WWE NXT 28th December 2021

Pixc is back to hold our hands through another episode of Art Attack, also known as NXT 2.0!

WWE NXT 28th December 2021

Pixc here, back with another NXT. The final show before New Year’s Evil and speaking of “evil,” or more like go away heat, Grayson Waller is going to kick us off. Army camouflage look is rather odd, should have worn it for War Games, missed opportunity.  

Grayson fills us in on his visit to Raw. Vince is really trying to pull everything together, in fact maybe it isn’t him anymore. He then realises he is in action with Dexter Lumis tonight, he disses Indi calling her a 3. Dexter must be injured as he then mentions someone else is going to take Dexter’s place, Odyssey Jones it is! Going for that size angle I see. Waller exits the ring. Jones calls him a “big time bitch” and Waller gets in the ring. 

Grayson Waller vs Odyssey Jones 

Jones using his strength to take the wind out of Waller.  Waller looks to dodge him but Jones stops and stomps on Waller’s back. Waller using his speed to dodge but it isn’t enough as he gets slammed, still in this one though with a kick out. In picture in picture, Waller uses the ropes to get an advantage, hanging Jones from the outside. Waller continues to do pretty well in this section. Quite liked his use of the cravat hold. As we return to full screen, Jones is put down with a kick from Waller. 

Waller then hits the elbow drop from up top but Jones kicks out, looks like he is going to have to do more than that to keep the big man down. Jones steamrollers Waller down a few times but Waller still somehow manages to get some punches in and before he lifts him away, Waller pulls the turnbuckle pad off. Jones predictably walks into it and Waller capitalizes diving out of the way, only rolls into the ring to finish the job, cheap win for Waller with a nice cutter.  

In the aftermath, AJ Styles appears to say he is coming to NXT for New Year’s Evil, interesting, hopefully this isn’t going to be how they push Grayson Waller to the moon, sorry Grimes!  

Winner Grayson Waller 

Gonzalez and Cora Jade are backstage hyping up their title match against Mandy Rose, but first they have a tag team match vs Toxic Attraction. Io Shirai arrives to claim she wants the next shot at the title. Kay Lee Ray then arrives to also stake her claim, Io is not impressed but Mandy Rose appears on screen to shake things up, switching out Toxic Attraction in the main event for Kay Lee Ray and Io Shirai. What on earth is going on, that is rather weird. 

Grayson Waller is shouting at us telling AJ Styles he has problem being ready to go. He then storms away barging past Nash Carter of MSK, they both tell him off, quite a nice moment, they are going to confront Imperium next it seems. 

Another vignette of Tiffany Stratton next. This is followed by Xyon Quinn giving Elektra Lopez an ultimatum “it’s me or Legado” interesting development.  

MSK arrive in the ring. They comment on losing the tag titles and their beautiful journey, Riddle appears on screen to show some support. They call out the tag team champs, Imperium. Imperium speak in their own languages, MSK ask for subtitles. They hype themselves up and basically claim the titles are going to stay with Imperium. MSK ask them to put the belts on the line tonight, Walter then appears on the screen. He claims MSK don’t deserve a title shot before the screen splits and Riddle appears to challenge Imperium to a six-man tag match next week at New Year’s Evil, big news! 

Image courtesy of WWE

We get a recap of Harland throwing Brian Kendrick down the stairs. Joe Gacy is trying to hype Harland for his meeting with Brian Kendrick, looks like it might be a match.  

Edris Enofe is talking about his first big win against Von Wagner, seems a bit weird to highlight a lucky win against someone they are supposed to be pushing. Cue Von Wagner arriving to say “you got lucky!” Malik Blade turns up and says he is going to do the same thing tonight, interesting, Von Wagner vs Malik Blade it is tonight then. 

Harland and Joe Gacy are waiting for Brian Kendrick to arrive when his entrance music hits, he doesn’t show. Gacy takes a shot at Kendrick saying he didn’t own up to his mistakes. Andre chase comes out and Gacy thanks him for stepping up to volunteer to be Kendrick’s replacement.  

Andre Chase vs Harland 

Chase shows some spunk after getting up from the initial beatdown, but Harland deposits him on the outside. When they return to the ring he drives Chase’s head into the mat several times and the referee calls for the bell, it’s over! 

A Chase University student comes down to the ring and tries to help his mentor. Harland drags him out of the ring and carries him off, interesting development. 

Winner Harland 

Legado are waiting for Elektra to appear and she is wondering what is going on when Solo Sikoa interrupts them by mistake, Escobar gets in his face and Solo says he has some “misplaced anger” looking at Elektra, but we can settle this in the ring and walks off. Interesting development, could I see Xyon and Solo in a team? Probably, let’s see where it goes. 

Tiffany Stratton vs Fallon Henley 

Seems they are going for a Stacey's mom or daddy’s girl vibe with this new girl. Stratton shows of her strength and taunts Fallon. The two then lock up and Stratton bounces off the ropes, spring boarded into the advantage. Barrett appears distracted and is blathering on about Becky Lynch.  

Stratton looks to be dancing around her opponent then using her strength to finish things off. She hits what looked like a flat liner, then picks up the pinfall victory. It’s no surprise she won, got to show off some of her skills finally to those of us who don’t watch 205 live. There could be potential but it’s definitely too early to say right now. 

Winner Tiffany Stratton 

Io and Kay Lee Ray are warming up backstage in the locker room, before we are reminded of the contract signing between Carmelo Hayes and Roderick Strong, title unification match. 

Tony D’Angelo is hyping his rivalry with Pete Dunne, still never gets old him using “Petey Poppins!” We are shown him getting the crowbar out. Definitely enjoying this rivalry. He finishes by warning Pete to stay away, like that is going to happen!

Barrett gets this contract signing underway. Malcolm Bivens claims Strong’s opponent couldn’t make it, they arrive and Trick disses Strong with his “gangster/chav” lingo, Strong doesn’t understand him and Bivens translates for everyone before responding back to Trick in “gangster/chav” lingo. Quite amusing if you ask me but can someone call John Cena because he wants his catchphrases back, why does everyone, particularly people involved with Carmelo, seem to rip off John Cena or the New Age Outlaws? I see what you’re doing, it’s unoriginal and a sure-fire way to have someone’s momentum derailed if you ask me.  

Barrett gets frustrated and brings it back on track. Carmelo talks a big game, Strong is impressed, and he said it to his face. Strong responds and says Carmelo will be known as “Humbled Hayes!” They both add their signatures. Bit of a posture and the Creed Brothers dump him through a table, ah, that’s more like it! What’s a contract signing without a table being destroyed?

image courtesy of eWrestlingNews.com

Next up, some hype for the tag team division, have to agree with Grizzled Young Veterans, this is a really competitive division. I sense a tag team turmoil. 

Solo Sikoa vs Santos Escobar 

Evenly matched to start, Escobar slaps Sikoa hoping to throw the new guy off his game. Even with his experience it doesn’t seem easy for Escobar. Sikoa bides his time holding his own before taking down Escobar. Sikoa definitely look unphased by Escobar’s experience. He hits a running clothesline and then slams Escobar in the middle of the ring. Legado come to intercept Sikoa as the action has spilled to the outside. Sikoa gets in their face and the distraction is perfect, Escobar coming in with a strike and gaining the advantage.  

Escobar continues his momentum with an elbow to the lower back. A cocky cover by Escobar and Sikoa kicks out. Escobar next has Sikoa on the ground, still hanging in there. Looks like Escobar called for the Three Amigos but Sikoa blocked it dumping him on the ground. He then hits a senton. Sikoa fights off Legado who appear on the apron. Escobar capitalizes again. Xyon Quinn shows up at ringside so Escobar dives on him and puts him down before berating Elektra Lopez. Sikoa takes advantage of that distraction with a superkick and the splash from the top, pinfall victory and Sikoa remains undefeated! 

I’m glad Solo Sikoa won, but I’m a little lost as to why it wasn't made clearer what Elektra is doing, it just seems a wasted opportunity, don’t set us up to expect a finish to then just fizzle out. 

Winner Solo Sikoa 

McKenzie fills us in on New Year’s Evil next week. We await to see who faces Mandy Rose for the women’s title as Io Shirai and Kay Lee Ray could steal the chance from Raquel Gonzalez and Cora Jade in our main event. We have seen the title unification between Carmelo Hayes and Roderick Strong is set. A six-man tag match sees Walter and Imperium face Riddle and MSK. AJ Styles returns to confront Grayson Waller and Tommaso Ciampa vs Bron Breakker is your NXT title match.  

Harland is seen backstage next looking like he is about to pitch the student he carried off earlier straight off a building, Gacy talks him down from the idea. This seemed a bit OTT, like a conflict between wanting to seem edgy but still feeling like the product can’t quite go the whole way. 

We catch up with Solo Sikoa asking him what’s next, but Boa comes from out of nowhere with face paint on enraged as he takes down Sikoa. The next time we see his face, it has no face paint and he looks confused.  

Hype for the NXT title match next week. Finishing with Ciampa holding on tight to goldie! 

Von Wagner vs Malik Blade 

Blade comes out straight away but Von Wagner just overpowers him pushing him into the corner. He tries to fight back but his speed is only enough to get him some sporadic offense. Robert Stone is seen watching the action, liking what he is seeing but to what end?  

Blade again gets a little offense in but Von Wagner clotheslines him down and charges in, looking to finish things. Blade hits two dropkicks, then a crossbody. Von Wagner catches him next though and looks to powerbomb him for the finish. Blade then gets a roll up which looked a little strange. Von Wagner then slams him down with a double underhook suplex, not really feeling this match. Blade showed some great promise, fighting with a lot of heart but Von Wagner seems a bit clumsy at times to me. 

Edris Enofe comes to rescue Malik Blade from getting beat down after the match. Interesting decision to have him in a programme with these two, they don’t seem to mesh well for me. I feel this could be due to them needing to push everyone at once as they are losing a lot of great talent, either through end of contracts or releases. It ties in with their plans to change things up, I guess. 

Winner Von Wagner 

Raquel Gonzalez & Cora Jade vs Io Shirai & Kay Lee Ray 

Have to agree with Barrett having this match pitting all her main threats against each other is a genius move, but unfortunately for her, at least three of these would wipe the floor with her in a fair fight anyway. If you ask me, all of them would be better champions for the brand. 

Cora Jade and Io Shirai start us off and you can tell Io is the experienced one, but they seem to work well together. Gonzalez tags herself in and Jade doesn’t argue taking her place on the apron. Kay Lee Ray does the same and again no miscommunication on that side either. Gonzalez brings Jade back in, but Io and Kay Lee Ray end up in charge. Io diving to the outside and we enter picture in picture! 

As we return to full screen, Cora Jade is in trouble as Kay Lee Ray locks in a single leg crab. As Kay Lee Ray let's her out of the submission, she looks to hit the KLR Bomb, but Cora Jade reverses it, buying herself some time. She is unable to get the tag and Io looks to come in with the moonsault. Gonzalez pulls Jade out of the firing line before Kay Lee Ray dives on her to even things up. Io hits the feint kick on Cora Jade and the missile dropkick but Cora Jade kicks out.  

Gonzalez comes in off the tag and Kay Lee Ray is the first to take some punishment, a fall away slam and Gonzalez eventually hits the Chingona Bomb before Cora Jade tags herself in. Gonzalez gets pissy but fends off Io Shirai before Jade almost gets the pin, Gonzalez breaks up the pinfall which makes zero sense and the two argue. Cora Jade looks set to get pinned but Gonzalez comes in and pushes the pinfall over so Cora Jade wins. They argue after winning, again this seems a bit stupid. Cue Mandy Rose on the titantron to stop them arguing.  

She is keen to remind them this is why she picked a triple threat match, definitely feels like she will retain in all honesty. I don’t think it would benefit us to have Gonzalez regain the title, Cora Jade is too early to the scene and Mandy needs a win to make her even half the champion she needs to be to justify her coming out of nowhere to get that title. I really don’t see how it benefits anyone where the champion is greener than half the roster. Shes got charisma and looks but that is honestly it for me, should have stayed working with Dana Brooke as sexy muscle friends and make those women’s tag titles relevant, but Vince has no clue what he is doing with tag teams. 

Winners Cora Jade & Raquel Gonzalez 

All in all, a decent show, nothing spectacular, definite room for improvement. Something feels a bit all over the place, it doesn’t seem to flow great and it feels like some stars are too high up the card, but then again that’s a lot less relevant in WWE these days it seems. Particular lowlight was the vague situation with Escobar, Elektra Lopez and Xyon Quinn, stringing it out when they both wanted answers tonight. A highlight was the decision to change up the main event, giving Kay Lee Ray and Io Shirai some air time!  

Back here next week then for New Year’s Evil and to all our readers, Happy New Year! 

Pixc Out.