WWE NXT 14th December 2021

WWE NXT 14th December 2021

Welcome back guys to another week of NXT with me, Pixc. Seems we start with a quick recap of Grayson Waller's attack on Johnny Gargano.  

Waller is greeted by a crowd of angry fans outside, chants of “you suck!” I’m not even giving him the attention, let’s get to the action guys. 

Cameron Grimes vs Duke Hudson (No Holds Barred) 

Grimes comes out and starts throwing weapons into the ring. Duke comes down looking like a bleach blond Trump fanatic that loved Kurt Angle as a kid. Grimes heads him off and batters him with a trash can lid. The crowd chant for one more shot but Duke blocks it and he gets to return the favour, suppose that was one more time.  

Grimes is quickly back on the offense pointing at a chair but he is stopped in his tracks. Duke throws the weapons further away from the ring and Grimes pulls at his hair. Duke hits an impressive release German suplex on entry to the ring, did not expect that! Grimes gets some shots in before Duke pokes him in the eye, dirty tactics by Duke there. 

Grimes reverses Duke next with hurricanrana into the barricade then uses a chair to springboard into Duke’s arms, he is caught and slammed onto the chair but he kicks out of the pinfall. Get your magnifying glass ready guys it’s picture in picture. Duke gets a poker table out from under the ring, nice call back. As we return to full screen, they are teetering on the top turnbuckle teasing the fall through the poker table. Duke falls down but not through the table and Grimes dives onto him over the table, not yet guys, not yet. 

Grimes continues his momentum but gets caught and put through the poker table, bit of a weak spot for the table there. Duke can’t cover him straight away with his shoulders on the poker table, he drags him out of the wreckage and Grimes kicks out. Duke fetches a shaver and honestly either cut his hair and get it over with or don’t. Grimes is having none of it though kicking Duke then a poisonrana and Cave In through the chair, nice win for Grimes!  

Quite a decent match, but definitely felt they could have done better. Grimes whips off Duke’s wig and we see him bald, excellent, the Cave In didn’t quite work for me through the chair, looked more like a basic drop kick. Wonder what’s next for Grimes? 

Winner Cameron Grimes 

Cora Jade is talking to McKenzie, hyping her recent winning streak but tonight she has unfinished business with Dakota Kai, speak of the devil here she is. Kai is bringing the crazy, saying Raquel is latching on to Cora Jade who responds by calling Dakota Kai “Mum”. This sends Kai off on one, great segment this, hopefully they are pushing Cora Jade, think she has a lot of potential. 

Grayson Waller is backstage getting a lot of mucky looks from the ladies after his disgusting antics last week. Seems to just shrug it off. This is followed by Jensen & Briggs sat next to their truck. They are wondering where the girls are, took me minute to realise this is a continuation from the concert with Kacy & Kayden, who arrive on their own, more impressive truck! A fun double date segment even though Kacy pulls Kayden away from Briggs after a dance. 

Grayson Waller lunges into the ring next, the crowd are booing like mad. He quotes Gargano “you can never fail if you bet on yourself!” He goes on to claim he ended the career of an NXT legend. He takes shots at Wade Barrett and Vic Joseph, Grayson only needs himself it seems! 

Let’s look at MSK finding the Shaman, Riddle again. More on this later? 

Malcolm Bivens is bigging up Roderick Strong hyping towards his match vs Bron Breakker, then he turns to Ivy Nile asking if she is ready, apparently, she is also in action tonight.  

Lash Legend has Ikemen Jiro and Kushida, Jacket Time. She comments on their impeccable dress, what is their secret? It’s “Style Strong!” then moves on to their rivalry with “very sensitive operation” Grizzled Young Veterans. They are going to wipe the floor with GYV’s faces it seems. The camera cuts to a sleepy lady who I believe is Mei Ying, known now as Wendy Choo.  

Amari Miller vs Ivy Nile 

They lock up and Ivy quickly takes Amari down. When Amari reverses with a leglock Ivy sits up like it’s nothing and they both return to their feet. Ivy shows her strength blocking an irish whip attempt then sending Amari into the turnbuckle before dropping an elbow on her back. She does her pushups again, this time using the ropes so the referee has to count it. Amari shoves her but Ivy takes back control, we then get a sequence of pinfalls from Amari but Ivy is not going down so easy. 

Lots of energy from Amari, some great strikes trying to keep Ivy down. Ivy takes her down with a double leg takedown then transitions into a neck crank, which has Amari instantly in trouble, she taps out, game over!  

Winner Ivy Nile 

Xyon Quinn is backstage talking to McKenzie. He shoots a warning to Elektra Lopez, now he knows the rules of the game, game on! Robert Stone is lurking and stops McKenzie, he is sick of the disrespect. Von Wagner interrupts them and says he begins taking everyone out next week. 

Next up Harland gets a pep talk from his buddy Joe Gacy, definitely intrigued for his debut! 

MSK are with Shaman Riddle next. They are revealing what is inside the bag, including a baseball bat and the thug life spinner united states title. Weird or what? Riddle says they got to dig deep and they all pull out scooters, crazy stuff.  

Harland vs Guru Raaj 

Oops it seems WWE changed Harland’s name at some point and I didn’t notice or thought it was still spelt with two a’s. Guru Raaj is going to get destroyed. 

He smashes Raaj’s head into the mat several times then grinds his elbow off it. He pulls him up his hair and Raaj tries to fight back before being slammed down to the mat. Nice squash from Harland. 

Gacy asks him if he feels better. He says no and goes to beat down his opponent. Gacy comes in and stops him by resting his hand on his shoulder, the referees follow him out screaming at him to go, bit unnecessary. 

Winner Harland 

LA Knight is arriving backstage and someone asks him about Grayson Waller, he says someone go find him and tell him LA Knight is looking for him, unless I find him first. Interesting, still feel like Ciampa should have come out and squashed him, gives Bron time to be prepped to take the belt to be fair.  

Before the next match we see Harland and Gacy being escorted when a security guy puts his hand on Harland, who promptly throws him down the stairs. He looks to have a fit at the bottom of the stairs, the referee screaming medical is priceless.  

Cora Jade vs Dakota Kai 

Cora comes out and Mandy Rose is ringside all in black. I didn’t recognise her at first. She joins commentary, this should be interesting.  

Dakota flies straight out with a kick, Cora then hits an uppercut in the corner and uses her speed to keep her momentum going, getting a near fall. Cora looks to tweak her injured shoulder and as she goes for a high risk move, Dakota hits her with another kick, then pulls her shoulder first into the ring post, vicious stuff from Dakota Kai!  

Dakota then works on her shoulder and gets a near fall. Dakota keeps up the work on her shoulder. Cora manages to get Dakota out of the ring and when they return, she takes control. She hits a nice drop kick from the top rope. Dakota then hits a backbreaker but Cora kicks out.  

Dakota goes for a shovel under the ring. Brings it into the ring, the referee goes to grab it and Cora Jade takes advantage by rolling her up from behind and picks up another cheeky win! Mandy seemed to see this coming, Dakota kicks her again after her hand is raised, furthering her crazy gimmick. She looks to finish the job by using her shovel, but Raquel Gonzalez comes out to head her off. The two brawl away from the ring. 

This seems to have been part of a plan as Toxic Attraction make their way to the ring. Mandy attacks from behind, dropping Cora Jade in the middle of the ring. This was well executed and typical heel moves from Toxic Attraction and Dakota Kai, great plucky underdog stuff from Cora Jade, I just feel Mandy Rose is destined to beat her if that’s where they go, it’s too soon for her to lose and she hasn’t done much yet.  

Winner Cora Jade 

Grayson Waller is walking backstage, people don’t like him, staff shunning him, Tiffany Stratton says her daddy doesn’t like him and Io Shirai berates him in Japanese, to which he responds “I think she likes me” Grayson is doing great work but he doesn’t look like he could be a big star. 

Tony D’Angelo vs Andre Chase 

Andre Chase tries to talk to D’Angelo but he throws a few punches getting us started. Chase a brief flurry but D’Angelo bounces him off the turnbuckle. Chase ends up on the outside and D’Angelo hauls him back in. Chase then gets another couple of moves, a nice neckbreaker before pummelling D’Angelo with some punches and kicks, even using a Chase U chant as he goes, bit much. 

D’Angelo manages to escape a headlock sending Chase into the turnbuckle and take control from here, he hits a fisherman suplex into a neckbreaker combo. Pinfall, a nice victory for him as expected. The crowd doing the Italian hand signature looks pretty good, I think this guy is catching on.  

He grabs a microphone after the match. He hypes himself up and then takes his obvious shot at “Petey Poppins” which brings Pete Dunne out. Pete Dunne is looking to fight but D’Angelo doesn’t want to but tries a cheap shot, Dunne snaps his fingers and D’Angelo leaves. This will definitely get the fans going, Dunne goes for his mouth guard smashing the case as D’Angelo looks on, great spot. 

Winner Tony D’Angelo 

Grayson Waller walks into the locker room, where Bron Breakker tells him to leave, he’s not welcome in it. That is interesting, bringing the locker room politics into the forefront, didn’t expect that. Really pushing Waller as a heel, nuclear heat I think they are going for! 

We jump back to the medical area where the security guy from earlier is being tended to.  

Boa vs Edris Enofe 

This match came about from the attack two weeks ago by Boa. Where Enofe helped Sikoa in a sign of sportsmanship. Enofe gets a few strikes in to start seemingly dodging Boa with ease. Boa gets a suplex and turns the match in his favour.  

As Boa looks in control we see that Solo Sikoa is watching. Boa running the ropes driving his knee into Enofe. Enofe comes back with a drop kick and almost gets a pinfall off a suplex. Enofe gets caught diving from the top rope, he is then choked and dropped kind of reminiscent of a Aleister Black, Black Mass.  

Honestly not sold on Boa yet, all the momentum seems to have been up and down, no clear direction or purpose. Whereas Solo Sikoa seems well defined and Enofe is a new talent. Just filler at the moment, I guess. 

Winner Boa 

Grayson Waller is back again, this time he looks like he is getting in LA Knight’s car with a lady already in. He tells us we are going to love this view and as he drives off LA Knight is seen on the ground licking his wounds it seems. Can I just say is this NXT 2.0 or is this Grayson Waller and friends? Has Vince not heard of too much of a good thing? Because I am now sick of the sight of this guy. At this point it's not heel heat, its "just go away" heat! As they say, boring! 

Jacket Time vs Grizzled Young Veterans (GYV) 

Kind of miss Grizzled Young Veterans talking on their way to the ring. Drake and Kushida start us off, with Kushida seemingly getting in Drake’s head. Gibson calms his partner down. Kushida still seems to have his number though and tags in Ikemen Jiro. Quick tags from Jacket Time. Then Kushida talks to Gibson allowing Drake to push him against the ropes and get the tag to Gibson.  

Gibson looks to have control now but Kushida tries to fight his way out but when he gets a pinfall Gibson had already tagged out. Drake comes in and Kushida eventually makes the tag. Ikemen Jiro explodes into the ring taking out Drake with some potent strikes in the corner then a nice German suplex. Drake manages to tag Gibson though and Jiro has to fight both of them before bringing in Kushida. Kushida then looks for the hoverboard lock. Gibson forces him into the corner and somehow GYV get back on top. We see the Creed Brothers looking on from the top of the ramp.  

Kushida manages to kick out when it seems he was done. They look to finish him but Kushida manages to escape sending them to the outside. The Creed Brothers make their move rushing towards GYV this is enough of a distraction it seems as Jacket Time dive onto their opponents and send Drake into the ring where Ikemen Jiro dives on him for the pinfall victory. 

Love of a bit of chaos in the tag team division. Nice NXT logo inside of Ikemen Jiro’s jacket too. Personally feel this is trying to elevate the division which is unexpected with Vince at the helm. Might have made more sense to have The Creed Brothers come down and destroy both teams for their own characters but I think they are building towards a feud between them and GYV as they are the two credible teams to take the belts from Imperium if you ask me. 

Winners Jacket Time 

We have Trick and Carmelo next and Trick has some art from Dexter Lumis picturing them fighting, seems he wants revenge on Trick for recent events, always nice to see some of Lumis’s art. 

Roderick Strong vs Bron Breakker  

This one should be interesting. Breakker brushes Strong off at his first attempt then Strong dodges him to return the favour. Strong then brings him down. Carmelo and Trick appear on the podium in the crowd, seems it distracts Strong him being the “A” champion. Strong catches Breakker unawares on the outside dumping him into the announce table.  

Picture in picture time folks, squint away, squint away! During this Strong seems in control as Carmelo and Trick leave the podium. Strong still in control but Bron does get a move in before taking a big gut buster. He then looks for the Stronghold and Bron is in trouble. Bron kicks him off sending him to the outside. Strong comes in and Bron uses his own momentum against him with a great powerslam, then a frankensteiner. Bron only gets a near fall as the stamina of Strong comes in to play.  

Bron next goes for some shoulder thrusts in the corner. Strong comes back with some chops in the opposite corner, followed by the running strikes and an Olympic slam. Strong continues his momentum ending in jack-knife cover after a superplex from the top, still Bron kicks out! Strong hits some kicks but Bron still reverses into a slam. He then hits a gorilla press slam and pins Roderick Strong, one, two, three! Wow, that is a big win for Bron, but feels like it is only because Vince is killing off the old guard, the black and gold brand.

 Oh, here we go Ciampa arrives and hits the Willow’s Bell on Bron Breakker, great spot, though I fear Bron will win the title the next time they meet.  

Winner Bron Breakker 

So, this week's NXT felt average again, far too much Grayson Waller. I did enjoy the wrestling, there was some nice build but I am still feeling like things are a little chaotic or disorganised. I was surprised we still haven’t seen Tiffany Stratton in action, but I hear she is on 205 live. Hopefully we get a great show next week with Pete Dunne vs Tony D’Angelo, Trick Williams vs Dexter Lumis and the street fight between Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai. 

Come back for that one guys, but for now I'm out!