WWE NXT 2.0 14th September 2021

New era, same Pixc. Here’s the lowdown on this weeks NXT!

WWE NXT 2.0 14th September 2021

It’s a new week, it’s a new NXT right here at Real Rasslin! Pixc here back with another review but this time it’s a new NXT 2.0 I’m reviewing and we got a wedding to go to! I’m a little nervous but let’s see what this is like, reserve judgement guys, give it a few weeks. 

New entrance music is interesting, the show starts with Ciampa, he’s after that 2nd Ciampa with Goldie and these guys don’t feel right with the art attack Disney vomit colour scheme, Pete Dunne, Kyle O’Reilly and LA Knight also have a quick word about their chances. 

LA Knight is interrupted by Bron Breakker, he wants a chance to prove himself, so LA Knight gives him a match, LA Knight was pretty good in this and the new guy looks great, he’s Rick Steiner’s son from what I read.  

LA Knight vs Bron Breakker 

Bron’s entrance music has a Scott Steiner esque siren to start then a generic rock feel, it’s ok but nothing special, doesn’t suit his overly colourful attire which is definitely a Rick Steiner kind of deal. He feels like a new Mojo Rawley. Breakker starts off well and LA Knight is clearly shocked. 

Knight gets in control of the match, he then hits a nice neck breaker out of the corner. Breakker back on top with a couple of shoulder barges and a belly to belly. LA Knight hits a knee right between the eyes before getting powerslammed by the new guy. It’s over as Breakker gets the win! 

While impressed with the new guy, this felt terrible to book someone we have never seen to look dominant against an established NXT guy. However, it is likely he will be the poster boy of this brand with his art attack brand gear, I can’t help but be impressed with this guy, one to watch for sure. He shakes hands with talent backstage after this win, think we got a look at some of the new talent here. 

Bronson Rechsteiner Debuts On WWE NXT 2.0 As Bron Breakker, Upsets LA  Knight - Wrestlezone

Image courtesy of WrestleZone

Winner Bron Breakker  

Imperium vs Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen 

A new tag team here then, they have a picture in picture segment while they make their way to the ring. This kind of picture in picture is ok with me. 

Aichner gets the first shot in with a clothesline. Jensen replies with a powerslam and he tags Briggs in. Barthel gets the tag next. Briggs using his strength here, but Barthel comes back with vicious aggression, Imperium hit their “two for one” strikes in the corner, beautiful stuff.  

The rookies look for a double team but Barthel drags Briggs from the apron. Jensen looks to finish things alone but Aichner and Barthel manage to distract him, the top rope move from Aichner scores as a well fought victory for Imperium. 

This match was ok, I like the look of the new team, but I feel the ending was a little sudden and not the greatest, expected a better finish from one of the veteran NXT tag teams, but it could be a poor attempt to keep the new guys safe. 

Winners Imperium 

Next, we have a segment with Hit Row, this one is all about B-Fab. They take it in turns to spit some rhymes and big up B-Fab. She finishes it off well and hypes up her debut, let’s see if she lives up to it. Particularly liked the “say less” line.  

B-Fab vs Katrina Cortez 

So not sold on her ring attire, B-Fab does come out swinging though, with them strikes looking a little too aggressive for me, didn’t look right. Cortez looks to fly but B-Fab kicks her out of the sky. She then hits a neck breaker for the win.  

This was a bit weak for me, B-Fab didn’t do anything and she sells it like she just had a great match. She needed a better match to go with her talk. She is always solid on the mic. She is interrupted by Elektra Lopez and Legado del Fantasma. She challenges her to a match, without any tools, love it. B-Fab doesn’t get started tonight though.  

Winner B-Fab 

The groom’s party is backstage next as Johnny is thinking something is missing, cue Austin Theory arriving, this seems to lift Gargano no end. He brought a friend though, cheap pop with Damien Priest back in NXT. Great stuff, the segment closes after Austin and Johnny hug. 

Carmelo Hayes is out to the ring next, your breakout tournament winner has a target on his back so he has some back up. Not sure about the lingo but Trick seems pretty good with his words if a little too street for my liking. Not too keen on his “chosen one” comment. As they leave Duke Hudson comes out for his match, he is a bit disrespectful to the duo barging past them. Trick Williams it seems, thanks Barrett. He attacks Hudson and the two get a beat down going, nice spot conveniently covers up the need to get rid of a match potentially? Gives Hudson some air time too.  

The two rookies Gigi and Jacy are with Mandy Rose, she has a new look. Apparently, they are up next.  

Some more build for the wedding, that is what we are all here for no doubt! Well, I know your Quizmaster P-Nut loves a wedding segment.  

Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter vs Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne 

Kayden comes out on fire and my favourite women’s tag team are in control. As we watch Kacy with a submission hold on we have a picture in picture attack backstage. Dunne and Holland are attacking Kyle O’Reilly, so this is a bit old hat for me, Dunne and O’Reilly have gone at it time after time after time, they going to do another one, remind you of anything JP? Looks like a rookie came to help Kyle out. 

Anyway, back to the action. Kayden looks dominant and Mandy Rose runs to the ring and interrupts their momentum, her attack prompts Sarray to come out for the save. You guessed it, this turns into a six-woman tag team match, happy birthday P-Nut, your favourite dude! 

Sarray hits a nice drop kick from the top and a suplex but only a two count follows. Dolin is in trouble and Jacy Jayne provides the distraction to get a kick in. Kacy is now isolated in the wrong corner. Mandy Rose comes in and dominates her, quick tags and the “bad girls” do a number on Kacy. Mandy comes back in with a one arm scoop slam.  

With her legs crushing the air out of Kacy, Mandy is forced to kick out of a pinfall, thanks to a great reversal from Kacy. Jacy Jayne comes in and gets a near fall, Kacy really needs to get out of there, boom there is the hot tag to Kayden who is keen to flip this match on its head. Kayden looks unstoppable but Jacy Jayne saves the match. Sarray squares off against Sarray but Kayden interrupts their battle. Kayden is distracted by Jacy Jayne and Rose gets the final strike in and picks up the win.  

This was pretty good in fairness, considering who was involved. Never been a massive fan of Mandy Rose in the ring. Nice build up for the new team.  

Winners Mandy Rose, Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne 

The bride’s party backstage next as Candice makes Indi’s friend remove her beanie.  

Bit of a promo comes up next, Gonzalez wants you to keep em coming! 

William Regal has an announcement, Von Wagner, who saved Kyle from a beatdown, gets added to the fatal four way match for the NXT Championship. Erm ok then, but Pete Dunne is ok to compete in it? Right interesting move there. 

Ridge Holland vs Drake Maverick 

Ridge is dominant from the start. Drake tries to fight back, gets a good slap in, but this only angers Ridge Holland. He hits a nice suplex, Northern Grit apparently!  

A quick pointless squash. Nothing else to say, less of this in the future please Vince! 

Winner Ridge Holland

Ciampa is asked about the latest events surrounding the NXT Championship and he comments on the new NXT, young talent shooting their shots and that they better be ready, he seems set to take his place on top if you ask me! 

A video package next with a new talent coming to NXT 2.0. Tony D’Angelo. This guy looks worth a spot definitely.  

Diamond Mine vs Trevor Skelly & Dan Jarmon 

Two jobbers then against the new team of the Creed Brothers. Brutus gets his opponent in the ropes and his aggression is on display. He throws him out of the ring then takes his partner out as he brings him back in to the ring. He even slams him into his own corner. Julius comes in and the two get a nice double team reminiscent of Authors of Pain.  

These guys have such great aggressive energy, Julius makes the tag for his opponent and he gets rocked by one of the jobbers and this fires him right up as he dominates his opponent and finishes him off, easy win for these guys. Commentary on point with the “Human demolition derby” spot on. They toss their opponents to the outside.  

Malcolm Bivens sells it all not that it needs it, then introduces Ivy Nile.  She flexes for the crowd. Definitely not my kind of woman for the ring, very much more in the build for MMA or body building. Kushida interrupts them and Malcolm Bivens books the match for the Cruiserweight Championship. Not sold on Roderick Strong as a cruiserweight still personally. 

Winners Diamond Mine 

Pete Dunne vs LA Knight vs Von Wagner vs Tommaso Ciampa (NXT Title match) 

When Von Wagner comes out the crowd is dead, great booking guys. Samoa Joe had to relinquish the title and this will decide the new champ. The brawl ensues as Von Wagner and Ciampa come out on top, but LA Knight interrupts them and almost gets a quick win.  

Von Wagner looking great in fairness but Dunne splits his digits and stomps on his arm. Ciampa comes to take him on next. LA Knight gets involved but is quickly dispatched to the outside. Dunne gets back on top, taking down Ciampa. Von Wagner piles in, booting Dunne and taking LA Knight out. When we return though it seems LA Knight has returned the favour throwing him into the steps. 

Ciampa goes on a nice run of offense ending by clotheslining both LA Knight and Dunne down, then turning his attention to Von Wagner. LA Knight gets BFT on Von Wagner and looks to double up, going for Ciampa but it’s reversed into a Willows Bell, beautiful stuff. Ciampa dives to the outside and returns with Dunne to the ring. Dunne snaps his fingers and hits the Bitter End, LA Knight throws him out to try and sneak the win. Von Wagner gets an Olympic Slam on him though and after a kick out he is sandwiched between Dunne and Ciampa, not a good moment for him there. 

A slugfest between arguably the two favourites as Dunne and Ciampa go at it. LA Knight catches Dunne unawares with a superplex from the top. Von Wagner again looks to capitlize but he is dispatched by Ciampa, who hits the Fairytale Ending on LA Knight for the pinfall victory! He did it, he got his goldie back!! 

Although this was short, it was a pretty good match, everyone looked good in this, I’m glad Ciampa won as I feared they might have the new guy win it just for the new NXT feel.  

Winner and NEW NXT Champion, Tommaso Ciampa! 

Wedding hype next with a look back on the love story that is In-Dex! 

The Wedding 

As the guests file in, so does the comedy, this was brilliant. I love the matching attire of the groomsmen in Lumis like ring gear with the glove. Johnny leading Indi down the aisle is even worth a chuckle. Gargano gets a bit egotistical and Candice cuts him off, bits of shenanigans from Austin about the rings. Ikemen Jiro has the rings in his jacket, crazy spot. Everyone has their hands up to stop the wedding but Lumis shows them his axe and it calms down. Indi’s vows are pretty good. She does reveal too much and it’s so funny. Dexter however has no vows just a thumbs up. The priest gets a bit upset at this, so Dexter puts him to sleep with The Silence!  

Cue Beth Phoenix, even though the crowd chants for Damien Priest and then for William Regal. She got ordained online as she was afraid this might happen. Great stuff, Beth says “let’s cut to the chase” which prompts another moment as Andre Chase steps up and is eventually forced back down by Odyssey Jones. Brilliant stuff. Indi says "I do" and Dexter, well he grabs the microphone and he finally speaks “I do” They kiss and everyone is cheering as Lumis lifts her up.

WWE NXT- InDexWedding: Indi Hartwell weds Dexter Lumis on NXT Live

 Image courtesy of InsideSport

We cut to Ciampa watching the wedding backstage, Bron comes to congratulate him on the win. He is eyeing up the NXT Championship and Ciampa congratulates him but it is a little tense. Good build but seems a bit early to do this if you ask me. 

In summary our first NXT 2.0 is done, it was actually a good show, the involvement of new talent was great, I’m still worried for what the changes might bring but I like Bron Breakker and the new tag team we saw were alright too. I was sure we expected an NXT Women's Championship match but I think it was pushed back, look out for more on that.  

So next week, someone will be filling in for me, so I hope you will keep those views coming and I'll be back with another review the week after, Pixc Out!