Real Rasslin Reviews: WWE NXT 23rd December 2020

Another NXT review, the action as it went down.

Real Rasslin Reviews: WWE NXT 23rd December 2020

Well it's that time again guys, NXT is back and we are expecting a tag title match, along with some special Gargano Christmas antics. We are on the road to New Years Evil but let me say a Happy Christmas from Pixc your NXT reviewer right here at Real Rasslin! Let's get on with the show.

Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch (c) vs Killian Dain & Drake Maverick (Street Fight Tag Team Championship match)

The challengers attack the champs on their way to a ring, setting up a couple of tables but the champs take control of the match, focusing on Killian Dain early on. They double team him for a while, setting up chairs in the ring. Dain however reverses it and Lorcan lands on the chairs. Dain and Maverick double team Burch, with Dain using Maverick as a weapon , some great chemistry here from the challengers, particularly loved the double boots in the corner. Burch turns things around on Maverick with a great clothesline , meanwhile Dain unfortunately is taken down with a blockbuster from Lorcan. Dain is then fighting both the champs at once, looks to put Lorcan through the table, however Lorcan avoids it and Dain goes through the table. Drake is down in the ring as we come back to the action and the champs work him over with his own belt. Burch is very pantomime come uk gang boss, Maverick is double teamed some more but when the champs take time to gloat, Dain returns to the action tagging himself in. He goes on a nice little rampage here. takes out Burch with a powerbomb then goes after Lorcan but Burch comes to the rescue. The champs dispatch Killian Dain onto the tables set up earlier but they don't break and Dain bounces off them as they return to the ring to deal with Maverick. Maverick manages to low blow both champs, and uses his belt on both. Lorcan returns the favour with a low blow of his own, Burch gets a cricket bat shot, then they hit their double team DDT for the win.

Good solid bout here. I was a massive fan of these guys before they were champs, but not so much at the moment. Killian and Drake hopefully will get the titles one day as their story has been enjoyable to follow so far. Dain drags Maverick out of ring to carry him out.

Winners Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch

Next is a video with the Gargano family christmas. Forget elf on a shelf we got Gargano on a piano, this is epic. Austin makes a no way jose line which Gargano hates and prompts him to open a present. This is Gargano Whey Protein Powder! Austin tries again with the jokes and Indi sees what he did, but Austin does not think the same, he is definitely the putz in the faction and it's so cringe it works. Gargano does not look impressed as we move on.

Finn Balor vs Kyle O'Reilly is promoted next. New Years Evil in two weeks! There is a great show of mutual respect in this package and great build to their match.

Next we have Tyler Rust backstage with his new manager Malcolm Bivens. He speaks for his client claiming he had one of the best debuts against Tommaso Ciampa, taking him to his limit. He claims he is a diamond in the Rust. Great play on words.

Malcolm Bivens makes a proposition for Tyler Rust: WWE NXT, Dec. 9, 2020 -  YouTube

Image courtesy of Youtube and WWE

Isaiah Swerve Scott vs Jake Atlas

This is a rematch and should be good. The two size each other up and they lock up with some back and forth grappling. Swerve gets a bit angry and then Jake shows the same back. A nice dragon screw into the bottom rope from Atlas and he drops Swerve to the outside with a springboard dropkick. Swerve takes a breather and when we return he is in control. Atlas however gets a nice running rolling pinfall and then goes for his patented cartwheel DDT but Swerve breaks it up with a kick. A nice slam and suplex by Swerve but only a near fall follows. Swerve goes for a top rope move putting Jake up there, but he manages to escape and he hits a hurricanrana, Swerve lands on his feet though and the frustration shows on Atlas, a roll up battle follows this. A nice reverse headbutt results in Swerve in control and he hits the Confidence Boost and gets the win. His celebration is a bit brash, Beth isn't a fan, he offers his hand and I don't think anybody can blame Atlas for walking away.

This was ok, some good spots but I wasn't bothered who won or really sucked in the action, it was just another match between these two. The build is looking good though, maybe it will go somewhere?

Winner Isaiah Swerve Scott

Adam Cole is with Roderick Strong backstage building up Kyle O'Reilly and claims it will be a different result. As they talk Velveteen Dream interrupts them to goad Adam Cole isn't the leader, calling him a cheerleader. He challenges him to a match later. Good build, not sure I want to see Adam Cole vs Velveteen Dream again though.

We then get Rhea Ripley and Dakota Kai warming up backstage, there match is next.

Thatcher is talking backstage, building his feud with Ciampa, he wants to fight Tommaso Ciampa and is going to take liberties with Leon Ruff later, calls him out to come stop it.

Rhea Ripley vs Dakota Kai

 A twitter exchange is shown between Ripley and Gonzalez as Ripley feels Dakota Kai can't fight her on her own, Gonzalez shows faith in her and William Regal bans her from ringside, great use of social media, not a massive fan of how much they use it but this was well done. Kai uses her speed and agility to dodge Ripley but it doesn't last long and Ripley dominates with her strength. A brutal stomp to the arm to Ripley on the Apron. Picture in picture with Kai on top here. She continues to work the shoulder, loving the aggression from Kai here. As we return to full screen action Kai has a submission locked in, Rhea manages to lift her up and break the hold with a slam to the mat. Ripley then takes over, she gets a near fall though and the two then slug it out back and forth for a bit. Ripley avoids the kick in the corner to slam Dakota to the mat but another near fall here. Drop toe hold into the turnbuckle by Kai followed with a kick then Ripley manages to counter the next move into a standing cloverleaf. Gonzalez appears on the stage at this point, bit cheap this, supposed to be banned but guess she isn't ringside. Ripley trash talks Gonzalez as she looks to finish Kai off. With Gonzalez staring down she hits a backstabber, but only gets a near fall. The gullotine counters a Riptide and Rhea has to adjust before managing to pick her back up for the Riptide. This gets the pinfall win.

Ripley calls Gonzalez down to the ring and the referee calls her Reina, oops was that meant to happen. they clash in the ring and the referees try to split them up. Typical brawl segment here. They end up on the floor and we cut to our next segment.

Winner Rhea Ripley

Another Gargano Christmas segment. With Indi's turn to open a gift. Gargano directing her to a PS5 box. Theory exclaims "No fucking way" and Gargano explains its not hers and she is getting something far better, she is going to take on the family name. I didn't twig at first, I was like oh that's nice, then it hit me, Indi Wrestling! Candice adds a nice touch, we support you, we support Indi Wrestling. I don't know whether this was absolute gold or cheesy trash, answers in the comments below? Austin cries as we cut to the next segment.

Toni Storm is asked what is next. Toni Storm says her focus is now switched to Io Shirai. claiming Shirai is scared of her because she can't beat Toni Storm. Nice build I'd like to see this match.

Another segment of Xia Li and Boa with the old chinese guy is next. they still appear to be fighting each other. Then we see a facepainted woman, possibly the "she is coming" we have heard about.

Bronson Reed vs Ashante "Thee" Adonis

Adonis has some early trash talk but Bronson is clearly too much for him, he takes control of the match, hitting a senton and then goes up top for his signature Tsunami Splash. A quick squash, definitely filler. Not sure how this helps Bronson Reed squashing someone like this but WWE love to have boring squash matches and this is starting to leak into NXT more. I like Bronson but this didn't do him any favours.

Winner Bronson Reed

Io Shirai is seen walking to the ring with Mackenzie trying to get her response to Toni Storm. no title in hand which felt weird. she grabs a chair and enters the ring and sits down to call Toni Storm out. When her music hits however Mercedes Martinez appears and attacks Io dragging her outside and dominating her. Great showing from Mercedes and Io tries to fight back but is thrown into the side of the announce table. Honestly I get a bit confused with how many angles they have, like they can't decide what to do so they throw it all out there and hope the fans will decide for them? Also not a massive fan of Mercedes coming back in so hot after her Retribution run, logically she was put down by Ripley so shouldn't she have to work a bit before getting thrust into the title picture? Is she working with Storm or was it just a coincidence? Is she no longer aligned with Robert Stone?

WATCH: Mercedes Martinez Returns To NXT, Takes Out Io Shirai

Image courtesy of Pro Wrestling Sheet

Next another Gargano Christmas segment, Candice is given a gift by Johnny. It turns out it is a wheel from the remains of Shotzi's old tank. Nice nod to his hatred of wheels and Candice weirdly seems very appreciative. He then gets them ready for a group photo which Austin ruins spraying his protein powder. Gargano looks disgusted, I think another great promo by The Way, as long as you don't mind the cringe thrown in with this.

Timothy Thatcher vs Leon Ruff

Ruff trying to use his quickness to keep Thatcher at bay, but Thatcher keeps him down and calls out Ciampa throughout. Ruff shows a lot of guts, but Thatcher is dominant, stretching him and Thatcher takes time to grab a chair to place at ringside for Ciampa to come down. Ruff almost gets a win with a nice roll up off that distraction. He goes for the springboard cutter but Thatcher stops him in his tracks with an uppercut. Thatcher again goading Ciampa to come out from the back but Ruff gets a roll up again but this time pins him one, two, three.

Thatcher goes to beat down Ruff throwing him in the ring before Ciampa runs to the ring to hit Willows Bell and says "you wanna fight? I'll see you in the fight pit" absolutely ecstatic about this, I really want more of these guys and we now get an added bonus of a fight pit match. Brilliant, I bet our quizmaster P-Nut will be excited for this too!

Winner Leon Ruff

Next Damien Priest builds on from the attack by Karrion Kross claiming he doesn't see what all the fuss is about, Kross blindsided him, didn't step to him like a man. Where's this badass? He says hes gonna punk him out in front of the world.

Dexter Lumis is doodling backstage, a nice way to announce Last Woman Standing match between Raquel Gonzalez and Rhea Ripley. Good plan, love the artwork.

Tyler Rust vs Ariya Daivari

Good wrestling early on by Rust, taking down Daivari several times. Rust is technically sound and Malcolm Bivens bigs up his client to commentary and they agree Rust is potentially the future of NXT.. Rust continues to dominate and Bivens keeps up his promotion of his client at ringside, weirdly I love this, it's different and it works. Daivari gets a bit of offense in next, he talks a bit too much trash and Rust reminds him who he is dealing with here. Rust works on the shoulder and elbow, he then reverses Daivari's signature lariat before slamming him to the mat and hitting a unique submission hold for the win.

Bivens and Rust are great, i don't see this as a long term thing, but it is definitely going to propel Tyler Rust. Great match, Rust looked great.

Winner Tyler Rust

Next we have Leon Ruff coming out of Regal's office thanking him. He explains to Mackenzie then he is on a high after beating Thatcher and he has a rematch for the North American Title next week.

Adam Cole and Velveteen Dream are heading to the ring for their match next.

Karrion Kross is next responding to Damien Priests recent actions, he claims he says made a big mistake and the traditional tick tock sign off.

Velveteen Dream vs Adam Cole

Adam Cole has a headlock on Dream early on and keeps control for a while with this, a break in the corner results in Dream coming out strong. Cole doesn't take long to get back in the drivers seat. A nice jumping neck breaker by Cole keeps him on top. Dream doesn't seem to be able to get going but a double headbutt has them both down. Pete Dunne runs down and attacks Roderick Strong, hitting the bitter end on the apron. Then we cut to pciture in picture as Dream fails to get the pinfall. Dream has a bit of offense here, but Cole catapults him into the turnbuckle, it doesn't appear to be the change though as Dream fires back. He takes time to interact with the crowd. This buys Cole time and reverses Dreams next move. They slug it out and as we come back Dream is looking to be in control. He misses the Purple Rainmaker and Cole gains control, a nice backbreaker, produces a near fall. Dream makes it to the rope but Cole pulls him back in to the centre and a german suplex gets him another near fall. Dream reverses the next foray near the ropes and gets a near fall himself, suddenly Cole apparently looks desperate according to Wade Barrett. Dream hits some punches in the corner but Cole ends up turning things around kicking Dream off the turnbuckle. Dream ends up dispatching Cole to the outside but his dive is countered by Cole and it looks like Dream could be hurt with Cole checking on him, the referee does this and when Dream comes in Cole hits him with a super kick and locks in a figure four. Dream breaks the hold at the ropes and Cole almost super kicks the referee. Dream capitalizes on this and goes for the Purple Rainmaker. He only gets a near fall and Cole takes over with another backbreaker, he goes for the panama sunrise, which Dream counters, Cole then superkicks Dream as he dives from the top rope. Cole then hits the Last Shot for the win, very nice finishing sequence here.

These guys always deliver, it definitely wasn't an amazing match but it was alright. I enjoyed the finale though. Adam Cole claims the NXT title comes back to the Undisputed Era as the show closes.

Winner Adam Cole

Overall a good show, I think it was worth watching, A highlight was the Gargano segments, The Way are growing on me. I think it is kind of cringe,, but in a way no pun intended it works. A lowlight has to be Bronson Reed as I never like squash matches. While Tyler Rust did kind of squash Daivari, at least it was a strong wrestling match. What did you think? Let us know in the comments below.