WWE NXT 9th November 2021

WWE NXT 9th November 2021

So Pixc here back with another week of NXT, taking a paintball of colour kind of bullet for the team, struggling through Vince’s reimagining of our beloved black and gold brand. Hopefully there will be light at the end of this tunnel somewhere, stick with me guys, we will get through this together! 

We kick off unfortunately for our quiz master with our six woman tag match. Least it gets it out of the way for ya dude! 

Toxic Attraction vs Io Shirai & Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter 

Quite liked the energy of the spitfires as they came through the crowd, love that tag team. Kayden starts against Mandy Rose. Mandy eventually gets a cheap shot on Io which somehow allows her to get control of the match. Io comes in and swings the momentum back in her team's favour. A nice double team by the other two looked great but Kacy is overpowered into the wrong corner. A sequence of dives next which is ended by Mandy Rose brutal spinebuster to Io Shirai, momentum stopped! 

Picture in picture followed that and gave me plenty of time to forget the interest I had in the match. Mandy is in control after a brief double team with Gigi it seems. Kacy manages to get a near fall and almost gets the tag but Mandy uses her thighs to keep her down. Kacy then scrambles clumsily for the tag. Io comes in but so does Gigi. Mandy is back after one move and Io resumes her dominance again. Io only gets a near fall after her moonsault as the pin gets broken up. Gigi comes back in missing an elbow so Kayden gets the tag. She takes on both Gigi and Jacy Jayne,  Kayden looking good with a nice roll up, no pin but a kick to the head. 

She heads to the top and interference is run, Io and Kacy come to help out but the damage is done, Gigi hits her “Uncaged” finishing move and gets the pinfall victory. Maybe the releases have got to me but this match just fell flat for me, I’m not sure I care anymore, women’s wrestling on NXT always was a highlight, not so much at the moment.  

Winners Toxic Attraction 

Kay Lee Ray walks past Toxic Attraction for her match, not phased by their presence, finally, been waiting for her to get some action! 

Pete Dunne is backstage answering questions about Tony D’Angelo calling him out, Trick and Carmelo interrupt and Pete threatens to break his fingers, they had a twitter exchange and Carmelo was none too happy, stupid move if you ask me.  

MSK arrive at their destination, but apparently it’s not their final destination, so now they're switching to a plane it seems. 

Sarray vs Kay Lee Ray 

Sarray offering the handshake but Kay Lee Ray turns into a clothesline and no mercy is shown by the “forever” champion, apparently. Sarray bridges nicely out of a weak cover off a strike. A nice DDT from the corner gets Kay Lee Ray a near fall. Sarray picks up the pace on the ropes and rolls her opponent up. She then transitions into a submission which looked pretty brutal but Kay Lee Ray makes it to the ropes. A nice cover shortly after with a bridge but again Kay Lee Ray survives.  

Sarray sees her opponent in position for her signature drop kick in the ropes, but she had it scouted and dodges the move, the KLR Bomb right on the announce table then another one in the ring and this is over, Kay Lee Ray picks up the win. 

Glad to see her picking up a win. The match was ok, just think Sarray has been done dirty her momentum was stopped and Kay Lee Ray has been somewhat absent so it feels a little flat for now, hopefully things improve for them both going forward. 

Winner Kay Lee Ray 

Joe Gacy is backstage with McKenzie talking about Boa, he thinks Boa is feeling he needs to hide himself, then he talks to the camera, to Harland, tonight he is doing it for them, spooky stuff. Quite like the Joe Gacy gimmick, it’s different, I don’t think many will like it but it works for me, but I always preferred the characters. 

Bron Breakker next hyping up his time in the UK performing in the ring. Getting his PhD and coming back to kick Tommaso Ciampa’s ass! 

Boa vs Joe Gacy 

Gacy offers a hand but Boa kicks it away. The match seems pretty even with Boa using his strikes and seeming aggressive. Gacy comes back with his sly ways, trying to wear Boa down. I quite liked the sequence with the knees. This was then followed up by a spooky Balor-esque musical character change. Boa puts a claw like choke on Gacy and pushes him into the ropes and doesn’t let go. 

Gacy wins by disqualification, Boa didn’t release the hold and Gacy looks half pleased with the win. Nothing special definitely have to keep an eye on these two to see what happens. 

Winner Joe Gacy 

Kushida and Ikemen Jiro were seen talking last week about a match this week against the Creed Brothers, they were excited but then it pans out as they find their new tag team name to show Diamond Mine watching this and training. Malcolm Bivens is not impressed with these two, wait for this team name, oh dear. 

Next up we have Solo Sikoa, Grayson Waller interrupts his interview and then tries to turn him against LA Knight who appears to refute his claims of gossip. Solo then challenges them to settle it in the ring, a triple threat match it seems is afoot. 

Diamond Mine vs Jacket Time 

Yes you read that right, Ikemen Jiro and Kushida are Jacket Time! Oh my god this is so funny, so terrible, I mean I like it better than The Corre and The Viking Experience. Julius gets the early advantage against Jiro, Brutus then comes in and Jiro manages to escape the grappler leaving him a bit surprised. He is unable to do much damage to the bigger man and Kushida comes in hoping to change their fortunes.

Jacket Time vs. The Creed Brothers: WWE NXT, Nov. 9, 2021 | WWE

 Image courtesy of WWE

Julius is back in and the Creed Brothers take control. Brutus is back in and Kushida manages to escape the double team for a tag. Jiro turns the tables and they both dispatch the Creed Brothers with the handspring off the ropes. Not long before they hit another double team, dropkicks to Julius before Brutus breaks up the pinfall after a high risk move from Jiro. Roderick Strong low bridges Jiro breaking the flow and allowing Julius to take advantage when he returns to the ring. Cheeky victory for the Creed Brothers.  

Odyssey Jones comes to get him some at the end, obviously not about that numbers game advantage. Decent setup for another six-man tag, just for our Quizmaster P-Nut!  

Winners Diamond Mine 

Toxic Attraction are leaving the arena but are caught for a few words. They intend on holding the gold for a long time and Mandy Rose was not intimidated by Kay Lee Ray. Raquel Gonzalez arrives on her bike and tells her to keep her title warm for her before heading out to the ring. Final battle between Dakota Kai and her soon? 

Raquel Gonzalez calls out Dakota Kai. Kai is laughing as she comes out and exclaims her delight at hitting her with a shovel. She is interrupted however by Cora Jade attacking from behind. Raquel Gonzalez goes to pull her off and Cora nearly cracks her in the blur, but stops herself. Gonzalez acknowledges she wants a piece of Kai too but basically "get in line she's mine first." Cora Jade appears to be ok with that offering a fist bump, it’s not reciprocated. 

Next we have Andre Chase teaching, a student disses him and he throws them out I wasn’t sure what was going on here, it happened a bit fast and the initial student was very quiet. He throws him out and sends his bag across the classroom, pretty standard stuff from Andre Chase. Nothing special but good character work. 

Another segment next with Grizzled Young Veterans, they are looking to train in distractions. Conning money out of strangers it seems to get some food, in a suit this doesn’t really sell well. 

Cameron Grimes vs Ru Feng 

Good to see Ru Feng in the ring, Grimes is in a pickle when Duke Hudson comes to ringside, this seems to galvanise him into action. Grimes takes down Feng and gets back in the driver’s seat. He quickly gets the cave in and picks up the win before staring down Duke Hudson. 

Duke comes in to have a word with his rival. The crowd are the stars here, chanting What?! In between every section of his promo. Grimes goads him and Duke calls him a hick. Grimes mentions he may like to play dumb but last week “I played you”. Duke is not a happy bunny and he challenges him to a poker showdown next week!  

Looking forward to that, this match was short and a clearly just a chance for Ru Feng to get some screen time, it gives Grimes a win and sets this up with Duke. 

Winner Cameron Grimes 

LA Knight vs Grayson Waller vs Solo Sikoa 

Sikoa’s two opponents argue amongst themselves but he’s had enough smashing them both in the face to wake them up. The two then gang up on him, but it doesn’t last as Solo turns the tables in no time. LA Knight low bridges Grayson Waller and punches him down on the outside but Solo drags him into the ring, Grayson returns the favour and then we again get some double team action on Solo Sikoa. They then engage in a bit of one-upmanship. This eventually leads to their downfall when Solo downs them both from the top turnbuckle. Looked a tad clumsy.  

Solo looks to finish things but LA Knight gets a neckbreaker on him. Grayson intercepts the situation and Solo dispatches Grayson. Solo then belly to belly suplexes Grayson out of the ring and hits a splash on LA Knight for the win.  

Nice triple threat match, passable for sure. Just waiting to see more of Solo Sikoa. 

Winner Solo Sikoa 

Indi and Persia are backstage being asked what’s next after coming up a little short in their title match. They can’t believe how close they were and are then interrupted by Tony D’Angelo. He claims Dexter Lumis and Pete Dunne have been ducking him, gives her a gift for Lumis, a fish. Then hands Persia some money in typical D’Angelo fashion. Looking forward to seeing him against either of those two to be fair.  

Elektra Lopez tells Xyon Quinn to watch her next. Followed by Ciampa who is also on tour in the UK with WWE, interesting seeing how things go for Ciampa considering the number of releases. 

Erica Yan vs Elektra Lopez 

Erica gets a little offense in early on maybe catching Lopez off guard. Lopez shows her aggression slap through the ropes and then upon returning to the ring she hits a powerbomb of sorts and picks up the quick and easy win.  

She calls out Xyon Quinn. She asks him to join Legado del Fantasma. He clearly likes her but he’s not down with Legado del Fantasma, kicking both their asses. He blocks Elektra’s shots at him and pulls her in like they are dancing, then leaves her to ponder, she stops her stablemates from attacking again, just like Santos Escobar used to it, leaving me wondering where is Santos Escobar, injured expected to be released? 

Winner Elektra Lopez

WAR GAMES announced – Sunday 5th December, come on WWE do it on Saturday please, god I miss NXT takeovers on a Saturday! 

Kyle O’Reilly up next as he ponders his future, seemingly he’s sticking with Von Wagner and going for them tag team titles. Bit of a backwards step for me, should be vying for a singles title, but if he is leaving us in December it makes sense for him to not get in a title picture for a singles title. At least with tag team gold it can be a quick shot and then done. It would feel weird for him to not have a big feud for a singles title. Imperium show up but so does Von Wagner. 

Carmelo Hayes vs Pete Dunne 

Pete Dunne comes out and immediately starts stomping a mudhole. While Barrett gives him props for being in the main event two weeks running, Pete Dunne does a number on him. Carmelo does come back with some good offense but Dunne definitely seems in control. Dunne even hits an X-Plex on the apron, hardest part of the ring you know guys! 

Dexter Lumis appears on commentary, Trick scared out of his wits by this sudden apparition. Dunne remains on top during picture in picture with Trick looking on. They try talking to Dexter but he remains silent as usual. Vicious targeting of the knee by Dunne slamming Carmelo’s knee into the ring. Carmelo somehow pulls out something like a codebreaker but he is too slow to cover and the match continues. Carmelo then fights back with a brutal looking clothesline. He drops Dunne to the mat but Dunne is able to kick out! 

WWE NXT results and highlights: Pete Dunne scores big win over Carmelo  Hayes 9 November 2021

Image courtesy of The South African

Dunne comes back again double knees to the arm and a slam but Carmelo this time, kicks out. Apparently, it’s Pete Dunne’s birthday, nice. Carmelo comes face to face with a beautiful strike from Dunne plucking him out of mid-air. Carmelo then enters a slugfest and follows up with a Gargano Escape, Dunne managed to break it though. Dunne is then thrown into the ropes, Lumis stops Trick from battering Dunne with his shoe, Gargano at the other side grabs Carmelo allowing Pete Dunne to drop Carmelo with the Bitter End, pinfall and it’s over! 

Great match this, love Carmelo, the interference and ringside action the commentary, everything was pretty good. Even Dunne at the end miming the title round his waist and shrugging at the help he received from Lumis and Gargano. Quality main event.  

Winner Pete Dunne 

This week's next went by in a flash for me, I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I sometimes do I don’t think. It felt shorter though. I enjoyed the segments used, the matches didn’t feel particularly great but the main event was really good. I think Vince has well and truly got his claws in on this show, everything feels bland and watered down in terms of wrestling. Pete Dunne was by far the best on the card, Carmelo held his own in there and I think even though Grimes can’t really compare with the time he had in the ring I am really enjoying his stuff as ever!  What did you think? Let us know on all our social media platforms. 

That’s me done for a week, look out for our AEW predictions on youtube and I’ll see you back here next week, thanks for reading. 

Pixc Out!