Real Rasslin Reviews: WWE NXT 1st June

Pixc gives us the roundup of this weeks NXT!

Real Rasslin Reviews: WWE NXT 1st June

It's getting hotter outside but in NXT I have to say it has been a tad lukewarm. Let's see what this weeks show brings. Looks like we will crown a new number one contender, with a title shot on the line at the next takeover event, In Your House!

Apparently we start with the main event tonight, bit weird, I smell shenanigans!

Pete Dunne vs Kyle O'Reilly vs Johnny Gargano (One Contenders Match for NXT Title)
O'Reilly goes straight after Gargano. Dunne returning the favour and Gargano is deposited on the outside so they can have their technical tango! Gargano comes in to try and break things up but Dunne was wise to it, O'Reilly soon follows suit and now it is his turn to be chucked outside. 

Dunne has Gargano down before long but O'Reilly comes in to take over. O'Reilly works on Gargano while Dunne is lying in wait on the outside, he comes in and goes for a double submission, the digit manipulation and stomp he is known so well for. Some nice corner running moves followed by a double dragon screw by O'Reilly. Gargano goes for the one final beat DDT but Dunne stops him from the apron, O'Reilly then has time to intercept Dunne and this match is going picture in picture! 

Great sequences for a triple threat match, I do wonder if they are trying too hard though. Think that might be the first time in ages it didn't go to a high shot before full screen resumed. O'Reilly is back on top as we return, looking fired up! Gargano lazily breaks up the pin on Dunne, the match continues. 

Diving knee to Dunne from O'Reilly, then three diving attacks on the pair by Gargano. Gargano hits a slingshot spear but O'Reilly kicks out. He fails to get the lawn dart and then Dunne comes in to sort them both out. Some near falls and nice sequences here. O'Reilly ends up with a heel hook, but Dunne breaks it up. Gargano counters the Bitter End into a DDT, another near fall. 
We get a strike fest next, O'Reilly taking kicks from both men. O'Reilly clotheslines both down shortly after. From one sleeper to another and then it's Gargano with a Gargano Escape. Dunne survives however and O'Reilly just makes it with the knee off the top rope to keep this match alive! 

At this point here it is, shenanigans! Adam Cole comes equipped with a chair, takes everyone out, even the referee with a little help from Pete Dunne and some poor positioning I guess. William Regal comes out with security. Cole is taken away from ringside and we see Ember making her way to the ring.

WWE NXT video highlights: Adam Cole returns

Image courtesy of Wrestling Observer Newsletter

What on earth was that mess! Well James, looks like this one is just for you, it's a no contest guys, if you know, you know! 

No Contest through disputed interference.

Ember Moon is not happy with the champs beat down on Shotzi last week and is calling her out! Gonzalez comes out, Ember sees her off with some hard hitting strikes but William Regal is not impressed. As he gets security to help, Dakota Kai comes from behind and beats down Ember before Regal has chance to stop it. Before we move on, a bit of fantasy booking here, this is a perfect start to a build to Triple H taking full control of NXT. Regal loses control, then Triple H shows up, martials everyone and takes over WWE by rising up, a guy can dream I guess!

Legado are shown backstage earlier today. Santos Escobar says he is going to be out there for them winning the tag team titles. Good promo.

LA Knight comes out to the ring apparently for a match with Jake Atlas, in the words of Chris Jeircho, would you please shut the hell up!  

Drake was in the parking lot earlier, Ever-Rise were there too. Hit Row showed up and it was a little messy to be honest, they take shots at the men before them, but Drake in typical British fashion just laughs, Swerve asks him to share and doesn't like it when Drake makes a joke at his expense. It's about to get heated when Killian Dain comes to save the day! Yawn, I mean a bunch of chavvy wannabes who were going nowhere, so let's just throw them together in a faction. Hopefully, it develops into something better than this, because it'll take a lot to live up to The Way, Undisputed Era, or even Imperium.

Jake Atlas vs LA Knight
They lock up and LA Knight still keeps talking. Jake shows him up a bit for me, using his speed to put a hurt on LA Knight. Jake Atlas not letting LA Knight get the best of him, even reversing a pin attempt. Jake takes advantage of Ted DiBiase turning up and distracting LA Knight. He turns it around though, definitely distracted. 

LA Knight starts to dominate here, but still seems to have one eye on DiBiase. More taunting from LA Knight as he shoulder tackles Atlas to the mat. A nice neckbreaker when it looked like he was getting suplexed. Atlas fights out of an attempted million dollar dream twice. Then he gets dumped outside in front of DiBiase. He waits for the count out, which Atlas breaks at nine. He hits some strikes on a prone Atlas, but more taunting from the middle rope gives Atlas chance. 

Atlas maanges to fend off LA Knight hitting a nice death valley driver, but LA Knight manages to stop Atlas as he looks set to finish things from on top. He is distracted however and gets dropped on the top rope, Atlas capitalizes with his cartwheel DDT, picking up a deserved win here!

This was a great match, well put together, Atlas was impressive and LA Knight was a good match for him, the constant taunting and distracted performance gave Atlas a better shine than his match against Grimes I think. Grimes getting some payback was a bonus too! Something tells me we might see a triple threat for the million dollar title.

Winner Jake Atlas

Backstage we see Oney Lorcan telling someone to turn the camera off and that Pete Dunne would be going to In Your House if it wasn't for Adam Cole. Austin Theory takes exception to this and gets in his face, good build to a match between the two and builds for us seeing what Regal's response is.

McKenzie is backstage now with Ted DiBiase's comments on the last match, he is about to sell Grimes but it seems Adam Cole is coming to ringside. Geez Louise the flow of this show is chaotic and not in a good way. Barely finished with one segment before they move on to the next, what a mess! Let me know your thoughts on the group or in the comments below guys.

Cole takes us down memory lane. He then calls out Kross saying he wants the title back and Kross is overrated. I have to agree with Cole in fairness. Pro wrestling comes out of Adam Cole's mouth and I collectively here shout yes! Regal comes out to stop Cole weaseling his way into the match, but Kross tells him to shut him and wants all of them in the match!

Regal says done! There you have it, a five way title match for Kross to defend in, nice.

So backstage Candice is asked about the recent events, she is not impressed by the questions and Indi is stood with headphones on listening to 80's Power Ballads. Filler, good stuff but after a big segment like Adam Cole and Karrion Kross who cares?

We get some hype next for Carmelo Hayes. Apparently he answers the open challenge tonight, so not really an open challenge then is it?  Carmelo was formerly known as Christian Casanova on the independent scene.

We have Xia Li reminiscing over the Mae Young Classic and her loss to Martinez, she is calling her out it seems, a bit Bray Wyatt-esque this writing, I like it. Curious to see where it goes, a different tact, a slow burner this one.

Then Dexter Lumis finds the phone with the music on, starts listening and is seemingly moved as he heads out with the headphones on.

Kushida (c) vs Carmelo Hayes (NXT Cruiserweight Championship match)
An interesting methodical start to the match with Hayes holding his own. Kushida has him in the corner for some chops though before long. Carmelo switches things up, he seems to be doing alright for his first match. 

A nice leg drop ends an impressive sequence from Hayes, bouncing off the top on Kushida tied up in the ropes. Kushida gets caught with a super kick and Hayes hit a nice springboard move, not sure what it was apparently. Kushida survives the pinfall though kicking out. Kushida hitting back with some stiff strikes next. 

Hayes is once again on the offense after this though, and Kushida again kicks out. Kushida again with the strikes, Hayes manages to get out but only briefly as Kushida locks in the Hoverboard lock! He taps, nice showing from Hayes but too soon to expect the win.

Great showing from Carmelo Hayes, not keen on the first name for this guy, too close to Carmella in my opinion. Glad to see Kushida getting a good run too.

Winner Kushida (c)

MSK are in the locker room getting hyped for their title defense tonight.

Franky Monet is getting pampered backstage and reads a couple of choice comments about her debut, I will add though I enjoyed her debut, i need to see more, beating some jobber don't impress me much! Luckily Franky says she is just getting started so fingers crossed.

Zoey Stark & Zayda Ramier vs The Way
An interesting pairing here. Indi starts off with a powerful slam before tagging Candice in. Another tag quickly follows and Zayda is in trouble early on. The Way is a well oiled machine. Indi cuts off Zayda's "way" to a tag and then tags Candice in who does the same. 

Zayda fights off Candice and tags in Zoey Stark. She comes in and dominates off of a typical hot tag, Indi breaks up the pinfall after a nice double team move. Candice hits the wicked step sister and the elbow is dropped by Indi. Pinfall victory, that's the way to do it!

Filler match, decent but nothing special. 

Winners The Way

Mercedes Martinez responds to Xia Li. She is seemingly not phased and expecting it for Takeover In Your House. Card is getting booked, take notes NWA! Has the King paid you to not announce your card guys? come on!

Ember Moon is still seething over events from earlier, she wants Dakota Kai next week and seemingly will move on to face the champ at Takeover In Your House. She takes a nice shot at Raquel having Dakota fight her battles.

Legado del Fantasma vs MSK (c) (NXT Tag Team Championship match)
Escobar leads his boys out to the ring for their title match. Escobar sits by commentary. Wes Lee and Wylde start off, slow start for these two, headlocks and methodical. Nash comes in off the tag but MSK are both down and Wylde gets Mendoza in as they stomp on Carter in the corner.  Quick tags and double team action from them and Wylde gets a near fall. 
MSK take over as Wes Lee gets a tag. Things breakdown after a near fall here, as all four men end up down in the ring. Grizzled Young Veterans make their way to the ring but Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher head them off before they can ruin the match.

We return to full screen action after a wee picture in picture break, with Mendoza in control. Wylde tags in and Legado hits some double team action, only getting a near fall. Legado in a good spell of dominance, more double team action. Wes Lee reverses what could have been a powerbomb and he manages to get the tag, Carter is in. 

Carter fires off against Wylde with some great kicks, the assisted moonsault is followed but no win for them just yet, near fall. Mendoza makes a tag and it catches Wes Lee unawares, but its not over yet, he kicks out! Legado then make quick tags and dominate Wes Lee in the corner, they look for the double team finish, but again kick out!

Escobar finds Wes Lee at his feet and throws him into the steel steps, dumping him back in the ring for Legado del Fantasma. The resulting seuqence and pinfall however is not enough to get the win and as MSK rally, Santos is shown enraged at the injustice of it all before getting hillariously squished into the barricade by Bronson Reed, great stuff!

MSK hit the blockbuster on Wylde and MSK retain, just like that! Predictable and pleasing if you ask me, great match and excellent plan to have Bronson come in and even the odds when it mattered most. Apologies P-Nut but I think I feel another six man match coming on.

WWE NXT: June 1, 2021 | WWE

Image courtesy of WWE

Winners MSK

In summary then, a good show I thought. It was a little chaotic and the wrestling definitely outshone the production and decisions throughout. I particularly enjoyed William Regal floundering around trying to keep everyone in check. Didn't like the bit where Cole interrupted an interview just by walking out to the ring, and at first wasn't keen on Ember doing it either but Ember's made more sense surprisingly. What did you think? As always, sound off in the comments below or get yourself in our Facebook group!

I'm Pixc and once again til next week, I'm out!