WWE NXT 5th October 2021

WWE NXT 5th October 2021

Pixc here, back with another round of NXT. Looks like we have a big tag team title match coming up, with all of our four teams involved last week vying for that gold. I’m excited to get started, so let’s go! 

Mandy Rose comes out to kick us off in singles action. 

Mandy Rose vs Ember Moon 

Clearly a match to push Mandy to the title picture. Moon showing her experience advantage, Mandy has Toxic Attraction to thank as the rookies rescue her from the tree of woe. This turns the momentum in her favour. Mandy has Moon in a leg scissor, squeezing the life out of her. Moon fights back with a scoop slam and a strike. She goes for the Eclipse but ends up rolling through. Mandy Rose hits a running strike that gets her the pinfall victory.  

A little weak for a finish not lighting up the roster, average match, nothing special and Mandy has clearly suffered by being underused on the main roster as a wrestler. Having a faction makes up for her weaknesses. 

Winner: Mandy Rose 

Santos Esobar is with Legado del Fantasma, they are talking to Hit Row, continuing their rivalry and he challenges Swerve Scott to a title match. Hit Row were drafted to Smackdown and I liked how Escobar said “they saved your asses!”, I did think it was odd they were moving the champion up, but this must be it, Escobar is going to take the title. Definitely a good choice for champion, but I'm not sure what will happen after. 

LA Knight vs Odyssey Jones 

Knight looks to avoid the big man early on dodging and getting in a cheap shot. Jones throws him into the corner then across the ring. Knight ends up on the outside and lures Jones back in, but is knocked down and finally gets the advantage by dropping Jones into the bottom turnbuckle.   Knight follows up with strikes in the ropes, keeping the big man down. No luck with the cover though as Jones starts to rise.  

Knight tries to lift Jones but he ends up flat on his back. Andre Chase ends up coming out, he distracts Jones and gets struck from the apron. This gives LA Knight the perfect opportunity and he pounces with a neckbreaker to pick up the win. 

It suits LA Knight to win this way, and stops his declining momentum after his big double loss in one night. Jones won’t be hurt too bad by this due to his experience and the interference. The match felt a bit awkward for me, I feel like it didn't mesh, I’m not convinced that I’d be too bothered if I missed this one. 

Winner: LA Knight 

Cameron Grimes in his baby blue suit. He’s looking for a lady. Pete Dunne interrupts him and although Grimes claims to be listening to him, he is clearly eyeing up something off camera. Dunne challenges him to a match, which he absent-mindedly accepts then wanders off to the ladies he spotted. They don’t seem interested which tied in nicely with Dunne’s comment about no woman ever being interested in Grimes. 

Ciampa’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. We get a clip with Von Wagner in the locker room. Kyle O’Reilly enters and asks him why he helped him and warns him to stay out of his way, but he appreciates the respect.  

Ciampa is looking to his first challenger and mentions Bron Breakker. He challenges someone to step up and as if by magic, Bron Breakker comes out. Bron comes out acting a little like Goldberg meets Scott Steiner for me. Bron singals his intention clearly and the challenge is accepted for Halloween Havoc, not without a parting shot, “3 weeks to go from an intern to a PhD” (What a great line!)

Joe Gacy is up next as he talks about the outage from social media this week and ties it in with his peaceful mantra. 

Indi is backstage with her friend talking about the honeymoon. They come across a door with smoke coming out of it, interrupting Boa and Mei Ying, who shout at them to get out! Nice bit of a filth in this conversation but otherwise a bit of filler, Lumis is apparently tired from all the sweet sweet lovin'! 

Joe Gacy vs Ikemen Jiro 

Jiro seems to have the upper hand, but Gacy uses his words to try to throw him off his game. He twists it to gain the advantage and I’m really liking his whole gimmick, feels like he is using his intelligence and ability to twist things in his favour. He has a lot of potential. 

Jiro comes back with strikes but as he charges he is struck by Gacy. Jiro keeps going though and almost gets the final blow. Gacy hits a thunderous clothesline and gets the win! Great showing from Gacy, this really showed him in a good light, using his gimmick to produce an interesting contest. The aftermath is a bit odd, he pulls Jiro up and hugs him, then another superstar is seen staring him down from the crowd, I believe it is Harland, formerly known as Parker Boudreaux. 

Winner: Joe Gacy  

Duke Hudson is all about playing poker next, all money is welcome, he’s going to take it anyway! Interesting addition to his character.

Cora Jade vs Franky Monet  

Cora Jade heads to the ring to face Virginia Ferry but Franky Monet destroys her opponent and replaces her in the match.  

Franky starts off aggressive and dominant, really doing a number on Cora. She looks set to win in quick fashion, Trey Baxter is cheering his lady on though. Cora finally fights back but is then pinned back down by Franky before taking a clubbing blow across the neck.  

Cora avoids a move getting a strike in, looking like she might turn it around and out of nowhere she gets a sneaky roll up and the win! I’m not sure this will do Franky Monet any favours, I did expect her to move to Smackdown or Raw soon, but this loss hurts her. However, it’s nice to see the new girl getting a win. 

Winner: Cora Jade 

MSK backstage talking about their title defence coming up later. GYV interrupt them, MSK suggest making the title match a 4 team elimination match, a brawl ensues as Jensen and Briggs arrive along with Trick and Carmelo.  

Ciampa is up next chatting about his match with Bron Breakker set for Halloween Havoc, but Joe Gacy interrupts him, and they set up a match with big implications, Gacy wants in on the title match. I smell a protection spell coming up. Whoever wins Gacy is taking the pinfall methinks. But first, Gacy has to beat Ciampa next week. 

WWE NXT Viewership and Key Demo Rating Down Again This Week
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Pete Dunne vs Cameron Grimes 

Here we go, another technical masterclass from Pete Dunne? The two superstars mesh well together, better than I expected anyway. They go back and forth a bit, Grimes doesn’t look out of his depth as many would likely expect. Dunne keeps returning to his game plan, manipulate and technical wrestling. Grimes picks up the pace and feeds off the energy of the crowd. He heads up top, hitting a crossbody but only getting a two count.

Grimes momentum seems to grow from this point and he gets another near fall from a German Suplex. Dunne goes to remove a turnbuckle and this brings Ridge Holland into the match. Ridge looks to sort out Grimes with his truncheon, but Kyle O’Reilly comes to get a piece. Dunne intercepts him and throws him over the announce table

Grimes goes for the Cave In, but it is avoided. Dunne counters it and hits The Bitter End. Pinfall victory for Dunne and Kyle O’Reilly tries to attack the pair. Ridge solves this problem with a little kick from Dunne and I'm still not sure why they keep pushing this rivalry, not exactly what I want to see. 

Winner: Pete Dunne 

More hype from Tony D’Angelo. He's coming up next. 

Hit Row have some things to say first, though. A retort to Legado’s comments from earlier, they mention Elektra Lopez and there is a healthy respect it seems between these two factions. Swerve Scott accepts the challenge for a North American Title match. Definitely doesn’t mention “North American” though, but think it was more to keep his flow with his promo. Escobar could be getting the win it seems. 

Malik Blade vs Tony D’Angelo 

D’Angelo looks to attempt a bribe of the referee as he enters the ring, nice touch and the referee just looks confused. He uses his strength early on to grind down Malik. Very little offense from Malik throughout as D’Angelo keeps grinding him back down every time he fights back.  

Malik comes back, fighting out of a stretch and putting a nice sequence together. D’Angelo turns it around fairly quickly though and he hits a twisting suplex for the pinfall victory. The match was a little longer than it needed to be. I like the look of Tony D’Angelo but I feel he needs a little work and Malik Blade is just a generic jobber at this point.  

Winner: Tony D’Angelo 

Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes get to know the confirmed elimination tag match and you guessed it, they “bout it, bout it!” I'm liking this combination and the way they're stretching out Carmelo Hayes contract cash-in. 

Mei Ying vs Indi Hartwell 

So interesting development here, Indi facing the mysterious woman of Tian Sha. Indi tries to get a grip on her opponent but no luck. Mei Ying seems to be a tough nut to crack for Indi, she stands her ground and seems to down Indi easily. Mei Ying keeps hold of Indi and they end up on the outside, she tastes the ring post before Persia her best friend helps her out taking a shot from Mei Ying. 

Indi takes advantage of the mix up and gets the upper hand. Mei Ying tastes the ring post then Indi hits the elbow from the top rope. Big win for Indi Wrestling here! This did not seem like “The Way” to go in fairness, but I guess they want to protect Indi which is nice. Could be a new feud coming. 

Winner: Indi Hartwell 

Lash Legend is talking with friends backstage about her next show, Tony D’Angelo wants in on it and she says she will think about it.  

Diamond Mine hype next as Malcolm Bivens runs down the faction selling them all. Great group of talent, aside from the Japanese dude who we know little about and have seen nothing of yet. It would be nice to get more information on him. Roderick Strong as Cruiserweight Champion is a bit odd for me, he should be North American champion or pushing for NXT Champion. Then again, I guess you got to start somewhere, they had little faith in that division, clearly.  

Raquel Gonzalez is in the ring next. She is taking shots at Mandy and I must admit, I'm not feeling her vibe as a champion now. Mandy Rose isn’t exactly a step up, in my opinion, but we do need a change. They surround Gonzalez like vultures and before they move into the ring Zoey Stark and Io Shirai arrive to even the odds. I smell a dreaded six-woman tag coming soon.  

Kyle is nursing his wounds when Von Wagner comes to tell him they are teaming up next week vs Pete Dunne and Ridge Holland, hopefully we can get an end to this rivalry. If Vince has anything to say it’ll probably be another 20 matches of Kyle vs Pete, I reckon. 

All the women’s champions are stood backstage Zoey Stark trying to get them fired up before Indi and Persia come to warn the tag champs that they want their titles. Not feeling this move yet, too soon, I think. They're teasing it to see the reaction, I guess. 

Grizzled Young Veterans vs Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams vs Jensen & Briggs vs MSK ( c ) (Four Way Elimination NXT Tag Team Title Match) 

Wes Lee and Zak Gibson start us off, early pinfall attempt, but no luck. MSK get a double team in and Gibson backs into the wrong corner as Carmelo Hayes tags himself in. He and Trick Williams in, their double team offense next. Jensen is in the ring next and MSK are out on the apron. Briggs and Jensen hit a nice double team move before hauling the Grizzled Young Veterans into the ring.  

Some strange co-operation from them to tag MSK in. Which results in Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams being eliminated. Bit odd but I didn’t mind it. Grizzled Young Veterans get their chance to shine next. Carter looks to be on fire with some excellent offense and almost pins Drake but Gibson drags him out of the ring.  

Somehow Gibson is left wondering why he can’t get the pin, but then Briggs and Jensen double team him to get the elimination. MSK and these two rookies are the only teams left. This team look strong and hit a big boot while Wes Lee is held, reminds me a lot of the APA. Another double team as they slam Wes Lee to the ground. They look to end it but Carter dives in and stops another double team. Wes Lee then reverses their fortunes hitting a hurricanrana to get the pinfall victory. 

NXT: noticias, vídeos y rumores sobre el show semanal de WWE

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The aftermath however was unexpected, Imperium attack MSK from behind. After downing the champs, Jensen and Briggs decided to try for the save. Bit late on their part but it does the job I guess building the respect that seems overflowing from the rookies on this new NXT. 

Winners: MSK 

In summary it was an ok show this week. More setting the scene for certain new faces, the lowlight has to be the constant droning rivalry of Pete Dunne, Ridge Holland vs Kyle O’Reilly. I just hope it ends soon, both are great in the ring but they have been in and around the NXT title and the main event scene of NXT for so long constantly fighting each other, it’s getting old. Nice to see fresh blood on the roster though, and building new talent can only be good for the future of WWE, lord knows they need it!