Real Rasslin Reviews: WWE NXT 4th May 2021

Pixc is back with the lowdown on this weeks NXT

Real Rasslin Reviews: WWE NXT 4th May 2021

Welcome back guys for another round of NXT action, with me Pixc. I heard on the wrestling grapevine that there might be some returns tonight. I am looking forward to it. 

We start with a video package hyping Leon Ruff and Isaiah Swerve Scott's rivalry, as you know I have enjoyed this but I do feel it is time for it to end, falls count anywhere seems fitting to finish this one off, followed by the womens tag title defense in a street fight!

Leon Ruff vs Isaiah Swerve Scott (Falls Count Anywhere)
We start with Leon Ruff all fired up, Swerve looking calm twists round into charging Ruff with the big knee, beautiful move. They swap around in the corner next before Ruff uses his agility to great effect. It's a key battle of strength vs agility for me. Swerve dumping Ruff on the outside, then throwing him into the barricades. The action returns to the ring and Swerve hits a superplex but Ruff kicks out. Back on the outside Ruff narrowly avoids getting hit by a flying toolbox, his face is a picture.

Just want to say how frustrating it is to have a big match like this disturbed by picture in picture, the action is backstage and it feels like a poor decision to have massive adverts taking up screen space and audio.

Swerve is dominating as we return to full screen action. Ruff fights back knocking Swerve into the bright lights pylon, but it's not enough to get the win. Ruff escapes a superplex, managing to balance and then hit a crucifix bomb, this was impressive. No luck with the pin though, yet again Swerve remains in this one. Ruff tries to powerbomb Swerve off the apron but has to dodge a strike before following up with a hurricanrana off the apron, brilliant.

Swerve trash talking, baiting Ruff in, reversal but no Confidence Boost from Swerve Scott almost gets the victory, Ruff hanging in there. Swerve is shocked, next up it was Ruff's turn, hitting a frog splash which Swerve manages to kick out of.
A nice sequence next as Swerve hits a cutter in the ring, Swerve rolls to the outside, another cutter, clothesline over the barricade. Ruff then goes up for a high risk move, dives off into the waiting arms of AJ Francis, apparently Swerve's entourage. Who catches him and dumps him on the barricade. Swerve follows this up with a JML in the ring. Pinfall, it's over! Swerve Scott wins. 

WWE NXT Results: Isaiah 'Swerve' Scott Defeats Leon Ruff Via JML Driver In Falls  Count Anywhere Brawl - The Overtimer

Image courtesy of The Overtimer

So his had some great moments and was a good match but it fell flat for me, as I feel the rivalry deserved better. I didn't like the catching spot, it felt stupid, would have made more sense if AJ stood in front of Swerve or clearly shouted at Ruff, to draw his attention. Then why was the finish in the ring? ? It made no sense to draw the action back to the ring when it was a falls count anywhere match, otherwise solid bout though.

Winner Isaiah Swerve Scott

We see Finn Balor arriving in a clip from earlier. There we go it begins!

Austin Theory and Johnny Gargano are backstage, Regal has apparently been ducking Gargano, they go to his office where he is entertaining Scarlett. Austin is transfixed by her, commenting on her big "nails" then touching them, Gargano coming to draw him away, Gargano also makes a comment about being the top champion, Scarlett looking down after this is genius too. This will go somewhere, hopefully not champion vs champion.

Asher Hale vs Cameron Grimes
First of all I like the look of this jobber. Grimes gets a slam straight in and taunts his opponent. Hale fights back managing to drop Grimes after a fast paced bit of rope work. Grimes takes back control quickly Hale somehow turns things around getting a near fall. A tilt a whirl slam sets him up however Grimes hits the cave in, easy win for Grimes here.

Not a lot to say on this, not a fan of squash matches but hopefully we see more of Asher Hale. Anyone recognise him, let me know in the comments or in the group on Facebook.

Winner Cameron Grimes

Backstage Mckenzie is chatting to everyones favourite plucky tag team, Kayden & Kacy. They briefly talk about Tian Sha, wanting to put that stuff behind them, thankfully. Then they want the tag team titles and no matter who comes out on top they want the next shot. I like this, they are definitely a team I want to see with the belts one day. They are interrupted however by Franky Monet, who teases them saying they are her favourites, fighting spirit was mentioned and Kayden is not impressed, almost going after her. I loved this, apologies Kayden but that is what you guys are all about, fighting spirit, the underdogs but hopefully sooooooon to be recognised as NXT's number one womens tag team!

Nice little victory spot from Grimes as Ever-Rise want to join him, hes all about himself though.

Grizzled Young Veterans vs Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher
Drake and Gibson take some shots at their opponents and the crowd before they are interrupted by the arrival of Ciampa's music. They come out in matching attire and jackets, nice. Ciampa and Drake to start. Ciampa has Drake pinned down after a while and he brings him over to his corner and Thatcher is tagged in. Gibson is tagged in but is hesitant to get in. The two lock up, Thatcher using his technical prowess to put the hurt on his opponent. Now it is Gibson who is grounded. As Thatcher has a submission locked in, Drake tries to save Gibson but Ciampa comes in and we get some tandem headlock with strikes to the chest.

Grizzled Young Veterans take over next with a little dirty tactics on Thatcher. Gibson only gets a near fall and keeps trying. Then resorting to a nice cravat, Thatcher tries to escape but Gibson hooks him, Thatcher does escape once Drake is tagged in though and Ciampa comes in hot! Some brutal chops in their corner before tagging Thatcher back in, another tag and some double team action but Drake kicks out. 

Drake manages to break free, booting Thatcher and needing a second attempt to bring Gibson in. Thatcher gets a quick belly to belly and a near fall straight off that and a slugfest breaks out in the middle of the ring. Gibson and Thatcher remain in the ring, another near fall but the kick out results in a submission attempt, this is broken up as Ciampa is dashed into the announcers table. Thatcher hangs in there, as Gibson looks to tag, Ciampa pulls Drake from the apron. Ciampa tries to come in causing the referee to be focused on him, this allows Thatcher to use a shoe to down Gibson and the armbar locked in results in the tapper tapper tapper! Big win for Thatcher and Ciampa.

This was a great match, both teams are for want of a better word, veterans of the business and seem to have great ring IQ. It felt like this is going to continue with that cheap GYV style win from Thatcher and Ciampa, Gibson tapping will surely be commented on going forward.

Winners Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher

Next up, Gargano and Theory are still trying to get Regal's attention. Gargano tries to weasel his way out of his title defense, no luck there but to add to their dismay, Scarlett has made sure Theory has a date with Karrion Kross next week. Interesting.

Swerve Scott is with his buddies, just saying he did what he said he was going to.

Next we get a look at two of the newest members of NXT, Sarray and Zayda Ramier, who will face each other tonight, wow so much still to come, though I'm not convinced it's a wise move having them face each other so early on.

Your NXT champion is up next. Sporting a nice waistcoat. He talks about asking people to step up, calling anyone out to face him, hes going to start next week by destroying Austin Theory. Kyle O'Reilly interrupts him, telling Karrion this is the match he wants. Pete Dunne is up next telling them they must be joking, he's the baddest in NXT, have to say I'm not feeling Pete this time. Next up Balor, been there done that Dunne, been there twice Kyle, Kross when you're done with Theory, boom he attacks, then a brawl breaks out. Kross stands tall at the end only to be attacked by Theory and Johnny Gargano. 

They then hightail it out of the arena, leaving the ladies to sort out their own business.

Sarray vs Zayda Ramier
Firstly can I just say Sarray needs bringing out of her shell a bit. They come straight out fighting going blow for blow. Great technical action. A submission from Ramier but Sarray makes it to the ropes. A near fall off a roll up by Sarray. Zayda next makes it to the ropes off a submission. Sarray then hits a fisherman suplex with a great high bridge, close call but Zayda keeps herself in this. Sarray misses a running attack and Ramier takes over, a near fall for her then Sarray brings the match back in her favour, hitting a german suplex and another suplex after that, Ramier landing awkwardly high. Sarray picks up the win.

All I can say is both of these women are going to impress going forward, I wasn't that into this match but I can see the potential there. 

Winner Sarray

We see Imperium on a bit of face time with Walter in the locker room. It ends with Wolfe walking off, sounded like Walter was talking about incompetence, again subtitle foreign languages please, most of your demographic speak english in some form, I'm all for wrestlers speaking their own languages but subtitle them so I know what is being said.Then Sarray is shaking the hand of Ramier backstage thanking her for a great match, Toni Storm looks set to interrupt this but Zoey Stark cuts her off, they stare each other down and Storm calls her lucky as referees pull them apart. This is a nice storyline, building rivalries and friendships, respect and healthy competition, gotta love the NXT womens division.

Jake Atlas vs LA Knight
Again let him talk to you. He takes a shot at Jake saying hes gonna need an atlas to find him once hes done with him. Great on the mic if a little cringe. Jake looks strong as the match kicks off but LA Knight gets hold of the match. A brutal knee in the ropes and a diving attack back into the ring from LA Knight secure the momentum. Jake gets some strikes in however and gets a near fall following this flourish of offense. LA Knight takes over again just like that, he looks for a top rope move but Atlas fights him off.  LA Knight hits a modified stunner of sorts, Barrett calling it the BFT, kind of reminded me of Randy Orton at that point. LA Knight is the winner.

Good match, Atlas looked really good despite losing. LA Knight showing more of his sly ways. He is building momentum and I like that he is having to earn his way up.

Winner LA Knight

Candice and Indi are in the locker room getting ready for their big title match. Candice is trying to keep Indi focused on the tag titles, she hides a picture left by Lumis, closes the blinds to hide him looking in, Indi seems to be shaking it off but you can't help but feel this is a bit sad for poor old Dexter.

Toni Storm is up next, she's pissed off with Zoey Stark, that figures, still smarting over that loss are we Toni? She is pretty harsh, claiming she is going to take her right out of this business. Great promo for me.

Legado del Fantasma are in the ring, Santos Escobar is telling us about his achievements. He comments on last weeks "preminition" with them holding all the gold. His two boys next claim they beat them last week and it's time for them to take the titles. Escobar gives a nice speech on what he can do for his brothers. Kushida appears on the screen and challenges Escobar to come for that NXT Cruiserweight title next week, wow another big match confirmed for next week!

Next we get Mercedes Martinez and Raquel Gonzalez, your NXT womens champion, in a split screen chat. This was a great back and forth, Mercedes with the comments calling Gonzalez "cookie cutter" and basically saying she paved the way for Gonzalez, I might not have thought this was the best choice for a first title defense for Gonzalez but they are making it worth watching if nothing else. Another stellar match for next week.

Shotzi and Ember are heading to get out there for their match, but Franky Monet's little dog is sat in their tank. Shotzi is fawning over the dog, before sending it on it's way, no pun intended. However the dog appears to have left a little surprise for them in the tank so they decided not to use it tonight. Oh no, is this a bad omen?

Cameron Grimes is walking the streets next in a loud shirt. trying to get in the VIP room, the bouncer won't let him in and we soon find out why. Ted DiBiase has bought the whole place! 

The Way vs Ember Moon & Shotzi Blackheart (c) (Street Fight for the NXT Womens Tag Team Title match)

Shotzi and Ember come out dressed as Freddy and Jason, minus one tank. The action begins before the announcements are made and the belts hastily thrown from the ring. Indi is soon digging out the tables, Candice diving for the chairs. Ember throws the trash can in then hits Candice with another. Shotzi turns things around against Indi and comes to double team Candice. They then work on Indi together. Stereo trashcan dropkicks for Indi as Candice comes in to help her. Candice looks to dive to the outside, the champs dodge but she ends up taking a double trash can lid from them. Indi looking dominant next as she throws both her opponents around at ringside. 

Indi sets up chairs but gets dumped on them herself. The champs look for some more chair action but Candice sprays them with a fire extinguisher to stop that sequence of events fast. Indi fishes out a ladder as picture in picture gets going. table and chair get set up in the corner though the chair drops straight away.

Full screen resumes and The Way suffer a double team with Candice ending up on the outside. Indi saves the match after Candice is taken down by a double team. Shotzi looks to dive on Candice as she lays on the ladder, the senton cracking the ladder and the two bounce off it. Ember goes to put Indi through the table but she bounces off it and Ember is unable to get the win. Shotzi and Ember bring a ladder looking for the win but Indi boots it right back at them. Indi and Candice setup a nice ladder situation next, with Candice diving off the top onto Shotzi on the ladder. Then it's Ember's turn as she gets dropped on a ladder. 

Indi's next move is to get the announce table cleared. Shotzi however ends up diving from a ringside pylon putting her through said announce table. Another high risk spot. Candice rolls up Moon but only gets a near fall. Candice avoids the eclipse, well scouted by her. Shotzi comes to help but Candice manages to escape. Then somehow Indi is back in, she bolts through the ring and dives onto Ember who is lying on a table. Candice hits a wicked step sister on a chair to Shotzi and that is it folks, new tag team champions!

In short that was a spot fest, i'm torn between that was sooooo good and really they got up so easy from a lot of that it doesn't make sense. I mean, did anybody sell much? However I'm not sure it was time for The Way to win those belts, I guess only time will tell. I wonder if this means Johnny might lose soon.

WWE NXT Results (04/05/2021): Falls Count Anywhere; New Champions Crowned

Image courtesy of Sportzwiki

Winners and NEW NXT Womens Tag Team Champions The Way

Well I must admit I have been less enthusiastic about NXT lately, I often feel that people aren't as into it as they are AEW and other wrestling, I am somewhat pleased that the show seems to be trying to pull out all the stops to improve and this was a well paced night for me. It wasn't perfect but in the end, it'll do for me! How about you?

Pixc Out, see ya next week guys, looking like it's gonna be a good one!