Real Rasslin Reviews: WWE NXT 17th March 2021

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Real Rasslin Reviews: WWE NXT 17th March 2021

So happy St Patrick's day to all who celebrate! I myself am 1/8 or something like that Irish but I'll be saving my drinking for next week folks! Anyway should be a great show tonight, though I did hear on the grapevine of some positive tests, so who knows if it affects the show. Let's get to it.

We start off with a recap of our main event: Finn Balor defending his title against Adam Cole, Kyle's small taste of revenge and Karrion Kross stepping into the picture. Oh, and we start with Finn Balor, awesome!

Finn lists his recent victories and then claims he has been waiting for Karrion Kross. Kross makes his way to the ring, Finn claims he doesn't have what it takes to beat him. Scarlett says she has seen them both draped in gold. Curious, enter the boneheads. Oney and Danny turn up to talk about Pete Dunne. She challenges them to put their titles on the line against Finn and Kross. She seduces them into making it happen, this was awesome. What is with this obsession with tag titles not being fought with legitimate tag teams? Vince, get your hands off my NXT!

Dexter Lumis vs Austin Theory
So apparently The Way have left Theory to go it alone. Johnny has sent him matching ring gear to wear, looks great. Theory starts off strong taking Lumis to the outside, but we head straight into picture in picture, wow. Theory working on Lumis remaining on top here, but Lumis gets an irish whip and clothesline in to switch the momentum, it doesn't last. I feel like this "feature" is lasting forever. Finally, full screen returns and Theory looks in control still. Lumis gets a reversal into Silence but Theory manages to strike his way out of it. Lumis plants him with a spinebuster and takes control of the match. Nice corner clothesline, bulldog combination and Austin is forced to kick out of a pinfall attempt. Nice uppercut followed by a springboard suplex. Lumis goes to the top but has to roll through. He tries the creepy stalk but Theory is unaffected. He tries to finish Lumis off but is unable to lift him up. Lumis offers his hand and Theory sees he isn't a bad guy, but Lumis goes for Silence and Theory breaks it, he then tries to finish things himself but is slammed to the ground and Silence is fully locked on finally. Sleep Austin sleep! Lumis Wins. 
This was a great match. I think the best Theory has looked, not just because of the ring gear either. Lumis still looked good in the match but he was clearly putting Theory over for most of it. I like the mystique surrounding Lumis and the development of Theory here, great start to the show.

Winner Dexter Lumis

Mackenzie is waiting outside William Regal's office. Hoping to get a word with Regal about the tag title match, but instead Ciampa shows up saying Thatcher is not around and he thinks Imperium have something to do with it, so he wants Mackenzie to go ask them if they have seen Alexander Wolfe lately, because basically an eye for an eye and by the end of the night it is going to be one on one. Intriguing. 

We see Adam Cole cracking his knuckles, apparently he wants to address something. He grabs a mic in the ring. He claims Kyle O'Reilly cost him the title last week. William Regal arrives to tell him Kyle is unable to be here, medically not cleared but Kyle appears on the screen and says he won't stop til he ends him! Both want the same thing. Regal doesn't look happy and seems they might hunt each other down away from the CWC.

Cricket gets some more love with a highlight of the night thing, jeez not enough with picture in picture you greedy muppets! Womens Tag Title match gets this spot, even got a moment with Shotzi and her dad.

Ember and Shotzi are backstage with the titles. they then get interrupted by Robert Stone and have their own line used against them, great champions need challengers, and the champs happily accept the match for next week. loved the sass from Jessi and Aliyah here, but also don't sleep on Ember claiming Robert Stone's suit sucks, great stuff.
We see Jordan Devlin arriving at the CWC, you beauty, cruiserweight unification begins hopefully. 

Legado del Fantasma vs Breezeango
Mendoza and Fandango start us off. Wilde comes in to try help his partner but Fandango remains in control. Breeze gets the tag in and Barrett bigs up Escobar at ringside. Wilde manages to get the tag in, a quick near fall before Breeze can get a bit of respite. He manages to tag Fandango and a near fall as the momentum switches back in Legado's favour. Mendoza showing a lot of fight against the more experienced team, but he is dispatched to the outside and both teams tag out. Breeze explodes on Wilde. Eventually he gets a single leg crab in very fluid offense, but Wilde almost escapes so Breeze catapults him to the outside. Mendoza breaks the pinfall and Breeze has nobody to tag thanks to some outside action. Mendoza gets a blind tag and they get a double team move in for the win. 

Escobar grabs a headset mic, claiming where is Devlin, I am the true cruiserweight champion. He gets his wish as Devlin arrives with his own title. He enters the ring, he points out he isn't attacking from behind nor using stooges, so Escobar calls off his dogs. Escobar claims he has redefined what it means to be a cruiserweight. Escobar tells him to come back at Takeover Stand and Deliver. Devlin seems pleased at this response then drops him with a Devlin Side. Great move by Devlin, awesome move. 

3 x 3: The best and worst of NXT March 17, 2021

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Winners Legado del Fantasma

Adam Cole is with Mackenzie, saying he is going to leave the building and find Kyle and do whatever he wants and that is not Undisputed, thats a promise! Was half expecting Regal to have him arrested or something here. Under NXT house arrest or something. 

We get an announcement about a new woman joining NXT, Sarray! No idea myself but good to see some new talent flooding in.
Cameron Grimes is mentioned with some cheeky photos.

Zoey Stark vs Dakota Kai
We start with a quick circle and then they lock up. Some technical prowess on display from both competitors early on. Stark looking good if a little lacking in confidence, notice her roll, very careful, a little too slow I thought. Nice clothesline gets her a near fall and before long Kai returns the favour, not once but twice but not enough done yet to put Stark away. Kai hits a running kick in the corner, little trash talk following this from Kai, seemingly talking herself through the match. Kai tries to wear Stark down, Stark escapes the corner, even dodges the kick on the apron before diving on Kai. Gonzalez comes to stop her momentum just standing their like Omos with AJ Styles. Kai gets near fall following this distraction. A double clothesline resets the action, Stark hits a half and half suplex with a nice kip up straight out of it. Kai drops her into the ropes and finally hits her pump kick at the apron. Some dangerous action on the apron finally draws the action back into the ring, Kai gets a superkick outta nowhere and Stark shows great resiliency to kick out of a spell of dominance from Kai. Stark looks to end it but Kai recovers, hitting what I believe is called Dakota Kick, if it isn't it should be. Kind of like a go to sleep, for the win. Great win for Kai and amazing showing for Stark.

Io Shirai comes down to the ring, with a clipboard. Seems she has a contract for her match vs Gonalez. Io slams it into Gonzalez saying she wants her next. This was so good, I just love the attitude of Io. 

Winner Dakota Kai

William Regal is chatting backstage when someone comes to tell him something is going down, he runs off to deal with it.

We then jump to Grizzled Young Veterans, in untraditional attire of t-shirts trash talking MSK for the last attack that went down. Big mistake apparently, soon to be recognised as the best tag team feud in a while?

Tommaso Ciampa vs Marcel Barthel
Imperium are heading to the ring. Ciampa attacks them and singles out Barthel in the ring. The two brawlc with Ciampa in control to start with but Barthel takes over shortly after. Some nice rope work before Barthel hits a suplex and then is countered off a dive from the top. Aichner comes back to help shift the momentum and Barthel takes advantage. Barthel tells Ciampa to step in line, Ciampa then comes back knocking Aichner off the apron and then hitting Willows Bell to pick up the win by pinfall.

Walter appears at the ramp, he comes to the ring and stands goading Ciampa, but Ciampa wants him to bring it. Imperium attack him and Walter powerbombs him into the mat.  I really like the idea of this but I'm not always keen on factions, there's a lot to appreciate in this storyline, intrigued to see where it goes.

Winner Tommaso Ciampa

We then find out what is going on that Regal had to run off to. As I suspected, Kyle O'Reilly and Adam Cole have been upto some #Shenanigans! Sounded like Kyle had tried to run Cole off the road, alluding to a car chase maybe? Regal comes to see what went down and speaks to an officer, but there was no real meat to this angle. I loved the dramatic effect of it but sometimes you just want a little more, let's wait and see!

LA Knight is back in the locker room, let me talk to you. It's time for his debut!

LA Knight vs August Grey
This looks like it will be a squash match, he doesn't let his opponent get any offense in. August does avoid a few bits but is unable to hit anything himself. Bronson Reed appears with LA Knight's jacket at the top of the ramp. He tries to wear but it's too small and he ends up destroying it, he then stomps out in a traditional godzilla style move. LA Knight is almost rolled up for the pin, August hits a little offense before LA Knight readjusts and gets the win.

Never a fan of squash matches and this is no different, I'll concede I love how Bronson interjected himself and they still protected the new star so he won. I just think August looked too weak for me. Commentary tried to claim he looked good but he didn't. His agility and evasions were his only highlight for me and they didn't really highlight those.

Winner LA Knight

Mackenzie is chatting with Raquel Gonzalez in the locker room. Gonzalez hypes up her opportunity vs Io Shirai while holding the contract, but Dakota comes in claiming they need to fight Io Shirai and Zoey Stark to remind people of who runs this place. Oooo excitement, this is it guys! The start of the rift forming, Dakota isn't happy with that title shot opportunity. I can't wait to see where this goes. 

A bit of hype for Jordan Devlin vs Trent Seven in NXT UK. 

Xia Li talks herself up. Claiming all obstacles will be removed.

William Regal claims he is hoping the police will drop the charges and he can invite both Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly to the CWC for him to provide a solution. 

Karrion Kross & Finn Balor vs Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan (c) (Tag Team title match)
Karrion Kross dominates both the tag champs, neither look like getting any offense in. He locks a bearhug on Burch who takes ages to escape it and then gets slammed as soon as Kross has taken a breath. Oney comes in to try get the momentum back but Kross is too much for them. Kross surveys his damage and right after we enter picture in picture, Balor tags himself in. Really? Why did you do that? Stupid decision to have that happen in picture in picture, idiots! Balor ends up in the corner as Lorcan can now get some offense in, more stupid decisions to have Finn look the weaker man if you ask me. Finn back in control once full screen hits. Scarlett is cheering him on at ringside, she's great. Lorcan takes over stomping Finn in the wrong side of town. Danny Burch is being tended to at ringside, as Lorcan looking strong, removing his elbow and wrist pads. Balor looks for the tag but Lorcan knocks Kross of the apron. Balor takes the action to the outside. Slingblade on the outside. He then drops him with a dropkick that drops him into Scarlett, Finn looks concerned standing over Scarlett and Kros who is livid, atttacks Finn and the match ends as Lorcan gets the pinfall very quickly. 

This match had some good wrestling in it, but by in large was a shitshow of kind of pointless decisions. Oney and Danny looked really weak. Karrion Kross is still not a credible challenger for me. Finn also looked weak, thick and not like a champion in this match. All to build what I will coin the next Big Boring Thing, because if you didn't already know ability in the ring aside, Brock bores the hell out of me and so does this guy. Anyway Kross and Scarlett do a little messing about, with Kross hiting his elbow to the back of the head that always reminds me of the Judas Effect that Jericho has started doing. Finn needs to beat Kross for me, Scarlett is great but Kross, no thanks.

WWE NXT recap & reactions (Mar. 17, 2021): The champ takes the fall -  Cageside Seats

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Winners Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch

So this week was action packed, it was full of great stuff. There was some humour in there and we got to see LA Knight for the first time. I think a highlight for me was Io slamming the contract into Raquel like a boss! I really didn't like Kross and Balor getting the tag title shot but in fairness they seem to be waiting on the MSK title match and not filling it with anything in the mean time. I am intrigued by a lot of what is going on, but what do you think guys? Please sound off in the comments below.

Thanks for reading, as always Pixc Out!