WWE NXT 18th January 2022

WWE NXT 18th January 2022

Pixc here, back with another episode of NXT for you all. I feel we may well be deep inside the formulation of NXT 2.0 so things may get a little sad from time to time but I hear we have a new leader of Imperium and he might be a Nazi Zombie, way to go picking them new names WWE. Let’s find out what else NXT has in store for us. 

We kick off with LA Knight arriving, he asks Andre Chase and his protégé, Jensen & Briggs if they have seen Grayson Waller but nobody has. The cocky swine must be hiding somewhere. He makes his way to the ring, the crowd are with him 100% he is loving it! This is odd, he suited heel. He calls Waller out but nothing happens. He carries on talking, building their rivalry commenting he “couldn’t get the job done!” 

Cue Grayson Waller interrupting him, he has an envelope with him which we find out contains a restraining order and is dressed to compete. Bit strange, he steals LA Knights line, “before you do something you’ll regret, lemme talk to ya!” that was pretty funny to be fair! LA Knight looks at it and the crowd chants for him to rip it up. Grayson Waller goads him saying basically it isn’t a good idea. LA Knight responds by claiming he did a good job but he hasn’t got a restraining order against this guy, Dexter Lumis’s music hits and Grayson turns to wait for him but as you might expect Dexter creeps up from behind. LA Knight then says “it's your choice” referring to which one of them would beat him up tonight.   

Grayson Waller vs Dexter Lumis 

So, Waller picks Lumis. Some typical sneaky stuff isn’t enough early on as Lumis drops him with a short arm clothesline. Waller comes back then working on the left arm. Once he goes for a lift though Lumis is able to fight back. He follows up with a few neckbreakers. The pinfall is too soon though and Waller remains in this one.  

Waller comes back again working on the arm and then a running clothesline as he slides to the outside. Picture in picture sees Grayson continue his momentum, working on the arm. Lumis looks to fight back as we return to full screen action. Lumis deadlift belly to back suplexes Waller then hits a leg drop. Lumis looks for The Silence but Waller escapes to the ropes and then the outside.  

Lumis is then taken out by a big dude, he looks like Veer, maybe Vince sent him back to NXT to bodyguard for Waller? Slamming Lumis into the ring post Waller capitalizes by hitting his running stunner for the finish, pinfall victory for Grayson Waller.  

Pretty average match, nothing special. I am curious who the big dude who helped Waller is, definitely reminded me of the Sikh team that came in a while back but seemed to disappear to main roster and then the void, wonder if JP knows where they are? That’s his domain after all.  

Winner Grayson “Go Away” Waller 

Malcolm Bivens is up next sounding off about Imperium and The Creed Brothers in the Dusty Classic, he clearly didn’t think that one through as Walter, no sign of his new name yet, hauls him from his feet, pinning him to the lockers. Roderick Strong comes in and tells him to put him down, Walter is asking if he wants to take his place but Strong is not fazed, he says he isn’t scared, Walter reckons he should be. The match is booked for tonight!  

We hype the Dusty Classic, let’s meet the teams! 

The Creed Brothers vs Briggs & Jensen (Dusty Classic 1st Round) 

Brutus and Jensen start us off. Brutus takes a knee early on that causes him to lose his mouth guard. Briggs comes in and they double team Brutus with a slam. Brutus powers Briggs into their corner and Julius comes in, he also gets double teamed by Jensen & Briggs not once but twice, the two brawlers looking in control. Brutus gets the tag back in and they send Jennsen to the outside with a nice double team move, finishing with a belly to belly over the ropes. Julius is back in and has Jensen grounded in the ring. Jensen eventually dodges an over-zealous Julius allowing him to tag out.  

Briggs comes in and Brutus is also legal. Briggs looks dominant here but it eventually breaks down and Jensen taken out on the outside with a dent clearly visible in the barricade. Briggs all alone falls to the Creed Brothers, a nice double team and the pinfall seals it.  

Great tag team match, Jensen and Briggs still giving me APA vibes and it was a well fought contest, I’m not surprised the Creed Brothers went through but I would have liked both teams to be in the next round in fairness, just not every team can make the cut, I guess. Good opening match of the Dusty Classic. 

Winners The Creed Brothers 

Dante Chen is hyped up next, having been out with a leg injury, he is back, having lost his father, he seems determined to do well. Condolences to Dante, his family and friends, it is never easy to lose a loved one. He’s up next it seems. 

No mention of the expected new name yet as Walter is on screen again, this time he is sat with Imperium giving them a pep talk. He is looking to his match tonight to signal the era of Imperium. 

Dante Chen vs Guru Raaj 

While commentary questions his injury, Guru Raaj knocks down Dante Chen with a dropkick. This momentum seems short lived however as Dante Chen looks to turn things in his favour. It all ends there though as Duke Hudson appears at ringside and decimates him. The match is thrown out and Duke says he is back so “stay out of my way!”  

Seems a bit pointless having all that hype for Dante Chen coming back to have his moment ruined by Duke Hudson. If you don’t care about Dante Chen, why not just have no hype? After that shameful diversity quota filler of a match, I’m amazed they get away with it. 

No Contest through interference 

Joe Gacy is chatting to Harland backstage sharing his disappointment they lost their match, when they come across Odyssey Jones. He makes a comment and Gacy opens the door for him before essentially telling Harland to go get him.  

We next see Tony D’Angelo with a wreath of flowers. It seems he is going to conduct a memorial for Pete Dunne next.  

Before that though, Bron Breakker is with McKenzie. Has it set in that he’s champion? Apparently it has, he says everyone including Santos Escobar will be gunning for him and as if by magic, cue Elektra Lopez? What? She starts to talk to Bron but he shuts her down and there he is, Santos Escobar appears, he acts like the wily veteran warning the new young champion. He says things are done on his time and then leaves Bron seething, nostrils flaring like the dog faced gremlin, big booty nephew that he is! 

Tony D’Angelo is in the ring next, with a casket and a picture of Pete Dunne, he does a great speech hyping himself up. We then get a bit of a swerve as he wants gold around his waist, specifically the North American title. This prompts Carmelo and Trick to come to the podium in the crowd. Trick draws his attention away from the ramp, before Carmelo gets a little aggressive, Tony says it’s nothing personal just business. Classic line, then warns him away from the title.  

Cameron Grimes comes out next, he makes reference to his challenge last week and tells Tony to get to the back of the line. Carmello has other ideas and tells them to face off and the winner, well maybe the winner can have a shot at the “A Champion.” Grimes continues clearly not phased and is up for fighting Tony, as he is “a 220lb rocket that’s going to the …..” he avoids Tony who tries to attack him and smashes the picture of Pete Dunne, beautiful! 

Backstage in the locker room, Briggs and Jensen lament their loss, Kacy & Kayden come to cheer them up, inviting them for drinks. Wendy Choo appears on top of the lockers in a onesie and sleep mask, sipping on a drink, claiming “he likes you” this turns Jensen into a mess as he stumbles over his words trying to be ‘cool’ and Kayden tells him to cool off. Ouch, burn! Wendy Choo is great, funny stuff. 

We get some hype for Yulisa Leon and Valentina Feroz next as the two are hyping hopefully competing in the women’s Dusty Classic, they are with McKenzie next and seem excited. Dakota Kai interrupts them and looks like one or both of them will be facing her later on. Love Dakota Kai bringing the crazy at the moment with her own spin. 

Kay Lee Ray vs Ivy Nile 

What? Ivy Nile? This is strange booking. Tough test for both women I think. Ivy looking strong against Kay Lee Ray, but likewise her opponent is not drowning like her previous ones. Bivens getting excited at how well his client is doing. Ivy has Kay Lee Ray down and in a leg vice. Kay Lee Ray somehow escapes then somehow gets Ivy down for a pinfall, not quite enough yet though. Ivy hits a nice modified leg DDT, called by Barrett there, innovative stuff.  

Mandy Rose appears at ringside, this distracts Kay Lee Ray but she seems to have it together as she looks for the KLR Bomb, Ivy rolls through though and gets a cheeky win here. Mandy storms the ring and she brawls with Kay Lee Ray. As it looks like she might be out of her depth Toxic Attraction join her and they pick apart their ‘problem’ but Indi and Persia arrive for the save, this finishes as Jacy Jayne takes a snake eyes and a super kick from Kay Lee Ray, hopefully we get two title matches between these three soon. Indi and Persia are deserving of a run with the tag titles and Kay Lee Ray has a lot more chance of carrying the women’s division than Mandy Rose, besides you can’t tout someone as the longest reigning champion and not expect great things, right? 

Winner Ivy Nile 

Here we are, Harland strikes again, standing over a fallen Odyssey Jones. Gacy smirks as he comes to collect his monster from the med bay. What is going to happen about Harland, I just can’t see how he is just allowed to run amok like this, curious is an understatement. 

Next, we hear from Sarray. She has been back to Japan and found a necklace her grandmother left her and is determined to return better than ever. Bit of a split personality in the ring out of the ring going on, intrigued but honestly, I have no faith in Vince and WWE when it comes to wrestlers from Japan. 

Legado del Fantasma vs Edris Enofe & Malik Blade (Dusty Classic 1st Round)

No entrances for the new team, doesn’t bode well. Enofe and Blade eventually get some momentum going, Wylde manages to get the tag to Mendoza. He tries to cut the ring in half but Blade eventually is able to get the tag back in. As they build momentum Escobar trips him from the outside. The referee sees it and attempts to throw him out of there.  

He won’t go, arguing on the apron, Enofe low bridges Mendoza so the double team they had setup fails. Escobar gets a nasty surprise as Bron Breakker arrives to drop him to the apron before lifting him on his shoulders and carry him to the back. The crowd barking on in approval. Blade rolls up Wylde and gets the win. What a manic end to an otherwise average match!  

Barrett’s blaming of the referee is pathetic and this felt a little rushed but that shakes things up a little. I wonder if MSK don’t win it because of Legado del Fantasma now, curious to see where it goes this year. I kind of want Grizzled Young Veterans to win to be fair. 

Winners Edris Enofe & Malik Blade 

Solo Sikoa is up next hyping his rivalry with Boa, looks like it a fireball Boa hit him with last week and he has the scar to prove it. Next week they go to war! Nice, good build for them here and it’s progressing well. 

Dakota Kai vs Yulisa Leon 

Leon dances to taunt Kai as we get started. Kai puts her in the corner and Leon answers with a slam. She gets a roll up but it's too early for a victory. A nice axe kick, then shortly after the boot in the corner, Kai is in control. Leon kicks out from a pinfall attempt. Strong Irish Whip into the corner and a big boot in the corner across the face, still Leon kicks out. Another big kick from Kai sends Leon to the outside. Feroz gets involved no physical contact, distracting Kai allowing Feroz to get fired up and take control. Feroz hits a nice fallaway slam with a bridge, into the pinfall but Kai kicks out! 

After that great sequence from Leon the crowd shows their appreciation but somehow just like that Kai finds her in the corner. Big kick in the corner and there it is, pinfall from Kai. She looks to take her rage out on Feroz but she is pulled from the ring before the boot connects, great stuff from Dakota Kai here, definitely needs a run with that Women’s NXT title before she moves up or on, whichever it might be.  

Winner Dakota Kai 

McKenzie is with Raquel Gonzalez next, she could stand there whining about how she was screwed out of her title by Dakota Kai and she didn’t take the pinfall at New Year’s Evil, but she’s Big Mommy Cool and she is still gunning for that title. Here comes Cora Jade, “So am I.” She offers for the two of them to enter the Dusty Classic so Gonzalez can be a back-to-back winner of the Dusty Classic and take the tag titles off Toxic Attraction. Not a bad idea, but I’m not too keen on them winning it.  

Walter vs Roderick Strong 

Oh, thank fuck for that, he is still Walter! Long may it continue. Walter instantly rags Strong in a headlock, he then looks to tie Strong up with him and Strong does well to evade him to start with. Vic calls Walter a weak link, Barrett is beside himself, wow bit of shade by Vic. Strong strikes back but a brutal chop from Walter and Strong falls to the floor.  

Bivens gets gobby on the outside, Walter grabs him and Strong has to save his manager. Walter then catches Strong as he dives to the outside, dropping him on the apron. Hardest part of the ring guys, stiffest worker in the ring too, double ouch! Here is picture in picture to drown out your wrestling with some big adverts, the joys. Squint and you will see Walter in control of Strong in the middle of the ring. Strong fights back as we resume full screen.  

Strong hits another noisy chop before trying to hoist the big man up. Walter counters locking in a sleeper, it is broken for a bit and eventually fully following some inspiration from Pete Dunne. Strong follows up with his running strikes but on his second run Walter swats him down like a fly. Walter stupidly if you ask me, heads to the top rope. Strong cuts him off and meets him not once but twice. He somehow manages to get back up there and suplex Walter from the top, he barely gets his arm over Walter and this I think is what keeps Walter in this match.  

Walter looks for a powerbomb Strong counters but is unable to fully lift Walter and the ring generale manages eventually to get the powerbomb and the pinfall victory. That was a great match, I’ve never been a massive fan of Walter but you can always expect a good match with him. As he is declared the winner, he shouts “Nein!” at the announcer, declaring the winner to be Gunther!  

Oh Jesus, what have you done Vince, what a stupid, stupid decision. Walter is known, he is established, he has been using this name in NXT, why on earth would he suddenly change it, aside from the Nazi connotations that have been pointed out on the internet. Well, the Creed Brothers and Imperium come out to the ring and a brawl finishes the show. Great that they are building a rivalry here, I kind of like this but Walter is Walter. I associate the name Gunther with weedy little German kid with a snotty nose not a brutal chop machine that we already know as Walter, why would you not want to capitalise on his success in matches against Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate and Dragunov? 

Winner Walter (now known as Gunther, never to be a success again, oh dear) 

I’m not too sure, this week seemed a pretty solid episode, I think the main lowlight was the obvious filler comeback no contest, seemed a total waste of time. I might just not care enough about Duke Hudson to think that was worth ruining two people’s ring time for. Lots of rivalry building, the women’s division is heating up as always, I am curious to see what happens with the Dusty Classic which got off to a great start in my opinion. If that isn’t enough for you to want to come back though apparently there is a special musical performance by Ollie Jayy. Briefly googled her to check spelling and I see I’m not the only one who has no clue who she is. Props for NXT supporting new talent in the music industry I suppose but enough of that. 

Catch me back here next week guys, I am looking forward to some more Dusty Classic action and hopefully the action won’t disappoint!  

Pixc Out