WWE NXT 24th August 2021

WWE NXT 24th August 2021

So, after Takeover 36, how different will NXT be, the road to those changes starts this week. A new NXT Champion and a new Million Dollar Champion, thanks to Ted DiBiase.  

That folks, is where we start our journey, Cameron Grimes makes his way to the ring after arriving in a limo with Ted DiBiase. Great feel-good moment for Grimes. For some reason the ring is looking green. Grimes does not shy away from giving DiBiase the assist on his big win, the crowd get showered with fake dollar bills as DiBiase shouts "to the moon!"  

Next is video recap of Takeover 36. Including the arrival of Kay Lee Ray and your new 3-time NXT champion Samoa Joe. This is followed by what is coming up tonight.  

Before the next match begins Hit Row arrive to the CWC.  

Ridge Holland w/Pete Dunne vs Timothy Thatcher w/Tommaso Ciampa  

The two lock up to start and we get an even battle to start trading blows and holds early on. Ridge just gets an advantage with his strength and his strikes, wearing down Thatcher. Thatcher looking for submissions or to target any potential opening but Holland does keep him at bay rather well, his power seems to be just too much for Thatcher.  

Picture in picture break as Holland goes to collect Thatcher from the outside. More of the same follows but Holland still seems in control, using his strength on the ground this time. We return to full screen with them trading blows in the ring.   

Thatcher takes over and has Holland by the ankle, Ciampa is screaming at him to tap. but he doesn't, he turns it around and slams Thatcher to the ground and picks up a big win here via pinfall. Ciampa comes in to check on his partner. Ridge Holland goes to beat him down, but Ciampa fights back well, He even gets the better of Pete Dunne, but a returning Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch grab him and a brawl ensues. They dismantle the two veterans but not without a good fight. I'm curious what this will develop into, War Games is a long time away, but I think Ciampa and Thatcher need a couple of buddies. MSK maybe? Great match glad they made Ridge Holland look strong but it was competitive not a squash.  

Winner Ridge Holland  

Interview with Carmelo Hayes, looking at his big opportunity in the Breakout Tournament final, Curious to see where this goes. He knows he has a big task ahead of him and I liked how he wasn't getting ahead of himself.  

A brief TikTok video with Kacy & Kayden and a recap of Indi Hartwell's proposal last week.  

McKenzie interviewing In-Dex backstage, they are asked if they have a date in mind, to which Lumis provides a picture invite Tuesday 14th September, Indi falls into Lumis but he doesn't go for the kiss so she fixes it for herself.  

Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter vs Jacy Jayne & Gigi Dolin  

Quite like this new team's entrance. Kacy & Kayden start off strong and a little cocky in fairness, kind of looks like they are toying with the new girls. The blind tag to Kacy is wasted really and the new team then take over, as they keep Kacy in their corner. Lots of tags and double teams. They look good as a team.   

Kacy somehow manages to sneak around to get the tag. Kayden comes in hot taking both her opponents down, she only gets a near fall. Dolin gets the tag to Jayne and Kacy comes in to save the match. They hit a nice double team, they get win via pinfall as Kacy screams "This is our time" great stuff, I hope she is right!  

They go scream at commentary that they want the tag titles, bit weird but lots of intensity, I really want these two to get them belts, they could easily translate to the main roster and are a legitimately well-built tag team, it makes sense.  

Winners Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter  

McKenzie is back this time with Raquel Gonzalez, still your NXT Womens Champion she knows Dakota isn't done with her and gives her credit. She claims she has been waiting for Kay Lee Ray to make the trip over and knows all about her. She is interrupted however by Franky Monet, with Robert Stone and Jessi Kamea in tow. Cocky as ever she waltzes in says her piece then drifts off leaving her assailant looking bitter and sometimes confused. Gonzalez just looks pretty miffed though to be fair.   

Kay Lee Ray is up next, but first an Interview with Odyssey Jones. It's all about positivity here and he talks about his name. He is not underestimating Carmelo Hayes.  

Valentina Feroz vs Kay Lee Ray  

Feroz is someone I remember seeing before but this attire is a bit more outlandish. Kay Lee Ray clearly bringing the aggression early on. She keeps her momentum going and has Feroz on the ground then in the corner. Feroz just didn't get much offense in and Kay Lee Ray hits a Gory Bomb for the pinfall win.   

A squash match, but in fairness it wasn't terrible to watch. Solid performance from Kay Lee Ray.  

Winner Kay Lee Ray  

Next Jacy Jayne & Gigi Dolin are asked about their loss, but don't seem keen to comment, Mandy Rose asks them if they don't want to feel like that again, to follow her. Interesting as I thought she was already kind of mentoring them, is this the next stage? Did they not agree at first? Maybe we'll find out more as things progress.   

Samoa Joe comes to the ring NXT, he is ready for his next challenger, he says will someone step to him rather than just stare. Pete Dunne answers and for me that's all we needed. LA Knight has other ideas though as he comes and throws his name in the hat for number one contender. Laughable really considering his recent loss but it's a new face so I'll let it slide. We are not done there though Kyle O'Reilly comes out and is hilarious, or maybe I'm easily amused. he calls them Samoa Joseph, Peter Dune and La Night, quality work.  

He comments on his big win with the Undisputed Finale. As he is finalizing his claim to a title shot, Ridge Holland cheap shots him from behind. A brawl ensues as Dunne tries to get Samoa Joe but Joe was ready. Then LA Knight takes a beating from the champ and Ciampa arrives to get some revenge on the duo. Nice bit of chaos for the new champ to deal with.  

Ted DiBiase next heading out in his limo. Cameron gives him the title back and Ted calls him back replacing the belt with a replica as he hands it back. Grimes doesn't seem too bothered just has a moment, that's Ted DiBiase I guess. Knew he wouldn't stick around for this new brand of NXT.  

A little backstage action next as Duke Hudson gets in Kyle O'Reilly's face and gets a slap for it. He brawls with him before security step in. Kyle screaming that he wants him, awww how romantic!  

Carmelo Hayes vs Odyssey Jones (NXT Breakout Tournament Final)  

Neither wants to make the first mistake as they are feeling each other out somewhat. Jones shows his strength putting Hayes on the top turnbuckle and throwing him across the ring, but Hayes is not backing down, showing his speed and aggression. Jones is like a brick wall that Hayes has to somehow get through.  

Carmelo Hayes gets a sleeper locked in, wearing his opponent down. Jones fights back. The hold is broken and Hayes gets some strikes in, drops Jones when you'd expect him to get slammed, He takes a shoulder breaker out of nowhere and Jones has a chance to get back into it. Hayes rolls out of the ring to buy himself more time.   

Jones runs in looking to cause damage but Hayes avoids him and he collides with the ring post. He hits a high risk move but is unable to keep Jones down. He goes to the well a second time but Jones avoids the attack hitting his own big splash, it looks over and it is when Hayes reverses into a cradle pin for the win.   

William Regal congratulates Carmelo Hayes, giving him a title shot against any NXT champion. Hes not saying yet who he will face, not confident we will see him challenge just yet, he's good but he isn't title match ready I don't think. Swerve is the only viable option in my eyes as it's the only title if he were to win, I'd be ok with it.  

Image courtesy of F4Wonline 

Winner Carmelo Hayes  

The four musketeers are up next, as Pete Dunne and his band of roughnecks have plenty to say. Dunne thinks he is getting that NXT title soon as he faces Joe, Danny Burch comes off a little like Raven, back to make up for lost time, what about me what about Danny Burch, having never lost the tag titles Oney says we are the rightful champions, I hope MSK beat them too. Ridge Holland wants to put Ciampa on the shelf, this being the only bit of the segment that made sense or is realistic at the moment.   

Boa is on screen next; another victim will fall. Mei Ying blows her mist into the screen, nice transition to the Tian Sha logo.  

Boa vs Xyon Quinn  

Boa straight away kicks Quinn into the corner, very aggressive start. He has Quinn beat. He turns to receive his orders from his mistress. When she answers his call for instruction he turns round only to get knocked to the ground and pinned by his opponent.   

Right, this is obviously going somewhere, but what on earth was that? How does Boa not kick out? Smart stuff from Quinn though leaving via the barricade avoiding Mei Ying.   

Winner Xyon Quinn  

Johnny Gargano is in William Regal's office next, trying to get Indi's wedding cancelled, but Regal is having none of it. He can't wait to see Johnny go cuckoo bananas! They have a funny exchange before LA Knight comes in complaining about Samoa Joe. Gargano isn't happy he didn't knock and Regal throws them both out, exclaiming "Buffoons!"  

Roderick Strong is training and Malcolm Bivens is talking him up, next week we will get another Diamond Mine open challenge. This is followed by the announcement of Ciampa vs Ridge Holland next week.  

Hit Row vs Legado del Fantasma  

Hit Row are still growing on me, especially Be-Fab, hoping she gets in the ring soon, as without knowing her in ring ability I can't say what I really think her future holds.  

So, P-Nut won't be happy but this six-man match starts with a brawl, as Legado clear the ring. Be-Fab grabs Escobar as the match is started, Top Dollar dominant before tagging Ashanti Adonis in. Commentary building on the story of the disrespect of both teams' culture. Adonis hits a nice monkey flip sending Mendoza clear across the ring. Adonis looking great taking them all on as Hit Row take the high ground, picture in picture time.  

Swerve and Escobar have a nice battle during the break. Mendoza is tagged in and after winding up Top Dollar Legado work over Swerve in their corner with regular tags. Wylde even has time for a little dance, Escobar a whistle. great double team from Wylde and Mendoza and their spell of dominance continues.   

Swerve Scott finally manages to break free but Wylde manages to cut him off. Swerve fights back again, just as he reaches, he senses Escobar coming for him so dodges him first before diving to tag Top Dollar, this is great stuff. Top Dollar goes for a pin which broken up then ends up slamming all three of Legado del Fantasma, carry them around before dropping them in what Barrett exclaims is "the world's strongest Wasteland." This is where things turn, Escobar manages to isolate Ashanti Adonis and Mendoza off the blind tag does some serious damage. Swerve breaks a pinfall attempt.   

Escobar and Swerve are up next going at it in the ring. Chaos ensues with a brawl on the outside while Swerve gets a near fall of a nice 450 splash. Swerve is taking off the apron by Escobar. Be-Fab gets involved pushing Escobar into the ring post. She turns around to come face to face with another woman however, Elektra Lopez who eyes her up while she trash talks then pulls a lead pipe smashing her in the gut. She throws it to Swerve who catches it and him and the referee fumble around with it, before Escobar sneaks in with a roll up and gets the win.   

So, this was a great six-man tag match. I enjoyed it and was interested throughout; I particularly liked the interference from Lopez. However why the referee was messing about and Swerve didn't just instantly chuck the lead pipe from the ring instead of messing around I'll never know, I just felt this wasn't done great. I'll be interested to see how this develops, especially as we are yet to see them face for the North American Title.  

Image courtesy of Wrestling Inc 

Winners Legado del Fantasma  

Well for our first NXT after Takeover 36 and the road to a new NXT it wasn't a bad show. In fact, I really enjoyed that one. It didn't feel massively different, I think a highlight as always was Gargano, his segment with Regal just tickled me. Hayes and Jones put on a good match that I wasn't expecting and the six-man tag match was great. I think a lowlight though has to be the Boa match, I'm sure it will be explained but a bit poor how he got the pin so easy, maybe a roll up would have done better.  

What did you think of this week's NXT? Let us know on our socials or in the comments.   

Pixc out!