WWE NXT 7th Sept 2021 

WWE NXT 7th Sept 2021 

Once again, we dive straight into another week of NXT. This time it's Ember who comes out to kick things off. Loving this straight in no nonsense stuff, her gear looks pretty cool. Don't forget this is the last week of this era of NXT, Vince and Bruce will be tainting the brand with their presence from next week...

Ember Moon vs Kay Lee Ray 

After a brief flurry from Kay Lee Ray (KLR), Ember Moon seems to take over, no pun intended. The former comes back and gets a near fall for her efforts. Moon reverses a submission in the centre of the ring, rolling her up for a pinfall. Moon continues with this momentum but only gets a near fall, before locking in a crossface. A nice transition follows with a pinfall then reversed back into the submission by Moon.  

After the picture in picture break KLR has control of the match. Moon gets a roll up and a near fall out of nowhere, then looks fired up as she rises right into a super kick. Her anger fuels her as she puts KLR in the tree of woe. Stiff kicks to the back follow and it's always good to see the aggressive side of Moon.  KLR gets a nice reversal DDT. 

Moon sends her to the outside with a suplex, then dives on her. She looks for the Eclipse as KLR is thrown back in the ring. KLR dives from the top after stopping this but only gets a near fall. This looked like she missed. Moon hits what looked to be the finish but KLR kicked out. A nice pinfall sequence follows before KLR comes out on top with a beautiful Gory Bomb, very smoothly done, big win for Kay Lee Ray! 

Pretty enjoyable match to be fair, hoping to see some good matches from Kay Lee Ray now she is on NXT. I think there is hope the women's division won't suffer as much going forward.  

Winner Kay Lee Ray 

Next McKenzie is after a word with the challengers for the tag team titles, Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch, they are obviously looking to regain the titles they never lost. Ridge Holland and Pete Dunne however, want them to hurt MSK. I like the fact this felt shorter than this groups usual segments. 

A bachelorette party next. Indi makes a speech, and gives props to Candice LeRae. Kacy & Kayden are there for some reason but doing TikToks. Pretty fun segment and it ends with Candice and Indi planning to spy on Dexter's bachelor party, Americans need to get on the stag do, sounds so much better! 

Carmelo Hayes vs Santos Escobar 

Escobar is not impressed early on offering Carmelo the exit through the ropes. Bit of underestimation on his part if you ask me. Carmelo looking strong returns the favour offering Escobar the out. He doesn't take it, coming in to drop Carmelo, taking control of the match. Carmelo still seems to have a lot of fight in him. 

Carmelo is dropped from the apron onto the announce table and Escobar gets him in a submission. Escobar in control as commentary make reference to Carmelo not having faced anyone on the speed of Escobar but forgetting he fought Kushida before the breakout tournament clearly.  

Escobar continues his dominant spell on the outside using the steps with a Boston crab. He doesn't get the win yet though as Carmelo kicks out. Escobar is distracted, taunting on the top rope, yelling at commentary. Carmelo capitalises attacking him before hitting a cutter. Only a near fall for him here though. A nice tilt a whirl slam gets him another near fall. A DDT on the ring apron, hardest part of the ring don't ya know! Then with the referee distracted by Mendoza and Wylde, Elektra Lopez scoop slams Carmelo on the floor. Bit unnecessary, personally don't think her involvement needed to be like that. Escobar then picks up the win quickly with a Phantom Driver. 

This match was pretty good but I just felt the ending ruined it a bit. I think Elektra should have done something different or been the distraction with Mendoza and Wylde attacking. It does however give Escobar the win he needs to push for that title shot. 

Winner Santos Escobar 

Kayden Carter is throwing Kacy Cantanzaro around, some sort of practice routine, I guess. Then we get a segment with Diamond Mine. Malcolm Bivens introduces The Creed brothers and lists some accomplishments. Roderick Strong then shakes their hand and welcomes them into the fold. 

William Regal is up next with a challenger tothe NXT Championship to be decided next week. A multi person match with Tommaso Ciampa, LA Knight Pete Dunne and Kyle O'Reilly compete for that honour! 

Diamond Mine vs Chuckie Viola & Paxton Averill 

The Creed brothers debut then, Julius and Brutus, let's see what they got. Brutus starts and is immediately praised for his wrestling stance, he scoops his opponent up and dumps him to the outside. The tag is made and their opponents are out of their depth it seems. Julius continues the aggression and he brings the other guy in.  

He finishes the match with a brutal elbow to an already downed opponent. Brutus knew it was over as he counted along, this was a brilliant showing for them. My only criticism was the fact I didn't know who was who on the other team. 

The Creed Brothers Dominate In WWE NXT Debuts - Wrestling Inc.

Image courtesy of Wrestling Inc

Winners Diamond Mine 

Ember Moon is backstage next, talking about her losing streak and how she doesn't want it to continue. 

Hit Row next. They're talking about the involvement of Elektra Lopez and building the feud between the two factions. Good build, I think they will grow on people.  

Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter vs Zoey Stark & Io Shirai (c) (NXT Women's Tag Team Title match) 

The match seems a bit slow to start, the teams getting a feel for each other but Shirai seems to want to go it alone, refusing the tag. Io does get some great offense in, Zoey tags herself in, even though the referee clearly didn't see it, it stands. Carter makes the blind tag and it builds momentum for her team as she stops Stark dead in her tracks. Stark manages to flip things around getting the tag to Io Shirai. 

Shirai gets a near fall off a missile drop kick. Shirai gets a crossface on next and Carter has nowhere to go. she's let out of it by Shirai. No let up from her but Kacy makes the tag and the double team that follows looked set to finish things...it doesn't. 

Not long after Stark tags herself in and the aggression is clear to see. These two are not on the same page. Stark then inadvertently takes Shirai out from the apron. Kacy & Kayden hit a double team splash which looks to be the end, but Shirai is back hitting Kayden with a drop kick to break up the fall. Stark gets back in control and is able to tag Shirai in, Shirai hits a moonsault and it's over, the champs retain! 

It's the aftermath that makes it worse for me though. Gigi Dolin, Jacy Jayne and their manager I guess, Mandy "Sheamus" Rose attack Kacy & Kayden from behind viciously, then stare down at the tag champs. Firstly, why have Shirai and Stark retain against an actually good team? Also, what is going on with creative that Sheamus appears to have passed his face guard to Mandy Rose? Very original, I liked this new team but this is a bit sudden for them to be in the title picture. 

Winners Io Shirai & Zoey Stark 

Kyle O'Reilly is hyping up his opportunity to face Samoa Joe for the NXT Championship.  

Next we have Dexter Lumis' Bachelor party, Gargano is not keen on paying for it or the wedding, but guess who has it covered...Cameron Grimes! Genius, got to love it. Go Karting is the plan, with Indi and Candice lurking. Axe throwing next, Lumis has experience apparently, he helps Gargano out, thumbs up! Next, Drake is on trampolines when Odyssey Jones is sent to send him to the moon! We finish off with Lazer tag, Team Green vs Team Dex, love it. As Gargano high fives the team he comes to Lumis and hesitates but Jones nudges him and the magic moment happens, everyone is on the same page, let's go have a wedding!  

Mei Ying is up next, Boa seems to be telling her it's time. 

Robert Stone interrupts Franky Monet and Jessi Kamea chilling backstage next. Their gossiping about the wedding is immediately forgotten when he tells them that Franky Monet will face the NXT Women's Champion, Raquel Gonzalez next week for the title! 

Mei Ying vs Virginia Ferry 

This was so quick it feels pointless talking about it much. Ferry got a stunner of sorts in and Mei Ying didn't do a lot, just a few moves before taking down her opponent, and she passes out before the 3 count is complete.  

This match did the job, that's all. It was nice to see her in the ring finally. 

Mei Ying Makes WWE NXT Singles Debut, Identity Of Opponent - Wrestling Inc.

Image courtesy of Wrestling Inc

Winner Mei Ying 

LA Knight hyping his opportunity now, nothing special, usual dig at the fans and Samoa Joe. 

Ciampa is up next, he's got two goals. Pete Dunne and the NXT Championship, Goldie. Sounds like Ciampa wants his baby back! 

Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch vs MSK (c) (NXT Tag Team Championship match) 

Before we get started can I have it on record that I hope MSK retain, I'm not liking the idea of Oney and Danny getting the belts back like this. Burch back in the ring after a long break here he looks unsure against the quicker Nash. Oney comes in and not long after, Wes Lee is also tagged in. MSK hit a nice double team but the action immediately heads to the other corner where Danny Burch tags back in. 

Oney is straight back in though and they keep this going with some double team moves. Nash turns the tables and we head into picture in picture. Good job I got some wasabi peanuts while all these American food adverts are on. Burch has control of the match as we return to full screen action. As commentary talk about the enemies of the challengers, Burch tags in Lorcan. He seems fired up, begging for more! 

The challengers are keeping fresh with quick tags and Nash manages to put on the brakes mid double team move, giving himself the chance to tag Wes Lee. He comes in on fire, taking both opponents on. MSK taking it to the outside with Nash diving on Lorcan then facing the double knees as he goes for a high risk move from the top rope.  

They replicate the Revival vs DIY scenario with both of them put in holds by the challengers, Breaking them with the collision of two into the others. They hit a double team move and thank f**k for that, MSK retain! 

the aftermath is the talking point though as Pete Dunne and Ridge Holland look at each other before dismantling the two, now former friends of theirs. Confusing but this could mean that either Dunne or the two lying in the ring are moving on. Either way I liked this as it's unexpected. To some though I think it will make zero sense, is Vince starting earlier with his weird booking? 

Winners MSK  

A good show this week, I think the momentum feels very much pointless with the knowledge that things are about to change, but I'm curious to see what happens, I hope even if you don't continue to watch it week in week out, you will stick with me as I grin and bear the new NXT, starting next week. 

Pixc out!