Real Rasslin Reviews: WWE NXT 25th May 2021

Pixc gives us the roundup of this weeks NXT!

Real Rasslin Reviews: WWE NXT 25th May 2021

So tonight we have a lot of good things on the menu. Franky Monet is finally making her debut, Finn Balor gets his rematch with Karrion Kross for the title. That's not all though, we will crown new number one contenders to the womens tag titles too. All that and more this week, so let's get started!

Ember Moon & Shotzi Blackheart vs Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez
We kick off, looking to find out the new number one contenders for the women's tag team titles. Gonzalez continuing her backpose with the title, Shotzi coming up short in the early going with Gonzalez stopping her at every turn. Ember tags in and eventually gets a couple of pinfalls in, but not the win.

Dakota comes in next. Quick tags though as they dominate Ember. Shotzi comes in somehow and takes control of the match. Some great double team action as Ember gets a near fall, Shotzi comes back in and Kai is locked into a submission, She crawls to the ropes but is unable to make it so Gonzalez pulls her to the ropes and breaks the hold. I mean, bit cheap guys come on! 

Ember comes out to meet Gonzalez with some great strikes. Kai gets involved on the apron allowing Gonzalez to get the boot in. Shotzi comes in to break things up allowing Ember to make the tag and Shotzi takes over. Nice firemans facebuster, doesn't end the match though. Gonzalez comes to save her partner, but is taken out afterwards, Kai is locked in a submission but Gonzalez breaks it up, goes for the one armed powerbomb which Moon counters into the Eclipse and Ember following this puts Kai down for win.

Gonzalez follows this up by attacking Ember and Shotzi then Kai makes her watch as Shotzi is taken out at ringside, slammed into the ring post and the barricade, quality beatdown if a little booking yourself into a corner it seems.

Winners Ember Moon & Shotzi Blackheart

Next we get Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher responding to the attack by Grizzled Young Veterans last week, nice tie in and they plan to go through GYV now to get to their goals, round 3 it seems, excited for that match.

Bobby Fish hype next, talking about Pete Dunne putting him on the shelf and wanting his revenge. Could be a good one.

We get a shot of Balor and Kross arriving earlier to the PC. Everyone seems hyped for this, I'm not overly fussed if I'm honest.

Pete Dunne vs Bobby Fish
Oney Lorcan accompanying Pete Dunne to the ring. Bobby Fish looks like an older Tyler Bate twiddling his moustache. Fish is explosive to start, seems to be very methodical. Dunne takes it for a bit then explodes back with a forearm. 

Dunne focuses on the arm. Fish gets back on offense and dumps Dunne to the outside. We had a little break and Dunne is in control when we return. Fish takes some strikes before picking Dunne up and driving him into the corner. Dunne goes for the fingers to break a submission. He goes straight for the previously injured tricep. Dunne locked in a Kimura but Fish suplexes him into the ropes. 

Out of nowhere it appears Dunne was playing possum, exploding into a german suplex then stomps to the hands and a kick, Fish escapes the sequences and gets a near fall following it. Dunne goes for the submission and snaps the fingers, Fish escapes though and looks to answer back. Dunne though, has other ideas managing to get in the Bitter End and picks up the win. 

Oney starts a beatdown, Dunne looking on. Oney does a number on Fish, following up with punt to that tricep as Pete Dunne shrugs. Good match, clearly filler though.

Winner Pete Dunne

Next we have a bit of hype for your new North American Champion, Bronson Reed! I'd forgotten about that, been a busy week. Intrigued to see where they go with him, as I can't see the same flexiblity in challengers and good matches as you'd have with Gargano.

We get Mercedes Martinez next, saying it begins tonight the road back to another shot at that NXT Womens title. Boa pops his head round, clearly he has some plans. Maybe Xia Li needs a partner, he wants to manage her or could she be a target for Tian Sha?

Hit Row time guys, lock up your breadbins. They're putting everyone on notice. Can i just point out they pretty much copy MSK's hand signature, where are these guys going? If you ask me its nada, bloody nowhere! They were funny though to be fair.

Mercedes Martinez vs Zayda Ramier
Ramier is no slouch early on, clearly the underdog giving it all she got. A brutal discus punch puts her down though, followed up by a few suplexes by Mercedes. Martinez manages to use her power to keep her momentum, a high knee and the air raid crash gets the easy win.

Zayda had a good showing, but nobody expected her to get another lucky win. Tian Sha then seem to mark Mercedes Martinez, Xia Li's next opponent or something else.

Winner Mercedes Martinez

Ted DiBiase is talking to Toni Storm, here for the Million Dollar face off, which is up next.

Grimes tries to introduce the segment but DiBiase cuts him off straight away with his entrance. Ted claims he sees a bit of himself in Grimes. He's looking for someone to carry on his legacy, it seems. LA Knight interrupts them, claiming he should be the one to continue his legacy. Ted lets him talk but Grimes is not impressed, expects LA Knight to get gone, but turns his back and is dumped on the mat, Ted tells him he don't get it and the two leave the ring.

Franky Monet is now ready for her debut we see her leaving her dog backstage. 

Then Indi is hunting Dexter backstage, she interrupts Ever-Rise's "show" then Drake Maverick points her to a dark room. In it she finds loads of artwork depicting Dexter's broken heart it seems.

Franky Monet vs Cora Jade
Franky starts off toying with Cora, clearly enjoying the moment. She is a very vocal compeitior and is not messing about. A nice stiff combo from Monet and a lot of taunting lets Cora back in who gets a brief pinfall but Franky answers back with a brutal looking spear. Franky Monet hits a familiar move to finish the match, easy win for her. 

Franky Monet Makes WWE NXT Debut, Calls Out Raquel Gonzalez After The Show  - Wrestling Inc.

Image courtesy of Wrestling Inc

Right so, she looked impressive, i'd say brutal, stiff and vocal. However, it was a squash, I don't like squash matches, I'd rather her face someone better and have an even match, where she edges it. Seems she might be adding a crazy side to her gimmick and it seems to suit her, I haven't seen her wrestle before but I'm intrigued now.

Winner Franky Monet

Grizzled Young Veterans next, claiming it was just a receipt and they are done with Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher.

Nice clip of Bronson with Kushida sharing a champions moment.

Walter is hyping his tag team up to right the wrongs, starting with them losing the belts to Breezango. Bit late to continue that if you ask me but let's see what it means.

Bronson Reed, your new North American champion, comes out to the ring. Talks about his long journey, the doubters and the inspiration to kids watching. Santos Escobar comes out, ok I like this. He and Legado surround the ring, Bronson gets ready but MSK run out to help him and together they hold the ring. Nice idea this, bit frustrated we didn't see Bronson just squash them to build him up but it'll do.

William Regal is hyped for tonights main event, but next week we get a new number one contender, Kyle O'Reilly vs Johnny Gargano vs Pete Dunne, tick tock Karrion, this is the way guys what did I tell ya, it makes sense.

Finn Balor vs Karrion Kross (c) (NXT Championship Match)
Finn has a chance to become 3 time champ here. Kross sends Balor to the outside after a feeling out process. Balor comes in quick and eventually returns the favour, Kross showing frustration on the outside. Kross has an armbar in while we watch some adverts picture in picture style. Balor then works on Kross and it remains this way til they return to full screen.

Kross then dumps Balor to the mat. Kross continues to punish Balor for a while but Balor somehow reverses into an abdominal stretch, gets some strikes in and a near fall. Kross gets back in the drivers seat though, with a german suplex. This is all for now as Balor comes back into it. Nice back and forth section here. 

The referee serves as distraction allowing Kross to put Balor to the outside, he follows but Balor was waiting and drags him between the apron banner, pummeling him. Another bout of subliminal messaging next with picture in picture. Kross once back in the ring takes over control, strikes and suplexes aplenty with Balor fighting back as we return to the full screen action.

Kross slams Balor into two corners holding on to finish it in the middle of the ring with a pinfall, close but not yet, Balor's still in it!

After a shocking quick kick out from Kross, Balor hits a double stomp and it's reversed into a Kross Jacket. Balor makes it to the ropes and Kross then continues the punishment on the outside, driving him into the barricade at ringside.

He brings it back into the ring looking to end it. Balor counters and hits a DDT, a Slingblade then knocks the champ to the outside with a clothesline. He hypes himself up but Kross is already up. He lifts him up, dropping him on the announce table. Balor back in the ring cuts Kross off as he comes in, he then hits a dropkick into the turnbuckle, going for the Coup de Grace but Kross evades it, this is more like it!

Kross hits a german suplex then signals for the end, Balor counters though and gets a near fall. Balor however is unable to keep it locked. Kross receives some of his own medicine as Balor hits some elbows to the back of the head. Next up he attacks him from behind and pulls him away from the ropes into a sleeper of his own. He transitions to keep the hold in.

Kross somehow keeps hold of the referee and lifts Balor up to slam him, breaking the hold. He then gets his Jeircho-esque Elbow to the back of the head and locks in the Kross Jacket. Predictable as ever he picks up the win right there. 

This match was mostly ok, it got better towards the end and the finish was a tad predictable for me, making the match seem pointless. It feels like a desperate bid for ratings but for a brief moment at the end I felt like Balor could win. As you guys know I'm not a huge fan of Kross, however, Balor makes him look good here at times. I felt the fact Kross no-sold things at times was a bit much, maybe leave that for later on.

Winner Karrion Kross

So this weeks NXT was definitely average. I don't feel anything stood out.

Glad to have finally seen Franky Monet in action. Speaking of which this card had a lot of womens action on it, might be NXT normal but I have never noticed it before. The question is where does Balor go from here? Only one plan in my opinion, Walter!

I'll be back next week guys for some more NXT action but for now, I've been Pixc your NXT correspondant and I'm out!