WWE NXT 31st August 2021

Pixc's back with a brand new wrap up of this weeks NXT!

WWE NXT 31st August 2021

It's time for another round of NXT with me, Pixc. No messing around this week, no what's coming or what's happened, which for me is an improvement, even if it had me scrambling to get typing my intro quicker than usual. Let's get to it, make the most of what time we have left with the best brand in WWE. 

Mandy Rose vs Sarray 

Mandy Rose walks out with her new friends, Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne. Sarray is looking to get back on track after her first defeat to Dakota Kai. Might not get the best out of her now Vinnie Mac is taking over.  

Mandy keeping her distance to start and somehow manages to drop Sarray on the mat. Mandy patronizing her opponent was the catalyst to Sarray's push in momentum, but only a near fall follows. Commentary claiming Mandy has the experience advantage is laughable. She plays the heel well in the match and uses the count to the max, again only a near fall here.  

As Mandy has a submission locked in Sarray is able to roll through and Mandy is reaching for the ropes knowing the submission is coming. Slyly it looks like a thumb to the eye is employed and the two go at it in a slug fest.  

After a dropkick from Sarray, it seems to be all over as Mandy is escorted from ringside by the two newbies, with her face covered by a towel, that was different, was it good? I doubt it, let's see where it goes, but a count out victory seems a bit poor. More signs that they are losing the plot over in the big pond! 

WWE NXT results, winners and grades 31 Aug 2021: Mandy Rose injured

Image courtesy of Media Referee

Winner Sarray 

Ciampa has a lot to say next. He is fired up and not impressed with the beat down after Thatcher's loss to Ridge Holland. He is ready to take them all on. I do feel like Ridge Holland, Pete Dunne, Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch need to build towards War Games if that even exists under the "Disney vomit" banner we seem to be heading towards. 

Duke Hudson vs Kyle O'Reilly 

New matchup for O'Reilly after their backstage scuffle. O'Reilly looks a bit like a rattled deer in the headlights early on selling the tape on his injured torso it seems. He baits Hudson in but the bigger man does manage to get some offense in. I get distracted at this point by the absolute garbage coming out of Barrett's mouth as he claims Duke should face Samoa Joe if he beats O'Reilly, pipe down, he's got no chance in hell.  

Hudson then enters a spell of dominance, maybe Vince is actually going to push this guy to the moon, he is big after all. O'Reilly is struggling with his ribs. Duke again takes him down and we get some picture in picture. Think America forgot the memo, Popeye is a spinach guy!  

Duke is still in control as we reach the full screen return. O'Reilly manages to fend him off but he just comes back. He locks in a guillotine but Duke manages to break the hold. O'Reilly just won't stay down though kicking out, despite all the punishment. He then dragon screws Duke in the ropes and goes to work on the leg with a submission, and it's over! Duke taps out screaming for his life!  

Have to say, a solid performance from Duke, O'Reilly probably helped him out a lot with great selling. I am never going to be behind Duke Hudson but I can respect him hanging with Kyle O'Reilly here. Decent match. 

Winner Kyle O'Reilly 

Dragunov is up next, your NEW United Kingdom Champion, he talks himself up, he just came to say goodbye, crowd is hot for this, don't go Dragunov! Long live the Tsar! 

Kay Lee Ray has an interview next, stating she makes an impact wherever she goes and it sounds like she is here full time, she takes shots at Zoey Stark, Io Shirai, Ember Moon and Dakota Kai. 

Carmelo Hayes is backstage next with McKenzie. Elektra Lopez interrupts him saying he might go after Swerve Scott, and Santos Escobar arrives to give him a pass. Could be a good tease for a match between the two in the future, quite liked this. 

Imperium vs Drake Maverick & Grayson Waller 

Waller starts against Aichner and it isn't long before he is being dominated by the duo. Standard brutal beat down here from Imperium, nothing of note really. Waller then makes the tag and Maverick comes in taking both Imperium members on.  

Waller tags himself in once Maverick has control. Maverick not impressed and Imperium drag him to their corner to hit a double team for the pinfall victory. I have to say I like Imperium but I'm never keen on squash matches and I knew this wasn't going to be pretty before it started. Bit of a bust for me here. 

Winners Imperium (Not that anybody cares) 

We jump backstage next where Indi is asking Johnny to give Lumis a chance, they are apparently going to accompany him to ringside. This should be good! 

Oney Lorcan, Danny Burch, Pete Dunne and Ridge Holland are up next, Britam Brawlers, I feel like I need a name for these guys, answers on a postcard please. The former tag champs want a response from MSK and Pete Dunne and Ridge Holland are taking their expected shots at Tommaso Ciampa. Standard fare from these guys. Pete Dunne I'm not buying, but the rest I haven't been put off by their booking somehow. 

Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne are shown next having beaten up Sarray leaving her lying. Good idea to build up, establishing them as heels with Mandy, interested to see where this goes next. 

Johnny Gargano vs LA Knight 

The comedic commentary banter from Barrett and Beth is gold here, Indi and Lumis stalking towards the camera with Gargano behind in the middle, beautiful, I love it. 

I know my ears must be deceiving me but it sounded like the crowd were chanting "LA Shite" anyway they lock up and roll around a little to start. LA Knight seeming to take the upper hand in the match but Gargano gets hold of him on the ground. Gargano takes over here and the crowd is clearly on his side.  

Gargano goes for a triple arm breaker, snapping LA Knight's arm on his shoulder but only gets two before LA Knight reverses, the action spills to the outside where Gargano dives to keep his momentum going. Gargano even avoids an elbow as he comes back into the ring, too quick for LA Knight on that exchange.  

LA Knight gets back on top, right in front of Indi and Lumis. A fast paced sequence follows with Gargano taking a neck breaker, near fall for LA Knight. Gargano comes back and LA Knight rolls out of the ring, giving him the opening to attack from the outside. Gargano answers back with a slingshot spear but Knight kicks out. 

LA Knight with some innovative, pop up offense only gets another near fall. The pace quickens again and LA Knight ends up in the Gargano Escape, but manages to get out of it. Then the action falls to the outside with Lumis catching Gargano, he then saves Gargano from getting blasted from behind and the two have a moment, initiated by Indi, the hands are reaching out, when Sweet Caroline is heard in my head, only to be stomped out by LA Knight recovering. He hits the BFT and gets the win, oh what a tangled web you weave Dexter, unlucky. 

Johnny Gargano needs to get over himself, learn to love In-Dex - Cageside  Seats

Image courtesy of Cageside Seats

This was a great match, but I'm not so sure we need the constant issues with Lumis and Gargano, we shall wait and see what happens, this could be the last great storyline of NXT, with Vince and Bruce taking the reigns! 

Winner LA Knight 

MSK are backstage next apparently interrupting a cameraman's piss break. They go to see William Regal who was apparently going to strip Oney and Danny of their tag title rematch, but MSK gave them their rematch and Regal pencils it in for next week.  

Ohhhhhh breaking news! Boa is here to tell us Mei Ying will show us the true strength of Tian Sha, she is in action next week. I wonder what that will be like. 

Raquel Gonzalez (c) vs Jessi Kamea 

They lock up and Gonzalez throws her across the ring. Gonzalez dominating even though Jessi tries to put up a good fight. Jessi gets a moment as she dodges a big boot, getting her chance to build some momentum. It isn't long before Gonzalez takes over again though and she finishes Jessi off with a Chingona Bomb, pinfall victory. 

Gonzalez stays in the ring as Franky Monet comes in and they have a little stare. This felt a bit weak, just needed a bit more intensity if you ask me. The match was decent considering I don't like Gonzalez much. 

Winner Raquel Gonzalez 

Backstage Ember Moon answers back to Kay Lee Ray's comments about her, telling her to step up so to speak, next week. Could be another great match for us that guys! 

Samoa Joe is up next, talking about his plans for NXT now he's back on top. He talks about legacy and he needs to carry on a precedent. I don't fully understand what he means but I'm sure we will find out. 

Roderick Strong vs Ikemen Jiro 

Open challenge from Diamond Mine's Roderick Strong. He accepted at the weekend, not really an open challenge if you ask me. Jiro starts off strong, if you pardon the pun, the action spills to the outside and Jiro makes the mistake of going for Strong as he stands near the steps recovering. Strong dumps him into the steps and it looks like he is content to take a count out victory but then fetches Jiro from the outside.  

Strong wears him down in the ring while trash talking him. Strong is after all the messiah of the backbreaker, so this could end badly for Jiro. Jiro manages to sidestep him and get a little offense in, still keeping his jacket on. He hangs Strong on the ropes and then dives in for a near fall. Jiro gets a quick roll up and another near fall.  

Strong hits two backbreakers on Jiro for the finish, pretty dominant win for Strong. He lines up the new Diamond Mine with two recruits seemingly replacing the released Tyler Rust. Nothing special but nice to see Jiro in action again. 

Winner Roderick Strong 

Backstage Kacy & Kayden are wanting them tag titles, as they square off with words against the champs, Io Shirai and Zoey Stark. They claim the bond of friendship is going to be the difference in the match apparently, it's also next week! Honestly hope they win and Io vs Zoey happens, because I'm not a fan of Io & Zoey teaming. 

Camron Grimes is backstage talking about the lessons learnt from Ted DiBiase and the Grizzled Young Veterans interrupt him to poke fun. He takes it on the chin though, drops the replica belt they brought on their feet before walking off, brilliant stuff!  

Ridge Holland vs Tommaso Ciampa 

Ridge coming out with all his crew in tow.  

Ciampa comes out aggressive but Ridge doesn't take long to get a hold of the match. Ciampa is soon back in it and Ridge is pulled to safety by his buddies. Ciampa then takes his bicep, wrapping around the ring post. He continues his offense on the outside before posing on the apron. A distraction as we go for some picture in picture puts Ridge Holland back in the driver's seat.  

As we return to full screen, Ridge throws Ciampa into the corner and he bounces to the floor, hard hitting Irish whip from the Yorkshireman. Ridge continuing to show his power, Ciampa barely getting a look in. Ciampa fights back but it never lasts. Alabama Slam from Ridge Holland looks like he landed on the injured neck but he manages to kick out when Holland goes for the pin. A slug fest ensues and Ciampa more than holds his own.  

Ciampa manages to get him up for an air raid crash, but a near fall is all he gets. Ciampa goes for willows bell on the hardest part of the ring but Holland headbutts him and slams him into the barricade, he goes for a truncheon shot but misses and Ciampa then gets a flurry of knees in before hitting Willow's Bell, out of nowhere really, Ciampa picks up the win.  

The beat down begins as expected, but MSK come down to ringside to even the odds taking out their challengers before entering the ring causing Pete Dunne and Ridge Holland to scarper. I'm glad someone came out but let it be known that the crowd wanted Samoa Joe to come out, guess it wouldn't fit his style though if we are being honest. 

Winner Tommaso Ciampa 

In summary then a good show, built for some stuff to get excited for, new potential feuds happening or at least some worthy matches. I hope we get new women's tag team champions but I fear if any titles change hands, it will be the men's. I hoped we would get more Franky Monet this week too. Let's see how next week's goes shall we? 

Pixc out