WWE NXT 2nd November 2021

WWE NXT 2nd November 2021

Pixc here back with another round of NXT, the first one since the first special for NXT 2.0 and we kick off the show with our new NXT Women’s champion, Mandy Rose. 

Welcome to the return of the Divas Era, saw that commented somewhere on Facebook, kind of fitting, the “You Deserve it!” chants thrown aside by her lack of need for approval. I mean she did win, but let’s not forget why, Dakota Kai, I smell a brilliant baby face turn from her soon. 

She hypes Toxic Attractions win, then ask where they are, they are backstage beating up Zoey Stark. Referees break it up and then Mandy continues to big herself up calling out the locker room. Io’s music hits and the predictability goes through the roof as Mandy doesn’t back down and cheap shots her to get an advantage when challenged!  

Mandy beats her up at ringside, goading her like your typical high school popular girl. Io gets her own back with a nice German suplex and the knees in the corner. Surprise Surprise Cilla it’s Toxic Attraction who come and play the numbers game. Oh wait for the save it’s the two Spitfires, Kayden & Kacy! Now we're talking, favourite women’s tag team in the house! 

Fierce rivals collide in Six-Woman Tag Team Match | WWE

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A little video package showing us what’s coming up, but no replays or pre-ambling in this review, on with the show. 

Mandy and Toxic Attraction come across Dakota Kai backstage and Mandy tries to speak to her but Kai says “I didn’t do it to help you, I did it to end Raquel!” Exactly what I thought. 

Poker time now as Duke is fleecing his marks once again. Cue Cameron Grimes, he makes jokes and is ready to play! 

Cora Jade vs Dakota Kai 

Dakota doesn’t look impressed as Jade enters the ring. Dakota explodes out of her corner with a clothesline and Jade is immediately looking out of her depth. You could see Dakota calling for Jade to have some offense and commentary cover it up by saying Dakota was talking to herself. Jade has a nice sequence but Dakota Kai manages to fire back with a scorpion kick. She then gets the quick win after another kick.  

Dakota looks to beat her opponent down outside the ring. Jade’s momentum now gone, that seemed a bit counter productive without Raquel Gonzalez involved. Dakota seems to toy with dangerous plans, she stops herself. Still expecting that face turn, maybe this is the start of it. 

Winner Dakota Kai 

Social Media Snippets next as the new tag champs needs new contenders, Legado del Fantasma and Kyle O’Reilly and Von Wagner. Not sure about this, I suppose they should defend successfully first time. 

Robert Stone also pop ups to challenge Xyon Quinn after getting put through a table last week, typical “thick boy” move from him. I must miss Bronson Reed, way to drop the ball WWE.  

MSK next waiting on a bus, moaning about their loss and teasing the reveal of the meaning behind MSK, not great, they decide to walk. 

Robert Stone and Xyon Quinn up next, Stone trying to get payback on Xyon Quinn. He calls him chicken for not singing and just wanting to kick ass. So Xyon Quinn sings us HBK’s theme song. Hilarious stuff but really? Really? We go from a credible wrestling show to a comedy vomit coloured mess, sorry but this is why most people stopped watching WWE, there are enough fans that do like it I guess, I don’t mind comedy stuff but it’s not what you want to build the shows around right? 

Xyon Quinn vs Robert Stone 

This all happened so fast after watching the comedy section of this segment that I barely realised he had started the match, after a slap from Robert Stone the music stopped and the referee rung the bell and Xyon Quinn went to work. Robert Stone reminds me of Gary Green from Legends of Tomorrow fawning after his bully. One slam and it is done. Game over for Robert Stone, nuff said! 

Winner Xyon Quinn 

Joe Gacy now talking about social media and negativity, he brings our attention to Haarland clearly wanting us to give him a chance, interesting stuff, let’s give it some time. 

Elektra Lopez passes Xyon Quinn backstage as she leads Legado del Fantasma to the ring, no Santos Escobar though, strange. She eyes him up and thinks she can work with him. What’s brewing here then hmm? New alliance forthcoming. Is Santos done? 

Kyle O’Reilly & Von Wagner vs Legado del Fantasma 

O'Reilly and Wylde start us off, the former looking great but it’s Mendoza who manages to get the tag in. Mendoza then escapes a submission before Von Wagner is tagged in, the biggest guy in the match uses his strength but quickly tags out. The double team keeps the momentum on their side. Von Wagner gets back in the match and he fends off both Legado del Fantasma, inadvertently catching O’Reilly but it doesn’t stop his momentum it seems.  

After picture in picture Legado seems to have Wagner down but he makes a hot tag and O’Reilly comes in dispatching their opponents. Elektra Lopez is on the apron and O’Reilly tells her to get down wasting time and the distraction is complete, Wylde gets a near fall on him following this sequence. O’Reilly fights free to make the tag as Von Wagner comes in.  

The finish is a quick roll up after a hectic sequence of events, Wylde picking up the pin. It seems a foot was on the rope but wasn’t spotted. 

Winners Legado del Fantasma 

Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams are with McKenzie next, saying they are back in home court and they don’t miss. Andre Chase has their back for some reason and then gets irate when McKenzie mentions people are calling him a coward online. He’s heading to the ring to give someone a university size ass whooping, what on earth is this guy on!? 

Back to the Poker Room now, as Cameron Grimes is riding the beginner's luck, all the way to the mooooon! Duke isn’t impressed and clearly wants to clean him out. Grimes’ lady friend is beaten and Duke says Grimes has no shot of beating him, Grimes seems confident he has a chance. 

Andre Chase uses his witty lines to call out anyone in the back to come collect their degree of getting their ass whooped by Andre Chase, Bron Breakker answers, oh dear. Chase, you better run.  

Andre Chase vs Bron Breakker 

Bron easily absorbing any offense Chase has to offer. He quickly dispatches him with a Gorrila Press Powerslam, definitely shades of Goldberg in this guy, easy win for him! 

Bron gets on the mic afterwards though. He gives props to Tommaso Ciampa for using every trick in the book and using Bron’s inexperience to beat him, he’s not done though.  

Winner Bron Breakker 

Imperium up next, props for their win. They deserved the belts again. I’m not interested in their conversation at all but then Toxic Attraction come along and congratulate them saying they look the part, Gigi running a rose down Barthel’s face. Barthel then comments on the “benefits” of America, oh my! This was pure cheese and, might I say, Vince has clearly thought about a live tag team sex celebration the dirty dog!  

Lash Legend next, Lashing Out is such a cool show name. She looks at the costumes from last week. Nice shot at Grayson Waller and then introduces her guest, Tony D’Angelo. The producer he kidnapped is brought on, a really well played out gangster in control schtick. He even takes a few shots at NXT stars, including Pete Dunne, which I can’t wait to see him get a receipt for. He closes by trying to end the show himself, then gives Lash Legend a bit of money, which she comments on by saying she got to get her lashes done. Funny and a little edgier than you would usually expect. I liked this a lot. 

Wondering what the NXT 2.0 soundtrack was? Well, it is Wale – Down South. It is kind of catchy, it’s not quite my NXT but it’s better than some other themes we have had in recent memory. 

Solo Sikoa vs Jeet Rama 

A lethal barrage of strikes from the third Uso brother to start. Rama comes back with a little offense of his own, but is quickly squashed in the corner. A kick has Rama down and Solo hits the splash from the top for a very quick and very easy win!  

Nothing special but a nice squash match to start Solo Sikoa’s time here in NXT. 

Winner Solo Sikoa 

Boa is up next it seems, but LA Knight is on commentary. 

We get a segment with Jensen and Briggs telling their story, it was a little weird chopping between the two, I suppose it is nice to build a bit of a backstory for the two of them. 

Boa vs Grayson Waller 

LA Knight provided some flavour on commentary to a new rivalry it seems. Waller looking good against Boa but I’m not really bothered about this one. Definitely a battle of strikers. Boa grounds Waller but he gets back up and has a nice flurry of moves. LA Knight takes a walk to distract Grayson Waller and Boa picks up the win off that.  

Winner Boa 

Poker time again, Grimes plays the smart game checking and looking like he has no chance of winning, Duke is convinced he has the hand won, but Grimes calls his bold all in move and the game is up, a pair of twos wins it even though Duke had aces, two the moon guys! Grimes leaves chanting with the rest of Duke’s guests. This was gold from Grimes.  

Tommaso Ciampa holding goldie, heading to the ring next! 

Before that though Kay Lee Ray is smashing stuff and next week, she is going to start her dominance! 

Boa goes to find Mei Ying and looks to turn into her successor somehow, weird angle if I’m honest. 

Ciampa arrives in the ring, I wonder what he has to say? He comments on the changing of the guard. He lists the title changes. Claims he is the God of NXT, and has a target on his back. He is interrupted by Carmelo Hayes. He is all about his title and says Ciampa is going to take a back seat to him. Wow, kids got balls. Trick runs his mouth and Ciampa drops him with one punch. Ciampa shouts them both down, claiming goldie is what it’s all about.  He hears Gargano arriving behind him and clutches the belt closer and they have a mini stare down. Lumis comes out and they do the hand thing. 

NXT recap & reactions: Leaders of the new school - TableOC

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Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams vs Dexter Lumis & Johnny Gargano 

Lumis starts against Trick but Lumis wants Carmelo, the tag is made but Lumis creeps into their corner forcing Carmelo to make that tag and scarper out of the ring. Quick tags from the unlikely duo of Gargano and Lumis. Carmelo comes back in and his foot is caught by Lumis, Gargano tags in and a shoving match ensues with the two legal competitors. Carmelo gets hit with a slingshot spear out of nowhere!  

A nice double team from, dare I say it, “The new Way”, both of them in the creep position for extra spook factor, their opponents cowering on the outside. Trick and Carmelo are in control as we return to the action full screen. Gargano almost makes the tag but Carmelo pulls Lumis from the apron. A nice double team to Gargano gets a near fall, Gargano kicks out! 

Gargano finally manages to make the tag and Lumis comes in with a great sequence. Bulldog to Carmelo and throws Trick to the outside. Rope assisted suplex on Carmelo next, near fall only though. Gargano and Trick are in next with Gargano dodging and hits the kick before tagging in Lumis, double thrusting punches from them as Carmelo and Trick look out of their depth here. 

Gargano and Carmelo in next, they exchange strikes, the crowd really engaged. Gargano seems to come off slightly better and makes the tag, Lumis locks in the silence and Gargano is inadvertently stopping the referee from calling the submission by keeping the ring clear it seems. Trick takes advantage, smashing the shoe into Lumis, this then drew Gargano to him allowing Carmelo to hit a big move from the top to pick up the win, great result for him.  

I’m not a massive fan of Lumis getting pinned here, I still think he is a great talent and should be given a title. Maybe he will be the one to take the belt from Carmelo down the line.  

Winners Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams 

A summary then of this week, let me talk to ya! I have some highlights, Cameron Grimes is great, those segments were gold. I wasn’t a fan of the squashes that were littered throughout the show, I do think they can sometimes serve a purpose though. I want to see more of the new kids on the block but having Xyon Quinn and Elektra Lopez link up would be interesting, where was Santos Escobar?  

Come back next week to find out I guess, thanks for reading guys!  

Pixc Out.