Mandy needed that win, I do feel like Cora Jade would be a much better champion when the time comes. I wonder if Gonzalez could go to Smackdown or Raw? 

Winner Mandy Rose 

Boa is on screen next, commenting on his powers again, he wants to face Solo Sikoa without his powers, don’t think they like that idea though. MSK are saying bye to Riddle in the parking lot, they send him off then get excited about getting their tag title shot. The Creed Brothers interrupt them saying the “only way you are getting another shot, is by winning the Dusty Classic but you won’t because we’re in it!” Have to say I’d be really happy with them winning it, better than a makeshift team any day. 

Andre Chase is heading out to the ring for a ’teachable moment’ he is talking about his student coming to save his ass from Harland. He hypes up the bond between him and his students. He wants to recognise his student, he wants to give him a full scholarship. Von Wagner interrupts them, “let the real star of NXT say something” The rest of his promo just sounds like Vince McMahon drizzle to me. Andre Chase looks for another ‘teachable moment’ but Von Wagner cuts him off and batters him. He then looks to drag the famous student into it, dragging his umbrella from him then hauling him over the barrier, he then looks to grab more crowd members. Apparently, these were genuine and therefore security and referees come to finally try and stop him. This felt a bit flat, I’m not into Von Wagner at all, he feels very wooden and unlikeable, he has the build of someone who should be just dominating but the personality of someone who should just stay away from a microphone. Hopefully the tease of Robert Stone partnering with him comes to something interesting. 

Cameron Grimes hype next, great vignette. His progress has been impressive. He wants to go . . . “2022 the moon!” Then AJ Styles vs Grayson Waller is announced and a Crowbar on a pole match is announced for Pete Dunne vs Tony D’Angelo, interesting wonder if Vince is watching us, definitely lots of conversation among the wrestling crew about something on a pole matches in recent times, spooky. 

Bron Breakker vs Tommaso Ciampa ( c ) (NXT Championship Match) 

Bron Breakker arrives with a special entrance, breaking chains symbolizing the old NXT it seems then kicking in the big yellow NXT logo. Is this, Bron the “Breakker of Chains” first of 2.0 soon to be NXT Champion? I’ve likened him to Goldberg and naturally both Steiners but it seems he can now be compared to Daenerys Targaryen, bit late with that reference though. 

We start with a clean break as Bron let’s Ciampa breathe. Ciampa doesn’t return the favour after this though, with a chop that Bron shrugs off. Breakker seems to have an answer for everything Ciampa throws at him early on. Ciampa comes back with some strikes but again Bron seems to just shrug it off somewhat. Ciampa hits a dropkick and seems to be playing things smarter as this match progress, hitting the unexpected dive next. 

Breakker manages to break Ciampa’s hold next by dropping him to the canvas. Breakker then hits a big spinebuster after a nice sequence. Breakker makes a mistake and Ciampa has him tied up in the tree of woe. As expected he hits a dropkick here and as he looks for the Fairytale ending, Breakker manages another spinebuster. Bron then hits a standing moonsault. Bron goes for the move that last time cost him the match, he hesitates and Ciampa capitalizes, as he looks to do more damage however, Bron spears him!  

They both rise and the slugfest begins. Ciampa then looks for his signature knee but Bron counters into a frankensteiner. Ciampa then counters a gorilla press into Willow’s Bell. Close but no cigar for Ciampa, the match continues. A single leg crab is next, Bron makes it to the ropes. Ciampa then reveals the bare concrete, looking to finish Bron off. Bron manages to reverses it putting Ciampa through the announce table, he slams Ciampa in the ring following it up nicely but Ciampa grabs the bottom rope to save the match!  

Ciampa exposes his knee and hits Bron three times before going for the Fairytale Ending, he looks set to get the pinfall but somehow Bron Breakker kicks out. Ciampa looks for the high risk finish, but Bron manages to hold him off then hits the bulldog from the top. He follows it up with the Recliner, Ciampa taps, we have a new champion! 

This match was a solid bout, I always feel when Ciampa loses like it isn’t believable because he goes from his never say die days of when he faced Gargano to this match, tapping out fairly quickly. Ciampa appears to acknowledge the passing of the torch. We finish on a cheap Steiner pun, as Vic says “the pup has now become the dog-faced gremlin... Breakker is now the face of NXT!” 

Winner and NEW NXT Champion Bron Breakker 

I quite enjoyed this week’s NXT, it was a little predictable at times, Mandy, Carmelo and Bron Breakker picking up wins was obvious. Progress is being made and while NXT 2.0 isn’t for everyone, I think I see the point of a new era, with Vince pushing it how he wants he will hopefully reap some benefit when stars make it to the main brands so to speak. I keep wanting to give it more time, I keep wanting to see where they go and Cameron Grimes looking for gold well, I am ready for that! 

Next week we start a new era in NXT, the Breakker of Chains Era, so what will that bring, does Ciampa step aside out of respect, I would like to see LA Knight take one for the team next, never seen him as NXT champion material personally so Bron getting a good first defense against him could be worth it, especially as he got that win in his debut match. Suppose Mandy Rose needs a new challenger too, or will Cora Jade or Raquel Gonzalez still not be done with her? 

See you back here next week for some more NXT guys, Pixc out!