WWE NXT 19th October 2021

Pixc is back with the latest instalment of NXT 2.0!

WWE NXT 19th October 2021

Pixc here, back with another week of NXT. The final show before Halloween Havoc and maybe we’ll hear from our NEW North American Champion, Carmelo Hayes! 

Oh well that’s a bit ironic, we kick off with our NEW North American Champion, Carmelo Hayes. Alicia introduces him and he is accompanied by Trick Williams. He asks her to repeat her announcement. He hypes himself, referencing him being the final boss and swerving Swerve himself. “When I shoot I don’t miss” He wants it to be the A champion, and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. He is interrupted by none other than Johnny Wrestling! He is here to figure out what is next for him. Trick makes comments about Indi, calling her Gargano’s daughter, and saying she's been DM'ing him, but Lumis appears behind them and tries to silence Trick! He and Carmelo escape though, and we end the segment with Gargano holding the gold and Carmelo pointing in anger! 

Odyssey Jones vs Andre Chase 

As Jones makes his “way” to the ring he has a bachelor party reunion with Gargano and Lumis, but Lumis doesn’t react. Jones shoves Chase to the ground off the lock up. Chase looks to down the big guy but he is bounced to the ground like a pancake under a big old frying pan. Chase comes back dodging a squash in the corner to hit a dropkick and a few shots while he is down. 

Jones though takes back control and finishes the match with a scoop slam and a running splash. Easy win for him then. Not a lot to say on this, I'm never a massive fan of big guys, his opponent was never expected to give him a run for his money.  

Winner: Odyssey Jones 

Diamond Mine are up next and they are all about taking opportunities! 

Diamond Mine vs Imperium 

Oh yes, this is a match I wanted to see, nice surprise for me! Drop toe hold from Aichner gives Imperium the advantage early on. Barthel looks to lose footing against Brutus but his technical skills keep it a close contest. He fires off with strikes next and Brutus hoists him up to try and switch things in his favour, it doesn’t work and only Barthel pandering to the crowd allows the Creed Brothers to get the tag. 

Barthel looks in control again but Roderick Strong grabs his leg behind the referees back, excellent distraction work from Diamond Mine. They get to work on Barthel with a double team. Barthel looks for the tag but gets a roll up and has to dive for the tag once Julius kicks out. Aichner gets Brutus up for a big lift, rolling through with maximum impact. As the action continues, Julius and Barthel are in the ring legal, Kushida and Ikemen Jiro come down to interfere. This distracts Brutus, leaving Barthel to roll up Julius for the pinfall. 

MSK ambush Imperium after their win, challenging them to a match next week for the titles. This was a great match, the interference was well done, the ambush on Imperium builds nicely to their match next week. I loved seeing these teams go at it and protecting Diamond Mine solidifies Imperium’s credibility as contenders to the titles. 

Winners: Imperium 

It's time to get out and about next, Kyle O’Reilly is off the beaten track when Von Wagner turns up in a car. They do a workout routine carrying a big log and chopping at trees before sharing a beer. A better bonding experience than Io Shirai and Zoey Stark, they agree it seems to kick some ass! 

Joe Gacy is chatting seemingly to the audience, he is talking about the setback last week. He is actually talking to Harland, the psycho looking dude that showed up after Ciampa’s match. Interesting twist, remember the stroking of the face, now the touching hands through glass. Reminds me of the prison visits in movies, aww these two sweethearts, let’s see where this goes! 

Legado del Fantasma up next as Santos Escobar is not impressed with Carmelo Hayes stealing his title. He claims he got lucky and says they will meet once he gets his belt back from Johnny Gargano. He hands it to Elektra Lopez who barely gets a word out before Cora Jade interrupts her. 

Elektra Lopez vs Cora Jade 

Lopez looks to make an example out of her opponent and is dominant at the start. A little fight from Jade but Lopez seems pleased with herself, she gets rolled up for the pin but kicks out. Cora Jade has another stab at the cheeky roll up and she pulls off another upset here!  

This was clearly a little filler, building Cora Jade, she’s WWE’s female Darby Allin in the making let’s face it. Not sure it’s wise to have Elektra Lopez losing all the time. Nothing special but I like the cheeky roll up schtick that Cora Jade has going on. 

Winner: Cora Jade 

Ciampa and Bron Breakker are backstage being asked if they can co-exist out there against Grizzled Young Veterans, Bron is worried Ciampa is going to turn on him. Ciampa assures him he is going to follow Bron’s lead “champ”. Mind games from Ciampa or foreshadowing from Vince? 

Jacy Jayne vs Io Shirai vs Persia Pirotta (Winner spins the wheel for the tag title match at Halloween Havoc) 

Io tastes a slap from Jacy Jayne and Persia clotheslines both her opponents down. The two opponents both take shots back at her before turning on each other. Persia looks to take advantage, then Io gets a two for one on a dropkick. Io low bridges Persia and Jacy Jayne dives to the outside and looks like she botches, you see Persia check on her before the match continues. Io dives out on Persia and we go to picture in picture. Io has Persia in a submission on the outside, guessing this is buying Jacy Jayne some recovery time and the count can be ignored in triple threat rules.  

Io and Persia head back into the ring. Persia even gets a near fall. She keeps on Io after the kick out. As we return to full screen action though it is announced that Jacy Jayne is unable to continue and this is now a singles match. Persia looking strong gets another near fall on Io Shirai. The two slug it out in the middle of the ring. Persia catches Io with her strength hitting a deadlift powerbomb and again getting another near fall. 

Io hits a low dropkick but might have slipped on the rope. She locks in a submission on Persia. Persia gets up but Io manages to hit the German suplex before going up top for that moonsault forthe win. Beautiful comeback from Io after Persia dominated the match in my opinion. This match was a lot better than I expected largely due to the focus on Persia, she was given a lot of time to shine and she looks great. I have to say the botches do put a dampener on things somewhat so hopefully Jacy Jayne will be ok. 

Scareway To Hell' Ladder Match Set For WWE NXT Halloween Havoc

Image courtesy of Mandatory

Io Shirai spins the wheel and gets a Stairway to Hell Ladder match. Right up Io’s street. Should be a win for the champs if you ask me.  

Winner: Io Shirai 

We jump backstage next where a brawl looks to be in progress, Cora Jade looking on as Trey Baxter, her boyfriend if I’m reading this right, is getting mauled by Legado del Fantasma, as the scene finishes it looks like Jensen & Briggs have come to his aid but we don’t get to see the end. 

Tony D’Angelo hype next, reminding us of his win and the guy he has in his trunk.  

We get to see someone new, I presume the third Uso brother debuting next week it seems as Solo Sikoa, weird he isn’t using the Uso name but let’s see what they do.  

Ikemen Jiro finds Kushida in the toilet and they get hyped to destroy Diamond Mine. Kushida wants a stylish blazer like Ikemen Jiro but he says no and empties Kushida’s case, revealing Kushida’s puffer jacket and futuristic shades, “we go back to the future” great stuff. 

Tony D’Angelo vs Ru Feng  

D’Angelo in control from the start. He takes down his opponent and even has time for a little nuggie before getting pinned for a second. Feng hits him with some strikes after being goaded but D’Angelo answers back quickly after smarting from the last shot. A fisherman suplex and neckbreaker combo finishes the match. Nice move to finish to be fair.  

Nothing special for this match but D’Angelo is looking good. He gets asked by an announcer about the missing producer. We’ve already seen he has him in the trunk of a car so it's a bit rich but it’s funny watching him react. He offers her a little something to treat herself “Forget about it!” 

Winner: Tony D’Angelo 

Duke Hudson is up next playing poker with some unsuspecting marks. He wins two hands and disses his opponents. He thinks everyone should start calling him “The House” because “The House” always wins!  

Briggs & Jensen vs Legado del Fantasma 

The two brawlers get attacked before they make it to the ring by Legado del Fantasma and it is questioned whether this match should go ahead. Definitely getting some heat on Legado at the moment with this constantly beating everyone down. 

Jensen is pushed into the corner but he manages to throw Wylde across the ring and tags in Briggs. As he looks for some action on the outside Escobar manages to get involved pushing him into the apron with the referee distracted. Mendoza in control with some shots to Briggs who is on the ground. Tag to Wylde, they double team Briggs as Jensen looks on.  

Briggs hangs in there after a splash, kicking out. Mendoza makes the tag and Wylde is unable to stop the tag from being made, Jensen is now legal. Jensen gets control, looking good but Escobar steps up on the apron. Jensen swings and misses him. This allows Legado to get back into it, Jensen manages to get a cheap shot in on Escobar before heading back to the ring. This is where it ends though as Legado del Fantasma hit the double team and pick up the win, just like that! 

Really liked Legado del Fantasma in their feud vs Hit Row and felt it still had some legs, but they seem to have gone back to their heelish sneaky numbers schtick now which works but it was much better on an even playing field.  

Winners Legado del Fantasma 

A video package building for Mandy Rose vs Raquel Gonzalez, coming up next week for the NXT Women’s Championship! 

Another vignette with someone looking to be reincarnated – wonder who it is? 

Dexter Lumis leaves a note inside a spooky locker asking Carmelo Hayes to come get his title, and a haunted house it seems, more spooky shenanigans... 

LA Knight vs Grayson Waller (The winner hosts NXT Halloween Havoc) 

Grayson Waller gets a quick roll up and almost the win straight off the bat. He gets another shortly after, clearly LA Knight is a little wound up here. Grayson Waller gets yet another pin attempt but not the victory as yet again LA Knight escapes. LA Knight finally gets a grip on the match, getting his own near fall. Waller blocks strikes and answers with his own.

LA Knight tops Grayson Waller for right to host Halloween Havoc: WWE NXT,  Oct. 19, 2021 - YouTube

Image courtesy of WWE YouTube 

Waller adjusts well mid move but LA Knight capitalises on the change in momentum, hitting his BFT and picking up the win, one, two and three. LA Knight will host Halloween Havoc. Best option but really neither suited the hosting duties, stupid idea. Even Joe Gacy and Haarland would’ve been a better option.  

Winner: LA Knight 

Grizzled Young Veterans vs Tommaso Ciampa & Bron Breakker 

Bron Breakker drops James Drake and goads him, saying go on tag out, but he comes back for more, again Bron gets the upper hand. He is fully in control and goads Ciampa about their match next week at which point Ciampa tags himself in and ends up taking both Grizzled Young Veterans out. As we go to picture in picture, Ciampa was in control.  

GYV get Ciampa on the outside. Drake throwing Ciampa into the corner but he fights out, only to get stopped again by Drake. As he manages to get there, Gibson drags him away from the apron. He makes it back a little too late after chasing Gibson off. Drake takes back control of the match, working on Ciampa. Gibson gets the tag in. They continue to beat down Ciampa and they get a good double team in. Ciampa eventually escapes them and Gibson again draws Breakker away but Ciampa gets angry and Ciampa tags him with force upon his return. Screaming at him “where were you?” Breakker looks to swing for him and Ciampa ducks so he clocks Drake.  

Breakker dominates Drake, even locking in the recliner submission, Gibson breaks the submission attempt but Breakker dispatches him then slams Drake to the ground for the win, Bron Breakker making this look easy, picks up the win and the momentum going into next week! 

Winners: Bron Breakker and Tommaso Ciampa 

Well for me this week was a pretty solid show, nothing special, I think it is clear they are building some stars for the future, that is enforced by the average or sloppy moments that exist in an otherwise decent show. Sad to see the unfortunate mistakes in the women's triple threat come singles match. Tony D’Angelo as a character I think could do really well too. I hope it is too soon for Bron Breakker to win the title but it feels like they may even pull the plug quickly. 

I hope you enjoyed my review, I will be back next week for Halloween Havoc, Pixc Out!