WWE NXT 30th November 2021

WWE NXT 30th November 2021

Another round of NXT and this week it’s the War Games go home show. Looks like we’re getting straight to it with the women’s War Games teams squaring off at the top of the ramp as we get ready for our first match. They brawl and their team mates are taken to the back, leaving Dakota Kai and Kay Lee Ray to get to the ring. 

Dakota Kai vs Kay Lee Ray (Women’s War Games Advantage Ladder Match) 

Kay Lee Ray starts us off with a high-risk dive colliding with Kai on the outside. They then enter a ladder tug of war and Kai once again comes off worse, pinned against the apron. Kai gets a shot in and Kay Lee Ray chases her, turns out Kai’s fear may have been a ruse as she drops Kay Lee Ray on the steps, brutal start to this match! 

Kai ends up tasting the steps herself next courtesy of a nice Irish whip. Kay Lee Ray looks to get the ladder set up in the ring, Dakota Kai stops her though but tastes the announce table for it, another dive to the outside from Kay Lee Ray! A suplex on the ladder and Kai is once again writhing in pain. She still manages to stop the ascent up the ladder and even gets half way up before she is stopped by Kay Lee Ray.  

Kai gets her kicks in, Kay Lee Ray sat in the corner, wouldn’t feel right not to see at least one of those. As we look set to see another dive from Kay Lee Ray, another kick from Kai stops her in her tracks. Kai in control during picture in picture, just about noticed the leg lock with kicks going back and forth, couldn’t have picked a better match from the 8 competitors if you ask me, great stuff! 

They both head to the top of the ladder and slug it out. Kai had the perfect opportunity to grab the advantage briefcase but she hesitates and is caught, she gets a second chance and dives with a double stomp instead, very jeff hardy. Kay Lee Ray then looks set to grab it, yes there it is, oh man, that’s got to sting for Toxic Attraction! 

Honestly that was a great match, action packed two of the best going at it in a ladder match, one of the best in recent weeks, I think. Could there be an injury angle coming though for War Games, both women took some serious damage. 

Kay Lee Ray earns the advantage for her WarGames team - Diva Dirt

Image courtesy of diva-dirt.com

Winner: Kay Lee Ray 

Bit of build now for Andre Chase vs Cameron Grimes tonight and Grimes’ feud with Duke Hudson. After which we get a “very sensitive operation” as Grizzled Young Veterans attempt to break into a locker. Ikemen Jiro and Kushida end up interrupting it, lots of shushing going on before Briggs and Jensen arrive, it was their locker, no answers given really just a “sensitive operation!” Funny stuff, Vince written all over it. 

Cameron Grimes vs Andre Chase 

Chase starts off with a headlock but is eventually shaken off by Grimes who shakes it a bit as he taunts Chase. Chase grabs his hair for a cheap momentum shift. Chase gets a bit of offense going here and taunts the crowd before Grimes reverses with a hurricanrana. He gets fired up then heads to the top, he misses but comes back around with the Cave In! Building some momentum going into War Games, totally expected though. 

Duke Hudson appears and has a few looks to show Cameron Grimes, what he might look like after War Games and their hair vs hair match. Pick of the bunch had me in stitches, not really for the hair cut but the name Karen Grimes, wonder how many complaints that line is going to get WWE! Grimes retaliates by grabbing Andre Chase and trying to give him a trim, but his student saves him, honestly could see Vince trying to put a barber gimmick on Cameron Grimes, but I also don’t see Grimes winning thanks to the rumours circulating he needs a new look. Let’s hope he doesn’t lose because his look is great. Then again can’t see Duke looking good bald either. 

Winner: Cameron Grimes 

Johnny Gargano represents the Black and Gold in the men’s War Games match. Edris Enofe is next telling us his story, sounds like an underdog story, always been told he’s not going to do more kind of thing. He faces Solo Sikoa in his debut, unlucky mate! 

In the ring Team 2.0 are in the ring, Carmelo talks the talk and then Grayson Waller chips in. They take shots at their rivals, as does Bron Breakker next with Tommaso Ciampa. He mentions the title to finish then Tony D’Angelo, he calls their opponents potholes that they going to fill, burn! Still can’t over him calling Pete Dunne ‘Petey Poppins’ what a nickname, wonder what Riddle would think of his fellow bro being called that? It’s revealed that predictably Bron Breakker will step up in the War Games advantage match, to which Gargano comes out to take some shots of his own. Something tells me either him or someone else feeding him lines reads my reviews or at least sees the sea of vomit comments about NXT 2.0 as he says they live “in a unicorn vomit filled fantasy land” brilliant, Johnny Wrestling telling it like it is and he is not done yet, calling Bron Breakker, the “big bad booty nephew” wow, then saying he is out here all by himself, calling from him to send the boys to the back, which Bron obliges saying he would gladly kick his ass! 

The two teams competing for a tag title opportunity at War Games up next, Kyle O’Reilly and Von Wagner warming up, while McKenzie has a quick word with Legado de Fantasma who are inspired by Santos Escobar to go write their next chapter!  

MSK are driving to their destination and the sat nav talks to them, saying “The Shamen is inside” and slates them for taking 5 weeks. Not a good look highlighting how long it’s been since they lost the belts if you ask me. They open the door of what looks like a green shipping container to reveal a man stood in the smoke, hiding his identity, no reveal and Beth is livid about that! 

Von Wagner & Kyle O’Reilly vs Legado del Fantasma 

Von Wagner having to fend off the fast Raul Mendoza early on, before he tags in O’Reilly. He works on the arm but Wylde manages to get a tag in. He gets a couple of near falls before tagging Mendoza back in, Escobar whistles to rally the troops. Another near fall for Mendoza but Von Wagner is tagged in, this feels like a fast-paced pinfall festival at the moment. Oh look Xyon Quinn turned up what a surprise, hopefully he screws Legado del Fantasma. Xyon Quinn squares off with Elektra Lopez then walks around and attacks Santos Escobar. They leave ringside brawling, Elektra following. Wylde dives in and downs O’Reilly for another near fall. A neckbreaker is hit and another near fall, far too many pinfalls in this match. O’Reilly gets out of a double team with a little help from Von Wagner who tags in and dominates Mendoza. He gets tripped by Mendoza eventually in the corner who buys himself some time, bit of a slugfest ensues shortly after Wylde and O’Reilly going at it. Wylde gets the upper hand but goes for a cheap shot on Von Wagner. It looks like it worked as Von Wagner is dealt with by the referee, he doesn’t give up though and with his quick thinking is able to low bridge Mendoza, out of the ring. They then double team Wylde and Von Wagner picks up the pinfall.  

Honestly for me the match was a bit overkill on pinfalls so average at best for me, but the finish was great so guess you win some you lose some. Could be a good send off for Kyle O’Reilly though at War Games, not sure if he has signed a new contract or extension but heard his was coming up very soon. I still feel Von Wagner would fit in with Imperium better. 

Winners: Kyle O’Reilly & Von Wagner 

Imperium are backstage next talking about their challengers, they start talking in English so we can understand them, really like that idea stick with it, saves someone translating into text all the time. Honestly I don’t mind them speaking German or Italian or any language as long as they either repeat it in English or subtitle it, quite immersive from a character building perspective. The challengers interrupt them saying they are one win from them tag titles and Von Wagner calls them dumbasses! 

We get a short vignette of Tiffany Stratton the rich daddy's girl, who wiill soon be arriving on NXT. However I have seen that it looks like she will be making her in ring debut on 205live on friday, so maybe check that if you're keen.

Joe Gacy’s all-inclusive invitational? What? 

Looks like one on three handicap match with two guys and a girl tagging against Joe Gacy. Gacy dominates the first opponent in quick fashion. The woman gets in the ring and Diamond Mine interrupt it. Malcolm Bivens talks and Gacy asks him to allow him to speak to Roderick Strong, Strong says he is done talking and attacks Gacy, Gacy ends up getting the better of him with a nice clothesline before Haarland pulls him out of the ring with Diamond Mine keen to retaliate.  

Solo Sikoa is backstage, hyping his match against Edris Enofe, some respect there but he is not giving out any freebies, claiming Edris isn’t ready for him! Boa comes in to interrupt clutching his chest and speaking Chinese, Solo explains he doesn’t understand him and Boa shouts after him as he leaves. This might have worked for me if I hadn’t already known Boa can speak English perfectly fine. 

Solo Sikoa vs Edris Enofe 

Oh, this doesn’t add up, not a fan already of Edris Enofe, he’s getting squashed. He might go down well in the UK for the chants, anyone know Beni Afobe? As the match gets going, Robert Stone is out scouting talent, trying to stay relevant. Solo dominant in the ring, he spins around slamming Enofe to the mat but no luck with the cover.  

Solo continues his offense with some great strikes and a big senton, again no luck with the cover. Enofe kicks out. He comes back with some strikes including a knee in the corner before hitting a nice cross body. He heads back up top but has to roll through his move as Solo dodges it. Solo then takes his turn with a splash that gets him the win!  

He is immediately attacked by Boa, Enofe helps him out and Solo returns the favour when Boa attacks him, interesting aftermath, leads to a show of respect between the two opponents. I like it. Still not keen on Enofe yet, let’s see where Boa goes with this, had lost interest in him, so prove me wrong Vince, prove me wrong! 

Winner: Solo Sikoa 

Indi gets a call while in the locker room with Persia, Lumis has disappeared from the hospital. Persia is keen for it not to distract from their match so ushers her to go get ready. 

Elektra Lopez is waiting for Xyon Quinn as he gets to his car, she wishes he wouldn’t mess with Legado but admires that his marches to the beat of his own drum, definitely some sexual tension between the two, she wishes him luck as next week he faces Santos Escobar. Something to look forward to, I think. 

Indi Hartwell & Persia Pirotta vs Yulisa Leon & Valentina Feroz 

Indi looks non responsive as she starts the match and is taken to school by her opponent. They double team her and there is a nice moonsault with a little dance before it. Indi crawls to make the tag to Persia and the momentum shifts. Persia dispatches their opponents just like that, pinfall victory for her.  

This feels like it’s just building Persia, I mean it’s good storyline but is it really what people want to see because I’m not sure I want to see these two lowered to this level. 

Winners: Persia Pirotta & Indi Hartwell 

We get a run-down of the War Games card before the men’s War Games match. 

Before we start Draco Anthony is talking himself up in a short little vignette, curious. 

Johnny Gargano vs Bron Breakker (War Games Advantage Ladder Match) 

Bron Breakker uses his strength to break the initial lock up. He taunts with a Scott Steiner esque bicep taunt, playing into the comments made by Gargano earlier. He suplexes Gargano and celebrates it. Gargano dropkicks Bron to the outside before following with a dive over the top rope. He goes for the ladder but Bron intercepts him, dropping him on the apron. Hardest part of the ring you know guys! Bron fetches the ladder, Gargano tries to intercepts but Bron uses the ladder to do some damage. With the ladder vertical not set up Gargano tries to scale it while Bron holds it but is shook off it.  

Bron looks to scale the ladder but spies Gargano coming back in, he takes a slingshot spear for his troubles and Gargano brings momentum in his favour. Gargano dives to the outside taking Bron over the announce table. Picture in picture is back guys, more food porn while I squint at the wrestling. Can see Gargano setting up the ladder as Bron crawls in, they slug it out. Nice belly to belly by Bron. They both scale the ladder and Bron punches away at Gargano but he bounces back and pushes Bron off the ladder.  

Bron looks for a belly to belly on the ladder and at the second attempt, he gets it! He puts Gargano on the ladder looking for an elbow from the second rope but as I sensed Gargano dodges it. Just looked set for disaster to be fair. Gargano sets up a ladder in the corner, Bron looks to send him into it. Gargano slides under it and baits Bron in to taste the edge of the ladder, wily veteran moves there! 

Bron lifts Gargano and the ladder up showing great strength but Gargano gets away and hits him with two superkicks so he drops the ladder. Bron looks for a Frankensteiner from the top rope, he gets it. Bron looks to climb the ladder gain but Gargano intercepts him, Bron lifts him into a gorilla press but Gargano counters it into a DDT. Gargano smashes the briefcase off Bron’s head, Gargano looks set to win but he hesitates looking exhausted and Bron pulls him down into a powerslam. Bron scales the ladder and collects the War Games advantage.

WWE Acknowledges Bron Breakker As "Big Bad Booty Nephew" On NXT

 Image courtesy of Wrestling Inc

Winner: Bron Breakker 

That was a good match but not as entertaining as the women’s ladder match. I think I'm just sour because Gargano is such a talent and I’m convinced he’s leaving after War Games. I’m looking forward to War Games in fairness. I will concede I am bitterly disappointed that there will be no title matches at the Takeover, Not sure why they insist on this gap in title defenses, it’s stupid! 

I’ll see you back here for War Games, Pixc Out!