WWE NXT 21st December 2021

Pixc is back to take you through all the action from this week’s episode of NXT 2.0!

WWE NXT 21st December 2021

Welcome to another round of NXT. Pixc here and before we get started, let me wish you all a merry Christmas and a wonderful break, hopefully Santa makes his way down your chimney to deposit some amazing gifts this year! So, I hear a rumour that we might get an early Christmas present on NXT this week, so let’s get cracking shall we? 

Tommaso Ciampa is kicking off this week's episode. He wants to get something off his chest, he is the hunted according to the title, but in his world he is not the same. He asks Bron Breakker to the ring. Bron goes to grab a microphone but Ciampa says he doesn’t need to know. He then explains what Bron is thinking to us, he pinned the champ, made a statement. Ciampa says he agrees but not many people get one chance, let alone two. He pulls the experience card next, highlighting the many who have come before him and asks him what have you got, 10-20 matches? Ciampa riles him up and slaps him, then Bron lifts him up gorilla press style, lets him down gently and aggressively tells him “...blood is in the water, this shark is going to eat you alive, see you in two weeks champ!” Great opening segment, getting us hyped for round two of Ciampa vs Breakker, honestly it seems Bron will go over this time, sad but Vince will want the 2.0 brand to takeover if you pardon the pun. 

Grayson Waller is at the beach next, he is taking shots again, this time at AJ Styles, what? This is a tad confusing for me, NXT 2.0 rookies taking shots at superstars from RAW or Smackdown or Legends, when it is supposed to be developmental, guess now Vince is in charge he is pulling strings to build these guys fast. When someone asks to do it it’s not ok, but when it’s Vince’s idea it is fine, yeah great plan, silver lining, AJ Styles is on NXT. 

Raquel Gonzalez vs Dakota Kai (Street Fight) 

We go to a clip backstage where Dakota Kai attacks Raquel Gonzalez and the bell hasn’t even rung yet. They brawl backstage. Gonzalez picks up a grinder and drives it into Kai, before slamming her on a case of some sort. Kai runs off and starts throwing things at Gonzalez to fend her off. Gonzalez then tries to squash her between two storage containers but she escapes. Kai then bashes Gonzalez in the head with a trash can and at this point referees arrive to try get them to the ring. Gonzalez is having none of it as they continue to brawl slightly moving towards the ring by the looks of it. 

Picture in picture, damn it, this is not what you want in the middle of a street fight! Squinting at the action and they do look to be a lot closer to the ring now, yeah there it is, Gonzalez is looking for weapons under the ring, pulls out a ladder. Kai comes back with force, Gonzalez returns the favour. We resume full screen action and they are by the announce table, Gonzalez charges at Kai with the steps but Kai dodges her and Gonzalez has her head thrown into the steps. Gonzalez comes back but doesn’t look to have as much in it, Kai is up on her shoulders and manages to stomp her into the steps, beautiful move, looked brutal! 

Gonzalez is put inside a trashcan and Kai comes off the apron with a double stomp! Then Gonzalez gets her revenge reversing Kai’s move and dumping her onto the steps with a powerbomb. She is screaming at her next “I trusted you!” She throws her into the ring and Kai kicks back but Gonzalez hits the Chingona Bomb into the trashcan, pinfall victory.  

This felt like a great match but then the finish seemed a bit weak. It might have been the mad spots leading up to a one-armed powerbomb into a trash can just didn’t quite feel big enough to finish Kai, when she had already been laid out on the steps and throw around like a rag doll. Either way, it’s done and Gonzalez calls out Mandy Rose for her rematch for the title.  

Winner Raquel Gonzalez 

We cut to a promo before we get through that though. Tony D’Angelo is hyping his match vs Pete Dunne later, one to look forward to, I think. 

Right back to it then, as I expected Gonzalez’s challenge brings out Cora Jade, she isn’t backing down, she wants revenge on Mandy Rose and Toxic Attraction, claims the only way to get it is to “..cut the head off the snake” and tells Gonzalez “Not if I get there first.” Mandy appears on the titantron, tells them to stop whining. She grants them both a title match, a triple threat at New Year's Evil. She then continues to say it will be a double gift as it will include an ass whooping. Cue Gigi and Jacy Jayne attacking from behind, Cora actually looks at the shot coming before taking it, bit of a bad move, could there be some trust issues there or is she just green? Personally it feels a bit weak having Mandy going into this triple threat without a singles defense. I expect it allows Toxic attraction to interfere though and the other two to distract each other if not, so it will protect Mandy because to me for a champion, she feels like the weakest NXT has had. I praised her work with Otis and Dana Brooke but I just don’t see her as a credible champion on a roster packed with talent. They leave the challengers laid out in the ring, Cora on the floor and Gonzalez in the wreckage of the table in the ring corner.

 We recap Harland taking out Brian Kendrick who was acting as security. Joe Gacy is apologising on behalf of Harland and he mentions the hand Kendrick put on Harland and hopes people grow and learn from this experience. Brilliant stuff, right to censor meets Matt Stryker vibes again.  

Grizzled Young Veterans were watching a video backstage showing the Creed Brothers showing off, Gibson comments he has a plan and they will beat them with brains. 

Next Persia is telling Indi their match has been postponed, not sure why. Grayson Waller comes in and Indi is wanting to tear him apart, Persia keeps her at bay and they both are clearly not happy with Grayson who as usual is oblivious to why, well pretending to be, then rubs it in. Persia warns him AJ Styles is here tonight and he is not fussed. He did make a comment about Australians sticking together which they both look pretty disgusted at. Providing we don’t get too much of him I think it would work tonight, a lot of people will appreciate the heel work here. 

The Creed Brothers (of Diamond Mine) vs Grizzled Young Veterans (GYV) 

Julius and Gibson starts us off, standard fare from The Creed Brothers, overpowering and wrestling well against the wily veterans. Drake sacrifices himself in typical GYV fashion as Brutus throws Gibson into the corner. Gibson then manages to come in and they exchange some offense and quick tags. Drake looks to cut off the ring, seems to do it well but in an instant, Brutus comes in off the tag. 

As GYV look to gain the upper hand, Jacket Time joins at ringside. They bring their own announce table and seem to be masquerading at the Japanese announce team. We are just getting back into the flow when Jensen & Briggs come down the ramp. Commentary mention the turmoil in the tag team division and I’m left a bit exasperated at the puns and obvious comedy “genius” of Vince rewinding team, shall we just rename Ikemen Jiro to Funaki the Second and call Jacket Time, Kai En Tai 2.0, because that is what Vince seems to be drawing up on. 

Drake seems to be holding his own against Brutus but Julius manages to tag in and explodes dispatching GYV before bringing Brutus back in and they nearly got the win from a nice double team. We then get a strange spot, where GYV try to put Brutus through the “Japanese Announce Table” with Jacket Time begging them off, then The Creed Brothers try to do the same to Gibson before a brawl ensues and the match is thrown out! 

Really? That the best you got Vince? I’m not sure if he has faith in this tag division or not, chaos is definitely the word and it was amusing, but really, I just know we could get some great standard tag team matches in this division and it isn’t always better to throw a lot of teams into this chaotic, tag team turmoil we seem to be heading for. One thing is for sure though, if it does head that way our quiz master P-Nut will be happy! 

It’s a James special NO CONTEST! 

Carmelo and Trick are with McKenzie backstage talking about Trick’s upcoming match with Dexter Lumis. Carmelo says Trick is not afraid and Trick bigs himself up then, clearly encouraged by the support or trying to flirt with McKenzie. Either way, Dexter appears on screen and as soon as he sees him he flinches and it’s clear he ain’t “bout it, bout it” I really wish these guys would stop tweaking other peoples catchphrases too, pretty sure they stole some Road Dogg stuff tonight. Think it went “if you ain’t know, you betta ask somebody” cringe or what? 

 We see Zoey Stark and Io Shrai backstage as Io is accompanying her tag team partner to get her knee checked out. Legado del Fantasma arrive trying to take up the space in the med bay, Io shouts at them in Japanese and Elektra Lopez arrives, she steps to Io and Io quietly tells her something and she backs off, I see a match coming between these two. Elektra seems to being built somewhat. 

Trick Williams vs Dexter Lumis 

First of all what is Carmelo wearing, red dungarees and a black Santa hat. Trick tries to spook Lumis but it doesn’t work and they do a lap around the ring in typical Lumis chasing fashion before he gets control of Trick. The match is interrupted though as we see Diamond Mine in the crowd on that raised platform or podium, this seems to be a theme on NXT 2.0, it’s chaotic and it screams of 'I have no clue what I’m doing with these guys, let’s throw them all on screen!'

Anyway back to the action, Trick gets Lumis down but Lumis traps him at the side of the ring apron. Roderick Strong comes down to brawl with Carmelo, Lumis giving the thumbs up. Lumis then takes the ring rope as he comes in, great move by Trick to cause that. Trick looks to capitalize, slamming Lumis in the ring. Trick has Lumis grounded next and Lumis fights to his feet before throwing some punches, hits the bulldog and a backdrop before kipping up into a leg drop, very nice sequence.  

Lumis pummels him in the corner and Trick takes off his shoe, he tries to use to gain an advantage but Lumis locks in the Silence and he drops the shoe to signal he is out for the count. Lumis picks up the win, but wait here he is everybody’s favourite killjoy, not! Grayson Waller attacks him from behind claiming he's going to take the old guard out “one by one” AJ Styles appears on the titantron so he grabs a chair to wait.  

Pete Dunne is up next hyping his match vs Tony D’Angelo and taking shots at the new guys while reminding us he isn’t as old as some of the old guard.  

Grayson talks a little more trash before AJ Styles music hits and as expected AJ tells him to shut up. He gives Grayson his dues, he has potential but the jury is out on his future stardom. Grayson claims he could take AJ Styles out and he is asked to back it up, he looks set to do it then ducks out of the ring. Grayson says “he got next” after Omos. Well, that was a bit pointless bringing AJ Styles down for if that’s all we get, let’s see if anything develops. 

Roderick Strong and Malcolm Bivens lay down the challenge for Carmelo Hayes. Two weeks time, get prepared Carmelo! 

Riddle is helping MSK with their scooters. He also came bearing gifts, some RK-Bro merchandise. Nice bit of internal advertising, seems he is coming to NXT for their return next week. What? That is pretty awesome if so, intriguing. Wait it’s not done, they crash on their scooters seemingly taken out, but wake up and think it’s all a dream. Riddle arrives by bus just in time to save them from throwing out their stash? We’re back on track! 

Von Wagner vs Edris Enofe 

Von Wagner dominating from the get go, we see Robert Stone looking on. Enofe somehow manages to roll him up and hang on for the pinfall victory. Von Wagner isn’t happy and he get a bit of revenge with a quick glance at Robert Stone. He leaves Enofe down in the ring then barges past Robert Stone. Who smirks as he passes.  

Winner Edris Enofe

Imperium is backstage talking about MSK and the two speak their native languages, Italian and German before McKenzie says she doesn’t speak either and they switch to English. Weird interview but it seems to be their thing. They are not scared that Riddle is with them, because they have a ring general, Walter incoming? 

Elektra is heading out to face Io Shirai, did not expect that to be tonight. Straight in with that one! Xyon Quinn is seen lurking behind them once they’ve left. 

Bit of a charity hype with the NXT superstars giving back to kids at Sea World. Pretty cool to see them getting involved in stuff like this, don’t remember it being a big thing with the Black and Gold brand.  

Elektra Lopez vs Io Shirai 

Elektra starts with a slam and looks to be the aggressor early on. Io gets a move in and Elektra takes back control. They slug it out in the middle but Io ends up getting hit with a spinebuster. Elektra then gets Io in a headlock, grounding her. Io speeds things up with a drop kick and a feint kick, coming off the top rope and then the double knees in the corner. Elektra kicks out though and is up to her feet to stop the moonsault that was coming.  

Xyon Quinn makes his way to the ring and dispatches Legado del Fantasma with ease. He then has mistletoe in his hand as he stands on the apron, Elektra comes over and they scuffle over it before Santos Escobar tries to attack him from behind. Quinn turns it around sending Escobar into the steps. Io capitalizes on the distraction with a palm strike to Elektra as she turns around. She then heads to the top and hits her signature moonsault. That’s it, Io wins. 

It’s an interesting storyline developing between these two, a bit of a romance angle with a faction involved too. I’m not sure how it will work out but I quite like Xyon getting his own back here. Escobar could be the interesting figure before long though, something tells me he could make demands that sway Elektra’s decision one way or another. 

Winner Io Shirai 

Brian Kendrick is responding to the apology given by Joe Gacy, he’s signed a waiver and he will be in the ring next week to give Harland an “apology”. I expect destruction again. Also next week, a contract signing for a championship unification match Carmelo Hayes vs Roderick Strong. Makes sense Vince hates the cruiserweight division, so why keep that title. 

Tony D’Angelo vs Pete Dunne 

They lock up and D’Angelo looks to hold his own but Dunne quickly turns things around, they break apart and lock up again. D'Angelo manages to get ahead with a cheap shot off a rope break. D’Angelo hits a nice high angle suplex, but it doesn’t keep Dunne down long, who comes back with some typical strikes. Another suplex from D’Angelo doing further damage to Dunne. Finally though, he lands on his feet following one of these suplexes and D’Angelo is caught off guard.  

Picture in picture, as I squint and try to ignore the food adverts, Dunne brings the action back in the ring, snaps D’Angelo’s arm over his shoulder and goes to work on the ground, finishing with a stomp. D’Angelo turns things around but Dunne seems to be back on top as we return to full screen. Dunne has hold of his arm as he strikes him. D’Angelo seems to be just taking the strikes then he spears Dunne and looks for his suplex-neckbreaker combo but Dunne breaks it mid move with a triangle. D’Angelo powers out of it suplexing Dunne who manages to kick out. 

D’Angelo suplexes Dunne into the corner with another nasty landing for the bruiserweight. Dunne then hits a nice sequence, typical style of Pete Dunne targeting limbs and they then go into a kneeling slug fest. D’Angelo then is crawling to the corner and Dunne is struggling to rise to his feet. D’Angelo has a crowbar but Dunne wrestles him away from it, seems it flies out of the ring, hiding the despicable ways of his opponent. D’Angelo manages to rip Dunne’s mouth guard out again then sends him into the turnbuckle. He goes for the finish but Dunne counters it and drops him with the Bitter End to win!

D’Angelo attacks after the match but Dunne was wise to it almost stopping him in his track. D’Angelo manages to hit a move on the outside to down the bruiserweight then uses the crowbar to smash the hand of Pete Dunne. All the time shouting “I’m Tony D”

Glad Dunne got the win, suppose it makes sense to have the revenge attack as it is a great feud, with the way things have been since War Games, I feel like we could easily have another War Games of Black and Gold vs 2.0 down the line, probably not at the usual time as it’s too long but just feels like it’s still heading for another multi-person match. 

Winner Pete Dunne 

I felt this week was pretty solid, I just don’t get why we had AJ Styles here, it did nothing for the show, I doubt anyone who tuned in because AJ Styles was announced would be keen to come back to see more if they weren’t already invested in NXT, or should I say NXT 2.0? 

Anyway, looks like we don’t get a dead episode of NXT with a look back or awards next week so you shall see me back here for some more NXT action, Pixc out!