WWE NXT 28th September 2021

WWE NXT 28th September 2021

I’m back guys, Pixc here with another round of NXT, thanks to Kyle for filling in! I’m looking forward to a show that is going to be focused on the ladies so I hear. Looks like we are kicking off the show with Hit Row. 

Ashanti has something to say. All about the ladies, they let us know what’s coming up including the tag title and women's title matches. Swerve mentions his title is not being defended, B-Fab finishes off by calling her shot against Elektra Lopez, she is cut off by Legado del Fantasma’s music. 

B-Fab vs Elektra Lopez (No DQ) 

They start on the outside then when they enter the bell is rung. They scuffle and return to the outside, lots of strikes, Lopez gets the trash can out. Lopez shoves B-Fab into the steps. It breaks down as Legado del Fantasma and Hit Row brawl but the security cleared them out in the break.  

The two fight over a table with B-Fab looking good targeting the leg. Lopez is struggling as they return to the ring. She throws weapons into the ring next however and has to fend off B-Fab dropping her on the chair. Lopez sets up a chair in a weird position, clearly keen to do some damage, B-Fab reverses it and the chair remains unused. A few shots with a kendo stick and B-Fab ends up getting squashed on that chair from earlier. B-Fab is once again dropped on another chair.  

Lopez hits a powerbomb to finish her off, interesting win here. Not a bad match. 

Winner Elektra Lopez

Next up we have In-Dex's honeymoon. They are on a beach and having fun until we find out the Gargano’s are on a balcony keeping their eyes on it. Ironic that they are the creeps now ey?! The newlyweds head to the water with Indi turning the heat up. Dexter follows and Johnny has flashbacks to his own wedding, he heads down to stop the sexy shenanigans, by pretending to be a shark, Indi jumping into Dexter’s arms somehow, I doubt it will end there. 

Joe Gacy is in the ring next. This feels very Drew Gulak meets Matt Striker with maybe a sprinkle of Sandow or The Miz, he has potential if you ask me. His mantra on discussion and resolution also reminds me of Godfather refusing to wrestle, but I don’t quite get it yet.  

Xyon Quinn vs Oney Lorcan 

So is this the third Uso brother, but under a different name? It seems so. Quinn clotheslined Lorcan to the outside then gets one move in on the outside before Lorcan fires up. Lorcan showing his experience and Quinn will need to find a way to combat that.  

Quinn fights back, flies into the corner with a shoulder thrust before a kip up with a Samoan feel.  He drops Lorcan with a running move, like a flying clothesline of sorts to take the win. Bit of a weak finish but the match was ok, definitely one to watch as we all expect no doubt. 

Winner Xyon Quinn 

After a brief promo from Grayson Waller hyping his match vs Roderick Strong later, we have MSK hitting the ring. Samantha is asking them what’s next? MSK are just going to keep doing their thing. Grizzled Young Veterans interrupt them, still wanting their 2 on 2 title opportunity. Soon to be recognised is interrupted by Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams, with his golden ticket. Zack Gibson doesn’t understand them and MSK have had enough, come and try it they say basically. Jensen & Briggs come out next and look for their shot, Trick shoots them down but this fires Jensen up and a brawl ensues. The champs end up on top having taken out two of the teams with dives. 

Raquel Gonzalez is with McKenzie and she isn’t overlooking Franky Monet, but she will be just another name on the list of people she beats in her reign. Toxic Attraction walk past next, with Mandy Rose stopping to make a comment that the belt “would look better on me” 

Jacy Jayne & Gigi Dolin vs Io Shirai & Zoey Stark (NXT Womens Tag Team Championship match) 

Jacy has clearly done something to her hair, lots of new looks lately. Io starts off strong fending off Gigi with ease. Jacy comes in and looks to use her height. Io gets the upper hand though and sends her into the wrong side of town for the tag. Zoey and Jacy go at it, exchanging a few strong strikes. Zoey dives in from the apron, very innovative offense possibly inspired by Io.  

A blind tag to Gigi and she gets her team some momentum, it doesn’t last though as Io and Zoey take them both out. It becomes a bit of a dive fest here with Io having the last laugh, Mandy Rose looking on in panic! Somehow Jacy gets in control and gets two near falls on Io. She fights out though and makes the tag. Zoey hits some kicks and a suplex before a kip up to keep her flow going. Gigi breaks the pinfall but Zoey manages to keep on top, almost finishing it from up high. She rolls through though and there is a double knock down from which both teams get tags.  

Io takes control, Gigi manages to kick out of a pinfall but submissions aplenty as she locks the crossface on both opponents. Mandy Rose sneaks a foot on the ropes to save the match and they almost get the win as Zoey kicks out. Zoey hits a modified go to sleep of sorts and tags in Io. She doesn’t stop though taking out Gigi and stopping Mandy Rose from interfering as Io finishes the match. That moonsault again from the genius of the sky! Champs retain.

NXT 2.0: Io Shirai and Zoey Stark retain before Toxic Attraction

Image courtesy of SuperLuchas

Toxic Attraction had a good showing, the interference from Mandy helped make it interesting but I think it was just too early for the change yet. Even though I still expect Io might move up soon if she doesn’t leave WWE altogether. 

Winners Io Shirai and Zoey Stark 

Bron Breakker is all about the NXT Championship next and he is not a patient guy. Interesting, not like we didn’t see it coming, Bron looks built to be the poster boy of this new NXT. Ciampa responds via facetime afterwards, he reckons they will face soon, but he doesn’t think Bron is ready for Ciampa and his experience.  

Andre Chase vs Boa  

Andre Chase waving into Mei Ying’s face is comical, nice touch. Boa looks a little lost at first but Chase takes the strike and comes back strong to be fair. He has Boa grounded in a submission. He taunts Boa before the strikes come back at him, Boa takes him to the outside. Chase gets angry and squares up to Mei Ying, who sprays in his face and Boa takes advantage, finishing the match with what looked like the final cut style move Hurricane used to do.  

Nice comeback from Boa. This is likely building to something but I’m not going to lie it’s a bit boring especially considering how Xia Li just kind of ended out of nowhere and nobody has seen anything of her since.  

Winner Boa 

Another honeymoon segment next. Johnny finally realises that he made a mistake, there is a bed in the room where they are heading next. He gets the maid to let him in to Indi and Dexter’s room. He finds a lot of condoms, always wear protection guys! Oh no, the newlyweds have arrived. Johnny dashes to hide in the wardrobe. They have a pillow fight then a nap, Johnny sees his chance to escape. Unfortunately, Dexter is not asleep! His eyes ping open but he gives Johnny the thumbs up and displays another roll of condoms! Bit cringe but this is “The Way” when the Gargano’s are involved isn’t it?  

Roderick Strong ( c ) vs  Grayson Waller (NXT Cruiserweight Championship match) 

Grayson Waller jumps Roderick Strong from behind to start. Strong takes control after that dirty tactic though. Waller almost gets a roll up win, they then enter a sequence of pinfalls.  With Diamond Mine at ringside egging him on, Strong seems to keep focus and grind Waller down. Strong goes for a top rope move. Waller blocking it and hits a poor missile drop kick.  

Waller looks tired as he fires off them strikes. He goes to the top and drops an elbow, nice hang time on that to be fair. Strong ends up on the outside and takes a dive from Waller before hitting a running cutter that reminded me of Dolph Ziggler’s jumping DDT. Strong manages to hit a high knee which apparently knocks his opponent out. Game over, that felt a bit sudden, great effort from Waller. Definitely shows him in a good light.  

Winner Roderick Strong ( c ) 

LA Knight is with McKenzie next, he’s asked for a match with Odyssey Jones next week. Bad mouthed him it seems; Jones shows up and LA Knight looks scared of the big man. A few words are shared, nothing special before Andre Chase comes by complaining about his loss to Boa, LA Knight seizes the opportunity and attacks Jones, leaving him down. That’s how he’ll see him next week apparently. 

Lashing Out with Lash Legend is next... hmm, new talk show? 

A little video hyping up Dante Chen who we saw beat Trey Baxter recently.  

Speaking of Trey Baxter he is with Cora Jade and McKenzie is keen to talk to her. She is the youngest member of the roster it seems and a little cheeky romance seems to be brewing between the two. Jade mentions she won’t do anything Trey did in his match and they kiss before we head back to the ring. Barrett makes a bold comparison between them and In-Dex which is a bit sudden for me. Dexter was a character already and it just worked, this just seems forced so far. Time will tell.  

Looks like it has a different setting, interesting. She comments on her career before wrestling, WNBA. Looks like this is going to be a gossip column of sorts, it was alright to be fair, just can’t wait for the inevitable shenanigans when someone gets pissed at what she has to say. Potential right here. 

Kyle O’Reilly vs Ridge Holland 

Before it starts Kyle attacks the Brits on their way to the ring. During the break, Kyle was on top but ran into that Yorkshire muscle, love it! Ridge looking dominant against O’Reilly here, throwing him around and crushing his ribs in that bear hug. Vince has definitely been watching this guy. Kyle gets the guillotine and uses his technical skill to avoid contact from the knee. He then works on some limbs as commentary comment on Ridge having injury problems. 

Whilst in an armbar, Ridge overpowers Kyle O’Reilly and eventually he slams him down for a pinfall, no cigar though as O’Reilly kicks out. He does it again after another slam. O’Reilly gets back up and looks to chop his opponent down. Pete Dunne arrives on the apron; it backfires though as O’Reilly uses Ridge to knock him off the apron before rolling up Ridge for the win. Cheeky victory for Kyle O’Reilly.  

The two Brits attack Kyle after the match, prompting Von Wagner to run to his aid and the newcomer evens the odds as they send the Brits packing! At first this match felt like another boring waste of time, a mismatch if you will. However, they made it work, I really enjoyed it, the aftermath sets up a tag match for sure and it gives them something to do while others go after Ciampa or until they get drafted to Smackdown or RAW. It helps build Von Wagner and Ridge Holland as we all know Vince is practically creaming in his pants at the thought of them two down the line! 

Winner Kyle O’Reilly 

A promo from our resident Italian next, Tony D’Angelo. He’s talking family and he’s coming next week.  

Raquel Gonzalez ( c ) vs Franky Monet (NXT Womens Championship match) 

Franky Monet is all fired up getting in the champ’s face. Early on Franky laughs at the champ and Gonzalez is keen to sort her out. Robert Stone and Jessi Kamea pull their woman out of the ring but scarper when Gonzalez looks to continue her dominance. It happens again shortly after but this time Franky gets the champ down. She pushes Gonzalez into the apron. A near fall follows this and another but Gonzalez remains in this, kicking out both times.  

There is talk of one of these ladies politicking to get the match delayed but we all know it was Vince damn it! Franky looks in control and Gonzalez catches her boot; she then fires up and hits a splash but it’s not quite enough for the win. Gonzalez tries for the Chingona Bomb but her back gives out. Franky takes over but out of nowhere Raquel manages Ito hit the Chingona Bomb and gets the pinfall, and the win!  

The champ retains and although I’m not happy she is still champion that was a good match. In the aftermath though, Toxic Attraction lead by Mandy Rose come and attack Franky Monet. They then surround the ring like The Shield, not the Nexus Barrett you absolute tool! Gonzalez can’t survive the numbers and it looks like we have our next challenger for the Women's Championship.

WWE NXT video highlights: Toxic Attraction attack Raquel Gonzalez

Image courtesy of F4WOnline

Winner Raquel Gonzalez ( c ) 

So another week of NXT 2.0 and this one was a pretty good showing if you ask me. I liked the blend of old and new, I think there is a bit of an obsession with factions at the moment which as some of you may know I'm not a fan of. If you don’t know, now you know to quote Hit Row too. They are growing on me what can I say? Maybe NXT makes me like factions, I don’t hate any of them. Could make War Games very interesting. I hope to see Mandy get destroyed by Gonzalez in all honesty but I fear it might be time for a change at the top of the women’s division. Tag Team division was lacking Diamond Mine’s Creed Brothers if you ask me. They are a much more credible team to take the belts than any other new team. 

Let me know what you guys thought on our socials, drop a post in the group on Facebook or tweet us, what was your favourite bit? What was the worst, are you still watching it, or has it lost its appeal, there may be an NXT 2.0 opinion piece coming soon so keep it locked, right here on Real Rasslin! 

Pixc Out.