Real Rasslin Reviews: WWE NXT 15th June 2021

Pixc gives us the roundup of this weeks NXT!

Real Rasslin Reviews: WWE NXT 15th June 2021

So, it's the fallout show after Takeover In Your House, with me Pixc back again with what went down. Let's get started shall we?

Obviously, we get a recap of the action including William Regal looking like he is on the way out, no pun intended. I did see social media rife with all sorts of speculation. 

We start with William Regal walking to the ring, no music which I feel is fitting but a little sad, he does get an image on the titantron though. He thanks the crowd and asks to speak. Pretty emotional experience but he is interrupted by Karrion Kross, claiming he and Scarlett always knew this day would come. He calls Regal pathetic for crying and wants affirmation that he was right. However, none other than Samoa Joe decides now is the time to arrive! Regal had planned to speak to him later but since he's here now he may as well speak to him. He says he wants Joe to be thenew GM of NXT. I can hardly blame him.  

Samoa Joe Returns To WWE NXT During Segment With William Regal And Karrion  Kross - Wrestling Inc.

Image courtesy of Wrestling Inc

Joe can't agree to be the new General Manager of NXT. He explains why though and we get an agreement for him to be an Enforcer instead. Bit like Stone Cold Steve Austin this, love it but I just wish they let him go all out.  

Grizzled Young Veterans reply to the comments made at Takeover In Your House by Tommaso Ciampa, build for their main event tornado rules match.  

Imperium vs Breezeango  

Barthel starts off strong but Breeze somehow manages to make the tag and not long after Aichner gets a blind tag in. Looks like Breeze has a nasty landing looking to dive on them both, but Fandango has to finish them off. Imperium distract him using the downed Breeze but Fandango manages to fight back.  

Imperium took over during the picture in picture break. Aichner stops the tag from happening and tags Barthel. After a near fall, Fandango looks to escape for the tag which eventually he makes, Aichner looks to dominate and end this but Breeze gets a cheeky roll up and it's over, wow that was unexpected, great finish. Imperium beat down Breeze and lay an Imperium banner over him. 

That was a nice swerve and although I wasn't expecting it, the beatdown should hopefully keep Imperium strong. 

Winners Breezeango 

We quickly cut to a backstage segment where William Regal and security are having trouble with Cole and O'Reilly. They brawl and Samoa Joe comes in to sort them out, in the fray Cole shoves Samoa Joe and he snaps, locking in the Coquina Clutch, putting him to sleep. An additional note he just put Kyle to one side calmly, very well done this. They are booked for a one vs one at Great American Bash. 

Santos Escobar is up next and he's not happy about his loss at Takeover, commenting on his crashing through the barricade, he's coming for Bronson Reed. 

Kushida (c) vs Trey Baxter (NXT Cruiserweight Championship open challenge) 

The open challenge, I use the term loosely as it has already been accepted. Not digging the way they do this, less of a surprise. Feel like it is too obvious Kushida will win.  

Early on we see a technically sound game of chess, Baxter looking good. As this looks like an even match, Kyle O'Reilly shows up, clearly scouting for his opponent next week. Bit confused as I thought he would pick his opponent's poison. More positive stuff from Baxter and Kushida is clearly not dominating this match like one would expect. 

Kushida out of nowhere locks in the hoverboard lock, Baxter instantly taps out! Kushida retains, great victory, made Baxter looks great and on another night maybe it went a different way. Kyle O'Reilly issues his challenge for next week. 

Winner Kushida (c) 

Franky Monet is backstage next and says she will be back in action next week. She then catches Jessi Kamea and Aliyah, she tells them they had their recent match won until Robert Stone got involved, Stone arrives and she flips her stance instantly to hide her motives, I smell a female faction brewing, or something of a mentoring angle? Interesting stuff. 

Mercedes Martinez is now watching back her downfall at Takeover. wrong person to mess with apparently, still not afraid of Tian Sha.  

Ted DiBiase is out next to officially crown the new Million Dollar champion, LA Knight. The cigar does not suit him. LA Knight butters up Ted DiBiase and says Takeover was so worth it even though he is so banged up. He asks him to crown him, Ted obliges by putting the belt on his shoulder. They share a laugh as the pyro goes off behind them. Now he has everything he wants though, it's time to drop what he doesn't need. LA Knight then attacks him. Not satisfied, we get a beatdown. 

Cameron Grimes has had enough! He comes out and clears the ring, checks on DiBiase. Grimes is going to make him pay, love it! 

Backstage McKenzie is chatting to Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez, they are coming for those tag team titles, but first have to dispose of lil Kacy and lil Kayden apparently. I quite liked this, not a fan of them going for the tag belts but it works I guess. 

Raquel Gonzalez & Dakota Kai vs Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter 

Gonzalez and Kai are screamed at by Shotzi and Ember as they come to the ring. Regal is on hand with security to keep them apart. Feel like their opponents deserve more spotlight to be honest, hopefully this will show them in a good light.  

Kayden has a nice sequence early on where she pats Kai on the head after not getting the strikes in. Gonzalez comes in and is dominant. Not to sell Kayden short she puts up a fight. Lots of fancy moves by Kacy and finally the underdogs get to shine a bit. Kayden coming in off the hot tag, was pretty good, she smashed Gonzalez and seamlessly dropped into the splash on Kai.  

Commentary are tugging at the friendship of both duos, which added interest for sure. Aamzing double team offense from Kacy and Kayden, they even take down Gonzalez for a bit. Kai looked in trouble but Gonzalez is too strong and Dakota Kai manages to sort out the win off this. Brilliant build of momentum for this duo, Kacy and Kayden still looked strong in defeat in this one. 

Ever-Rise are unhappy with Hit Row, filler segment, don't care about either team. 

Io Shirai is up next, maybe we find out what's next, or even is she going to Smackdown or Raw? Candice interrupts her though, still can't stand Io and Indi joins her from behind, and they beat down Shirai. Zoey Stark comes to the rescue though so Indi doesn't have to do the elbow drop through the announce table. New team forming instead? 

Thatcher and Ciampa heading to the ring, MSK have popcorn at the ready, Thatcher snatches a bucket from them. 

Regal is commenting next on how the night has gone, Gargano and Theory interrupt them with chants of Joe Joe Joe, claiming how great things are but Joe has had enough and tells them to leave, they oblige. Great stuff again, this is "the way" to do it, beautiful. Pete Dunne turns up and stares down Joe. This last bit was a waste of air time, stupid, the segment was over nicely, stupid move.  

Grizzled Young Veterans vs Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher (Tornado Rules match) 

Grizzled Young Veterans arrive at the ramp and once Gibson tries to talk, they are headed off by their opponents, I'm sure some would say thank fuck for that!  

Early double synchronized beatdowns and submission attempts. GYV get their jackets off finally and the brawl continues. Great sections of double team action, taking out one man to gain the advantage. Ciampa gets to dominate both of GYV. Ciampa and Thatcher are then running the ropes, smashing into their opponents. Time for some picture in picture, sure we all need a break from this hard hitting offense, maybe a pizza, think about your car insurance or it's protection? Pizza not for you, how about nachos?  

The two teams pair off and this is where GYV take over, eventually getting Thatcher to themselves in the ring. Full screen returns, thank fuck! A close call following this but Ciampa comes in and stomps away at Drake so the submission is broken. GYV go for a doomsday device but it doesn't happen. An air raid crash from the top doesn't get Ciampa the win either.  

Gibson and Thatcher brawl in the ring, great back and forth, Drake comes in to help. They hit the elevated backstabber but Ciampa saves the match from outta nowhere! Innovative offense next as Ciampa is dropped on the announce table topping. However, Drake looks on as Ciampa manages somehow after this to drop Gibson on the announce table with another air raid crash. 

Thatcher is behind him and the two then double team Drake, with Ciampa locking in a submission. Drake, with no partner to help him has to tap out as they lock in two submissions on him. Ciampa and Thatcher win. That was a great match, my only criticism was how some stuff felt a little no sold at times, to allow the frenetic chaos to continue. 

Grizzled Young Veterans vs Timothy Thatcher and Ciampa | WWE NXT | Reaction  - YouTube

Image courtesy of YouTube

Winners Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher 

We close with William Regal and Samoa Joe commenting on night one of their new relationship, Things are going to be a little different and I can't wait to see what happens! 

What did you guys think? Personally, I think there are some interesting things brewing in NXT, I know it has been a little bland lately, average some would say. The one thing NXT does well is tease stuff, Tian Sha, Robert Stone Brand implosion, Escobar going for his next title, just feels like sometimes they can't do right, no matter what they do. I'd love to hear your thoughts on what they can do, get involved on Facebook or in the comments. I'm all ears. 

For now though that was NXT, I've been Pixc and I am outta here!